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Suri Cruise's Personality: Large And In Charge!

Suri Cruise's Personality: Large And In Charge!

Hollywood power couple Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes hold hands with daughter Suri, 2, as they take a walk together around downtown Manhattan on Friday afternoon.

One insider tells E! that Suri is the one that wears the pants in the family: “If Suri doesn’t like Katie‘s shoes, she’ll take them off. Tom, too. He does whatever Suri wants. He defers to her on everything.”

You tell ‘em, gurl!

30+ pictures inside of Suri Cruise‘s large-and-in-charge personality…

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Photos: INFdaily, Anthony Dixon/WENN
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  • Mary

    1st? hehe
    shes cute

  • alanna

    Finally! The whole family together.

    They’re still boring, though. But at least it’s not just Katie walking…

    Suri looks cute.

  • sweetie

    Aww! Suri is a cutie pie!

  • Alicia

    Tom was HYSTERICAL in Tropic Thunder. Hard to believe how ugly they made him. He’s looking gorgeous as ever in these photos.

  • lette

    Great! Now when she turns five and demands the crack pipe, make sure and let her have that too… okay? such cool parents


    suri’s parents are wierd. however she is the prettiest celebrity baby ive ever seen. she is going to be gorgeous! seriously, dude she could be a baby model.

  • laura

    Aw, Suri’s just adorable. Love to her and Katie.

  • monica

    haha its not good that they let her do whatever she wants.

    when she gets older once they finally say “no” shes gonna cause a huge problem.

    nice job tom and katie.

  • Jane

    she look just like her mom

  • cole

    Such a beautiful little girl

  • jessica

    am i the only one who doesn’t this child is cute??

    and wow, in-control at 2, i could imagine by the time she’s a teenager.

  • lanie

    She is very cute. But I hope they aren’t spoiling her the way Leah Remini and her husband have spoiled their child.

  • regina

    She shoudn´t be in charge, the kid is spoiled, when she gets older they won´t be able to handle her, she looks ugly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    shes cute and could be a baby model. but her parents are freaks.

  • dido

    she is spitting image of his father , oh my god with those eyes and wild smile she is the the girl version of tom, ı love suri and this family they are so cute

  • EvilLynn

    She’s adorable!! What a little face :) Such a doll!!!

  • Mandy

    she’s the cutest little girl! Im sorry for her because i dont think she likes paparazzis so much!
    she used to smile to them a long time ago! Now she always looks sad with all those flashes in her cute little face!

  • Birgit

    That much media exposure can’t be healthy for a little girl. I see much therapy in her future, she’ll bring a psychiatrist’s kid through college one day.

  • lette

    Suri, Zahara Jolie Pitt and Shiloh Jolie Pitt are the most gorgeous babies I’ve seen in a while

  • just saying

    suri is 3 years old not 2. an the hay sugar water shes drinkin is rong. her lips are shaped strange an her eyes are too far apart did they dye her hair – agin??? tom cut the botox you will forever be 5’1 wearing insoles. your nose is a huge beak an you dress feminite. how is your alien gawd scam going. im thrown off guard who knew these three would phot op tooday ???lmao.

  • Geoff

    I think Suri is the cutest thing. And I don’t even like kids.

  • piper, with a low

    # 2 alanna @ 08/15/2008 at 3:16 pm

    Errr… Connor and Isabella aren’t there.

  • Kayla

    i can’t see the picture jared, when i clicked, it showed “Fatal error: Call to a member function on a non-object in /data1/justjared/ on line 86″

  • michelle

    For real? Ridiculous. But she does look like spoiled brat. And what’s so ‘cute’ about her, huh? She looks like demon to me, pale with dark shadows under her eyes. And don’t call me
    hater’ I’m saying what I see and feel. She lost all her charm. That’s sad.

  • bejeebus

    of course they do whatever suri says! she contains the reincarnated spirit of l. ron hubbard afterall!!!!!! she/he must know best….starting with footwear! what a bunch of fricken freaks! how can they just not wake up one morning and look at themselves and each other and just go…..”d@mn! we are really wacked out in the brain, hard drive…..whatever!” ????

  • krung krung

    ohmigod, i want lil Suri’s closet, she just have the cutest outfits ever, but i know she’s a lil bratty but she’s very cute though.

  • grapefruitcrush

    She’s a cute little girl, but I think she looks miserable. Have we ever seen her smile? It seems almost abusive the way they trot her out like a trained seal for the “Tom and Katie Show” when she obviously hates the cameras and the noise.

  • bejeebus

    she is odd looking. i don’t know which child scares me more….her or the little boy from “the grudge”. she’s like the demon seed, damian’s sister or something….<<<>>>

  • tia

    shes kinda weird looking…..

  • Caring

    Suri is so sweet! She is still scared of the paparrazi though.

  • Mandy

    #20: suri’s 2 NOT 3!
    U must do some research before write s**** things!

  • just saying

    foto 15 I counted 4 difernt hair shades of dye. thay dye her hair an she is 3. her nose is shaped strangely – kates old nose. whin she waz a baby three years ago her hair waz jet black. whin she was two they dyed it. she is cute nott the cute when she was younger an had a mixed look too her.

  • LuckyL

    You know what I just realized? How they dress up Suri, and do her hair, makes her very doll-like and adorable, but she’s actually not much cuter than any other baby. Those kinds of things make any child “cute” (Mary-Janes, only dresses, and elongated paige-boy haircuts).

  • tommy

    Poor Tom, he is so desperate to overhaul his image too for a career turnaround and has resorted to using Katie and Suri.

    After Lions for Lambs failed and him replaced by AJ in another movie, Tropic Thunder, in which he played a cameo seems is tankering, performing way below expectations.

    ITs like any movie with Tom Cruise is having a problem these days.

    Is he the jinx for Tropic Thunder? The only good news for him now is that Valykrie has found a playdate this dec.

  • michelle

    bejeebus, so true! LOL

  • Sunny

    Wow that’s a beautiful little girl.

  • chiarirocks

    suri is sooo fugly!!!! shiloh & the twins are the cutiest !!!!!

  • Sunny

    To #37
    What’s your problem?

  • joe

    they love to pimp her out…that poor child.

    love how they stop and pose for the paps. really sick. I bet Conner and Bella resent her.

  • Cheetah

    When do these freaks start realizing there baby is feeling MISERABLE!
    Look at picture 11, that kid is definitely not happy. She has such sad eyes. My heart breaks when i look at them.
    Get her out of the spotlights, put some pants on her so she can play, while your at it, get some other kids to play with her. Quit your job, you don’t need the money and take care of your daughter. Give her a healthy environment to live in. An environment without Camera’s, and strange men haunting you.

  • stella

    You know what I just realized? How they dress up Suri, and do her hair, makes her very doll-like and adorable, but she’s actually not much cuter than any other baby. Those kinds of things make any child “cute” (Mary-Janes, only dresses, and elongated paige-boy haircuts).


    Any kid would look adorable dressed up like that…and with perfect hair. When her hair is mussed up..and not styled perfectly, she looks less cute. She’s kind of like the jennifer Aniston of the toddler set. It’s all about the hair.

    (though Suri is a lot cuter).

  • joe

    I prefer seeing celebs out with their kids who focus on their KIDS, NOT the photogs. Tom can’t stop looking at the paps.

    And how can anyone call any other other celeb family, famewhores and NOT this family after seeing these pics?

  • athena

    I really like Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes….I hope I get to meet them since they’re in NYC. Wow, they’re two of my favorite actors before they’d even hooked up.

  • required

    i really hope tom doesn’t have suri’s legs shortened too.

  • bet betty

    With. Famewhor!ng. Parents. Like. That?

    The. Normalcy. Of. That. Girl’s. Is. Doomed.

    Well, as if I can. LOL.

  • jocelyn

    You know what I just realized? How they dress up Suri, and do her hair, makes her very doll-like and adorable, but she’s actually not much cuter than any other baby. Those kinds of things make any child “cute” (Mary-Janes, only dresses, and elongated paige-boy haircuts).

    yeah, I think that is why they always have her in dresses. With pants on she looks a bit like a little boy…a cute little boy but still…

  • Jill

    It sounds like “Suri wears the pants in the family” is a polite euphemism for saying Suri is a spoiled brat.

    If Tom and Katie don’t start setting some limits on that child and discipline her, she’s going to turn into another Paris Hilton.

  • shelly

    Well, being in charge doesn’t seem to be making her happy. I haven’t seen a pic of this kid smiling in ages. I’m starting to think she has an issue.

  • blackworm

    When does Suri wear play clothes? Does she ever play outside in the dirt?

    Where are Bella and Connor? Do none of their parents pay attention to them? They are the kids I’m concerned about.

  • mediterranean

    People who have written very negative comments about 2-year-4-month-old kid, I have a question for you: “Are your mental and psycological health OK?”

    She is only 2 years and 4 months old!!! Do you get it?

    She is so adorable girl. Suri and Shiloh will indeed be so gorgeous, so beautiful, so breathtaking when they grow up. It’s very obvious, when you look at their faces without hatred and miserable being.