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Leo DiCaprio's New Body of Lies

Leo DiCaprio's New Body of Lies

Check out these new stills of Leonardo DiCaprio as CIA operative Roger Ferris in Warner Bros. Pictures’ new suspense thriller Body of Lies.

A blurry Russell Crowe is also pictured as manipulative CIA boss Ed Hoffman. The film, out on Oct. 10, follows Ferris, who goes to Jordan to track a high-ranking terrorist.

Body of Lies is directed by Ridley Scott, whose film credits include Alien, Blade Runner, Thelma & Louise, Gladiator, Black Hawk Down, Matchstick Men, Kingdom of Heaven and American Gangstar.

Watch the trailer below!

“Body of Lies” Trailer
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leonardo dicaprio body of lies 01
leonardo dicaprio body of lies 02
leonardo dicaprio body of lies 03
leonardo dicaprio body of lies 04
leonardo dicaprio body of lies 05
leonardo dicaprio body of lies 06

Photos: Warner Bros.
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  • Jenny

    can’t wait, can’t wait

  • Janie

    Finally! My favorite actor! I love Leo, and I hope he gets Oscar buzz for this! It looks incredible!!! :)

  • malita

    Oooooh I hope its good.

  • tawi-tawi

    Leo is hot!

  • Johanne

    Can`t wait to see this movie. Leo is brilliant!!!

  • ifyoucouldbeanytree

    so incredibly and not-humanly talented, hot and brilliant.
    Leo is a genius, one of the greatest actors of all times with Tom Hanks, Johnny Depp etc…

  • mike

    one of my favorite actors…cannot wait!!! <3 :)

  • french

    my favorite actor !!! Leo is hot

  • sally

    he is so wonderful, he should get an oscar for this movie

  • Bla, Bla, Bla

    he was better looking some years ago but he’s a brilliantly good actor

  • victoria

    NUMBER # 10, He STILL is good looking, just more mature… and his acting just keeps getting better and better. He is like fine wine!!

  • Yeech

    I don’t like that man anymore. Something about him creeps me out for some reason, I mean really Creeps. Me. Out.

  • Ali

    i can’t wait for this and RR! :)

  • ivon

    I am a big Leo acting fan, but this movie is bad not because of Leo but because of Ridley Scott half way through I was like what the hell is going on. BUt Russel Crowe is brilliant and Leo is good.

  • sarah

    leonardo dicaprio is the hottest person in the world. i hope oneday i can finally meet him. i love all of his movies. he’s an amazing actor.

  • KarenA

    Eee, Leo!! Those are wonderful stills. I can’t wait for this and December, for “Revolutionary Road”!

  • deb

    Hello Leo!!! Yummy!

  • Gwen

    Leo was excellent in The Departed and Blood Diamond, hope he will be better in BOL !!

  • Lynn

    Love Leo. He is HAWT! Can do without the longish chin hair though. LOL



    Leo D or just D..ow my!!

    always b ma official crush

    eternally true luv *.*

    God bless him ‘n who he luvs

  • What

    WEEeee! I love Russell Crowe! My favorite actor.

  • phlmth

    Just Jared, a not so blurry Russell Crowe shows up in your picture number three.

    I’m looking forward to this film for both Russell and Leo. It should be fantastic.

  • Justagirl

    That boy…who ever finds herself lucky enough to share space with him for Good is in for a life of goodness, i tell ya…lucky lucky girl.

  • lustingafterleo

    Oh Leo looks so hot in these stills! Yummy! Yummy! I can’t wait to see this film. Leo will be brilliant like always. I wonder if gorgeous Leo needs a girlfriend because I’m so ready for that role.
    I sound like a broken record but c’mon cutiepie Jared find out if Leo’s still doing the nasty with the delicious Bar. Last time I checked he was in Las Vegas and Bar baby was in Israel. Hmm very interesting don’t you think?
    The lovebirds don’t seem so lovey anymore. I’m going dizzying wondering what Leo’s relationship status is. I’m very curious and might be going to Leo’s favorite place of Las Vegas soon.
    My sister likes to taunt me by saying that Leo’s next girlfriend will be Miranda Kerr! No! No! Leo needs a young cute college girl like me and not a pampered model. Pick me Leo pick me!

  • woohoo Leo

    There is hope after all in 2008. This film may be only the fifth good movie this year along with:

    1- Dark Knight
    2- Bank Job
    3- Iron Man
    4- Traitor

  • yajaira

    it looks awesome, cant wait to see it

  • Becca

    he looks better and better with age!
    and with facial hair.

  • JJ

    Lustingafter Leo you’re funny! lol Yes Jarred you have connections. Find out if Leo is still dating loser Bar.

  • lustingafterleo

    Oh JJ you’re too kind. Yes I’m a goofball but as my sister and friends would say “Please don’t encourage her.” Joking aside I’m a tiny bit serious about meeting Leo. Ok so it will probably never happen but a girl can dream can’t she?

    I can guarantee that pre-teen Bar never thought she would one day be doing the horizontal and vertical with beautiful Leo while watching him in “Titanic” at some old dilapidated movie theater in Israel. (I’m guessing it was an old theater because Israel has some very very old buildings, or so I’ve heard).

    Oh yes Becca I do love the facial hair on studly Leo too. He’s like a fine wine and does get better with age. It describes me even though my dream lover is 14 years older than moi. Everytime I see my lovely Leo I feel like I mature. I don’t even want to explain exactly what I mean so just use your imagination people. I have stop myself!

    We should all start a “Just Jared- What’s up with Leo’s love life?” petition and force cutiepie Jared to find out what’s going. I just need to know if I have a shot. Seriously even though I love Leo I love him even more when there are no women around him. Part of it’s jealousy and the other part is.. jealousy! My dreamboat needs to be single so I keep my illusion or delusions. Ta-Ta everyone!

  • kikkey

    he is always handsome and sexy. As a man like him,attractive enough for women, I thought he had many women’s attention on a dating website” I n t e r r a c i a l L 0 v i n g . C 0 M”

  • gol

    You can find Golshifte the best iranian actress.

  • JJ

    Well Keep the Dream alive Lust!! Anything is possible!! You never know. Yes I’m sure when loser Bar was growing up she had NO IDEA she would have a fling with Leo. Hopefully the fling is over.

  • ihb

    Nobody dislikes Bar more than I do and I certainly hope that they are over. A lot of Leo sightings recently, all without Bar but I`m still not convinced that he finally dumped her. There were rumors so many times that they were over and soon after they were spotted together again. I just keep my fingers crossed.
    This movie seems really good just like Revolutionary Road. I can`t wait to see them.

  • french

    i am agree with #34 ihb
    i hope Leo dumped her , i think bar is a bad model and i hate her

  • Laura

    I really hope he is done with Bar too. It will be so interesting to see who he dates next. I am so sick of Bar I could puke. I agree with LustingforLeo, in that I like it better when he’s single, it’s easier to fantasize about him.

  • ihb

    According to today`s Page Six the romance is still on but I have to say PS was wrong about them before ( they said they broke up and they didn`t ) so my fingers are still crossed…

  • tammy

    I saw page six and I don’t thik that proves they are still together… If anything it is yet another Leo sighting without Bar.
    The movie looks great! I can’t wait to see it!

  • ihb

    I know that the article doesn`t prove that they are still together but I have to say that sightings without Bar don`t prove that they aren`t. I`m still sceptical, I hope for the best ( = break up ) and I guess we just have to wait and see…

  • french

    it is going to make 2 months that we saw Leo and bar together, I think that Leo dumped her but I hope that we shall soon have the confirmation

  • ihb

    french, I certainly hope you are right.

  • finnito

    they are so finnito, leo finally saw who she was

  • jennifer

    Oh, Leo’s sexy! Iam so excited for this movie and Rev.Road too, I have to wait so much more than you to see those fims because I live in Brazil and don’t know when it’s coming here. And Leo is hot of any way, brunnete, blonde, with beard without beard. But I preffer him with his natural blonde hair and amazing blue eyes. But it’s nice change the look for the roles. Love him!!!

  • who am i?

    Soooo excited for this movie – I LOVE Leo. I am with the other posters that are hoping that he finally dumped that trash-heap, Bar!

  • JJ

    Finnito I so hope you are correcto! Fingers crossed boys and girls!!!!

    Leo and Kare have true chemisy but she’s married and I dont think they like each other like that. I’m sure Leo will find someone great in time!!!!!

  • tammy

    ihb – You’re right. The fact that he is being spotted places without her doesn’t prove anything either. They have not been seen together in a month now…. I guess I am just really hoping Leo broke up with her. I wish we could get some kind of confirmation – either way.

  • ihb

    He wasn`t spotted with Bar for a while and seems to go out and party with his friends but never around girls.
    I`ve just found this article mentioning a rumor that is Leo heading to Gaza. I think it`s a long shot ( since he was just spotted in Vegas ) but who knows?,7340,L-3584812,00.html

  • JJ

    Leo usually stays out of politics much less regional international politics. It would be quite a departure from his personality if he started doing stuff like this knowing he’s an actor and what’s to remain pretty uncontroversial and be a blank state. Like the report said its probably just a rumor. Who knows…maybe loser Bar’s mother called up the Newspapers! lol I heard that woman would do anything!

  • tammy

    He was spotted at Villa this past Saturday night… and a website said he was seen in LA on Monday…. I don’t think this rumor is true.

  • ihb

    Well, as I said I thought it was a long shot, too. I guess I just had too much time to kill today in front of the computer…