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Ellen DeGeneres Wedding Pictures -- FIRST LOOK

Ellen DeGeneres Wedding Pictures -- FIRST LOOK

Here are the very first wedding pictures of talk show host Ellen DeGenres and actress Portia de Rossi

Ellen, 50, and Portia, 35, tied the knot in front of 19 guests during an intimate ceremony at their home in Beverly Hills, California, Saturday night.

Portia wore a backless, light pink dress, while Ellen opted for pants, button-up shirt and vest – all in white. Both wore Zac Posen and exchanged rings by Neil Lane.

The couple have been dating since December 2004.

Congratulations to the happy couple!!!

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  • lolz….to anna

    sister foxy is clowning around…. seriously anna, how stupid are you?

  • http://justjared constance

    ewww… is this natural? this is soooo not right…there is definitely a problem with two brides

  • victoria

    I love Portia’s dress…………….. It is beautiful, and she is beautiful wearing it……………… Ellen and she are very lucky to have found each other, and I’m happy for them….. What a gorgeous wedding that must have been… Can’t wait to see if Ellen shows some of the highlite’s on her show. CONGRATULATION’S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ceana

    Wow only 19 people attended the event. And were they all other women?

  • David

    the one thing I can’t get!
    why do homosexuals get married!

  • http://huh huh!

    we are not bashing gays for not being able to reproduce – we are just saying only a man and woman can reproduce – biological fact. marry away – who cares. marriage sucks anyway.

  • abriana

    congrats ellen and portia!!!!

  • Nikki

    They are freaking adorable and I wish them the marriage that will last them their lifetime. Kisses, Ask Naughty Nikki

  • WTF

    people get sooooo emotionally disturbed when it comes to words ‘judgemental’…esp when it comes to sexual preferemce issue!

    pro-gay singing the thing about ‘who are we to judge others’..

    nay-sayers..preach about religion…

    what i’m gonna say…what is wrong is still wrong!can we forgive serial killers, paedophile other misorientations of human behaviour just because they are who they are???????????????

  • woo

    To: sinners # 133,,,,how silly when you say about pedophilia, etc….It has nothing to do about two people commiting to each other.

    Don’t make comments that make no sense whatsoever.

    It’s people like you with that kind of mentality that cause problems in this world.

    Ellen and Portia- just love each other, Simple as that, geez

  • Saywhat?

    they could do the scissor dance all night long and it will never be as good as being with a man….

  • Saywhat?

    What is the point of being gay? Our bodies are designed to perfectly fit together with the OPPOSITE SEX.

  • hana

    To everyone judging them with the bible. I think Jesus is weeping more about priests molesting children and a church that preaches against homosexuality, protecting the priests so more kids were abused.

    I also think Jesus is weeping more about the “christian’ president who is alll against gay marriage as “immoral” but let children die in new orleansand lied about not knowing it was going to be that bad, when a tape of him came out hearing the forcast.

    Or maybe Jesus might also be more angry about lies to get us into war to blow up a country that did nothing to us, and also kill and maim how many american soldiers for oil?

    Most pedophiles are STRAIGHT men, who are married. Just look at the “moral” republicans like Foley who preached against Clinton as immoral, while he picked up little boys online, and was against gays and gay marriage.

    Or how about Larry Craig?

    Hmm hypocricy is so interesting.

  • woogie

    ya’ll…..keep religion out of this! Has nothing to do with two people that love each other.

    Religion is the cause of so many of the world’s problem…, stop making up stories about a man named Jesus weeping or whatever like you see what happens or whatever,. This is the 21st century and it time for people to wake up , open their eyes and start living in the real world.

  • TYa

    I don’t… get it. They’re both females? omg. Lesbians?!

  • farah

    think about it ,it’s really really really grosse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jess

    Wishing them all the happiness in the world.

  • Tiria

    “I am for gay marriage. I just think gay people have to face the reality that man with men and women and women can never ever ever create life. Only a man and a woman’s organs can do that. No ways around it.”

    So? Not everyone wants to be a parent. And plenty of opposite-sex couples adopt by choice. You seem to be somehow against the idea of adoption in general. Why?

    There’s some evidence that gay people are actually part of nature’s plan for ensuring the continuation of the species.

    Each tribe or group of animals–particularly higher primates–has a certain percentage that do not reproduce. This leaves them available to foster other members’ children if they are orphaned or their parents cannot otherwise care for them.

    A perfect example is the same-sex penguin couple who hatched an egg that another penguin had abandoned. That’s nature doing its thing, right there.

    It would make sense to have 10% or so of your population that doesn’t breed so they can be surrogate parents for other offspring.

    Gay people adopting makes perfect sense, especially as they often adopt the kids that no-one else wants–with disabilities or HIV or older kids.

    If religion is irrelevant in this, because religious law only applies to people in that religion, and natural law has already seen fit to make plenty of animals and people gay in the first place, then what, really, is the objection?

    No-one’s going to make everyone gay. If you weren’t born gay, you’re not going to magically become gay overnight. So really, what’s the problem?

  • MiHay

    I am so happy to hear that they finally are married. Congrats to Ellen and Portia!!!!

    I love Portia’s dress, it is gorgeous.

  • angel

    portia looks absoultly stunning the best of luck to the two of them in life i really hope this marriage does not end in divorce i love ellens show and portia is so beautiful
    the best of luck once agen from england

  • fake

    I certainly don’t believe in an imaginary man in the sky.

    It is superstitious nonsense in which the church tries to control peoples lives through ignorance, fear and guilt.

    This is the 21st century not the middle ages,
    and I can’t believe people still think these fairy tales written in the bible
    are true, that the world is 6,000 years old, a talking serpent, that you burn in hell, that homosexuals are evil.

    God is a man made story just the same as santa clause, the tooth fairy and the easter bunny!!!!.

    Best wishes to Ellen and Portia.


    You know when I read all the comments I can’t believe how many are so negative and against gay marriage. I honestly have to much faith in the world and the people the inhabit it. I thought we’ve moved passed all this hate and then I come on here and see all these hateful words and wishes. It makes me sick to my stomach. How can you NOT be happy for someone who’s happy and who’s found love? Regardless of their race, age, sex, color, religion..etc. Why does it matter anymore? It’s nice that the people I surround myself with are pro gay marriage because I think I’d die if I had to hear all the hate that you people spew. You must be miserable gits with no love or happiness in your lives. I truly feel sorry for you and your sad lives.

    Congrats to Portia and Ellen!!! May you have a blessed life with much love and happiness!!!

  • palvasha

    yukkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk that looks sooo yukky

    im sorry but it just looks wrong, it looks even more wrong that one of them is acting like a man and the other like a woman, it probably would not hv looked that wrong if they were both in gowns but what looks yukky and horrible to me is the one in the suit….she acting like man makes me wana puke

  • seth

    So happy for them. Have a great married life.

  • Maria (Shorty)

    # 27 Toni @ 08/17/2008 at 12:05 pm To sister Loxy Foxy, Jesus preached love and acceptance.
    Your personal Jesus is in your mind, and remember Foxy, Judge not, lest ye be judged.
    I wish the happy couple much luck and good wishes.
    HERE! HERE! Tony!!!
    Wishing them ALL the best. They both looked just beautiful!!


    To Ellen And Portia

    How you Doin? Oh my goodness, I am so happy for the both of you. You both look absoulutely fabulous. Ellen you deserve the best and so do you Portia. Now you both have the best.(each other). I hope you two last a very long time. Congratulation. You wedding photos are beautiful.

  • http://MYSPACE pAMELA

    I love the photos, you both look absolutely fabulous. I wish nothing but the best for you two and a long and happy union.

  • Tiria

    “it looks even more wrong that one of them is acting like a man and the other like a woman, it probably would not hv looked that wrong if they were both in gowns but what looks yukky and horrible to me is the one in the suit….she acting like man makes me wana puke”

    Ellen doesn’t “act like a man.” She’s just not girly. And trust me, she looks ridiculous femmed up. It’s just not natural for her.

    Are you not familiar with her at all?

  • steve harvard

    Yes Jesus is weeping. TEARS OF JOY!

  • jd

    Oh, they will be judged, and by a force more powerful than anything we will ever know. This is probably what went on in Sodom & Gomorra too, before it was destroyed. I guess we’ll see – although some of us won’t be here to have to go through that hell.

  • to jd

    yeah, they will be judged by a just and compassionate god. you do understand the definition of compassion?? the one who will be in trouble are people like you; ignorant, unkind, and judgemental. as someone one said before please stay in your own narrow little right wing fundamentalist christian world and leave the rest of us alone

  • JsLilStar

    Oops. I meant to say “You know God smiles down whenever the right two people find each other and get to make each other happy”. I left out the “know”. Not sure why. I guess I was typing too fast.

    But, I mean, you all have to know that. It’s ridiculous to condemn people the way some of you are on here. Love is God. God is made out of Love. How could anyone who calls themself a Christian still not have figured that out by now. I can’t wrap my head around how some people can glorify God, but yet they’re still able to put restrictions on Him like that. Why is it so hard to understand that God’s capacity to love and accept his own children, and have understanding for the things that they do is immeasurable. God is literally limitless. And what’s more, he’s inside of each of our hearts. He knows each of us better than anyone else possibly could. So how could any of us think we have any right to put limitations on God’s love. Everything that He is made of is beyond the scope of what we are capable of comprehending. That’s why He is God and we’re only human. He understands the reasons why we do the things we do, even when others don’t. He understands that Ellen and Portia are truly happy together. So how could he possibly have a problem with that. He loves all of us. Therefore, he wants us to have joy in our lives.

    When Ellen and Portia look at each other and feel that joy and love they have for each other, they are closer to God in those moments than anyone who passes judgment and spits obscenities at his other children.

    So I pray for those of you who think you have a right to condemn any of God’s other children. But I’m not worried; because when you get back Home to Heaven and you’re once again in the presence of God’s incredible grace and love, you’ll immediately realize all the mistakes that you’ve made -including this one- and you’ll already be forgiven.

    It’s just that it would be nice, for the rest of us who have to be down here on earth with you right now, if you would try to be a little more open. Then you’d realize that it’s not your place to pass judgment on the rest of us. And that would make it a lot easier for us to love you the way God has asked us to.

  • madeline

    Although I believe we should love all people, I do not believe God accepts same sex marriage.

  • Dee

    Congratulations, your pictures are very nice. You both look very happy. Many years of joy and hapiness

  • sHUT uP

    Ignorant people are and always will be everywhere. They have no lives, and they sit at home by themselves and come across these little comment pages, and they have nothing better to do than to stir up controversy and debate. The world has been spinning for years before them, and it will go on spinning, and also EVOLVING (that means “changing,” for the same ignorant people who have a hard time with English and Grammar). Things change, and you have to change with them, or else you become obsolete. Hundreds of years ago, people believed the Earth was flat. It took a handful of “crazy” people to go against the grain and stand up for what they believed in. Now, more and more people are realizing they are gay. And it’s scary. They don’t choose to be that way, and a lot of them kill themselves over being so conflicted. It is really sad, because it has absolutely nothing to do with anyone else. It also doesn’t affect YOU, so GET OVER IT.

  • badhatharry

    Congratulations to both! Very beautiful couple…..

  • ifitmakesemhappy

    Gay couples may be able to adopt children, or get in-vitro, or wiz in a cup and inject it, or use surrogates, or whatever means they intend to use to ‘procreate’, but conception will always be immaculate and/or devoid of love and lifetime commitment, unless through a loving, committed heterosexual couple that is no longer alive and are therefore unable to raise the fruit of their conception.

  • courtney

    um #4 im so with you! why is this world beginning to except this type of marriage. god didnt make adam and steve it was adam and eve…this is just groos…marriage is solemnly for a MAN AND WOMEN!

  • courtney

    oh and how coud you say its a fairy tale wedding!! thats soo stupid.are fairy tales with 2 brides??!!

  • q

    First of all I would like to say congratulations to the happy couple
    Secondly I’d like to say that everyone has a right to their opinion, but I feel as long as the parties involved are two consenting adults then there should not be an issue. So many of us go throughtout life hoping wishing praying that that one special person will come into our life. There are many in loveless realtionships who stay in these relationships for the sake of saying they have someone; so they will not be alone. If you can find someone that makes your day with a simple smile and doesn’t lay hands on you and respects you and is considerate of your feelings, then gender should not be an issue. Just something to thing about.

  • EllenLover

    O my god! I love Ellen and I simply adore her look @ the wedding. Portia’s dress is also gorgeous. It’s such a break-through for lesbians all over the world, that American gays can get married now in California! And for Ellen, it’s like a dream coming true. After all, shé’s the one who made this all possible. Without her, we would still be kicked out of cumminity when being open about our sexuality. Ellen, I love you. 4-ever.

  • Sandy

    Beautiful photos,congrats to both of them,they look very happy!

  • britney big fan


  • megan

    gross…..that’s wrong. marriage is not for two women or two men, it’s designed for a man and a woman….end of story.

  • anon

    I can’t believe people still get worked over a gay marriage. I live in Massachusetts where it’s been legal for 4 years and the state hasn’t fallen apart. Why do others care who someone chooses to marry. It’s their choice. There is also something called separation of church and state. A state should not be able to tell a gay couple that they can not marry just because that’s what the bible says.

    I think it’s great these two got married and I hate when people make comments about marrying animals next. Is that the best you can come up? It is such an immature argument.

  • laura

    Congratulations. Ellen is great, love her chat show. LOL!
    Hope they live happily ever after!

  • *****

    Marriage is something made up by human beings for regulating property and heritage, it has nothing to do wtih God.
    If there is a God, I’m sure he/she/it prefers two people who love each other to live happily together rather than unhappily apart.

    My sincerest congrats to the happy couple!!

  • 50 & hETERO..SO WHAT!

    Ellen deserves to be happy! God knows what she’s been through! Give them a break and send good wishes their way or keep your hateful comments to yourselves. Thankfully, most people are very happy for the newlyweds- as they should be.Congratulations Ellen and Portia!! It’s about time your rights were recognized somewhere in this country!!XO
    Cat in TX

  • Lorraine

    Ellen and Portia,weare so very happy for you both.And we know that it is shared by alot of people.Have a long and wonderful life together.

  • Happy un-mothers day

    Being the youngest of five children in my family, I have found that I most of all am the most open minded. I chose a different path than my siblings. They all chose to get married young and have children. I waited until I was 40 because I had not met a man I would even consider marrying. In those decades of my 20′s, 30′s I met alot of people. All different. I try not to judge what others do because I feel whatever makes you happy DO IT!!!!! Who says love is about procreating???? I never wanted kids. Anyway more power to you both Ellen and Portia. I wish you all the happiness in the world. The bottom line is….WE ARE ONLY ON THIS EARTH FOR A SHORT TIME, SO MAKE THE BEST OF IT.!!!!!!!!! And all you haters out there—you obviously are narrow minded, ignorant and unhappy with yourselves for being the judge of what others do. Go introduce yourself to a gay person and broaden your horizens. They are surrounding you and you don’t even know it. FOOLS!!!!!!!