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Ellen DeGeneres Wedding Pictures -- FIRST LOOK

Ellen DeGeneres Wedding Pictures -- FIRST LOOK

Here are the very first wedding pictures of talk show host Ellen DeGenres and actress Portia de Rossi

Ellen, 50, and Portia, 35, tied the knot in front of 19 guests during an intimate ceremony at their home in Beverly Hills, California, Saturday night.

Portia wore a backless, light pink dress, while Ellen opted for pants, button-up shirt and vest – all in white. Both wore Zac Posen and exchanged rings by Neil Lane.

The couple have been dating since December 2004.

Congratulations to the happy couple!!!

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  • http://Lesliweb Lesli

    i make that point just to show that nature seems to have a powerful affection for the male and female union when it comes to procreation but procreation does not guarantee love so you can love someone who you cannot procreate with but the interesting question is: if we want to continue life in teh animal and human world – we can only do it with the male and female organ. I find that interesting. Also interesting: if th eentire world became gay – would we have an end to procreation? Just interesting question in my mind. My brother outed himself years ago and we love him and his lover comes to Thanksgiving dinner but I just think it is funny that if my brother wants to have a kid – biological kid – he still needs a woman to do it.

  • blabla

    congrats to Ellen & Portia

  • Vogue
  • Kristen

    Portia’s dress is beautiful! Congrats to them!

  • sarughhh.

    Wow, it’s insane what this world is comming to. . . people contradicting the word of God. How we all have come to accept this gay marriage crap. I don’t hate the people that do it, I just hate the story behind it. I mean com’n God made Adam & Eve NOT Adam & Sam. But one thing is for sure only a MALE & a FEMALE can reproduce. If your Gay, even if you adopt the baby from birth it will NEVER be yours. Very sad! I may be the only one against it, but I will always stand up for what I believe in.

  • JsLilStar

    Oh my gosh! I’m so so so so happy for them. They’re so sweet together and they look like they’re soooo in love.
    *clap* YAY! FOR TRUE LOVE!
    You God smiles down whenever the right two people find each other and get to make each other happy like that. :) It just brings joy to me to see them together.

  • Kristen

    People. The Bible was not written by God. It was God’s words taken and INTERPRETED by man. Man who put his own thoughts and judgments into it and called it the word of God. Then re-interpreted and re-interpreted… MY God? He loves everyone and as long as there is love instead of hate going on, He’s happy. Frankly, you people coming here and spreading hate, and you are spreading hate, I have a feeling He has a bigger problem with that then two people celebrating love and commitment.

    Stop spreading your hate and narrow minded ideas.

  • caitlin


  • Tiria

    “If your Gay, even if you adopt the baby from birth it will NEVER be yours”

    Some people are infertile and need help to have kids. Are they any less married?

    Some people cannot have kids naturally at all and must adopt. Are they any less married?

    Some people never have kids at all. Are they any less married?

    Civil marriage is not about children. It’s about two people promising to be legally and financially responsible for each other. That’s it. There’s nothing else beyond that.

    Don’t confuse the religious sacrament of marriage with the civil contract. Same-sex couples don’t want your pastor to bless them. They just want the legal bond that comes with a state-issued marriage certificate.

    What your god wants from marriage is not, remotely, the same thing as what the state wants.

    Your god may require you to have kids, but the state doesn’t. As far as the state is concerned, it’s just a contract. That’s all. And what the people who sign that contract do with their lives is entirely up to them.

    It really, REALLY doesn’t matter if your religion is against it. It’s YOUR religion. It doesn’t apply to everyone. Your religion’s laws only cover people who believe in it. Or would you like us to make Jewish law mandatory and you can no longer eat pork?

    There is no objection to same-sex marriage that isn’t based in religion. And since church and state are legally separate in the U.S., that means that same-sex civil marriage can be legal here.

    Your church will not be forced to marry same-sex couples, just as Catholic churches aren’t forced to give communion to non-Catholics. It’s just a legal, civil thing. That’s all.

  • Shir

    YAY ELLEN AND PORTIA!!! <33333333

  • ericka

    aww they look so happy! congrats to them!!

  • to myg

    let me get this straight; you think that all those of us who support a person ‘s right to marry whomever he or she chooses, even if they are of the same sex, will all burn in hell. just what century are you living in. let me guess; you would have supported the spanish inquisiton.

  • Bla, Bla, Bla

    Five years ago, i’d find this kind of things completely ……weird and unthinkable but I happened to meet one of my best girlfriends who is a lesbian. FYI i am NOT one lesbian personally but i’ve been trying to understand her and the people like her. And actually they’re like most of us…gay are just attracted to the same gender. Of course, when it comes to proceation, a huge problem is set. Adoptions are possible but either way humans need a woman and a man to give life…..that’s the most difficult part of being gay…..because actually this girlfriend of mine wants HARD to have one child right now and she projects to make a baby with a man and then be with the girl she loves for real. I am one of these people who do not judge other people ..i just think this is NONE OF MY BUSINESS and you should think so too..because who are y’all to judge? besides, one year ago, i learned that someone in my own family turned out to be a lesbian too….i was pretty shocked at first cuz i’m really close of her but then i realised that it’s her life. Being surrounded by gays make you see the whole thing differently i guess. I have absolutely nothing against homosexuals but at the same time, i understand why some people are shocked and homophobic ……society used to be controlled by religion, that’s why it’s so hard for some ppl to accept homosexuality being something inked in the modern world. However, no matter what y’all say, that won’t change. are you really thinking gays will go back to the straight stuff soon? ha!. have you ever heard of “gay pride”? lol. Pride includes mentalities changed and there’s no way on earth gays would let people take over their minds. In a word, give them a fuckin’ break. Congatulations to portia (beautiful dress btw :D) and Ellen! The latter is funny and seems nice and fun. Wish the two of them the very best.. YAY to gays!! [ oh and i'm in no way related to the Devil :D ]

  • Monica

    Aaw i’m so happy for them. Congratulations to the happy couple!!! :D

  • Tillie

    Congratulation :)

    And @ 113 – Well said.

  • Zashley_Fan_for_life_ ZASHLEY!


  • Dakki

    I’m so happy for them, I hope they last forever and that they remain happy all that time. They both look great and that’s all that matters.

    And for the haters…if you don’t like this, why do you bother even reading? let everyone be happy and I’m happy that it’s just older generations and ignorant people who have problems with this.

    Love is love and we should be happy there’s still love in this world.


  • gina

    They make an absolutely beautiful couple.

  • kei

    Congratulations! I guess the God I believe is so different from the God some people believe.

  • alina

    i’m just a wee bit teary. good for them.

  • TheUsualsuspect

    Congratulations to the happy couple!

    Fuck off haters.

  • Hallie

    Portia looks fantastic, as well as Ellen. Congrats!

  • stella

    I asked my daughter what would be the difference if I married a camel.She said ” You would not be able to reproduce” I guess those two women can not either. So what is the point to this sexual deviation?

  • pinkydoo

    ummm, she looks handsome?

  • first and last post

    #59 remember da truth @ 08/17/2008 at 1:06 pm
    great post. Finding happiness and that one person to share your life and to love is difficult in itself…let people find mutual joy.
    Congratulations to them both.

  • stella

    And by the way God created Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve

  • Raye


  • eddie jones

    just wait until the people actually get to vote on this in the fall, we’ll see how long this nonsense will be going on. We live in a democracy not a dictatorship.

  • sinners

    I’m disgusted that you all think homosexual marriage is acceptable. pretty soon pedophilia and bestiality will be the norm at this rate. you liberals have destroyed this country.

  • mpls

    whatever. it’s people like that stella and sinners and other comements on this blogs user names that fuck up the idea dream of people in love.


    ahhhhhh, so sweet!
    I wish them all the happiness in the world!

  • anna

    to stella;
    please do not be idiotic. marrying a camel has nothing to do with same sex marriage between two human beings. a camel and a human members of two different species. you do understand this basic fact of life; or do i have to use simpler language.

    however portia can reproduce. have you never heard of IV, or going to the sperm bank, and/or getting a male friend to be the father. and how do you know that god did not create adam and steve. were you there personally?? oh yes i know it was written in the bible and we all know how great and wonderful that book is.

  • to megan for rocks

    you are one VERY DISTURBED person. all i can say is god save me from right wing christian fanatics of which you are one of their representatives. no that is not a compliment.

  • stella

    In the animal kingdom male is looking for female and vice versa. This is not normal, against nature. Why is homosexuality considered socially acceptable?

  • Sister Foxy Loxy

    anna, you are a f****ing heretic. Beware of God’s wrath. Only hard-up priests and ancient Greeks are allowed to bum each other, and lesbianism is a sin unless the women are hot and it’s for a pórn movie. All these rules are written in scripture. Open your eyes, woman, and heed God’s word.

  • http:/bunnihopshops bunni hop

    Tiria @ 08/17/2008 at 3:39 pm

    “If your Gay, even if you adopt the baby from birth it will NEVER be yours”

    Some people are infertile and need help to have kids. Are they any less married?

    In all the example s you give, the bottom line is, you cannot create life (a child) without the mixture of male sperm and a woman’s egg. Nobody is saying gay people are less married because they can’t create life – all I am saying myself is that gay unions can never ever create life. They can adopt, etc but they are forced to come back to one reality of nature: you need a man and a woman to create a child.

    I am for gay marriage. I just think gay people have to face the reality that man with men and women and women can never ever ever create life. Only a man and a woman’s organs can do that. No ways around it.

  • to stella

    isimply put read the first amendment. you do know what that is. it guarantees the separation of church and state. what is at issue is not only homosexuality being socially acceptable. what is at issue is the the idea that states in this country continue to deny american citizens the legal right to marry whomever they choose to love. you may not think same sex marriage is normal; that’s your opinion. however; you and your right wing christian friends do not have the right to force your religious views on others.

  • Annie

    Thats awesome. I hope they’re very happy together, and unlike most Hollywood marriages, I hope this one lasts.
    Cole and Lullu: You need to get a grip and stop being so small minded. Its the 21st century, people can chose the lifestyle they want, and can be who they want to be. Stop judging people and let people live their lives.

  • hmm

    i really like Ellen, i have followed her career for years, but the bible represent gods word, i always pray for people who do not follow after Christ, including my children, god’s word is true, (not mine) although i wish these two all the happiness in the world, because they look so happy, i know, that god is not pleased, good luck to both of them.

  • jacky

    When will people realize that using God in an argument does not hold up in any modern society, i.e. where separation of Church and State exists. We are not living in the 18th century, people!! Your religion has no place in my politics.

    Saying God hates gays or however you interpret the Bible, would be the same as my insisting that American women are an abomination for not covering up. After all, Allah says they should cover up except for in front of husbands and family.

    Obviously, most of us Americans don’t believe this. BECAUSE WE DO NOT SUBSCRIBE TO THE MUSLIM FAITH (in general). We just think its an irrelevant view that is part of a religion that most of us know little about.

    Well, pardon me for pointing out the fact that anyone is entitled to feel the same way about Christianity. So what makes you Christians so high and mighty to be able to impose your ‘enlightened’ view on the rest of us? Nothing.

    Grow up and recognize love when you see it instead of continuing to spew your hate.

  • CrazyDaisy

    I love her dress its so pretty. I wish I was at the wedding.

  • lookwhaticando

    I am so happy for them, they make a sweet couple, May God Bless this union forever…. Love you Ellen…

  • Louise

    They’re adorable, and look so happy.

    I just laugh my ass off at all the people who come in harping on and on about how it’s wrong because they can’t reproduce. Get your heads out of your asses and take a look at the world, there are a LOT of straight couples these days who alsodo not have children, either because they are physically unable to, or because they just choose not to. I guess all those couples should burn in hell for being “unnatural” too.

  • lookwhaticando

    Sister Foxy Loxy @ 08/17/2008 at 11:50 am Jesus is weeping. All you homoseuxalists will ************.


    Yep, tears of Joy for this happy, loving couple.. Jesus is awsome,, you are not!!!

  • valeria

    i love Ellen she is soo funny

  • alekziel

    What a beautiful wedding! Congratulations Ellen and Portia, they look so happy!

  • Juno

    Congrats. Ellen and Portia

    It’s just a lie for people stupid, like the most of you, feel bad about your selves and hate other people!

    Get a life!

  • Corey

    God is not pleased.

  • anna

    to sister foxy lady:

    i just love how you right wing christian fanatics throw the word heretic around. it’s your warped way of cursing those who hold beliefs that are contrary to yours. AND I’M SO SCARED!! to put it bluntly lady you’re a religious nut..”Only hard-up priests and ancient Greeks are allowed to bum each other, and lesbianism is a sin unless the women are hot and itâ??s for a pórn movie”. what???

    where is that statement of yours written in the scripture. you must be reading a very warped version of the bible. no where in the scriptures does it say anything about hard-up priests, ancient greeks, and porn movies. there is no question you’ve taken leave of your senses. please just do us all a favor; you stay in your little narrow world and leave the rest of alone

  • MArtinimom

    Ellen and Portia are HOT! I’d love to watch them, wink, wink. Their love is beautiful and pure. May their life together be filled with love and happiness!
    lesbians are sexy…especially when they look like Portia!;)