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Tom Cruise Knows Nobu

Tom Cruise Knows Nobu

Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes and their daughter Suri have a family night out as they enjoy dinner at the Japanese restaurant Nobu in New York City on Friday.

The trio was accompanied by Tom‘s Tropic Thunder costar Ben Stiller and his wife Christine Taylor. (The film is out in theaters now.)

Katie, had a “Bring Your Husband to Work” day today as she headed to rehearsal for Arthur Miller‘s All My Sons on Broadway.

15+ pictures of Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise knowing Nobu…

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100 Responses to “Tom Cruise Knows Nobu”

  1. 1
    CARLY Says:

    she seems scared of her dad

  2. 2
    A NON E Says:


  3. 3
    mike Says:

    LOVE THEM!!!

  4. 4
    tom = $cientolocrazy Says:

    Tom Cruise – desperate much ?
    Tom is now using his child for popularity
    Not sure how much more narcissistic this guy can get

  5. 5
    Miranda Says:

    They look like morons wearing sunglasses at night.

  6. 6
    cole Says:

    I think she looks a lot like Tom and that they are a genuinely happy couple.

    I know…an unpopular coment…. but I am team TomKat

  7. 7
    sue Says:

    Goodness, he’s desperate-not to mention embarrassingly obvious in these publicity attempts.

  8. 8
    tia Says:

    this family is so effing weird. i cant put my finger on it but something is creepy about them…

  9. 9
    mju8 Says:

    Seriously, why are these two smiling like idiots when their child is obviously looking very scared and distressed of the attention??

  10. 10
    xena Says:

    Does she ever sleep. All I see is them going around with her . They dont seem to have a nanny or anything.

  11. 11 Says:
    lucky family

  12. 12
    ?????????????????? Says:

    Where are Isabella and Connor?
    people say that Nicole is a bad mother because they don´t live with her and we never see pics of them with her, but they live with TomKat and we never see the kids with them either

  13. 13
    LuckyL Says:

    Normal child, cute clothes.

    I hope Isabella and Connor are having a wonderful meal at home with the nanny.

  14. 14
    LuckyL Says:

    Normal looking child*

    God, we all know her home life is far from normal.

  15. 15
    ellie Says:

    There a great family, loving, Tom cruise is still gorgeous, suri is beautiful, And a beautiful wife. They look great together there a loving family and tom is and katie are always there for there children !!!

  16. 16
    real world Says:

    Have enough of them and their spoil child. And katie and tom need to give it a rest already. I thought that they didn’t like all that attention.What big liars they turn out to be.

  17. 17
    Jill Says:

    Does that child ever get to bed before midnight?

  18. 18
    aE Says:

    It’s raining and Suri is in a sun dress and Katie in sandals…..ummmmmm BAD FASHION STATEMENT! FYI: Those gold shoes are so yesterday months ago.

  19. 19
    dd Says:

    very cute

  20. 20
    Halli Says:

    Put that baby to bed already. These people are ridiculous.

  21. 21
    zooey Says:

    God bless this family

  22. 22
    usa Says:

    nice to see lowlives even spent their time being with TomKat and celebs they dont like.muhahahahaha

  23. 23
    joy Says:

    Such a beautiful family

  24. 24
    shorty Says:

    AGAIN with these ppl??! bleeeeeeeeeeech.

  25. 25
    pr person Says:

    “Seriously, why are these two smiling like idiots when their child is obviously looking very scared and distressed of the attention??”


    Isn’t it disgusting?! Poor Suri. Her parents seem to be determined to drag this child in front of the paps even after she has shown that she is scared, uncomfortable, and/or distressed. Pathetic crazy loons!

  26. 26
    Jackie Says:

    I agree with the gold shoes statement
    they are getting kind of annoying to see
    And is it me or does Suri have big feet?
    Tom is the last person I’d want as a father
    Poor Katie she looks like a robot next to Tom
    And poor Suri with those paps.

  27. 27
    frances Says:

    Katie looks so pretty. Tom is so hot and Suri is a doll.

    Happy family but the photogs are freakish.

  28. 28
    .... Says:

    Makes my day to see them coupled with the Phelps win…..

  29. 29
    anonymous Says:


  30. 30
    purplehands Says:

    They look like refugees.

  31. 31
    Roosevelt Says:

    NOW using his daughter for PR, #4? Critics have been using that line for years now.

    Don’t most self-righteous judgmental gossips usually COMPLAIN when celebrity parents HAVE nanny, #11?

    There are pics of Cruise with his other two kids, #13.

    God, shut up already, #26. She doesn’t look overly upset at all.

  32. 32
    the shiznack Says:

    we’ve been seeing posts of Katie daily and she hardly cracked a smile – all of a sudden Tom’s in town and she starts smiling like a an idiot, as if she HAS to smile with Tom

    and jc doesn’t that kid a normal bedtime routine. Its raining and they put her in a dress with no jacket or coat

  33. 33
    LuckyL Says:

    Jesus, how many names does McFreakson have guys?

  34. 34
    Cruise is transparent Says:

    I see McLovin is not Roosevelt. Nice try, but you’re almost as transparent as Cruise. Almost.

  35. 35
    90210 Says:

    Wonderful. Suri really is a daddy’s girl.

  36. 36
    Cruise is transparent Says:

    I meant to say that McLovin IS now Roosevelt. Damn, these comments need an edit button.

  37. 37
    Dancer Says:

    I used to think inspite of all of his couch jumping, scientology weirdness etc., that Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes were good parents, but I have changed my mind after the last two weeks of postings on this site. They are pimping that child out for publicity. As I’ve said before–NYC is a very sophisticated city and they can get from Point A to B without the paps catching them for these obviously courted photo ops. PLUS this child is distressed with the cameras and the paps. What kind of parent puts thier child thru this? Not a good one!

  38. 38
    anony Says:

    Boycott celebrities that support the CULT of greed
    Boycott celebrities that support the CULT of greed
    Boycott celebrities that support the CULT of greed

  39. 39
    LuckyL Says:

    Suri looks tired and cranky. I wonder why?

  40. 40
    LOL Says:

    if u hate them that much, why read this thread or even leave a comment? haahahah i guess the rest of you just weirder than this family.
    Suri is cute, but it’s sad that at the age of 2 already knows how to avoid the camara.

  41. 41
    no no no Says:

    Paps shouldn’t be harrassing Suri >:-(

  42. 42
    KarenA Says:

    Aw, they’re such a lovely, lovely family.


  43. 43
    nina Says:

    cuteness overload

  44. 44
    Chey Says:

    Hey #32- why did you stop using McLovin?

  45. 45
    boo(real) Says:

    jesus!!! can this midget get MORE desperate??? that child is clearly tired yet these media wh@@res drag that kid out? for staged photo ops?? low

  46. 46
    LuckyL Says:


  47. 47
    Roosevelt Says:

    That’s not true at al, #33. About Holmes’ smiling that is.

    I change my name when impostors appear, #34. I’m not hiding.

    I;m done arguing about this, #38. They;re famous and will be photographed in no matter which city they are in and Suri Cruise must be taken outside.

    I’m not a Scientologist, #47

  48. 48
    onmyown Says:

    In Defense of Suri Cruise

    That Suri is “in charge” doesn’t mean she is a brat, or that she is spoiled, weird, a demon seed. Some had already predicted doomed future – serious social issues, slotted for psychiatric therapy, freak, drug addict, a ***** ; that she will be resented by her older siblings because she is made famous not of her own choosing; that her every mood is analysed in the worst possible light. Some even take pleasure in analyzing her wardrobe is what makes her “cute, and none more ! Seriously, I don’t know how anyone can make these conclusions credible.

    We all have views on parenting. “Am not a parent yet, but my perspective comes from my parents, and how they raised 5 children – 4 boys, 1 girl. Were we raised better than you ? The true answer is NO, but ‘am sure my mom will take exception to that !

    Yours or my mom’s is always better or best against the Cruise’s. But generalizing the rules based on our own experiences is just not fair to this little girl who is unable to defend herself. Suri just happened to be the child of a famous couple hated by their enemies and loved by their fans; that she bears the unwanted burden of being a child of Scientologist parents.

    I will defend Zaharra, Shiloh, Violet, Vivienne, Madd, Pax, Knox et al against those who dare take cowardly swipes on these beautiful little people. SURI IS NO EXCEPTION.

    What do you call those who takes swiped against defenseless children ? Socrates will give us the answer:

    “Human’s highest achievement is measured by how well they defend and protect their women and defenseless children. Only coward will take pleasure in hurting them, physically or verbally so as to satisfy their hunger to dominate and make them subservient to their own pathetic image”.

    I rest my case.

    Seville, Spain
    6:17 am aug 16

  49. 49
    tom c Says:

    It’s night, colder temperatures, raining…. uh, they’re both wearing jackets but Suri is in a summer dress – no sweater, tights, etc. Why don’t they dress her appropriately?
    Get Suri to bed already. She needs sleep!

    McLovin is now “Roosevelt”!
    McLovin is now “Roosevelt”!
    McLovin is now “Roosevelt”!
    McLovin is now “Roosevelt”!

    (Get a life. Go read a book or something.)

  50. 50
    saying Says:

    @ #33: we’ve been seeing posts of Katie daily and she hardly cracked a smile – all of a sudden Tom’s in town and she starts smiling like a an idiot, as if she HAS to smile with Tom

    BINGO!!!!!!! Katie’s been looking like a miserable person all week. Tom flies in and now she puts on a show for him, as she’s all smiles. She’d better smile because just as he moved on to wife #3, he can move on to #4.

    Look at the way Suri looks at Tom. There’s nothing there.

  51. 51
    smiles Says:

    In China where most Hollywood movies are banned and they are unaware of Hollywood stars and faces yet Tom and Katie are so loved and known.

  52. 52
    jared fan Says:

    When they are happy I am a happy
    fan as well.

  53. 53
    saying Says:

    #53: How can they not be known? They pimp themselves out to the tabloids every other second of every day. You’d be known too if you were a media *****.

  54. 54
    boo(real) Says:

    who brings a “supposedly 2 1/2 ” year old to a pap hotspot???? The child should be home sleeping!!!! tom and robokatie are the ultimate “baby sellers”

  55. 55
    Jillty Says:

    So what behavior = great parents? Both mom and dad require jackets on a cold evening in the rain, but baby Suri is in a sleeveless cotton dress? Great parents?

  56. 56
    ANON Says:


  57. 57
    boo(real) Says:

    tiny tom media-manipulition overload. so sick of it. suri Is being used to drum up sales for katie’s pathetic BROADWAY show!! lol!!!

  58. 58
    dido Says:

    they look happy , sweet suri ,thanks justjared for photos

  59. 59
    veronicas Says:

    that lil girl hates media!

  60. 60
    Megan fox rocks Says:

    cute and happy family

  61. 61
    required Says:

    its bring your husband on shoe lifts day.

  62. 62
    regina Says:

    Ridiculous ! She should be at home with a nanny, sleeping! Like any NORMAL 2yr old!!!
    Forgot, she is NOT normal…she is a grown woman in a childs body…

  63. 63
    jean Says:


  64. 64
    Ronja Says:

    Suri got golden shoes. Does she have different shoes? She only wear the golden

  65. 65
    dancer Says:

    #49 Roosevelt who says: I;m done arguing about this, #38. They;re famous and will be photographed in no matter which city they are in and Suri Cruise must be taken outside.

    Is that a promise to stop arguing with us all?

    Of course Suri must be taken outside you dimwit. But they can do it in such a way that they don’t have a trail of paps following them down the road.
    This is staging parenting at its worse. Poor Suri. Nothing like being a prop for the photos.

  66. 66
    whatyasay Says:

    Katie has on a jacket
    Tom has on a jacket
    Suri has on a sundress

    Seems strange doncha think? Also, PLEASE believe that Suri is not Tom’s child – cause she isnt…. Artificial insemination and it is most likely frozen sperm of Hubbard.Anyone look at his pics lately? I hear Katie didnt know that it wasnt Tom’s until last year.

    Oh well. Nanu Nanu as Robin Williams used to say as Mork from Ork.

  67. 67
    Na Says:

    Okay… so when we see families smiling, we think they are publicity “whores” (i.e. Tomcat or Jen and Violet Affleck) and when they are not happy (i.e. Michelle Williams) being photographed by paparazzi, we think they are mean and bitchy. Get over it!!! Sometimes it’s not their fault that the paparazzi are stalking them! What are they supposed to do? Hide in their homes all day?

  68. 68
    C Says:

    Tom & Kat(i)e are so strange. Sunglasses at night makes them look like idiots. But nothing is worse than that poor kid looking so scared.

  69. 69

    I saw tropic thunder starring Jack Black, Ben Stiller, Robert Downey jr and Tom Cruise and it was hillarious. Regardless of what one might think of Tom C, he was very funny in this role playing against type.

  70. 70
    Jill Says:

    onmyown @ 08/16/2008 at 2:58 am

    You’re overstating the case, as per usual. Unlike the comments by the trolls on the J-P children, nobody is bashing Suri; they are criticizing Tom and Katie’s parenting, and with good reason. If they don’t set limits on Suri and let her stay up at all hours of the night, then it is their fault if Suri grows up spoiled and over-indulged. This is a little girl just two years old who is allowed to set her own bedtime and do whatever she wants. They are spending ridiculous amounts of money on her to make her the best dressed child on the planet but it doesn’t appear to be making her happy. They need to start raising that child and stop displaying her.

  71. 71
    utah Says:

    more please…they look hot and Suri is precious…..

  72. 72
    peace Says:

    I respect this family
    a lot

  73. 73
    pathetic Says:

    This couple is so pathetic. That child and that baby bottle is disgusting. Other children will make fun her. I see a future Paris Hilton. They can’t even take the baby bottle away from that big ass kid. They nedd paretning classes, or Suri will surely be an obnoxious Paris Hilton in the futrue.

  74. 74
    mya Says:

    #71 Utha:

    Yes Suri is precious to them. That’s why they are taking her here and there whenever it please them. No matter if the girl like it or not, not matter if it is appropriate to her or not. I don’t think they went to restaurant at 5PM to get out there at 8PM. Even if it was raining, I’m quit sure that it was already time to go to bed for Suri when they get out of the hotel room. Poor little girl, no one blames her but her parents. Using a little child to promote their career is so unbelievable and unconceivable.

  75. 75
    just saying Says:

    It’s way past that child’s bedtime. Call CPS!

  76. 76
    betty Says:

    I love those sandals that Katie has on…aren’t those the same as Sienna M. ? There YSL……

  77. 77
    janie Says:

    Why isn’t Suri home in bed?

    Why are Katie and Tom wearing sunglasses at night?

    Why is Katie wearing that ridiculous and disgusting green nail polish?

    These people are complete weirdos!!!

  78. 78
    victoria Says:

    Number # 1…. How do you know Tom is scaring the crap out of her??? Did she tell you that her father scares her?? AND, on other web sites, it states Bella and Connor have started back to school at the Celebrity scientology Centre…. Toms sister is watching out for them… also showed some pictures as did, and they showed Katie holding a big blanket over Suri in one of the same photo’s. My 3 year old is constantly taking off her socks, and is a HOT natured child, and sweats terribly. I on the other hand, stay cold in restaurants and take a sweater everywhere. Don’t judge what you don’t know behind the scene’. There is always another side to the story, and the Cruises would NOT harm Suri in any way. Katie is a wonderful and loving mother!!!!!!!

  79. 79
    defap Says:

    Look like you are all experts in parenting. In this world Tom and Katie are the ones who love Suri most and feel responsible to her most. I’m sure they would sacrifice their lives and everything for their daugther if needed. Not you “experts”. you guys even attack a little girl for your own selfish reasons.

  80. 80
    defap Says:

    They look like an ideal family.

  81. 81

    Tommy now has the Gigli curse.. he can now take over..!! his
    business partner left him because she want to do what she
    wanted most make movies..!! Now that he isn’t … he can
    now be take over for Ben being the loser…

  82. 82
    irene Says:

    Thanks JJ but you didnt include Ben Stiller and his wife and Katie looked lovely taking off her coat.

  83. 83
    Amanda Says:

    Wow, over two years old and still carrying around a baby bottle! That little girl will never get potty trained that way.

  84. 84
    Megan fox rocks Says:

    why so much hate

  85. 85
    Megan fox rocks Says:

    i mean people if you hate them why bother and click to see this post

  86. 86
    Jill Says:

    just saying @ 08/16/2008 at 2:30 pm
    It’s way past that child’s bedtime.

    Suri doesn’t have a bedtime. That’s the problem.

  87. 87
    tc Says:

    I think she likes to parade her daughter around for the papparazzi. She likes being in the lime light and her star power isn’t shining as bright. She wants to be a fashion icon but usually commits a fashion don’t. Her acting career is at a low as well so she just wants to be relavent. I used to like her pre-Tom but it seems money and fame have gotten to her head.

  88. 88
    gnmc Says:

    In any pictures of them together, Suri could care less about Tom. She’s really close to her mom, it seems.

  89. 89
    Lincoln Says:

    Of course she has different shoes, #64. Those are just her favorite I guess.

    How so, #65? By letting the paparazzi control their lives and drive every place, use secret entrances and never ever walk on the streets like a normal person?

    Or was your solution gonna be more practical?

    You’re a gullible fool, #66.

    Maybe they do, #70. You have to stop believing everything you read.

    You’re crazy, #73.

    What has she even done to make you think all that, #87?

  90. 90
    Mallory Says:

    Sushi for a 2 yr old on a bottle. Yeah, right.

    Where’s Bella? Where’s Connor?

  91. 91
    pr person Says:

    On TMZ’s site… they have the video of them leaving the restaurant. Katie is carrying Suri face forward,(not even trying to shield her daughter), the baby is trying to cover her face and at the end of the video you can hear Suri crying. Yet these tools just keep smiling and saying their goodbyes (which by the way could have been done inside the restaurant). Disgusting!

    Oh! Roosevelt/Lincoln how is THAT not overly upset you moron!

  92. 92
    Summer Says:

    Tom & Katie look happy. Genuinely. Their smiles look relaxed and easy. They are a very attractive couple together, and Suri is precious. I think Tom has his wife for life now.

  93. 93
    Deneb Says:

    love them!

  94. 94
    Deneb Says:

    love them!

  95. 95
    Lincoln Says:

    I just saw that video, #91. She was NOT carrying her face forward at all. She was smiling but never posed and wasn’t holding her kid out.

    Goodbyes done inside the restaurant? Huh?

  96. 96
    nancy Says:

    Why are they always grinning and Suri looks so unhappy?
    Also, why are Tom & Katie wearing pants & jackets and Suri in a light sun dress????

  97. 97
    mya Says:

    don’t you think that Suri was crying because she was really tired than being afraid of the flashing camera surounding them? And why are they always smiling more than looking being concern of the comfort of their little girl? Poor Suri.

  98. 98
    frustrated Says:

    Hope they are happy. Gorgeous family. And not sure where the other two kids are, but not too many teens want to hang out with their parents.
    Suri looks terrified. She hasn’t asked for the fame. They don’t seem like attention whores but parents trying to enjoy life. why should they stay cooped up and be prisoners…they just want a life.
    I love Katie’s hair too. Refreshing!

  99. 99
    Chelsea Says:

    Looks like the scientologists stole Katie’s feet and put some old lady feet in their place.

    Every pic with tom & Suri, Suri seems to try and stay as far away as she can from him…not that you can blame her.

    Why is tom wearing Katie’s shirt & Katie wearing tom’s hair (minus the coloring to hide the gray)?

    THIS JUST IN!!! Suri has been off the bottle for months, Katie carries it, filled with xenu nectar for tom.

  100. 100
    Fitness Equipment Stores Says:

    Lovely family

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