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Sienna & Balthazar Share Sweet Kisses

Sienna & Balthazar Share Sweet Kisses

Sienna Miller shares a few passionate kisses with billionaire boyfriend Balthazar Getty before heading to LAX airport in Los Angeles on Monday. The British actress was later seen rushing through security solo.

Sienna, 26, and Balthazar, 33, were also recently spotted having a romantic dinner at Chateau Marmont hotel in Los Angeles.

Sienna‘s ex, Rhys Ifans, was recently interviewed by Britain’s Guardian newspaper. Apparently he didn’t write any of the songs on his new album about Sienna because “she doesn’t deserve a f—ng song!”"

Yikes! Somebody‘s bitter. But rightfully so? Maybe?

10+ pictures inside of Sienna Miller and Balthazar Getty share sweet kisses…

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sienna miller balthazar getty kiss 01
sienna miller balthazar getty kiss 02
sienna miller balthazar getty kiss 03
sienna miller balthazar getty kiss 04
sienna miller balthazar getty kiss 05
sienna miller balthazar getty kiss 06
sienna miller balthazar getty kiss 07
sienna miller balthazar getty kiss 08
sienna miller balthazar getty kiss 09
sienna miller balthazar getty kiss 10
sienna miller balthazar getty kiss 11
sienna miller balthazar getty kiss 12
sienna miller balthazar getty kiss 13

Credit: Gabo/Mo/Matingas; Photos: INFdaily, Bauergriffinonline
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  • ZANESSA FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!

    Good to know?

  • me

    Two disgusting people who deserve each other. They sure have flaunted this affair.

  • mike


  • kelly


  • melisa

    the whore and the man whore.
    they go perfectly with each other.

  • allie


  • =)

    so it’s official now lol. wow i can’t believe they’re kissing that way so deliberately…..i mean, sienna had a breakdown not so long ago right? wtf?! she dares to act like this after having stolen a husband !!!! with four kids !!!!!! she’s a w h o r e!! that “couple” [made up of an unfaithful dude and a heartless homewrecker ] is a total piece of B.S. (you know what it stands for) and it sure will last ’til what? october? nahhh..okay i give them until december at the very maximum haha. they so deserve each other! i wouldn’t have expected that from sienna…..she’s just another Angelina..i’m really disappointed.

  • Dumb report

    Jared your info is not even close to true. Nothing in this report is remotely accurate. Check your sources buddy.

  • Gasol_fan16

    !!!PATHETIC!!! :D

  • allie


  • Lynda

    Hope his wife takes him for a lot of money!

  • Christina

    When you aren’t established actors like these two definitely are not, a move like this can be CAREER SUICIDE.

  • Christina

    He disgusts me more than she does, because he holds responsibility to his wife and children and dishonored the bonds of husband and father. Imagine how his children will feel when they are old enough to comprehend what happened to their parents’ marriage.

  • michelle


  • sarah may

    he’s a billionaire?

  • Antony

    They deserve each other.

  • Halli

    He’s her golden-ticket.

  • Linda

    He’s a Getty of the Getty oil fortune. I am very disappointed in Balthazer, I think he’s being a very stupid D*** but I feel more sorry for him, I think. Sienna smells money and is using him, he had a very difficult and tragic life. His great grandfather was a cruel and very very selfish man who emotionally tortured his children and wives. Balthazer’s father was kidnapped in Italy by the mob when he was a teen and held for ransom and it was’nt til they sent his cut of ear and through the begging of his grandfather to his great grandfather did he pay for the ransom. This haunted balthazers dad so much he became a major drug addict and eventually became blind and paralized. Almost all of his relatives have had horrible tragic ends. Balthazer himself has battled drug addiction and I think he has had a relapse and that’s why he is with Sienna. I cannot believe what a dumb thing he’s doing though.

  • kesler

    God, you fuccking whore….both of you…she bitches and moans about the publicity she’s getting…get off the MARRIED MAN…they both are slutties…and he is an ASSSSS/………….think of your kids everytime you sink your tounge down that sluts throat. asss holes.

  • winniewei

    I have viewed her many hooott photos at ___ Interracial Loving .C o M____ >>> many fans are together, also i met kinds of black and white single men who are hunger for true love online :)

  • gnmc

    She’s so full of s***. One day she’s whining to the cops about being harrassed, the next she’s all over the pig again. They are GROSS.

  • Uh.

    Two disgusting, unscrupulous people.


    hes that rich??????????????

  • jmc

    PDA from these two just leaves me queasy. At least we’re spared the sight of them groping each other this time.

    Good riddance to bad rubbish… though she won’t be gone long. One can only hope that Mrs. Getty hires a smoking hot nanny. :)

  • [marie]

    I had no idea he was a billionaire until JJ mentioned it.. wow…

  • Breanne

    Dickheads! Both of them. I always felt bad for Sienna when people called her a whore but not anymore!

  • woogie

    Shame shame on them! They will “pay for their actions” for sure.

  • C2

    Has BG even made an effort to divorce or legally separate from his wife yet? Nothing says I love you like the man that won’t divorce or legally separate from his wife.

    Going seven days without any photo-ops must have been torture for SM. That’s why she must be trying so hard to make it look like they are “in love” while they “passionately” kiss in a parking lot of the airport. Notice that he doesn’t even make an effort to touch/draw her closer to him while he kisses her, what’s that all about? It seems like he is desperately trying to rush her along. It’s like he is saying, “Okay, I kissed you , so give me the drinks already. Just hurry up and get on the **** plane, I need to call my wife .”

    Will BG finally remember that he has a wife and 4 kids? Will we be bombarded with daily kissing, shopping, and lunching photo-ops ? Will SM have another tantrum when the paps ask her about her married boyfriend’s wife and kids? Stay tuned for another great episode of the Rich and Shameless.

  • Kirk Damen

    sienna: fuck me getty!!! I want your money!!!! Then I’ll go fuck someone esle in hollywood!

    if they really were separated-there’s always a possibility they may get back together-Getty & Rosetta

    but now after whore Sienna’s fucking….

  • Dieter

    I love that skank y bitch !!!!

  • Dieter

    I wanna do her straight in the pooper !

  • mack

    I remember when Sienna broke up Jude Law’s marriage, three kids, the goldne couple, then Sienna the slut arrived.

  • EMMA

    For the Americans:

    Sadie Frost and Jude Law were our Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston reagarding fame and goodwill.

    Three lovely and very small children, one a baby, they were on every magazine cover. Very respected couple.

    Sadie had just had their third baby and was nearly hospitalized from grief and depression.

    After over 6 years together, Jude began filmed “Alfie” with Sienna. Marriage over in 3 mths. Sadie found out and threw him out. He stayed with Sienna for a while, tried to get back with his wife.

    Best part, Sienna playing the wounded lady to the USA press after Jude slept with the nanny.


    i can’t wait for the devorce, but i don’t think he will file yet because then the truth will out. mr and mrs getty attended the LA ANTIQUE SHOW OPENING PARTY ON THE 23RD APRIL ,3 weeks before getty met miller. i feel so sorry for the children who had a father one day and the next saw him with miller all over the papers, not something children that age should see. mrs getty i wish well, she is better off without him.

  • ASH

    Balt is not a billionaire. He is related to the Gettys, but his father never inherited any of the Getty family money. (his dad was disinherited and is in very poor health. His grandfather left him nothing)

    Balt’s notoriously broke and has borrowed money from half of Hollywood. If Sienna’s dating him for his money, she’s out of luck.

    What makes things even worse is his wife, Rosetta, was supporting him in the early years of their marriage when Balt couldn’t get an acting job to save his life after years of drug abuse. Now that Balt’s got a steady acting gig, he runs off with a blonde bimbo. He’s absolutely pathetic.

  • sheryl

    #33, from everything I’ve seen, Jude and Sadie were already divorcing when Sienna came along. I’ve seen absolutely nothing about Sienna having anything to do with that. In fact, Nicole was the one implicated, but she won damages for the tabloid gossip.

    That said, is anybody tired of seeing this “couple”? I am. I don’t care what they do at this point…I don’t care if the paps never snap another picture of Sienna (wow, I bet that thought wakes Sienna up at nights in a cold sweat!) I just hope Rosetta is busy doing what she needs to do and leaves his tail behind.

  • d max

    you people are stupid……stop hating on them.yall dont know whats going on behind close doors..their getting a divorce life goes on.

  • Susan

    ROTFLMAO as soon as he’s visited with the kids for an hour or so and completed any other annoying obligations he will be on the next flight out to the party island and his @#$%. The papz at LAX are posting lookouts right now.

  • rien

    Dear Jared,

    Slowly you become rude. Of course Rhys is funking angry (since you will censor the f word, so I use the polite word that Simon Pegg used to replace it)! Who will not be, if the woman that gushed about him every funking minute of the day cheated on him and treated him like a funking fool!!!

    Don’t tell me that now you swallow this poison PR acrobatic movement from Sienna’s camp.

    Where is the “kind Jared” that you were so proud of some months ago?

    Geez, Jared!

  • nono




    GO SIENNA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ruth

    I also hope that we won’t see Ms. Miller for a long long time. Their shameless behaviour and blatant flaunting of their affair has sickened most of the public and I only hope that her Studio bosses have got the message that this lady won’t sell many tickets in the future. I remember when Jude apologised publically to her over the nanny incident – but I don’t see any signs of regret from her concerning the affair with a very married man who hasn’t yet filed for divorce. Of course he is completely to blame for the humiliation of his wife but Sienna deserves the public’s contempt for her part in this pathetic “soap opera”.

  • remember da truth

    Nono, huge difference. Sienna is a minimum talent, sleazy opportunist. People adore Angelina because she donates more than that — and has been long before she met Brad. She doesn’t just do charity for photo-op, she is highly involved and a serious part of efforts on behalf of refugees. She is on the Council of Foreign Relations, not a phony publicity title, because she makes it her job to study international law and know what she’s talking about.

    She did not break up a marriage, as has been explained many times. Even Aniston says the marriage was long over, and they didn’t get together until after Brad said, Okay, we’ve carried on the facade long enough, can we split now, and then they did. Aniston was just mad that he was so over her he moved on so fast, and so permanently. Everyone in Hollywood knows what a fraud that “marriage” was.

    Sienna is a trampy girl who doesn’t look past her own body for what she wants.

  • megg

    “She doesn’t deserve a f—ng song!””- hahaha, so true! You go Rhys!!

  • Orig Ruth

    I was just waiting for someone to bring Angelina into this crap, if you don’t see the difference between AJ and SM then you are a Fu-king idiot, no not the same. Oh and I doubt that JL and SF were anything like BP and JA, for one thing they had 3 kids and BP and JA had none.

  • nikomilinko
  • Ls

    She is so pretty but always looks like a slob!

  • justice

    good she is leaving the states go back to london homewrecker!!

  • Sofia

    I love Sienna!!
    More pics of her, JJ !:))

  • Ally

    It’s obvious that these two WANTED to be photographed kissing- otherwise couldn’t they have just said their good-byes at the house? All I can say about these two sl*ts is: I hope they enjoy it while it lasts. Neither one is such an established star that their careers will survive this.

  • photo op

    I like how she kisses him, then looks straight at the camera to make sure they caught it. Does he know she set this up? He sure doesn’t look to excited to be with her. Why didn’t he say good bye at the airport, instead of a hidden parking lot? It’s probably the best offer she could get. She must have some good dirt on him and blackmail will be costly for him. Golddigging homewrecker Sienna.