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Ellen DeGeneres Wedding Pictures -- FIRST LOOK

Ellen DeGeneres Wedding Pictures -- FIRST LOOK

Here are the very first wedding pictures of talk show host Ellen DeGenres and actress Portia de Rossi

Ellen, 50, and Portia, 35, tied the knot in front of 19 guests during an intimate ceremony at their home in Beverly Hills, California, Saturday night.

Portia wore a backless, light pink dress, while Ellen opted for pants, button-up shirt and vest — all in white. Both wore Zac Posen and exchanged rings by Neil Lane.

The couple have been dating since December 2004.

Congratulations to the happy couple!!!

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349 Responses to “Ellen DeGeneres Wedding Pictures -- FIRST LOOK”

  1. 1
    Caterina Says:

    i feel so happy for them

  2. 2
    [☆I n F a m o u s☆] Says:

    …that’s wassup. ellen rocks.

  3. 3
    jesse's lover Says:

    At least we know who wears the pants in that household!

  4. 4
    Cole Says:

    Am I the only one who has a problem with 2 brides?

  5. 5
    richard peterson Says:



  6. 6
    Ouch! Says:

    Cole, I hope so.

    Congratulations to them!!!

  7. 7
    becca Says:

    omg love love love love love love love them! Ellen is awsome!!

  8. 8
    Kk Says:

    Congrats to them

  9. 9
    Mary Says:

    Awwww I’m so happy for them!!!

    Congratulations Ellen & Portia!!

  10. 10
    Lynda Says:

    Congrats to them both!

  11. 11
    orange048 Says:

    congratulations!!! :D

  12. 12
    lolaa Says:

    pretty dress

  13. 13
    trix Says:

    how’s this a first look if they were on Gossip Girls first?

  14. 14
    null Says:

    Congratulations! Great to see Ellen so happy. I have to admit that when she first got together with Portia, I didn’t think it would work out, but I’m glad I was so wrong.

    Portia’s dress is beautiful.

  15. 15
    nells Says:

    they both look beautiful, and I’m happy for both of them…

  16. 16
    Sami Says:

    Re to Lola & Cole:

    to each his own… as long as they’re not hurting anybody, who cares if they’re both women?

  17. 17
    Edumacated Says:

    Love her gown!!

  18. 18
    diane Says:

    They look happy

  19. 19
    bella Says:

    Congrats to them, they look happy.

  20. 20
    giselle Says:


  21. 21
    cb Says:

    awwwwww…..they look really pretty. love their outfits, and the way Ellen’s vest matches the look/lines of the front of Portia’s dress.

  22. 22
    t Says:

    love them so much, portias dress is beautiful

  23. 23
    dd Says:

    anything anything !! except Tom and Katie and their alien spawn

  24. 24
    Amy Says:

    Love them! they both look amazing, congratulations and great job on the pictures Jared.

  25. 25
    abby Says:

    awww, I’m happy for them.

    Congrats :)

  26. 26
    Toni Says:

    To sister Loxy Foxy, Jesus preached love and acceptance.
    Your personal Jesus is in your mind, and remember Foxy, Judge not, lest ye be judged.
    I wish the happy couple much luck and good wishes.

  27. 27
    @Truth teller Says:


  28. 28
    lullu Says:


  29. 29
    Hey, it's me again! Says:

    Lovely pictures!
    I hope that they stay married forever.

  30. 30
    Hey, it's me again! Says:

    To the hater “Sister Foxy Loxy”

    Why do you care that two people of the same sex agree to marry?
    How does that impact you?
    I wish Ellen and Portia lots of happiness and much laughter.

    what people

  31. 31
    essie Says:

    ok i am not feeling portia’s dress, WAY TOO POOFY like a lil girl in dressup

  32. 32
    wow Says:

    lol @ 12.11pm

  33. 33
    k Says:

    no, Cole, you are not the only one who has a problem with 2 brides. i think it’s wrong, too.
    that’s so nasty.

  34. 34
    Helena Says:

    Portia looks beautiful! Congrats!

  35. 35
    Doll Says:

    Good for them!
    Congratulations Ellen and Portia!

  36. 36
    sayanything Says:

    While Jesus loves everyone, He does not love everything we do, and this is an abomination against nature, Lola. Don’t let the world convince you otherwise.

  37. 37
    Megan fox rocks Says:

    So wrong no gay marriage

  38. 38
    Colleen Says:

    They look fantastic! Best wishes to them!

  39. 39
    me Says:

    #4 I agree with you.

  40. 40
    Megan fox rocks Says:

    I mean every thing is wrong with this picture
    Woman should marred men not woman god what’s happened to natural thing

  41. 41
    regina Says:

    Ellen is great!!!!!!!

  42. 42
    not right Says:

    It would have been unthinkable not all that many years ago.

    What we used to consider sin we now think is great.

    I actually like Ellen. However I don’t approve of her lifestyle.

  43. 43
    karine Says:

    As you said Jared, Congratulations to the happy couple. I love them.

    They are not famous in France (I’m french), but I think they deserve to be famous because they are really nice, always smiling. They seem so happy together.. let me think… They ARE so happy together.

    It rocks

  44. 44
    yaya Says:

    CONGRATS TO ELLEN AND PORTIA. they look really beautiful and happy. and i think its cool that they did a little ceremony i would totally do that if i were to get married.

  45. 45
    pomme Says:

    lola,cole,lolo: love is love! god is love! god loves wedding so god love gay wedding! happy to see lover people !

  46. 46
    Cheetah Says:

    Many animals are behaving homosexual, so anybody who thinks its against nature, then go into the field and take a look at nature.

    Gay activety is al around you, if you want it or not.

    Im glas that our country was the first that let gay people get married and adopt children. NOTHING wrong with that!

    Congrats to the both of them and ALL gay persons in the world.

  47. 47
    Sebastian Says:

    fairy tail wedding! lovely!

  48. 48
    Lillianne Says:

    Congratulations Ellen and Portia. Your wedding looks gorgeous.

    Thank you to all the haters who have identified themselves. We now know who to ignore.

  49. 49
    SwissGirl Says:

    Congratulations Ellen & Portia
    wish you all the luck and happiness in the world!!!!

  50. 50
    anna Says:

    to sister foxy and lola
    so you consider this an abomination against nature?. what ever! personally, i applaud both ellen and portia for exercising their rights under the first amendment. you know where it says the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. no where in the amendment does it say “does not apply to gays or lesbians”. by the way, i’m straight and happily married to my husband.

    and as for that jesus is weeping All you homoseuxalists will ************ please!! do not use the name of jesus in the same sentence with that hate filled comment; or any other hate filled comments. jesus taught compassion and love for others not hate.

  51. 51
    gina Says:


  52. 52
    maria Says:

    I wish them the best congratulation to the happy couple :D

  53. 53
    TEE Says:

    Dumb ass Dikes!

  54. 54
    sanne Says:

    damn, it surprises me everytime that there are still so many ignorant people out there…. I mean how is it possible that in the year 2008, people still have problems with this??? How can u live in a modern society with such ancient thoughts???

    more power to ellen and portia

  55. 55
    gkjg Says:

    pretty outfits, pretty brides, perfect wedding, i love it.

  56. 56
    remember da truth Says:

    People who think this is an abomination against nature know nothing of nature, or of Jesus’ love for all of us.

    Homosexuality is found in all animal species, too. There has always been a certain percentage that are created as homosexuals. In addition, throughout history, homosexuality has been found to be how humans take care of sexual needs if marriage had yet to happen, as sex between men and women leads to procreation, or if the opposite sex was unavailable.

    People who have a problem with it might find it very difficult to handle the thought of sex with one of their own gender, but the inability to put themselves in the place of another and see that they have the same difficulty handling sex with the opposite gender shows something lacking in the bigoted. They also seem to forget that this is about LOVE, not just sex.

    Jesus has always championed love. God is about love. It is those with no love in their hearts and perverted minds preoccupied with sex acts that have a problem with two beautiful souls in love with each other wanting to unite their lives.

  57. 57
    April Says:

    Just off,

  58. 58
    mslewis Says:

    Portia is beautiful and I’m happy that she has found happiness with Ellen and vice versa. They are more honest than a lot of people in Hollyweird who are still in the closet. Coming out didn’t hurt either of them (nor did Neil Patrick Harris suffer) so why don’t they all come out. It will make you feel better.

  59. 59
    emilie Says:

    so sweet:)

  60. 60
    Sunja Says:


  61. 61
    Anonymous Says:

    Don’t comment back on the hateful comments. If it is an offensive comment click on the Report Abuse button. I guarantee Just Jared will remove the obscenities even if they are disguised with dots and spaces.

    Don’t waste your breath on the haters. They are their own worst enemies.

  62. 62
    Will Says:

    God also has a problem with is!!! To bad people don’t want to live according to His laws and only want him in their life when tragedy hits!

  63. 63
    remember da truth Says:

    Will, how dare you speak for God!! When God speaks for Himself, he speaks of love, compassion, and joy when two people are in love with each other!!

    gkjg #60, you have such a beautiful post. Thank you for expressing those sentiments so simply!

    Portia’s dress is GORGEOUS!!! And I love how Ellen looks at her with such love and pride. Portia just folds into her arms like she’s found her place to be, and it’s wonderful to see.

  64. 64
    remember da truth Says:

    People used to think being left-handed was an abomination against nature, a sign of the devil, something anti-God. Guess what? There is just about the same percentage of people who are left-handed as there are who are gay.

    Wake up people! Being gay is as meaningless as being left-handed. Just another way to be.

    I find it humorous that these self-righteous people proclaiming how awful it is for people to be gay are swearing, insulting, cursing people they don’t even know in apoplectic fits of anger and hatred. Yep, it’s sooo bad to love someone of the same gender, but okay to say f**k you and call people you don’t know a**h oles and worse!! Such hypocrites!!
    Ellen and Portia will be in heaven for spreading love and joy while you people will burn in he ll for your attitudes!!

  65. 65
    . Says:

    and who are yall to say who is going to hell??? i thought judgement day was for GODD not YOU

  66. 66
    Hugs Says:

    They look gorgeous and happy! Now if you think God doesn’t want his children to be happy the way they are…Then YOU SUCK

    Leave people alone and let them live as long as they aren’t hurting you!

  67. 67
    sHEEMA Says:

    I’m so happy for them, Congrats!

  68. 68
    woogie Says:

    # 67 (Will)

    you are so silly and closed minded. What/How do you know what “god” wants, etc??? Stop with the fairy tales and get back to real life- current.

    I’ve always liked Ellen (her t,v show), etc…… What she does in her personal life is not my concern. She is a nice person and someone I would not mind being friends with. By the way…I am a straight person- married for 38 years.

  69. 69
    sharon Says:

    Lord, what is this world coming to?!

  70. 70
    jane Says:

    It is a terrible day n’ time when people accept this kind of behavior of a woman marrying a woman, in our society.

  71. 71
    snap dragon Says:

    dang ellen is 50 years old??? looking good ellen


  72. 72
    Saraaaaa Says:

    everybody stfu.
    they are happy, they are married.
    you shouldn’t have a problem with people’s happiness.
    i love ellen & there’s nothing wrong with homosexuality.
    so everybody stfu & if you honestly don’t like the fact they’re married
    why are you wasting your time posting mean ****? grow up.

  73. 73
    Linda Lea Says:

    Now we can all be married. Yeah!!!!!


  74. 74
    Mary Says:

    America is going to hell in a handbasket. People act like this kind of reprobate activity is normal. How sad.

  75. 75
    maddison Says:

    eww! im really homophobic!

  76. 76
    LuckyL Says:

    Anyway, good for them.

  77. 77
    sdadad Says:

    homophobes… grow the **** up. the bible is a book some dude wrote when he was high and the sheep just keep going along. learn to judge with your own mind.

  78. 78
    omg Says:


  79. 79
    OMG!!! Says:


  80. 80
    deede Says:

    Congrats to them!! Portia’s dress is beautiful!! I love it!

    I wish both of them happiness for life! I am sure the haters on here are the same people who have called Britney spears every name in the book all while she was suffering from a mental illness! If that isn’t sin, I don’t know what is!

  81. 81
    caro Says:

    I think portia looks beautiful! so happy for them both :)

  82. 82
    OMG!!! Says:

    sdadad @ 08/17/2008 at 1:56 pm homophobes… grow the **** up. t
    “The bible is a book some dude wrote when he was high and the sheep just keep going along. learn to judge with your own mind.”


  83. 83
    LuckyL Says:

    Let’s not make this a topic about religion.

  84. 84
    buckeyegurl Says:

    Life is too short not to do what makes you happy, gay or straight. I wish them happiness.

  85. 85
    Jo Says:

    I think its fabulous! They’re HAPPY! Why shouldn’t they marry? I married my Husband ten years ago this week, and it was a fabulous day filled with love! Why shouldn’t EVERYONE have that same opportunity? Race, Religion, Sexuality, Gender has nothing to do with how one’s heart feels! Equality people! Is it really that difficult of a concept?

  86. 86
    Mary Says:

    Congratulations Ladies!

  87. 87
    goldend Says:

    @ Megan fox rocks:

    Please, get a life and a less ****** obsession.

  88. 88
    Lillianne Says:

    We all know what God wants. It is in His commandment to us.


  89. 89
    tyler Says:

    Cole it looks like u are the only one.

    Congrats to the both of u im so happy for u

  90. 90
    nina Says:

    Congratulations to the both of them!

  91. 91
    Kasia Says:

    i love the dress!

  92. 92
    Lea Says:

    Portia is gorgeous.

    My god has nothing against people being happy and I thank him for that.

  93. 93
    Mahmuda Says:

    Aww bless the two lesbians.

    I love Ellen so much!!

    I wish them both the happiest future together.

    Thanks Jared for this ^_^

  94. 94
    trish. Says:

    First of all.

    No one cares if any of you approve of their lifestyle. cause i’m sure if they did they would not stay true to themselves..i.e Marry a GUY.
    But, they DONT. So who cares about what you people think?

    You people keep saying oh..God wouldnt approve. God wouldnt approve a girl loving another girl? Wanting, hoping, and pursing a good life with the person you fall in love with? i dont think so.
    But would God approve being judgemental?

    I’m not into girls. But if that’s what Ellen wants, that’s what she’s going to get. You dont have to approve their lifestyle, they’re gonna do what they want regardless.

    They arent asking for you people’s persmission to marry each other. They arent asking for your money. So what’s the problem?

    If that’s not what you see yourself doing, good for you.

  95. 95
    trish. Says:

    Ellen is amazing.

    I hope he loves her more than any guy could.

  96. 96
    jackie Says:


    I’m thrilled for any two people who can find happiness in marriage, be it two men, two women, or a man and a woman.

    good for them!!!

  97. 97
    m Says:

    Congrats to both of them! Ellen is just amazing and Portia’s words to describe it

  98. 98
    Vegi Says:

    I’m really shocked by all the homophobic comments. How can anyone look at these pictures and have anything bad to say?!
    Look at them! That look SO happy. How can that be wrong?
    And you obviously can’t say this is a sexual promiscuity thing– they are GETTING MARRIED. They are committed to each other. This is a couple deeply in love.. Who cares if they’re both women?

    They looks so happy. So sweet. I wish them to stay this happy together for the rest of their lives.

  99. 99
    Lesli Says:

    I think adults (consenting adults) should be allowed to do what they want – as long as it involves other consenting adults so congrats to these two. It does bring up a major problem no one wants to face: homosexuals can’t procreate – unless they use the help of other people. So in essence, they may be gay at heart but in reality, they still need the help of a “straight” cocet (a man and a woman to have children) in order to continue life. So you can love as a Gay couple but if you want to continue life – a gay union cannot biologically give that to you – no matter how gay you are, you have to find a man (if you’re a woman) to procreate with and then go back to your Gay partner, etc …IVF, whatever – life is not able to be created without a man and a woman. Of course adoption is always an option. But anyway, I support any one who is involved in a healthy, loving relationship. COngrats to Ellen and Portia!

  100. 100
    gizmatage Says:

    Jeez Cole — why would that be? Heterosexuals have been making a mockery out of marriage institution, and homosexuals who are committed to each other can’t get married just coz they’re the same gender? And FYI, I am not gay, so in case you think I am happy for Ellen and Portia coz I am gay. I am not. I truly feels this way.

    Congrats Ellen & Portia!!

  101. 101
    Lesli Says:

    i make that point just to show that nature seems to have a powerful affection for the male and female union when it comes to procreation but procreation does not guarantee love so you can love someone who you cannot procreate with but the interesting question is: if we want to continue life in teh animal and human world – we can only do it with the male and female organ. I find that interesting. Also interesting: if th eentire world became gay – would we have an end to procreation? Just interesting question in my mind. My brother outed himself years ago and we love him and his lover comes to Thanksgiving dinner but I just think it is funny that if my brother wants to have a kid – biological kid – he still needs a woman to do it.

  102. 102
    blabla Says:

    congrats to Ellen & Portia

  103. 103
    Vogue Says:

    so happy for them

  104. 104
    Kristen Says:

    Portia’s dress is beautiful! Congrats to them!

  105. 105
    sarughhh. Says:

    Wow, it’s insane what this world is comming to. . . people contradicting the word of God. How we all have come to accept this gay marriage crap. I don’t hate the people that do it, I just hate the story behind it. I mean com’n God made Adam & Eve NOT Adam & Sam. But one thing is for sure only a MALE & a FEMALE can reproduce. If your Gay, even if you adopt the baby from birth it will NEVER be yours. Very sad! I may be the only one against it, but I will always stand up for what I believe in.

  106. 106
    JsLilStar Says:

    Oh my gosh! I’m so so so so happy for them. They’re so sweet together and they look like they’re soooo in love.
    *clap* YAY! FOR TRUE LOVE!
    You God smiles down whenever the right two people find each other and get to make each other happy like that. :) It just brings joy to me to see them together.

  107. 107
    Kristen Says:

    People. The Bible was not written by God. It was God’s words taken and INTERPRETED by man. Man who put his own thoughts and judgments into it and called it the word of God. Then re-interpreted and re-interpreted… MY God? He loves everyone and as long as there is love instead of hate going on, He’s happy. Frankly, you people coming here and spreading hate, and you are spreading hate, I have a feeling He has a bigger problem with that then two people celebrating love and commitment.

    Stop spreading your hate and narrow minded ideas.

  108. 108
    caitlin Says:


  109. 109
    Tiria Says:

    “If your Gay, even if you adopt the baby from birth it will NEVER be yours”

    Some people are infertile and need help to have kids. Are they any less married?

    Some people cannot have kids naturally at all and must adopt. Are they any less married?

    Some people never have kids at all. Are they any less married?

    Civil marriage is not about children. It’s about two people promising to be legally and financially responsible for each other. That’s it. There’s nothing else beyond that.

    Don’t confuse the religious sacrament of marriage with the civil contract. Same-sex couples don’t want your pastor to bless them. They just want the legal bond that comes with a state-issued marriage certificate.

    What your god wants from marriage is not, remotely, the same thing as what the state wants.

    Your god may require you to have kids, but the state doesn’t. As far as the state is concerned, it’s just a contract. That’s all. And what the people who sign that contract do with their lives is entirely up to them.

    It really, REALLY doesn’t matter if your religion is against it. It’s YOUR religion. It doesn’t apply to everyone. Your religion’s laws only cover people who believe in it. Or would you like us to make Jewish law mandatory and you can no longer eat pork?

    There is no objection to same-sex marriage that isn’t based in religion. And since church and state are legally separate in the U.S., that means that same-sex civil marriage can be legal here.

    Your church will not be forced to marry same-sex couples, just as Catholic churches aren’t forced to give communion to non-Catholics. It’s just a legal, civil thing. That’s all.

  110. 110
    Shir Says:

    YAY ELLEN AND PORTIA!!! <33333333

  111. 111
    ericka Says:

    aww they look so happy! congrats to them!!

  112. 112
    to myg Says:

    let me get this straight; you think that all those of us who support a person ‘s right to marry whomever he or she chooses, even if they are of the same sex, will all ************. just what century are you living in. let me guess; you would have supported the spanish inquisiton.

  113. 113
    Bla, Bla, Bla Says:

    Five years ago, i’d find this kind of things completely ……weird and unthinkable but I happened to meet one of my best girlfriends who is a lesbian. FYI i am NOT one lesbian personally but i’ve been trying to understand her and the people like her. And actually they’re like most of us…gay are just attracted to the same gender. Of course, when it comes to proceation, a huge problem is set. Adoptions are possible but either way humans need a woman and a man to give life…..that’s the most difficult part of being gay…..because actually this girlfriend of mine wants HARD to have one child right now and she projects to make a baby with a man and then be with the girl she loves for real. I am one of these people who do not judge other people ..i just think this is NONE OF MY BUSINESS and you should think so too..because who are y’all to judge? besides, one year ago, i learned that someone in my own family turned out to be a lesbian too….i was pretty shocked at first cuz i’m really close of her but then i realised that it’s her life. Being surrounded by gays make you see the whole thing differently i guess. I have absolutely nothing against homosexuals but at the same time, i understand why some people are shocked and homophobic ……society used to be controlled by religion, that’s why it’s so hard for some ppl to accept homosexuality being something inked in the modern world. However, no matter what y’all say, that won’t change. are you really thinking gays will go back to the straight stuff soon? ha!. have you ever heard of “gay pride”? lol. Pride includes mentalities changed and there’s no way on earth gays would let people take over their minds. In a word, give them a ******’ break. Congatulations to portia (beautiful dress btw :D) and Ellen! The latter is funny and seems nice and fun. Wish the two of them the very best.. YAY to gays!! [ oh and i'm in no way related to the Devil :D ]

  114. 114
    Monica Says:

    Aaw i’m so happy for them. Congratulations to the happy couple!!! :D

  115. 115
    Tillie Says:

    Congratulation :)

    And @ 113 – Well said.

  116. 116
    Zashley_Fan_for_life_ ZASHLEY! Says:


  117. 117
    Dakki Says:

    I’m so happy for them, I hope they last forever and that they remain happy all that time. They both look great and that’s all that matters.

    And for the haters…if you don’t like this, why do you bother even reading? let everyone be happy and I’m happy that it’s just older generations and ignorant people who have problems with this.

    Love is love and we should be happy there’s still love in this world.


  118. 118
    gina Says:

    They make an absolutely beautiful couple.

  119. 119
    kei Says:

    Congratulations! I guess the God I believe is so different from the God some people believe.

  120. 120
    alina Says:

    i’m just a wee bit teary. good for them.

  121. 121
    TheUsualsuspect Says:

    Congratulations to the happy couple!

    **** off haters.

  122. 122
    Hallie Says:

    Portia looks fantastic, as well as Ellen. Congrats!

  123. 123
    stella Says:

    I asked my daughter what would be the difference if I married a camel.She said ” You would not be able to reproduce” I guess those two women can not either. So what is the point to this sexual deviation?

  124. 124
    pinkydoo Says:

    ummm, she looks handsome?

  125. 125
    first and last post Says:

    #59 remember da truth @ 08/17/2008 at 1:06 pm
    great post. Finding happiness and that one person to share your life and to love is difficult in itself…let people find mutual joy.
    Congratulations to them both.

  126. 126
    stella Says:

    And by the way God created Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve

  127. 127
    Raye Says:


  128. 128
    eddie jones Says:

    just wait until the people actually get to vote on this in the fall, we’ll see how long this nonsense will be going on. We live in a democracy not a dictatorship.

  129. 129
    sinners Says:

    I’m disgusted that you all think homosexual marriage is acceptable. pretty soon pedophilia and bestiality will be the norm at this rate. you liberals have destroyed this country.

  130. 130
    mpls Says:

    whatever. it’s people like that stella and sinners and other comements on this blogs user names that **** up the idea dream of people in love.

  131. 131

    ahhhhhh, so sweet!
    I wish them all the happiness in the world!

  132. 132
    anna Says:

    to stella;
    please do not be idiotic. marrying a camel has nothing to do with same sex marriage between two human beings. a camel and a human members of two different species. you do understand this basic fact of life; or do i have to use simpler language.

    however portia can reproduce. have you never heard of IV, or going to the sperm bank, and/or getting a male friend to be the father. and how do you know that god did not create adam and steve. were you there personally?? oh yes i know it was written in the bible and we all know how great and wonderful that book is.

  133. 133
    to megan for rocks Says:

    you are one VERY DISTURBED person. all i can say is god save me from right wing christian fanatics of which you are one of their representatives. no that is not a compliment.

  134. 134
    stella Says:

    In the animal kingdom male is looking for female and vice versa. This is not normal, against nature. Why is homosexuality considered socially acceptable?

  135. 135
    Sister Foxy Loxy Says:

    anna, you are a f****ing heretic. Beware of God’s wrath. Only hard-up priests and ancient Greeks are allowed to bum each other, and lesbianism is a sin unless the women are hot and it’s for a pórn movie. All these rules are written in scripture. Open your eyes, woman, and heed God’s word.

  136. 136
    bunni hop Says:

    Tiria @ 08/17/2008 at 3:39 pm

    “If your Gay, even if you adopt the baby from birth it will NEVER be yours”

    Some people are infertile and need help to have kids. Are they any less married?

    In all the example s you give, the bottom line is, you cannot create life (a child) without the mixture of male sperm and a woman’s egg. Nobody is saying gay people are less married because they can’t create life – all I am saying myself is that gay unions can never ever create life. They can adopt, etc but they are forced to come back to one reality of nature: you need a man and a woman to create a child.

    I am for gay marriage. I just think gay people have to face the reality that man with men and women and women can never ever ever create life. Only a man and a woman’s organs can do that. No ways around it.

  137. 137
    to stella Says:

    isimply put read the first amendment. you do know what that is. it guarantees the separation of church and state. what is at issue is not only homosexuality being socially acceptable. what is at issue is the the idea that states in this country continue to deny american citizens the legal right to marry whomever they choose to love. you may not think same sex marriage is normal; that’s your opinion. however; you and your right wing christian friends do not have the right to force your religious views on others.

  138. 138
    Annie Says:

    Thats awesome. I hope they’re very happy together, and unlike most Hollywood marriages, I hope this one lasts.
    Cole and Lullu: You need to get a grip and stop being so small minded. Its the 21st century, people can chose the lifestyle they want, and can be who they want to be. Stop judging people and let people live their lives.

  139. 139
    hmm Says:

    i really like Ellen, i have followed her career for years, but the bible represent gods word, i always pray for people who do not follow after Christ, including my children, god’s word is true, (not mine) although i wish these two all the happiness in the world, because they look so happy, i know, that god is not pleased, good luck to both of them.

  140. 140
    jacky Says:

    When will people realize that using God in an argument does not hold up in any modern society, i.e. where separation of Church and State exists. We are not living in the 18th century, people!! Your religion has no place in my politics.

    Saying God hates gays or however you interpret the Bible, would be the same as my insisting that American women are an abomination for not covering up. After all, Allah says they should cover up except for in front of husbands and family.

    Obviously, most of us Americans don’t believe this. BECAUSE WE DO NOT SUBSCRIBE TO THE MUSLIM FAITH (in general). We just think its an irrelevant view that is part of a religion that most of us know little about.

    Well, pardon me for pointing out the fact that anyone is entitled to feel the same way about Christianity. So what makes you Christians so high and mighty to be able to impose your ‘enlightened’ view on the rest of us? Nothing.

    Grow up and recognize love when you see it instead of continuing to spew your hate.

  141. 141
    CrazyDaisy Says:

    I love her dress its so pretty. I wish I was at the wedding.

  142. 142
    lookwhaticando Says:

    I am so happy for them, they make a sweet couple, May God Bless this union forever…. Love you Ellen…

  143. 143
    Louise Says:

    They’re adorable, and look so happy.

    I just laugh my ass off at all the people who come in harping on and on about how it’s wrong because they can’t reproduce. Get your heads out of your asses and take a look at the world, there are a LOT of straight couples these days who alsodo not have children, either because they are physically unable to, or because they just choose not to. I guess all those couples should ************ for being “unnatural” too.

  144. 144
    lookwhaticando Says:

    Sister Foxy Loxy @ 08/17/2008 at 11:50 am Jesus is weeping. All you homoseuxalists will ************.


    Yep, tears of Joy for this happy, loving couple.. Jesus is awsome,, you are not!!!

  145. 145
    valeria Says:

    i love Ellen she is soo funny

  146. 146
    alekziel Says:

    What a beautiful wedding! Congratulations Ellen and Portia, they look so happy!

  147. 147
    Juno Says:

    Congrats. Ellen and Portia

    It’s just a lie for people stupid, like the most of you, feel bad about your selves and hate other people!

    Get a life!

  148. 148
    Corey Says:

    God is not pleased.

  149. 149
    anna Says:

    to sister foxy lady:

    i just love how you right wing christian fanatics throw the word heretic around. it’s your warped way of cursing those who hold beliefs that are contrary to yours. AND I’M SO SCARED!! to put it bluntly lady you’re a religious nut..”Only hard-up priests and ancient Greeks are allowed to bum each other, and lesbianism is a sin unless the women are hot and itâ??s for a pórn movie”. what???

    where is that statement of yours written in the scripture. you must be reading a very warped version of the bible. no where in the scriptures does it say anything about hard-up priests, ancient greeks, and porn movies. there is no question you’ve taken leave of your senses. please just do us all a favor; you stay in your little narrow world and leave the rest of alone

  150. 150
    MArtinimom Says:

    Ellen and Portia are HOT! I’d love to watch them, wink, wink. Their love is beautiful and pure. May their life together be filled with love and happiness!
    lesbians are sexy…especially when they look like Portia!;)

  151. 151 anna Says:

    sister foxy is clowning around…. seriously anna, how stupid are you?

  152. 152
    constance Says:

    ewww… is this natural? this is soooo not right…there is definitely a problem with two brides

  153. 153
    victoria Says:

    I love Portia’s dress…………….. It is beautiful, and she is beautiful wearing it……………… Ellen and she are very lucky to have found each other, and I’m happy for them….. What a gorgeous wedding that must have been… Can’t wait to see if Ellen shows some of the highlite’s on her show. CONGRATULATION’S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  154. 154
    Ceana Says:

    Wow only 19 people attended the event. And were they all other women?

  155. 155
    David Says:

    the one thing I can’t get!
    why do homosexuals get married!

  156. 156
    huh! Says:

    we are not bashing gays for not being able to reproduce – we are just saying only a man and woman can reproduce – biological fact. marry away – who cares. marriage sucks anyway.

  157. 157
    abriana Says:

    congrats ellen and portia!!!!

  158. 158
    Nikki Says:

    They are freaking adorable and I wish them the marriage that will last them their lifetime. Kisses, Ask Naughty Nikki

  159. 159
    WTF Says:

    people get sooooo emotionally disturbed when it comes to words ‘judgemental’…esp when it comes to sexual preferemce issue!

    pro-gay singing the thing about ‘who are we to judge others’..

    nay-sayers..preach about religion…

    what i’m gonna say…what is wrong is still wrong!can we forgive serial killers, paedophile other misorientations of human behaviour just because they are who they are???????????????

  160. 160
    woo Says:

    To: sinners # 133,,,,how silly when you say about pedophilia, etc….It has nothing to do about two people commiting to each other.

    Don’t make comments that make no sense whatsoever.

    It’s people like you with that kind of mentality that cause problems in this world.

    Ellen and Portia- just love each other, Simple as that, geez

  161. 161
    Saywhat? Says:

    they could do the scissor dance all night long and it will never be as good as being with a man….

  162. 162
    Saywhat? Says:

    What is the point of being gay? Our bodies are designed to perfectly fit together with the OPPOSITE SEX.

  163. 163
    hana Says:

    To everyone judging them with the bible. I think Jesus is weeping more about priests molesting children and a church that preaches against homosexuality, protecting the priests so more kids were abused.

    I also think Jesus is weeping more about the “christian’ president who is alll against gay marriage as “immoral” but let children die in new orleansand lied about not knowing it was going to be that bad, when a tape of him came out hearing the forcast.

    Or maybe Jesus might also be more angry about lies to get us into war to blow up a country that did nothing to us, and also kill and maim how many american soldiers for oil?

    Most pedophiles are STRAIGHT men, who are married. Just look at the “moral” republicans like Foley who preached against Clinton as immoral, while he picked up little boys online, and was against gays and gay marriage.

    Or how about Larry Craig?

    Hmm hypocricy is so interesting.

  164. 164
    woogie Says:

    ya’ll…..keep religion out of this! Has nothing to do with two people that love each other.

    Religion is the cause of so many of the world’s problem…, stop making up stories about a man named Jesus weeping or whatever like you see what happens or whatever,. This is the 21st century and it time for people to wake up , open their eyes and start living in the real world.

  165. 165
    TYa Says:

    I don’t… get it. They’re both females? omg. Lesbians?!

  166. 166
    farah Says:

    think about it ,it’s really really really grosse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  167. 167
    Jess Says:

    Wishing them all the happiness in the world.

  168. 168
    Tiria Says:

    “I am for gay marriage. I just think gay people have to face the reality that man with men and women and women can never ever ever create life. Only a man and a woman’s organs can do that. No ways around it.”

    So? Not everyone wants to be a parent. And plenty of opposite-sex couples adopt by choice. You seem to be somehow against the idea of adoption in general. Why?

    There’s some evidence that gay people are actually part of nature’s plan for ensuring the continuation of the species.

    Each tribe or group of animals–particularly higher primates–has a certain percentage that do not reproduce. This leaves them available to foster other members’ children if they are orphaned or their parents cannot otherwise care for them.

    A perfect example is the same-sex penguin couple who hatched an egg that another penguin had abandoned. That’s nature doing its thing, right there.

    It would make sense to have 10% or so of your population that doesn’t breed so they can be surrogate parents for other offspring.

    Gay people adopting makes perfect sense, especially as they often adopt the kids that no-one else wants–with disabilities or HIV or older kids.

    If religion is irrelevant in this, because religious law only applies to people in that religion, and natural law has already seen fit to make plenty of animals and people gay in the first place, then what, really, is the objection?

    No-one’s going to make everyone gay. If you weren’t born gay, you’re not going to magically become gay overnight. So really, what’s the problem?

  169. 169
    MiHay Says:

    I am so happy to hear that they finally are married. Congrats to Ellen and Portia!!!!

    I love Portia’s dress, it is gorgeous.

  170. 170
    angel Says:

    portia looks absoultly stunning the best of luck to the two of them in life i really hope this marriage does not end in divorce i love ellens show and portia is so beautiful
    the best of luck once agen from england

  171. 171
    fake Says:

    I certainly don’t believe in an imaginary man in the sky.

    It is superstitious nonsense in which the church tries to control peoples lives through ignorance, fear and guilt.

    This is the 21st century not the middle ages,
    and I can’t believe people still think these fairy tales written in the bible
    are true, that the world is 6,000 years old, a talking serpent, that you ************, that homosexuals are evil.

    God is a man made story just the same as santa clause, the tooth fairy and the easter bunny!!!!.

    Best wishes to Ellen and Portia.

  172. 172

    You know when I read all the comments I can’t believe how many are so negative and against gay marriage. I honestly have to much faith in the world and the people the inhabit it. I thought we’ve moved passed all this hate and then I come on here and see all these hateful words and wishes. It makes me sick to my stomach. How can you NOT be happy for someone who’s happy and who’s found love? Regardless of their race, age, sex, color, religion..etc. Why does it matter anymore? It’s nice that the people I surround myself with are pro gay marriage because I think I’d die if I had to hear all the hate that you people spew. You must be miserable gits with no love or happiness in your lives. I truly feel sorry for you and your sad lives.

    Congrats to Portia and Ellen!!! May you have a blessed life with much love and happiness!!!

  173. 173
    palvasha Says:

    yukkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk that looks sooo yukky

    im sorry but it just looks wrong, it looks even more wrong that one of them is acting like a man and the other like a woman, it probably would not hv looked that wrong if they were both in gowns but what looks yukky and horrible to me is the one in the suit….she acting like man makes me wana puke

  174. 174
    seth Says:

    So happy for them. Have a great married life.

  175. 175
    Maria (Shorty) Says:

    # 27 Toni @ 08/17/2008 at 12:05 pm To sister Loxy Foxy, Jesus preached love and acceptance.
    Your personal Jesus is in your mind, and remember Foxy, Judge not, lest ye be judged.
    I wish the happy couple much luck and good wishes.
    HERE! HERE! Tony!!!
    Wishing them ALL the best. They both looked just beautiful!!

  176. 176
    PDUBYA Says:

    To Ellen And Portia

    How you Doin? Oh my goodness, I am so happy for the both of you. You both look absoulutely fabulous. Ellen you deserve the best and so do you Portia. Now you both have the best.(each other). I hope you two last a very long time. Congratulation. You wedding photos are beautiful.

  177. 177
    pAMELA Says:

    I love the photos, you both look absolutely fabulous. I wish nothing but the best for you two and a long and happy union.

  178. 178
    Tiria Says:

    “it looks even more wrong that one of them is acting like a man and the other like a woman, it probably would not hv looked that wrong if they were both in gowns but what looks yukky and horrible to me is the one in the suit….she acting like man makes me wana puke”

    Ellen doesn’t “act like a man.” She’s just not girly. And trust me, she looks ridiculous femmed up. It’s just not natural for her.

    Are you not familiar with her at all?

  179. 179
    steve harvard Says:

    Yes Jesus is weeping. TEARS OF JOY!

  180. 180
    jd Says:

    Oh, they will be judged, and by a force more powerful than anything we will ever know. This is probably what went on in Sodom & Gomorra too, before it was destroyed. I guess we’ll see – although some of us won’t be here to have to go through that hell.

  181. 181
    to jd Says:

    yeah, they will be judged by a just and compassionate god. you do understand the definition of compassion?? the one who will be in trouble are people like you; ignorant, unkind, and judgemental. as someone one said before please stay in your own narrow little right wing fundamentalist christian world and leave the rest of us alone

  182. 182
    JsLilStar Says:

    Oops. I meant to say “You know God smiles down whenever the right two people find each other and get to make each other happy”. I left out the “know”. Not sure why. I guess I was typing too fast.

    But, I mean, you all have to know that. It’s ridiculous to condemn people the way some of you are on here. Love is God. God is made out of Love. How could anyone who calls themself a Christian still not have figured that out by now. I can’t wrap my head around how some people can glorify God, but yet they’re still able to put restrictions on Him like that. Why is it so hard to understand that God’s capacity to love and accept his own children, and have understanding for the things that they do is immeasurable. God is literally limitless. And what’s more, he’s inside of each of our hearts. He knows each of us better than anyone else possibly could. So how could any of us think we have any right to put limitations on God’s love. Everything that He is made of is beyond the scope of what we are capable of comprehending. That’s why He is God and we’re only human. He understands the reasons why we do the things we do, even when others don’t. He understands that Ellen and Portia are truly happy together. So how could he possibly have a problem with that. He loves all of us. Therefore, he wants us to have joy in our lives.

    When Ellen and Portia look at each other and feel that joy and love they have for each other, they are closer to God in those moments than anyone who passes judgment and spits obscenities at his other children.

    So I pray for those of you who think you have a right to condemn any of God’s other children. But I’m not worried; because when you get back Home to Heaven and you’re once again in the presence of God’s incredible grace and love, you’ll immediately realize all the mistakes that you’ve made -including this one- and you’ll already be forgiven.

    It’s just that it would be nice, for the rest of us who have to be down here on earth with you right now, if you would try to be a little more open. Then you’d realize that it’s not your place to pass judgment on the rest of us. And that would make it a lot easier for us to love you the way God has asked us to.

  183. 183
    madeline Says:

    Although I believe we should love all people, I do not believe God accepts same sex marriage.

  184. 184
    Dee Says:

    Congratulations, your pictures are very nice. You both look very happy. Many years of joy and hapiness

  185. 185
    sHUT uP Says:

    Ignorant people are and always will be everywhere. They have no lives, and they sit at home by themselves and come across these little comment pages, and they have nothing better to do than to stir up controversy and debate. The world has been spinning for years before them, and it will go on spinning, and also EVOLVING (that means “changing,” for the same ignorant people who have a hard time with English and Grammar). Things change, and you have to change with them, or else you become obsolete. Hundreds of years ago, people believed the Earth was flat. It took a handful of “crazy” people to go against the grain and stand up for what they believed in. Now, more and more people are realizing they are gay. And it’s scary. They don’t choose to be that way, and a lot of them kill themselves over being so conflicted. It is really sad, because it has absolutely nothing to do with anyone else. It also doesn’t affect YOU, so GET OVER IT.

  186. 186
    badhatharry Says:

    Congratulations to both! Very beautiful couple…..

  187. 187
    ifitmakesemhappy Says:

    Gay couples may be able to adopt children, or get in-vitro, or wiz in a cup and inject it, or use surrogates, or whatever means they intend to use to ‘procreate’, but conception will always be immaculate and/or devoid of love and lifetime commitment, unless through a loving, committed heterosexual couple that is no longer alive and are therefore unable to raise the fruit of their conception.

  188. 188
    courtney Says:

    um #4 im so with you! why is this world beginning to except this type of marriage. god didnt make adam and steve it was adam and eve…this is just groos…marriage is solemnly for a MAN AND WOMEN!

  189. 189
    courtney Says:

    oh and how coud you say its a fairy tale wedding!! thats soo stupid.are fairy tales with 2 brides??!!

  190. 190
    q Says:

    First of all I would like to say congratulations to the happy couple
    Secondly I’d like to say that everyone has a right to their opinion, but I feel as long as the parties involved are two consenting adults then there should not be an issue. So many of us go throughtout life hoping wishing praying that that one special person will come into our life. There are many in loveless realtionships who stay in these relationships for the sake of saying they have someone; so they will not be alone. If you can find someone that makes your day with a simple smile and doesn’t lay hands on you and respects you and is considerate of your feelings, then gender should not be an issue. Just something to thing about.

  191. 191
    EllenLover Says:

    O my god! I love Ellen and I simply adore her look @ the wedding. Portia’s dress is also gorgeous. It’s such a break-through for lesbians all over the world, that American gays can get married now in California! And for Ellen, it’s like a dream coming true. After all, shé’s the one who made this all possible. Without her, we would still be kicked out of cumminity when being open about our sexuality. Ellen, I love you. 4-ever.

  192. 192
    Sandy Says:

    Beautiful photos,congrats to both of them,they look very happy!

  193. 193
    britney big fan Says:


  194. 194
    megan Says:

    gross…..that’s wrong. marriage is not for two women or two men, it’s designed for a man and a woman….end of story.

  195. 195
    anon Says:

    I can’t believe people still get worked over a gay marriage. I live in Massachusetts where it’s been legal for 4 years and the state hasn’t fallen apart. Why do others care who someone chooses to marry. It’s their choice. There is also something called separation of church and state. A state should not be able to tell a gay couple that they can not marry just because that’s what the bible says.

    I think it’s great these two got married and I hate when people make comments about marrying animals next. Is that the best you can come up? It is such an immature argument.

  196. 196
    laura Says:

    Congratulations. Ellen is great, love her chat show. LOL!
    Hope they live happily ever after!

  197. 197
    ***** Says:

    Marriage is something made up by human beings for regulating property and heritage, it has nothing to do wtih God.
    If there is a God, I’m sure he/she/it prefers two people who love each other to live happily together rather than unhappily apart.

    My sincerest congrats to the happy couple!!

  198. 198
    50 & hETERO..SO WHAT! Says:

    Ellen deserves to be happy! God knows what she’s been through! Give them a break and send good wishes their way or keep your hateful comments to yourselves. Thankfully, most people are very happy for the newlyweds- as they should be.Congratulations Ellen and Portia!! It’s about time your rights were recognized somewhere in this country!!XO
    Cat in TX

  199. 199
    Lorraine Says:

    Ellen and Portia,weare so very happy for you both.And we know that it is shared by alot of people.Have a long and wonderful life together.

  200. 200
    Happy un-mothers day Says:

    Being the youngest of five children in my family, I have found that I most of all am the most open minded. I chose a different path than my siblings. They all chose to get married young and have children. I waited until I was 40 because I had not met a man I would even consider marrying. In those decades of my 20′s, 30′s I met alot of people. All different. I try not to judge what others do because I feel whatever makes you happy DO IT!!!!! Who says love is about procreating???? I never wanted kids. Anyway more power to you both Ellen and Portia. I wish you all the happiness in the world. The bottom line is….WE ARE ONLY ON THIS EARTH FOR A SHORT TIME, SO MAKE THE BEST OF IT.!!!!!!!!! And all you haters out there—you obviously are narrow minded, ignorant and unhappy with yourselves for being the judge of what others do. Go introduce yourself to a gay person and broaden your horizens. They are surrounding you and you don’t even know it. FOOLS!!!!!!!

  201. 201
    rachel Says:

    i love it.. i love ellen so much…
    stay happy..

  202. 202
    ann... Says:

    oh ! so beautiful….. : )
    i hope they ‘ll live happily ever after…..!

  203. 203
    april Says:

    hey for all the idiots that are worried about gays and lesbians, you need to start worrying about all the people getting murdered and the sick perverted ******** that are molesting children. let people love and marry who the hell they choose. by the way i am straight and happily married.

  204. 204
    april Says:

    hey for all the idiots that are worried about gays and lesbians, you need to start worrying about all the people getting murdered and the sick perverted ******** that are molesting children. let people love and marry who the hell they choose. by the way i am straight and happily married.

  205. 205
    lylian Says:

    first and last post @ 08/17/2008 at 5:14 pm

    #59 remember da truth @ 08/17/2008 at 1:06 pm
    great post. Finding happiness and that one person to share your life and to love is difficult in itself…let people find mutual joy.
    Congratulations to them both.



  206. 206
    lylian Says:

    Sometimes I wonder if those so called Christians spouting off about how God will not be pleased have actually read the bible.

    No where does Jesus say, stone the homosexuals and lesbians.

    In Leviticus, God has special laws for slaves – and by definition, approves of slavery. Yet slavery is utterly abhorrent, certainly at least as abhorrent as homosexuality. If you can pick and choose what no longer applies to you today, why can’t I and say there’s nothing wrong with slavery?

    God loves. that’s all I’ve ever needed to know. And I absolutely believe that God would be pleased by the love of Ellen and Portia, who had to endure the firestorm of internal conflict and external disapproval to learn to love themselves and each other.

  207. 207
    amanda Says:

    i think that this is soooo awesome. i love ellen, she is great, and portia is beautiful. the two of them always look so happy together, and i’m sure that now that they have their marriage certificate, things will be even better for them. i could not be happier that they were allowed to do this.

    now, for all of you who are against gay relationships and marriages, that’s just immature. and for all of you who are saying that its not natural, you’re wrong. in fact, its extremely natural because these individuals are following how they feel inside and going against the grain of the stereotypical lifestyle. and if you even want to bring the whole “god” thing into this, go ahead, but for those of us who are not practicing catholicism or any other religion, there is no god, therefore we are allowed to do those things that are against the made up laws of god. and it just so happens that ellen and portia are happy with each other and are not afraid of what other people think of them. those of you who are a part of the younger generations and still believe that gay relations are unlawful to god, you are just brainwashed. your parents probably had you baptized as a baby, giving you no choice in choosing your own religion, therefore you have grown up knowing nothing else. get some courage and break away from the religion and teach yourself something about freedom. there’s no such thing as religion. its a cult that brainwashes you.

    congratulations again to ellen and portia. i am so happy that you two are able to share this special time of your life with each other, and the rest of the world. i’m sorry that you have to put up with this stupidity from people who can’t get their heads out of the 4th century.

  208. 208
    wifeleftforawoman Says:


  209. 209
    wifeleftforawoman Says:

    …and my three children, too.

  210. 210
    wifeleftforawoman Says:

    …and she left my 3 kids, too. How thoughtful.

  211. 211
    NAOMI Says:

    Congratulations to them both
    I pray they have a long, happy beautiful life together

  212. 212
    Cyndi Evans Says:

    Way to go firls!

  213. 213
    beverly O Says:

    This wedding is not recognized by God as it says in the Bible so it is not the real thing, just something people made up to shut gay people up. They should know in their heart it isn’t right. It sure isn’t right for them to raise kids in that enviroment because God doesn’t agree with that plus the kids will always be teased about having lesbian parents. What has happened to this world today? Don’t tell me things have changed since I got grown, THINGS have but the BIBLE will NEVER change so if you don’t live by it don’t expect to go to heaven.
    I really like watching Ellen’s show on TV because she is so funny but I sure don’t agree with her lifestyle. I would think she was smarter than that and a 35 year old????? OMG how stupid is she???? Sick to.
    They are living a fake life as far as being married but if they can live with it I can to because in the end it will be GOD that judges them, not me.

  214. 214
    amanda Says:

    beverly O and every other ignorant person posting on this site:

    it doesn’t matter that ellen and portia’s marriage not recognized as a marriage in the bible because not everyone follows the bible or believes in god, therefore their marriage is still valid because they have the certificate to hold it. there are more types of marriages than christian, and no matter what religion you are, a marriage always results in a certificate, therefore all marriages with certificates are valid. plus, not everyone is christian, and like i said earlier, those of you who are christian are brainwashed by your parents, god, and a made up religion.

    ps – there is no such place as heaven; love is a feeling; who cares what age the two people are; and you are judging them, so don’t be a hypocrite.

  215. 215
    TYrailia Says:

    I hope they live happily ever after. They both seem like wonderful people.

  216. 216
    gcn Says:

    one of my heroes got married last week, i couldn’t be more stoked for the both of them. atta girl ellen!

  217. 217
    Lana Says:

    people have the freedom of choice why should others care what someone does with THERE LIVES get your own life and quit raggen on others Ellen has done alot for many many people thank god she does not have the hate that some of u nose pickers do. Because many millions of dollars has been raised through her for others with nothing asked in return. lets learn to love one another and if that dont work go dancing

  218. 218

    Ellen, you rock! I love your show – it makes my day.

  219. 219
    Purple Says:

    Awwwwwwww they both look so happy, and I am so happy for them. Just beautiful and shining with hope.

  220. 220
    dory Says:

    I am so happy for both of them!!!!! Happiness is not easy to find!! To be ALONE is WRONG!! I think it is great, Ellen and Portia!!!! Congratulations to both of you!!! I hope the happiness you feel today is there for you forever!!! God bless you both!!!!

  221. 221
    Star of the Dawn Says:

    I’m so happy for them both. I’m thrilled they, and other gays and lesbians, can finally express their love for one another.

  222. 222
    Margaret Says:


    I am so happy for you!! Everyone deserves to be happy with whomever they choose.

    My son and his partner are getting married on Sept 13th on a beach in Malibu. I am so happy for him and of course I will be there.

    Happiness to you and to everyone who now has the choice to marry whoever they choose.

  223. 223
    Sharika Says:

    It’s only love that matters the most…these two women are in love and who are we to judge them !! i wish them all the happiness!

  224. 224
    Lori Garvey Says:

    God bless. They are a beautiful couple. It’s about time same sex couples enjoy the benefits (?) hetero couples get. I love Ellen …she is a steady, kind person. To heck with those that disagree; they are small minded.

    Wishing you good health and happiness Ellen and Portia.

  225. 225
    Lori Garvey Says:

    God bless. They are a beautiful couple. It’s about time same sex couples enjoy the benefits (?) hetero couples get. I love Ellen …she is a steady, kind person. To heck with those that disagree; they are small minded.

    Wishing you good health and happiness Ellen and Portia.

  226. 226
    sammi Says:

    I think its great! You both look beautiful. My sister would like to marry her partner some day and you women give them hope! Thanks! Ellen your great!

  227. 227
    So Sad Says:

    Here’s the thing, Marrage = Love and Happiness. I am sure most of you know when you are not happy you change that and move on to where you are most happy whether it be with a new boyfriend or girlfriend. It is unhealthy to be unhappy, it leads to depression, anxiety and other sorts of health problems. So for everyone of you who do NOT like gay marrage, then look away, because it is a right for everyone to be happy. They don’t stand in front of our churches and protest and say we are not real christians because YOU (not me) DON’T EXCEPT PEOPLE FOR WHO THEY ARE, rather you want to condem their lives and not worry about your own. Face the facts Gay Marrage is coming around, if you don’t like it, tough, live with it because its already legal in 2 states and already a civil union in some other states. Move on with your lives, I’m sure you aren’t perfect either, they could pick out flaws with all of us. They don’t because they just want to live a happy life. It’s sad to see America is so ignorant. I as a woman have a Husband, and 3 children. We go to church every Sunday. I don’t teach my children to hate. You know what is a crime, HATE is a crime. It will be sad one day if one of your children come out to you as gay, what would you do then? Turn your backs and face the other direction when you should love them no matter what. Oh and please list in the chapter in the bible where it says two women should not marry. I would love to know. There’s a study where they have proven that being gay is genetic, so please when you say GOD WILL CONDEM YOU, think again, he made everyone the way he wanted them to be made. Once again, please live your own lives, you will be much happier living your life and not worring about others.

    Ellen and Portia are so beautiful together, I see the happiness and love when I look at this picture. So beautiful.

  228. 228
    happy to be gay Says:

    ok, looking at ellen and portia’s wedding pictures reminds me of how happy i was at my own wedding. I was married to my ex-husband for some 20 years. Why did I marry a man….because of all the hypocrits in this world. I knew I was gay, scared to admit it, scared to live in a world where’d I’d be judged. So, what happened. I spent 20 years in complete mysery. I knew I wanted to be with a women. Then people like ellen come along and show you that you can be happy, you can follow your heart. I divorced my husband almost 4 years ago and married my sweetheart almost 2 years ago. I live in Scotland where gay marriage was legalised in 2005. Now, I am the happiest I have ever been. Who gives a **** what god thinks. I’m happy, ellen’s happy and portia’s definitely happy. for all you in closest gays out there, follow your heart and allow yourself to be happy…’s definitely worth it. Contragulations Ellen and Portia…’re an inspiration to millions or gays around the world….I wish you both all the luck in the world.

  229. 229
    grace Says:

    ellen is awesome. i am so happy for them

  230. 230
    iwineverythinggirl Says:

    To Toni….Jesus did preach love, but as far as acceptance, I think you better read the Bible a little more closely before you go quoting. He had a lot to say about people who did things against the will of God, which is exactly what homosexuality is. Jesus does accept people as they are but he requires them to change. And as far as the judging….just because we disagree with what Ellen did does not mean we are judging her, just like you would not want be accused of judging me just because you disagree with me.

  231. 231
    EMILY KAUI Says:

    congratulations and take care of one another forever.

  232. 232


  233. 233
    Karin Says:

    I am so happy for the two of them…You go girls…congratulations to Ellen and Portia…

  234. 234
    Crystal Says:

    Gotta love people who just can’t let others be happy even though they are not hurting them. Life is about love. GET OVER IT (yes, this is for you, Cole)


  235. 235
    Lorna Says:

    Just turned the Ellen Show off because she is flaunting her Wedding to the world. It’ s amazing what you can get away with if you have MONEY. It might be alright for some of you, but I also think it’s Gross, Unnatural and I certainly don’t want my kids seeing this.
    It really does make me feel sickly looking at this. Wrong Wrong Wrong! Totally WRONG!

  236. 236
    Top of the heap Says:

    This is wonderful! They are soooo cute together. Congrats to the brides! It has been a difficult battle and I am very proud of everyone who has stood up to fight for this right. It is a beautiful step toward the equality of all God’s creatures.

  237. 237
    Top of the heap Says:

    Thanks for the reminder Lorna! I almost forgot to turn on the t.v. She’s due to start in a half hour here.

  238. 238
    echo Says:

    I have a problem with 2 brides also!!!!! SICKOS!!!!!! Plain and simple people–the Bible says homosexuality is a SIN!!!!!!! A woman does not lay down with another woman and a man does not lay down with another man!!!!!! READ THE BIBLE!!!!!!!!!! I really thought Ellen was smarter than that!!!!!!! She should be ashamed!!!!!!

  239. 239
    Top of the heap Says:

    To the Bible thumpers:

    Read in the Old Testament under Leviticus11

    “The Lord gave Moses and Aaron the following regulations for the people of Israel. You may eat any land animal that has divided hoofs and that also chews the cud, but you must not eat camels, rock badgers, or rabbits. These must be considered unclean; they chew the cud, but do not have divided hoofs. Do not eat pigs. They must be considered unclean; they have divided hoofs, but do not chew the cud. Do not eat these animals or even touch their dead bodies; they are unclean.
    You may eat any kind of fish that has fins and scales, but anything living in the water that does not have fins and scales must not be eaten. Such creatures must be considered unclean. You must not eat them or even touch their dead bodies. You must not eat anything that lives in the water and does not have fins and scales.”

    If you’re so convinced they are going to the rather warm basement, then I guess you can save them a spot after you’ve eaten your ham sandwich or your shrimp cocktail. Otherwise, get over it.

  240. 240
    echo Says:

    I’m BACK!!!! Amen WILL-I agree with you!!!! People do not want to abide by God’s laws BUT when tragedy hits them the need HIM!!!! Very very SAD!!!!!! That is the problem with most people in this world–they have NOOOOOOOO MORALS!!!!!!! ( I think it is comical-Ellen and Portia THINKING they are legally married which they ARE NOT!!!!!! ) God prohibits gay marriages so it really IS NOT genuine!!!! People do as they damn please just because of pleasure or it feels good or other ignornant reasons!!!! THINK about it people—Your life on earth is very very short!!!!!!!!ETERNAL LIFE IS FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!! Nothing on this earth can give you more happiness than living your life for God!!!! You are to serve HIM every day not just when you want to!!!! Also, think about this—when you DIE you are not going to take anything with you ( money, cars, home, personal possesions). Ellen and Portia WILL ************!!!!!!!!!!!

  241. 241
    Top of the heap Says:

    LOL You’re a dork echo. What a hypocrite.

  242. 242
    echo Says:

    Reply to Bottom of the Totem Pole LOL : Hypocrite???????? What the —-you talking about??????????????

  243. 243
    echo Says:

    To Bottom of the Totem Pole: Why are you so ignornant?????? Lev. 11 DOES NOT even pertain to what we are talking about!!!! We are talking about sexuality!!!!! READ: Leviticus20:13-If a man lies with a man as one lies with a woman, both of them have done what is detestable. They must be put to death;their blood will be on their own heads. 1 Corinthians 9 & 10–Don’t you realize that those who do wrong will not inherit the Kingdom of God?Don’t fool ytourselves. Those who indulge in sexual sin,or who worship idols, or commit adultery or are male prostitutes or PRACTICE HOMOSEXUALITY or are thieves or greedy people, or drunkards or are abusive or cheat people–NONE OF THESE WILL INHERIT THE KINGDOM OF GOD. GET EDUCATED PEOPLE!!!!!!!!

  244. 244
    joni Says:

    congratulations ellen and portia!!! You both look soooo very happy! I could so the love in Ellens eyes during the shiw as the pictures were being shown. love you ellen

  245. 245
    joni Says:

    congratulations ellen and portia!!! You both look soooo very happy! I could so the love in Ellens eyes during the shiw as the pictures were being shown. love you ellen

  246. 246
    Top of the heap Says:

    Ha ha! Well, let’s see. You sit there quoting the Bible like you have the tallest horse in the fleet yet you are throwing stones left and right. Child, it is time for you to learn something. The people who carry as much hate in their heart as you do are the ones that need to evaluate their lives the most. They tend to be hiding stuff. To disagree and speak up is one thing, but unless you can go through the Bible page for page and say you live it EXACTLY to the T (which you have already proven false by the hate you have spewed here) then you have no right to d@mn people. I believe your words were “Ellen and Portia WILL ************!!!!!!!!!!!?” That is a judgement left for a higher situation. Unless of course you are breaking the commandment there are no other gods above God? *insert mischievous look here* That last one was a joke in case someone else didn’t get it.

    Also, no Leviticus doesn’t pertain to sexuality, but if you are going to condemn others with a Bible, then you need to condemn yourself as well. I see we both read the same book. lol I will say this again. You are a hypocrite. Your hatred proves your own ignorance.

  247. 247
    Top of the heap Says:

    Ha ha! Well, let’s see. You sit there quoting the Bible like you have the tallest horse in the fleet yet you are throwing stones left and right. Child, it is time for you to learn something. The people who carry as much hate in their heart as you do are the ones that need to evaluate their lives the most. They tend to be hiding stuff. To disagree and speak up is one thing, but unless you can go through the Bible page for page and say you live it EXACTLY to the T (which you have already proven false by the hate you have spewed here) then you have no right to d@mn people. I believe your words were “Ellen and Portia WILL ************!!!!!!!!!!!?” That is a judgement left for a higher situation. Unless of course you are breaking the commandment there are no other gods above God? *insert mischievous look here* That last one was a joke in case someone else didn’t get it.

  248. 248
    Top of the heap Says:

    *sigh* So anyway, MY WHOLE POINT TO THIS. Yes, I actually had one! ;o ) Quote the Bible, but don’t do it as a self righteous jack* like poor, unoriginal echo does. He / She / It is going to have a very sad life because he / she / it is too busy condemning everyone else for being different. It is a great book, but I don’t think it was created for people to throw it at each other like that.

    Congrats Ellen and Portia! I wish you many years of happiness!

  249. 249
    Top of the heap Says:

    P.S. Comment #206 makes a great point.

  250. 250
    echo Says:

    Reply to Bottom of the Totem Pole : You are so IGNORNANT you do not even make sense.LOL First of all :no I am not full of hate- I am just telling you the TRUTH!!!! YOU have a lot to LEARN!!!!!!Come judgement day you are in for a RUDE AWAKENING!!!!!!!!What do you mean Lev. does not pertain to sexuality????? Can’t you read??????People who say I was BORN GAY (what a LAME EXCUSE) It is a CHOICE!!!!!!!!!Bottom of the Totem Pole: You may read the Bible BUT you sure DO NOT UNDERSTAND IT!!!!!!!!!!!!LOL

  251. 251
    justme Says:

    echo…I have a question for you. Do you have children?? what would you do if one of your kids or even another family member turned to you one day and said they were gay?? would you condemn them too. would you disown them?? I hate to tell you this but YES you are born gay, you don’t just turn round one day and say “oh I think i’ve had enough of this sex I’ll just move onto the other” How the hell would you know if it’s a choice or not if you’ve never actually experienced how it feels.

  252. 252
    echo Says:

    To justme: Topic-Born Gay-So you are saying God makes mistakes!!!!!For your information God NEVER makes mistakes!!!!!! If He wanted Ellen to be a man He would have created her that way!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry, but it is a CHOICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  253. 253
    Top of the heap Says:

    Ha ha! I love it! Echo is in complete denial of itself. You are a hateful and sad person so just accept it and fix yourself. Now, I am going to use small words so I don’t overcrowd your narrow mind. Yes, Leviticus (too big of a name?) does refer to sexuality (you know, the birds and the bees?) However, our good buddy also writes the chapter I quoted above about clean and unclean animals. He didn’t just focus on sexuality. I know you are disappointed to hear that. As you write this and you d@mn the homosexuals, you are also d@mning yourself. Let me break this to you gently. There is no Church of the Almighty echo. You do not have the authority to d@mn people, unless of course you are challenging the commandments and you think you are God. If this is the case then I’m sure shock therapy may help you.
    Now, run along and open your Bible (if you haven’t thumped it into pieces) and READ. You will find that you are the one who truly doesn’t understand it. This is especially obvious since you are using it as a tool of hate and not hope. Maybe someday you will understand (maybe when Tinky Winky greets you at the pearly gates).

    I’ll tell you what. If the philosopy you are using is true then save me a spot in he11 once you get down there. We can be roomies!!!

  254. 254
    starrynight Says:

    Echo God might not make mistakes but your parents sure did!

  255. 255
    echo Says:

    You are right-I do have a narrow mind…because narrow is the road to life and those who find it are few.Matthew 7:14. At least I know I am going to heaven. Hope all you sinners have a good time with Ellen & Portia!!! That is what is wrong with the world–people want to do their thing and not serve God!!! That is A choice just like being gay is a choice!!! No, I am not in denial or hateful and sad—All you sinners are!!!!!!The Truth hurts doesnt it?????!!!!!

  256. 256
    justme Says:

    hahahaha if going to heaven means spending eternity with the likes of yourself then i’d gladly party down below with “my kind” By the way ….you still haven’t answered my question on children within your family “coming out” or does that fall into the category of “no child of mine bullshit” Does the truth hurt??? no, not all….truth is, yes I’m gay….truth is…no it doesn’t hurt one little bit nor does the fact that YOU think i’m a sinner. I’m the happiest now than I’ve ever been, hope you enjoy that long walk on that VERY narrow minded road of yours :) It’s a shame to find such a sad and hateful person in this day in age.

  257. 257
    gaynproud Says:

    I was brought up by a christian family, attended church every week., without fail and I’m sorry to say echo that didn’t change the fact that I knew I was gay all along. Even being brough up in the faith couldn’t disguise the truth me. So I agree with justme…you ARE born gay. Because of the way I was brought up though I was always afraid to tell my parents, as a result I spent the best part of 30 years feeling very alone. Yes, I married because that was what was expected of me, then one day I met the most wonderful women, my soulmate and i knew it instantly. Scared to tell my family who I really was I let this women down…badly…and after years of waiting for me she finally gave up and left me. So now, after eventually telling my family and still alone and have lost my one true love. That Echo is how your children would feel if they were gay. too afraid to approach what i can only describe as an arrogant and very sad person.

  258. 258
    Micheal Says:

    Hey Ellen I love watching ur show and congrats on your wedding.

  259. 259
    Micheal Says:

    Hey Ellen And Portia. Congrats on ur Wedding. It looked like a nice and peaceful wedding from the pictures i have viewed. U and her look great toghether. I watch ur show all the time and its great. My favorite part of ur show is where u first come on and ur dancing and being goofy.

  260. 260
    cowgirlofmetry@aol Says:

    I also am married to another woman. (although not legal in my State….YET!!!..Louisiana) I am so happy for them. Everyone deserves to be happy. No one should be allowed to tell a person who they can and can’t marry. We should all have equal rights. We all pay taxes and are all supposed to be represented equally. Maybe one day we can all just get along. To Ellen An Portia..All the happiness in the WORLD!!!
    Live, Laugh, Love & Sing
    “BETH & JUDI”

  261. 261
    diana Says:

    You guys looked great! What a blessing it is when you find someone to share your life with. Enjoy life !

  262. 262
    Les Says:

    From south africa – lots of love and happiness to you both

  263. 263
    cel Says:

    i luv ellen….congratulations to both of you!

  264. 264
    bibi Says:

    Everyone is happy with this Except God.
    He created a man to marry a woman and not woman and woman or man and man.
    You can tell me that I am oldfashioned, but God is God and nobody can change His word.
    When we all will come before His throne, we will see the truth.
    We all can rejoice here on earth, everyone can live his own life or make his own decision, but when we come face to face with God, then we’ll know who is the Master of life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  265. 265
    lAURIE Says:


  266. 266
    lAURIE Says:


  267. 267
    cccccccccccccccc Says:


  268. 268
    leelee Says:

    Hope they live happpily ever after so what if its two women they’re not hurting anyone…

  269. 269
    lAURIE Says:

    hey ccccccccccccccccccccc are you calling me stupid? and what does OGLY mean?

  270. 270
    geordan gisi Says:

    elled is great

  271. 271
    sqeeral Says:

    just reminding you all that all sins are equal b4 God.
    Weather yo str8 or gay, it doesnt matter. as long as you know yo not living a holy and acceptable life before GOD. Stop condeming others and work out yo life eith God.

  272. 272
    Sherry Says:

    women should not marry women get a life sista.

  273. 273
    sqeeral Says:

    madam sheri or what ever you call yoself, i didnt mean it that way that women shld marry women and for yo information am not a sister, lousy *****. find something to do rather than reading things that make you sick.

  274. 274
    sky Says:


  275. 275
    sky Says:

    madam ShiiiiiiiT Sherry i know you, very well coz you one tym desperatly asked to lick my bloody *****. But sorry i couldnt even let u near me coz yo dumn too urgly, thats why i rejectded your request. get a life sista.

  276. 276
    sweetheart Says:

    ok, I’m confused. This is a site dedicated to ellen and portia, a site to congratulate them. So if you disagree with this marriage then why even bother to visit it. I, as a gay women, think it’s a great gift to meet someone you truly love, someone you want to spend the rest of your life with and if in the end, you decide to marry that person then why is that wrong? Love is love, whether it’s a man/woman, woman/woman or man/man. Yeah, some people chose to love a god, a different god depending on your religion, many people don’t agree with it but that doesn’t make it wrong, it’s a choice. You chose to love your god, I chose to love my girlfriend, why should either decision upset the other?? Everyone choses to live their lives in different ways, whatever way makes them happiest, their life, their choice. I hope ellen and portia enjoy married life, you can tell by looking at them how happy they are and I’m glad they had the chance to share that happiness with the rest of the world. Congratulations to you both and keep smiling.

  277. 277
    monkie Says:

    I think if anything, Ellen and Portia should be laughing at some of these comments….some people have nothing better to do than to try to put others down because they’re not happy with their own lives…someone should put gum in their hair and run away. :)
    I give my best wishes to the new couple, they’re so awesome….almost as awesome as cookies. :)
    hoo hah!

  278. 278
    sky Says:

    i agree with both monkie and sweetheart. but as for you fat ass sherri, go to HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL and **** you.

  279. 279
    Leon Says:

    Id like to have a threesome with Ellen and Portia

  280. 280
    Normal HUman Says:

    lol jerk a$$e$

    i feel pitty

  281. 281
    naomi and zanele Says:

    Congratulations ladies,all the way from South Africa. May God Bless you and your marriage. We are planning to get married soon and pray to have a long and happy marriage too.

  282. 282
    Alicia Says:

    this is disgusting. marriage is for one man and one woman. not two women. to the “Hey, its me again!” poster….it does affect everyone. we are going to have to explain to our children why two women are “married”

    this is the definition of marriage according to
    “1. the social institution under which a man and woman establish their decision to live as husband and wife by legal commitments, religious ceremonies, etc. ”

    notice the “man and woman” part.

  283. 283
    Val Robson Says:

    Relax so what 2 girls show their commitment to each other.
    Its not like they are silly little girls.
    And as for “what god would think ”
    Get real for god sake,the guy is from a story in an old book which has been changed so many time .
    The bible was and still is a political tool !
    To try and control people which it looks like it does with all the gay hating comments on here due to your god and what you believe.
    Do some research into your god and bible and you will find lots of holes in it.
    Don’t just believe cause your Mom and Pa do or your friends.
    Think about it for your self.
    Your god cant be the god of love otherwise you who make all these horrible attacks on Gays are not showing your love or compassion are you so that makes you a hypocrite.

  284. 284
    lethargic Says:

    aww, that’s so awesome! whooppee, ellen got married- when i heard i couldn’t imagine her in a wedding dress lol
    i hope ellen and portia will have a happy marriage forever and stay strong under any criticism that tries to interfere in their personal life together (beautiful couple!!)

  285. 285
    pat Says:

    You all need total deliverance. Jesus is indeed weeping and having pity for all us

  286. 286
    pat Says:

    Repent and you will be saved

  287. 287
    uydftoioiuh Says:

    repent and be saved, otherwise hell fire is waitng for you supporters of gay marriages

  288. 288
    justlookingaround Says:

    as far as i’m concerned.. if gays and lesbians could easily stop being gays and lesbians because who they are is their choice.. then why wouldn’t they?.. it’s because they can’t!! it isn’t a choice.. just look at this one.. why wouldn’t they just go back to their heterosexual selves to make their lives much easier when they know that homosexuals are being bashed!.. it’s because they can’t!!.. IT’S REALLY WHO THEY ARE!.. and in the first place.. why would you choose to be a homosexual when you know that some people are against it?.. to forever spend your life being bashed?.. hmm?.. i think not.. so please have a heart and stop telling them that God won’t accept them in His kingdom.. let them be.. and to those preaching about leviticus.. okay.. Let’s get mad at those SEAFOOD restaurants because it’s an abomination..

  289. 289
    rainbow_raver Says:

    Oh! i’m soo happy for them! I’m so glad they have each other. Love is such a rare thing to find and you have to hold on to it once you find it. Marriage isn’t just a contract it’s about wanting to spend the rest of your life with the person you love. I don’t understand why it’s such a big deal if they’re both girls. for me personally, gender is no issue, it shouldn’t affect who you love, what kind of love you give them. Congratulations!!!
    I wish the best to you :)

  290. 290
    Dee dee Says:

    May the very happiest day of their past
    be the saddest day of their future

  291. 291
    bobbie miller Says:

    congrats!!!!!!im happy for ellen .i hope the next step they will adopt a bunch of kids!

  292. 292
    sweetheart Says:

    well said bobbie miller, I couldn’t agree more. Kids would just complete their happiness.

  293. 293
    umer Says:

    According to me not only love, whole family is the result of marriage, and marriage of same sex is unethical and unnatural. it is a great sin not only in islam but also in christianity.
    if you are saying that its not than i say that its selective relegioin

  294. 294
    sweetheart Says:

    of course it’s selective religion, everyone has the right to chose their religion whether it be islam, christianity or whether not to believe at all. whether your straight, gay or just curious…..your life, your choice.

  295. 295
    dee Says:

    A match made in heaven, congrats to the two of you and best of luck!

  296. 296
    smartkid263 Says:

    I love Ellen and I’m so glad to see her happy! Congrats to the newlyweds! Beautiful wedding and pictures!!!

  297. 297
    abbey Says:

    congrats ellen and portia.
    i so envy ur wedding.
    i hope to have one, soon with my loving partner.

  298. 298



  299. 299
    umer Says:

    i know that, its anybodies life, but if you believe in some relegion, than you have to follow its rules. and if they are getting married, then just say that you are in a new relegion ‘gayism’, dont call yourself christian.

  300. 300
    MOLLY Says:

    I LOVE Ellen i watch her show everyday in ireland . i wish them both so much happiness , we have enough nastiness in the world lots &loads of love /luck to ye . we need more love less hate xxxxxxxxxxxmolly

  301. 301
    in a pickle Says:

    Well I hope you DANCED DANCED DANCED all of your HAPPY NIGHT! Nothing is better than 2 happy people, loving, laughing and sharing a life together. Ellen, just seems like you could light up a room the second you walk in…… I love to see you dance and my 2 yr old loves to dance right next to the tv with you.

  302. 302
    bobby b Says:

    good thing they made the deadline. No more gay marriages for Cali

  303. 303
    Mickey Says:

    I am sooooo happy for both of them….and now that they switched that fricken law around in C.A.L…it makes me really sad for them…..
    why couldn’t people (men or women) find happiness finally with each other?
    We need to wake up people…and let people fall in love with whoever the hell they choose…EVEN IF IT IS THE SAME SEX!!!!!!!!!!!!it doesn’t make them any less of a person!!!!
    I totally support you babe…
    And this is also for my big sis Terri!!!!! You feel however the hell you wanna fell…I grew up looking up to you …and I always will…YOU LOVE WHOEVER YOU WANNA LOVE TER…….I support you….xoxox

  304. 304
    chris Says:

    i think ellen rocks and that love is love lesbians rule

  305. 305
    chris Says:

    lesbians rule

  306. 306
    fed up Says:

    It’s easy to see the church goers on this post, they are the hypocrites that profess to be christians but are ready to burn at the stake everyone different from themselves. FYI, gays were wired differently in the womb, same as left handed people, dwarfs, mongoloids, and many other afflictions. According to you only white heterosexual people deserve to live on earth. Religion has caused most of the problems including the wars and if everyone would just live by the golden rule “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” this could finally be a world we could all be proud to live in.

  307. 307
    Rhiannon Says:

    What does it matter if they are gay, straight or taken?? The point is that they’re HAPPY!! Maybe they should adopt a kid, I would love to have Ellen as a parent =)

    Congrats and I wish the both of you many happy years. YOU DESERVE IT!

  308. 308
    Bev Says:

    ellen you are awsome i love your show good luck to you and portia

  309. 309
    Al & kitty Says:

    we support same sex marriage wholeheartedly and we hope to see same sex marriage legalized in all 50 states soon. This was an awesome testament to love. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!

  310. 310
    fair dinkum Says:

    strewth. The only thing worse is to see two fellahs going through a marriage ceremony. We certainly know who wears the pants, and isn’t ellen old enough to be her mother. yuck!!!

  311. 311
    tayla Says:

    ellen rock she is so cool i wach her sho every day go ellen

  312. 312
    acm Says:

    hey cole,
    there’s no problem with two brides if they love each other.

    best couple ever!

  313. 313
    happyforyouboth! Says:

    Ellen: I’m so happy for you that you made it through the tought times and came out looking better than ever. I wish you and Portia all the happiness that you can stand. Take Care. R

  314. 314
    ecan Says:

    i love you ellen. and i’m so happy for you

  315. 315
    Justine Says:

    I love that they’re in love, they’re happy, so I don’t care who’s the bride who’s the groom, as long as they’re in love. Marriage is a celebration of love, and uniting of families and lives. It doesn’t matter who’s getting matter, as long as they’re sure it’s what they want and as long as they’re in love. Congratulations Ellen and Portia

  316. 316
    tHe truth will save you Says:

    That is just horrible, immoral. It makes me want to puke.

  317. 317
    Marie Says:

    The truth WILL save them. It’s horible. And, to the user ‘fed up’ the phrase ‘do unto others as you would have them do nto you is from the Bible.

  318. 318
    bb love Says:

    @Cole: Wake up and smell the love in the world and you will be a much happier person! I I Love to see Love! why cant you? !

  319. 319
    Sasmi Says:

    No, ur not the only one. I’m sorry ppl but that is just weird.

  320. 320
    martina Says:

    dnt really feel so gud about this…. but its just weird looking at them… imagine their just girls!!!!! amd they get married… no offense i mean its just not right its really really weird looking at them married!

  321. 321
    chris Says:

    you both look so happy, good luck in your future together

  322. 322
    chris Says:

    well, after reading many comments, its really sad to see so many people that love to play God. It seems to me that God will be the judge of all, and that will be judgement of our hearts! So lets just leave it up to him.

  323. 323
    BETÜL Says:


  324. 324
    nickie martinez Says:

    i am so so happy for allen. nice to see them both happy. doesnt matter what gender you are. as long as you are happy with the one you love that is all that matters!!!!! you totally rock ellen. yall are cute together.

  325. 325
    nick Says:

    i cant believe how hateful ppl can be. there is nothing wrong with ppl being the way they are. we didnt ask to be this way we just grew up different. ppl need to think about it. it wasnt a choice. this is just how we became. its a genetic problem. i am so so so happy for ellen. she is not ashamed of it. she doesnt care what ppl think. she is happy with who she is and i give her credit for that. i love your shows ellen. i watch them all the time whenever i have time.

  326. 326
    yolandi Says:

    i love them they make the gay comunity look good! and potria looked so good and ellen

  327. 327
    yolandi Says:

    @lullu: why eww, are u happy in your life ? i guess not coz u are out there judging people GET A LIFE .they are happy atleast

  328. 328
    tmplarnite Says:

    What the hell… don’t you fools understand 2 innies or 2 outies don’t work! Your sick world is bass acwards!

  329. 329
    tmplarnite Says:

    P.S. I just finished reading all the fawning nonsense and can’t beleve how utterly stupid the populus is. Degeneres is not funny, is not clever or talented, and she surely can’t dance. She can’t even get the basics right as SHE married a SHE? She an Jimmy durante could pass for twins. In fact jimmy is better looking. Yet you poor fools worship ****** …Yes ******. I have never met a gay one. People who are gay are happy but all I see is sad dregs! You people, and I use that term liberially, need to get a real life…and a brain!

  330. 330
    Jordan Says:

    Wow stop being homophobic im gay and if you dont like it you can die and first off the bible lies because the bible says that gay shouldnt be and it’s happening so stop being homophobic and deal with the fact that these 2 beautiful women got married…I am so happy for you guys…I SUPPORT GAY MARRIAGE(:

  331. 331
    Jordan Says:

    Wow stop being homophobic im gay and if you dont like it you can die and first off the bible lies because the bible says that gay shouldnt be and it’s happening so stop being homophobic and deal with the fact that these 2 beautiful women got married…I am so happy for you guys…I SUPPORT GAY MARRIAGE(:

  332. 332
    JodaBear1 Says:

    Okay so I am so happy for them because they finaly got married and i just love ellen shes so beautiful and so is her wife(: i wish you guys good luck with your marriage and im sure you guys will live a happy life…And all the homophobic freaks out there stop because they are really happy together and no matter what they say nothing will change that so just stop with the unnecessary comments(:

  333. 333
    kjjmac Says:

    What do you mean? The groom is plainly dressed in pants! This to me,is an abomination of nature. If a woman loves another woman,then why is it that ALWAYS there is one dressed as a man,while the other is dressed like a woman?

  334. 334
    kjjmac Says:

    Who says they’re NOT?

  335. 335
    Ash Says:

    ewww. i so have a problem with that! but im happy for them. : / :P :)

  336. 336
    g@yg!rl Says:

    @Ash: wow! ur so rude. im gay

  337. 337
    carissa Says:

    i agree with you Cole!….=)

  338. 338
    guy Says:

    I’m just mad because now I don’t have any chance of hiding the sausage with Portia. Oh well, life goes on!!!!

    She is unbelievable.

  339. 339
    dae Says:

    that’s absolutely disgusting and horrific, i don’t know whats wrong with people in the world now a days but boys and girls are meant to be with each other.. people like this just goes to show you how messed up our world is, i don’t think anyone can understand how disgusted and disappointed i am in all the people saying this is cute. i know that in the back of your mind you must feel like theres something wrong! its called your conscience LISTEN TO IT!

  340. 340
    dae Says:

    wow. that’s a shame cause you know what the bible is COMPLETELY about love but i like how you only take that part out of the bible but forget about the part about him hating HOMOSEXUALITY, men and women were made for each other that’s why babies are made! it was all meant to happen. and its a shame that one you believe that’s okay and then that your gonna pull something from out of the bible to justify but you leave out other stuff from there. your the ignorant one and that’s pretty hypocritical of you to do that, so not only have you okay-ed “this marriage” but you have also twisted the words of God. you should be ashamed and if i were you i wouldn’t claim to be a women or man or whatever!! you are, of God because that is a disgrace times 2239865378902976547689. im so disappointed in the world.

  341. 341
    Disturbed Says:

    Um, this makes me feel really awkward. I dont know about anyone else but this just doesnt feel right.

  342. 342
    pinkish blue Says:

    what a happy couple ! Hope some people can now get out of thier dark closet like………….

  343. 343
    Heather Says:

    Thats just awful…I think that if 2 people are really in love then thats all that matters. Who cares what gender they are as long as the’re happy together?? Open your eyes & your heart….you’ll be a happier person if you would just except the beauty in things.

  344. 344
    liz Says:

    Crap. Two brides! Are they nuts! Ellen you are a flop. Style up silly brat

  345. 345
    tihusseyna Says:

    dear ellen , i use to have a bad vibe about two women being with each other, but i have a family member that have a lady friend so we the family have grown to except it , because we love her very much , and as long as you are happy ellen no one should judge . just wanted you to know you guys are so beautiful together the pictures made me say ahhhhhhhhh .best wishes to the both of you hope that you grow old together. hugs and kisses to the both . tina

  346. 346
    yola Says:

    @gina: I never knew you were one until i read your comments. All the same I do not approve nor disagree; Homosexuals, Lasbians, Paedophiles, I’m a bit confuse in your case, please help me out. Do you use the Holy Bible, cool no offense, why did Jehovah destroy Sodom and Gomorrah? Why did Jehovah said in the book of Genesis, let create man in our own image? and not I will create man in My own image? and the Good Book stated …. and He created them male and female? No hate feeling I just want you guys to situate me. In the garden of Eden Jehovah Adonai place Adam there and realised he was lonely hence gave him a suitable mate, A woman!!! Why not another man. Please just situate me. Maybe you have a different Bible and master whose servant are ignorant that in the end every knee and lips will confess that Jesus Christ of Nazareth, the only begotten and not made Son of Jehovah God, who was before everything were made, The sacrificial Lamb is truly Lord and King Forever and Ever. Tell me what you worship and the Bible you use and the master you emulate or serve, yea its tour right, just clear my mind. I really like Ellen and Portia but I only don’t understand their life style.

  347. 347
    Clara Says:

    @Top of the heap: Hello Pastor, speaking of the Holy Bible, please remember to refer to the New Testament also because it complement and even make the Old Testament easier to go along with. In the Old Testament the Israelist used animal blood to atone for their sins but in the New Testament Our Lord the Saviour of Manking, the Christ, the Mesiah was crucified to redeemed. His previous blood is richly loaded with atonement power. Remember it is said everything is made clean and God forbid us to call what he had made unclean. Kindly read both old and New Testament, the fact is there.

  348. 348
    Leroy Mooring Says:

    What’s up, after reading this remarkable post i am too glad to share my know-how here with colleagues.

  349. 349
    Agriculture News Says:

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