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Suri Cruise is Made For Manhattan

Suri Cruise is Made For Manhattan

Tom Cruise takes daughter Suri, 2, to the indoor playground at New York City’s Chelsea Piers on Saturday afternoon. She’s still sporting that cute pink nail polish of hers!

Wife Katie Holmes was busy at rehearsals for her upcoming Broadway debut in All My Sons.

Tom, 46, wore low-tops by Nike and carried around Suri‘s stuffed bunny rabbit.

Suri looks so cute here pucking her lips!

15+ pictures inside of made-for-Manhattan Suri Cruise

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suri cruise manhattan 01
suri cruise manhattan 02
suri cruise manhattan 03
suri cruise manhattan 04
suri cruise manhattan 05
suri cruise manhattan 06
suri cruise manhattan 07
suri cruise manhattan 08
suri cruise manhattan 09
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suri cruise manhattan 11
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Credit: Bauergriffinonline, James Devaney/WireImage, Ron Asadorian, Carlos Vila, Anderson; Photos: SplashNewsOnline, INFdaily
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  • carry-on

    Q: do Suri’s legs work?

  • chichi

    Tom and Suri both, have the same look on their face!

  • Amy

    Cutest. Kid. Ever? Maybe Shiloh J-P also…

  • Roosevelt

    Does this child know how to smile? I mean, dang.

    Maybe the atrophy in her legs from NEVER USING THEM is becoming too painful and she can’t smile.

  • null

    She’s very pretty, but she doesn’t seem to be very cheerful. I guess it’s the paps. I hope.

  • Amanda

    She’s so cute!
    Stop being mean to a child! :(
    She’s just 2 years old.

  • nancy

    Suri seems happier with her mom than with her father.

  • rock

    daddy’s little girl

  • stella

    They are so gorgeous!!!!!!!!!

  • T

    she doesnt seem like a very happy kid.

    and you just know shes gunna be the worlds most spoiled obnoxious teenager

  • Audrey

    Thank you God, these child has beautiful blue eyes, or she will have been very ugly.

  • E

    Love them but the photogs must leave them alone

  • aj

    Gorgeous child! Absolutely precious! Too bad they can’t just enjoy a father/daughter outing in the park without the obnoxious paparazzi shooting off the flashbulbs in their face and stalking them wherever they go.

  • 911


  • jelly bones

    jeez, maybe it’s just me, but this family bores me to tears!!! I’m thinking the next time “Kate” gets her haircut, maybe she could get the “suri” a haircut too. They are so over hyped. Leave them alone. If they didn’t have so much press, she could get that kid off the bottle.

  • Sarah

    I HATE to say this…
    but she’s really cute…
    But why is she ALWAYS being carried around…?

  • Lincoln

    I always hated that stupid ‘carrying’ criticism that idiots like #1 use. Ryan Phillipe and Angelina Jolie suffer from the same thing. Who cares if she’s carried? Who’s he hurting? Mind your own business.. Anyway, you see her walking by herself all the time.

    She’s not ALWAYS being carried around, #16! Just another thing that critics ‘conveniently’ miss despite the HUNDREDS of photos to the contrary. And even IF she was., who cares?! It’s not YOUR problem! Hell, it’s not EVEN a problem!

  • Carmelita

    Why so much Tom and Katie? I don’t have anything to say about them, except now, when it’s obvious we’re being suffocated with them. Please, make it stop for a while, huh?

  • anonononono

    WHY DO PEOPLE SAY STUPID THINGS? Hey people, try to imagine the scene BEHIND the camera and maybe you will understand what’s going on in front of it! Geeze!

  • Desireé

    god, she’s ugly!

  • erin

    She looks Asian to me. She must be adopted. Her eyes are slanted.


    Tom is like Ben… likes to take Suri out and about… Both like to carry
    their daughters… Now that he isn’t working he is enjoying the time off..
    Just like Ben did when Jen was doing Cyrano last fall… It is fun to see
    Tom out and about..New York City They look like they having a interesting time.. Suri as usual is posing for the cameras…But why is
    she barefoot??

  • victoria

    NUMBER # 20, That was pretty cruel to say about a precious child wasn’t it ????? What is so ugly about her ??? The fact you don’t look like her, OR her mother?? Jealousy maybe??? I AGREE with NUMBER # 17 LINCOLN….. What is the big deal about her being carried anywhere at anytime? Tom and Katie have already explained this, as did Brad Pitt at one time, at the beginning of the year…. When he put down Shiloh once ( as Pax ) she was trampled by the paparazzi’s trying to bend over in her face to get the best shot of her on HER level. They only succeeded in scaring the living daylights out of her, as they have done in the past with Maddox. That is why he STILL carries them when he can…………. Tom stated on that is why he and Katie still carry Suri. The bloodhounds ( my term ) trip over themselves to get down even worse than they are now, with their flashing bulbs……. At least, if she is in their arms, they have a little more control and can walk faster or hold a blanket over her face, or SHE can cover her own face. BUT, then you all STILL make fun of her and say she is creepy. The adorable child cannot win.

  • Lincoln

    ‘Cause it;s a park, #22.

  • Darin

    H-m-m-m, he even wears his lifts in his “low-tops by Nike”.

  • dal

    What cute pics.

    Tom stole the show in Tropic Thunder- he was hysterical. Matthew McConaughey and Nick Nolte were great too. Great casting by Ben Stiller.

    I hope Tom does another comedy – he is a natural.

  • LOL

    hey retard, read! it’s an indoor playground.
    why don’t retards read?

  • veronicas

    they both have same expression, cute!

  • shorty

    snore central

  • saying

    Awwww, another photo opportunity for the vertically challenged one.

  • Meg

    At least Suri looks midly happy in the second pic


    What does being at a indoor park have to do with it.. I have been to indoor parks with my nephew.. You have to wear shoes.. #24
    Where are the signs for the indoor park???

    Yes he did steal the show and the fans loved him!! and Katie…

  • suri cute

    suri afraid of paps and she hate them…thats why she doesnt smile

  • Megan fox rocks

    no KATIE the post sucks

  • the shiznack

    If u watch the video over on tmz u can hear Suri crying near the end

  • dancer

    #35. You are right, she is crying at the end. Why don’t those two publicity who*res cover her face with a blanket. The child as I have said in thread after thread is obviously distressed with the flashes that go off in her face. You can’t blame her. Why don’t Tom and Katie eiher leave her at home and out of these situations or cover her with a blanket so that she is protected. Unbelievable.

  • defap

    “Who cares if she’s carried? Who’s he hurting? Mind your own business.. ” So right, Lincoln.
    I have a big smile seeing these photos.

  • KatKat

    Awww, adorable pix of Suri and Tom!

  • anon

    victoria @ 08/16/2008 at 8:57 pm


  • anon

    # 36 dancer @ 08/16/2008 at 10:04 pm

    When you’re are raped one day and people come up and tell you it was your fault because of the way you were dressed, just remember what you said here.

  • Vogue
  • yami

    Suri is no more the cutest kid. Oldie Tom wears a so teenager clothes at 46.

  • defap

    #26 Tom is great actor no doubt. He has been attacked because he challenged some authority figures, their authority, their power, intelligence, and income, etc, as if Tom has no right to his own beliefs.

  • tom c

    Katie’s got no boobs. They’re really droopy.

    Why not give Suri a CUP of water instead of a baby bottle of water?????
    It’s time to say NO to her !!

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    …..` how can people hate this little girl and her family.

    look at her.

    …` she’s way better looking than any blue eyed – blonde haired tard. walk down 5th ave… 6 blocks and you’ll see 90 blue eyed blonde haired babies who look just like her.. lmbao

  • Shawna

    That is so heartbreaking to hear her crying like that. My little girl is her age and I would do everything in my power to protect her from having to go through that. Obviously they have to leave their houses sometimes but they could put a blanket over her. They just want people to be able to take pictures of her. They should be ashamed of themselves.

  • Colleen

    Suri is a cutie!

  • me

    45 , Just look at her photo what is in her feature that stand out? nothing really. But she is a baby she is cute in nature they all are. Tard looking is her if I may say by all count, Covering your ear, eyes and things like that is a sign of you know… I think for cruzay 47 as I like to call him (since I don’t like him much because of his cunt and kuku ways) it is his turn for the PR… Which is understandble since he has a 2 minute movie going on.

  • spooky

    Tom is so hot and Suri
    is an angel….

  • ———–

    cute beyond words