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Reese Witherspoon is the Lady of the Canyon

Reese Witherspoon is the Lady of the Canyon

Reese Witherspoon takes her kids, Ava, 8, and Deacon, 4, for an hour-long long hike through Temescal Canyon in Pacific Palisades, Calif., on Saturday morning. The 32-year-old actress was accompanied by her girlfriend and her young son.

Noticeably missing from the family hike through the 90 degree heat was Reese‘s beau Jake Gyllenhaal, who has been busy shooting Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, in Morocco.

15+ pictures inside of Lady of the Canyon Reese Witherspoon

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reese witherspoon canyon 01
reese witherspoon canyon 02
reese witherspoon canyon 03
reese witherspoon canyon 04
reese witherspoon canyon 05
reese witherspoon canyon 06
reese witherspoon canyon 07
reese witherspoon canyon 08
reese witherspoon canyon 09
reese witherspoon canyon 10
reese witherspoon canyon 11
reese witherspoon canyon 12
reese witherspoon canyon 13
reese witherspoon canyon 14
reese witherspoon canyon 15

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  • Paula


  • Lillianne

    Yes Paula, you’re the first idiot to post “First?”

  • veronicas

    2nd? ava looks really like her mom, so does deacon, mini ryan…

  • Mallory

    Disgusting. Stop stalking children !

  • shorty


  • WTF

    Reese looks horrible, the bearding must be getting to her.

    Poor Ava always looks miserable with Reese but happy with Ryan. Who can blame her.

  • kkcc

    love reese. she doesnt look the greatest here though, but she is just out with her kids so….

    the kids look adorable!

  • Anon

    She is angry and her children are upset. I think it is disgusting to stalk people and take pictures of the minor children of celebrities without their permission. It should be illegal. Shame on you Jared. If she and the kids are OBVIOUSLY UPSET, then you shouldn’t use the pictures. All these damned agencies should tell the paps they won’t sell pictures like this. And you guys should dry up the market for them. It’s a damned shame. Go Reese!

  • barf

    Barf! Hate her!

  • Vogue
  • Paula

    Oh yes Lilliane I’m the fist idiot to post first
    unfortunatelly you are just one of the idiots who make my life sucks
    thankyou for being an ass and telling me that
    but just know that you are not the first idiot in my life.

  • milan

    This is one fugly woman with a horrible body too! Damnn Jake i’m begining to think that you are really hiding your gayness by going out with this talentless ugly woman!

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]


  • AManda

    Her son looks just like Ryan Phillipe!

  • laura

    the kids looks more happier with ryan

  • Halli

    Hiking is bullsh*t, its just glorified walking.

  • Vern Q Troy

    what is the bandage on that child’s hand?

    Reese’s shorts are so goddamn short, I can taste the camel toe Gyllenboy had for lunch

  • bonnie

    omigosh this woman has NO style whatsoever.

    what a dag!!

  • Walter Sobchak

    It’s time to end the charade. Calling the disingenuous Homosexual Gyllenhaal her ‘boyfriend’ is kind of a joke at this stage.

  • just saying

    Is Reese a lesbian? It’s so obvious her “relationship” with Jake is a publicity stunt. They don’t have sex because he’s gay.

  • Ivana

    # 20
    Find me a celebrity couple who isn’t publicity stunt, and i be grateful…

  • miranda

    Poor Reese, for someone who’s trying to promote herself as being non-frumpy and non-flabby this latest photo-op is somewhat unfortunate.

    (Better to leave shorts that short to toned 25 year old Reesy)

  • sheila

    All of youmiddle aged hags must be at least 300 lbs, just a bunch of jealous skanks. You wish you looked that good, you couldn’t even put your pasty toe in those shorts!

    PR? Flew all the way to hot as hell Morocco for a photo op, yeah right.

  • yikes!

    Picture #1

    Disgusting rat face!

  • yeah, right!

    There are PAPARAZZI in the Temescal Canyon in Pacific Palisades???

    The b!tch booked them herself!

    Reese Witherspoon is a PR WH0RE!!!

  • yeah, right!

    Reese Witherspoon is a PUBLICITY W-H-0-R-E



    Reese Witherspoon, STOP PIMPING YOUR CHILDREN !

  • wedding planner

    Ryan’s GF Abbie is a big ole Lez and a pot head like Ryan. There were pics of them at Disney i L.A. a few weeks back, just in time for the paps!

    Ryan is a pole smoker as well, and a druggie to boot, poor kids. Good thing Reese is such a good mom adnJake willmake a great step dad.

  • Irene

    she is terrible.


    If the children look pissed, it’s probably because they’re tired and want to go home. I remember when I was a kid, I didn’t have much appreciation for hour-long hikes, and would always be asking how much further it was. At least the paps are having to work to get these shots!

  • ?

    reese witherspoon is so ugly
    and she should consider going on a diet

  • eww

    The paps love to take pictures of uninteresting celebs with their children. At this point I really don’t get it.

  • diane

    Reese your a wonderful mother but next time make that little boy wear a hat in that heat

  • jojo

    The kids are adorable. Reese and Ryan both seem like good parents.

  • Amy

    Yeah, boyfriend, busy actor. Reese is allowed some alone time with her kids without Jake. We don’t have to assume something’s happened and make a big deal out of it. So he’s not there. Big woop.

  • Lidia

    What boyfriend? LOL

    Reese Witherspoon is a F4G HAG!

  • cHRIS

    Still not smiling. I have never seen these kids smile when they are with their mother. Never. She must have left Jake because he was too dirty and disheveled. Who wants to go to bed with a stinking, smelly, hairy, dirty Persian who wears his hair in braids, even if he is a Prince? She came back to the good old USA and hot water and soap and a bath. LOL.

  • mc

    shes a PR meaning PRETTY and has a NICE body
    sorry to disappoint you, but she’s never ugly

  • Niky

    she is a good actress. stop talking bad about her, you all don’t know her!

  • Phony Reese

    Reese Witherspoon is a lousy mother.

    She keeps pimping her kids and booking paparazzi to promote her fauxmance.

    Phony b*tch.

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  • s

    There are lot of place in USA whose the prostitute Reese Witherspoon can go out with thir children privade.

    She can find a privade place to practice sodomia with her cheap gigolo Jake Gyllenhaal and probably she can find a similar privade place to walk with her children and their friends…

    She can go out of Hollywood and enjoy her money and give better life for her children too! But is is Hollywood at present. There are lot actors mental retarded whose don’t know what they can do with their money they are winning without prestige too!

  • s

    Look at this idiot women and lot of idiots whose follow the bad example of her and others prostitutes of Hollywood.
    She had 2 times the chance to think about the responsability to have children.
    She was pregnant 2 times during 9 months. When she was 6 moth pregnant Ryan Phillippe decided get married with her… It means that the first family hadn’t any kind of structure!
    Both of them don’t take care about them. Both think about themselves…

    If the heterosexuals don’t take care about their own children imagine the homosexuals…
    I am desesperate when I imagine 2 homosexual man and their another man with a adoctive child…

    I am desesperate when I see all the bastard of directors and actors of Hollywood and their adoctive children!!!

    It is the final of the world!
    Where is the family and when will protect our children from these monters of Hollywood and their inferior culture!

  • s

    The children are the Martyrs of 21 century!

  • gia

    these kids are only happy when they are with their daddy.

  • amy

    Ava looks alot like ryan in these pics :D ,cute kids