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Robert Pattinson is a Les Deux Dude

Robert Pattinson is a Les Deux Dude

Robert Pattinson, who played Cedric Diggory in several of the Harry Potter movies, leaves Les Deux nightclub in Hollywood late Thursday night. (He wore the same Plain Gravy t-shirt the last time we saw him–just two weeks ago!)

The 22-year-old British actor will soon play Edward Cullen in the much-buzzed-about film adaptation of Twilight, a vampire novel by Stephenie Meyer. In short, a teenage girl risks everything when she falls in love with a vampire (Pattinson).

When recently asked how he approached kissing scenes in the movie, Robert jokingly said, “I kinda just approached it from the front [and] I always try to slip a bit of tongue in.”

Considering 6,5000 fans stormed Comic-Con’s Hall H last month to see the Twilight cast, you can only imagine how many fans will turn out for its November 21st release.

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Credit: Adrian Varnedoe; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • maila

    i love him!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Skan

    I am so thrilled Summit have moved Twilight forward to take the HP slot. This film will make Rob a huge star

  • _silenttears

    he is AWESOME!! omg i love him!! Spunk Ransom is HOT ^^

    pls JustJared post more about RPattz :)
    oh and btw. he only played in the fourth HP movie Diggory (he died at the end) and Twilight will release December 12th ;)

  • _silenttears

    ooh okay the release of twilight was right, sorry ;)

  • jen

    luv him!

  • http://justjared LICI

    I gotta ask..”Jared”…where do you get your info? He was only in ONE Harry Potter…and in a picture in ONE scene in HP5. I’ve noticed a lot of flubs in some of your “facts”. Like the ages of Brad and Angies kids and just some other stuff. Great pictures but your info that follows needs to be doubled checked!

  • mrs. cullen

    the NEW realease date of twilight is november 21.

  • amber




  • PriscillA

    I love that he’s still himself. Even with the new attention he’s getting. I hope he never changes. He’s unique and wonderful. He’s not out to build his career on his dashing good looks. He’s doing the work, and letting that speak for him. Not some outfit. He’s perfect. He deserves a lot of love and attention. I can’t wait for the rest of the world to fall in love with him too!

  • clare


  • http://Justjared ivyleague

    Ahhhhhhh, RPattz……..sigh………

    He’s THE HOTNESS! And I love the way he totally downplays his hotness….he’s still humble. I hope fame doesn’t corrupt him


    twilight is gay,even though Robert is extreamly sexy,
    but that book sucks ass, some gay love story that of course little girls love. the book in incredibly cheesy,along with the movie trailers! enough said

  • buzz

    people are so dumb, just because he played somewhiny vampire lover in one of the dumbest most cheesy movie comming out dosent mean hes going to dress or look like some weird looking Edward outside! seriosly!and harry potter kicks ass,twilight sucks!

  • buzzzz

    people are so dumb! just because hes playing a phony winy vampire lover in one of the most cheesy movie ever dosent mean hes going to look and dress like this edward guy he portrays in the movie! seriously twilight sucks ass and harry potter kicks way more ass!

  • B.Reaux

    He’s toting finger guns and … is that… skoal in his front left pocket?

    So seksie. I really do think so.

  • Michelle

    Rob is such an extremely talented actor. He is going to absolutely SHINE in Twilight along with his other 2 wonderful films ‘How To Be’ & Little Ashes which look absolutely amazing. I can’t wait to see them all.

    On top of all that he is also such a sweet & down to earth person. He deserves nothing but praise & positive things to come his way.

  • Rosalia

    He is hot… but I kind of feel bad for him. I dont think he knew what he was getting himself into with this whole Twilight theartthrob thing. Any interview he gives he is awkward almost like fame makes him uncomfortable.

  • Lauren

    um nov. 21st?

  • Steph

    What a stud!!!! Can’t wait for the movie :)

  • tina

    HE’s soo hot dude.!!!!!.
    i just have shivers thinkin bout edward cullen…

  • michelle

    My goodness, he’s beyond handsome. It looks like Orlando Bloom’s hotness has been passed down to Robert Pattinson. I am anticipating for Twilight’s release.

  • funky here

    damn he is sooooooooooooooo hot
    really i dont care if he wears the same tshirt or jeans or whatEVA
    he is so.. him , you know?
    thats why he is so sxy .
    srlsy! who cares about if he repeats the clothes
    he is amazing i mean a great actor and model and and about everything , i bet he kisses so well

  • jessica

    Rob is a wonderful actor. I cant wait for people to see this for themselves very soon. He’d be perfect in that Seann Flynn Bio pic

  • jessica

    Lets get Just Jared up to speed.

    1. Rob has only really been in 1 HP film. The other is just a fleeting shot of him.
    2. He has given excellent performances as a geek in Bad Mother’s Handbook and as a crippled airman in The Haunted Airman. Very Different performances and both top notch.
    3. He lacks confidence and tends to play down how good he is but fans know. He hides his wonderful looks as he hates being recognised. He’s actually very shy.
    4. He is an amazing musician and singer and would make a wonderful Bowie/Robert Smith/lennon in any musical bio films.
    5. He’s a sweet man but has a VERY dry sense of humour that not all Americans get.

  • Ruthie

    I want to see him in lots of roles. He could be the next Depp, he’s that good

  • Caitlin

    oh i think im in love.
    with him AND edward :)

  • Heather

    Yea I’d have to say he looks smashed here. HAHA. but still damn sexy. I’m so glad they moved up the Twilight release. :P I think I would have been pissed if that was me. He has the look like OMG Im so drunk and giggly don’t take pictures of me!

  • nadra

    yeaaa .. Robert’s finally getting attention .. he’s so handsome, unique and talented .. and i think he’ll make a great Edward Cullen …

  • kel


  • Amy

    I never really liked Twighlight because it’s a cliche vampire romance, but the more I hear teenage girls try to defend it for me the more I get angry at Stephanie Meyers for being such an irresponsible author. The lesson of Twighlight-Breaking Dawn: It’s okay to date the bad boy, he and his friends will change. But you need to get pregnant to trap him for eternity.

  • Cass

    Whoa…Amy! Have you even read Twilight-Breaking Dawn? Sounds like you pulled those assumptions out of your ass because that is so not how the story goes. Edward is and always was a good guy in the story. He and his “friends” by which I assume since you know it all ,you mean his “family” don’t change one iota…they are what they are. And she did NOT get pregnant to trap him for eternity. She decided she wanted to spend eternity with him so she married him. Where the fuck do you get off calling Stephenie Meyer irresponsible?

  • andrea

    132 comments only for robert
    this is so awesome
    i love him so much
    he is going to be an amazing Edward
    and like somebody said he is going to take all hollywood
    when twilight came out to the big screen!!
    love u Robert!!!

  • magali

    just SEXY

  • mrspattz

    sexyyyy rob.

  • mrspattz

    sexyyyy rob.

  • georgia

    He looks stoned “/
    lol but hes gorgeous! :]

  • blahhh

    it’s december 12th.
    you should correct that.

  • andrea

    the date its correct now is on november 21st if you don’t know
    this is because harry potter going release on july 2009

  • Waitasecond

    The Twilight movie is coming out on DECEMBER 21, not in November.

    Just thought I might clear that up.

  • PriscillA

    It’s coming out in NOV 21!

    And thanks Jared for the pics! Lots of love your way. Anything with Rob is always great. More more more, give us MORE!

  • M

    gotta love him! so down to earth. hope hollywood doesn’t mess him up! don’t ever change robert aka spunk!

  • Sierra

    Awww I love how he makes lokking like a hobo seem hawt!
    Keep the rob pics coming!
    HE IS SEXII !!!

  • velkro

    how do u knw where hes always att!!
    u gotta hook me up on this!!! PLEASE! (:
    u will make my life! PLEASE!

    i love robert pattinson uuhhhhhh! geez ma!

  • tAL

    I love his laid back, constantly semi-drunk, outfit repeating, attitude. There’s noone like him. TAKE ME, Rob. I’ll even meet you at Les Deux.

  • aliciagiggles

    Is it me, or does he totally look like he’s buzzed or drunk?
    He’s still cute either way. :)

  • TF

    I saw the Salvator Dali Exhibit when it came to Philly. Dali is brilliant and this guy is so adorable I can’t wait to see him play the great lobster phone creator lol. I don’t really know who this guy is except for he was in one of those Potter movies, but he’s chizzled in all the right areas I think! :) Love a man with an accent.

  • elizabeth

    uh, you bitches are crazy. he looks amazing, he doesn’t have to dress like some asshole hollywood twat to look hot. he has great style, and he obviously doesn’t feel like he has to live up to any hollywood standard, which is even better.

    rob, you can not bathe and dress as hipster as you want, i’m all about it.

  • Lala

    Come on, more posts about Rob!!!!!

  • spunkie

    Four words: ITALY LOVES THIS MAN!!!!!!!!!!

  • Barb

    Dear god, more of him Jared, please!!!!!!!