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Tom Cruise is 'Copter Cool

Tom Cruise is 'Copter Cool

Tom Cruise is spotted getting aboard a helicopter for a tour around New York City on Sunday.

Last week, Tom Cruise‘s producing partner, Paula Wagner, said she was standing down as chief executive of United Artists, prompting speculation he would leave the film label. But Harry Sloan, MGM’s chairman quickly quashed those rumors, stating, “He is in the middle of one of the greatest careers our industry has ever seen and one that will continue at the top of United Artists Entertainment.”

“He will continue as our full partner in control of UA,” the statement said.

Meanwhile, Katie Holmes has been back and forth for Broadway rehearsals, but manages to find time to take her daughter Suri, out to a playground in New York City’s Central Park.

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  • Victoria

    I think Tom Cruise looks a lot younger than he is.

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    …` look @ other actors tom’s age and ‘younger’ lmbaoo

  • dancer

    JJ are you getting paid to publicize this family? I did a google search on Suri just for grins and your columns were about the only one that came up for recent stories.

  • Taft

    safe to say, yes, this site is being paid to promote TC and family.

  • bebe

    lol, do you really think the Cruises need to pay sites to post photos of them? Jared keeps posting photos of them because he knows it it will give him tons of hits.

  • regina

    Where are BELLA and CONNOR ???????????????

  • Taft


    You’re right. The Cruise freak show is thriving!

  • lmao

    Regina you think Bella and Connor are infants? Toddlers? They’re not. They’re teenagers. When you were a teenager did you hang out with your pants all day? You probably did lol

  • bb

    Bella and Connor are in L.A. Tom has been splitting his time between NY and LA so he can spend time with all 3 of his kids. Looks like he’s leaving NY in these pics.

  • Lo

    lmao said:

    “Regina you think Bella and Connor are infants? Toddlers? They’re not. They’re teenagers. When you were a teenager did you hang out with your pants all day? You probably did lol”

    When I was a teen, I didn’t hang out with my pants (or my parents, for that matter) all day, but I did live with them. Bella and Connor don’t live with either of their parents, which is why we don’t see them as often as we see Suri. They live with Tammy’s sister. They’re only trotted out for photo ops when it suits TomKat, and were recently given a one-time-only weekend pass to go to Australia to meet their new sister.

    Nice to see that Tom is so eco-conscious, taking that helicopter ride around NY. It’s so great to see rich, famous people trying to make a difference and influence the public with responsible choices instead of just trying to get their pictures in the media with their ridiculous, over-the-top lifestyles.


    Gag me with an e-meter.

  • Dancer

    #6 Regina
    Bella and Connor are probably at Scientology school trying to get to the next level of nirvana.

  • defap

    Kid: He is bad because he farts.
    Mature person: son, every one farts, no one is perfect.

    Tom looks very handsome here.

  • Mav

    What can you say about Tiny Tom…

    The biggest jerks sometimes come in the smallest packages.

  • Kennedy

    You really shouldn’t talk about things you know nothing about and spread rumors you can’t prove, #10.

    And don;t give us that self-righteous ecology crap. As if you regularly recycle or donate to the WWF or anything like that.

  • gag me

    Cruise must have a ecological footprint the size of Bigfoot. Can’t he take a car to the airport? Nah. Lets just spew more fuel into the atmosphere right along with the private jet!! And yes, I do recycle and do what I can to save the environment. Obviously Cruise doesn’t care. Why should he. He can just fly back to his home planet!

    Kennedy, Jackson, McLovin, Lauren, Hana, or whatever you’re calling yourself today: COULD YOU BE ANYMORE OBVIOUS?!?!?!? LMAO! Do you get paid to defend Cruise by Scientology or are you just a delusional NUT JOB! LOL!

    Cruise stated that he doesn’t have a mobile or a computer, so what’s that thing he’s talking on? Hmmmm…..just proves what a PR whore and liar the guy is. He’ll say anything in an interview just to make himself look good.


    Does Scientology send you a check every month for posting every little thing Tom and “Kate” do, or do the checks come weekly? Nobody except the truly deluded believes anything else! LMAO!

  • defap

    A successful and handsome man, don’t cheat, or homewrecking, father his woman child, marry her, bought a big house for her and what else a woman wants? oh, Tom needs to make more time for Katie. she is young, hence kind of needy naturally.

  • Ello


  • Lo


    First of all, it is a known and confirmed fact that Tammy’s two older children live with his sister. I am not “spreading a rumor”. It is also a documented fact that Bella and Connor went to visit Nicole and Keith to meet their baby sister.

    Secondly, exactly how do you know anything about my personal practices? “As if” I regularly recycle… well, yes, I DO recycle. Every day of every week of every year, in fact. And WTF does the WWF have to do with recycling? I was talking about his carbon footprint, not saving the whales.

    Go on back to the Celebrity Centre and try to recruit potential Clams. Xenu does not approve of you being on teh internets. Heil Hubbard!

  • bb

    How is it a “confirmed” fact that Bella and Connor live with Tom’s sister?
    The only sources that reported that were tabloids like InTouch. And BTW those same tabloids are now reporting that Bella and Connor moved into the new house with Tom, Katie and Suri.

  • Kennedy

    It’s self-righteous and hypocritical to rag on anyone about the environment when you don’t even care yourself and you don’t slam other celebs for the same thing, #15. I’m sure if I analyzed your lifestyle it wouldn’t be environmentally sound.

    Maybe he just got it or was borrowing it from someone (although most likely he was exagerrating).

    Spreading rumors like only being trotted out for photo ops and saying that he limits their visits with their mother is wrong, #19.

    Who confirmed the whole living arrangement thing anyway.

    I was just saying that I think it’s self-righteous and hypocritical to rag on Cruise’s stance on the environment when I’m sure most of you not only would spend your millions if you had them on gas guzzling cars and planes and probably end a meager check to Greenpeace every year and you don;t rag on other celebrities but just TomKat about their carbon footprint.

    That WWF comment related to the environment where I’d just like to say again no one here cares about!

  • Dancer

    Kennedy–I’m glad you can speak for all of us and our stand on the environment. It must be nice to be a know it all.

  • pop

    He’s hot and very talented actor!

  • Melly

    HE ROCKS IN TROPIC THUNDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • flygirl

    Very handsome, the coolest person in Hollywood. He looks young for his age. JJ–thanks.

  • B

    Many people that have met Cruise in person say he’s not as short as rags exaggerates. Im glad Valkyrie will be out Dec. instead of 2009.

  • malita

    amen #22

  • jared fan


  • football

    Suri is so precious
    because of the beautiful genes
    of Tom and Katie….

  • &

    I ignore jealous unhappy folks. Instead of living life they are always on celebs boards crying and judging.

    We can care for the environment but this planet wont last no matter what we do. God will destroy it once the end of the world comes.

    He did it before on Noah’s time flooding earth and when the dinosaurs all died.

  • victoria

    NUMBER #19… Who is TAMMY ???? NUMBER # 21…. RIGHT ON>>>………………… Good, Lord, Tom can’t even take a freaking helicopter ride now??? Which one of you were there? Do you know WHY he was doing it??? DID someone offer the tour for FREE to him for the day, maybe to scout for a movie, a future home, a problem with the city that he could help with, etc????…………………. Thank goodness he did not bring adorable Suri with him, because the hate comments from that would have shut down the site. AND, on the environment, people are ALWAYS going to fly…. it is a way of life for just about all of us, sooner or later to get somewhere, especially in an emergency…. BUT, since we cannot SEE into the Cruises home and how they live, we should not judge anyone…… I myself still find it hard to recycle daily, but try. I’m guilty of that I’m the first to admit it. BUT, I’m not going to judge others for something I”M NOT good with myself, especially Tom taking a freaking ride in a helpicopter… There are far worse things in the world right now to deal with.

  • Lo


    Thank you, Kennedy, for informing us of what we would do with our imaginary millions. Yes, the first thing I would do is go out and buy a gas guzzling car and a private plane. Except not.

    Again, saying that Bella and Connor are trotted out only for photo ops is NOT “spreading a rumor”. I think you need to reevaluate your definition of “spreading a rumor”. If I were to say that Johnny and Susie were in the 3rd floor bathroom kissing between class, that would be spreading a rumor. Stating a fact that cannot be refuted is not the same as just making something up out of thin air.

    It is plain for anyone with working eyes to see that those two kids are only seen at important events THAT TOM CRUISE INVITES THE PAPARAZZI TO. I am not making this shit up. You can go to TMZ or YouTube and see for yourself that the paps know the exact time and place that he, Katie and Suri will be. The same is true for the very limited occasions that we see the older kids. Housewarming party, 4th of July parade, or attending his boyfriend David Beckham’s soccer games is the only time we see them.

    As for your statements that we don’t rag on other celebrities about the same things, how the fuck do you know that? This is a discussion about Tom Cruise, not other celebrities. If I saw another celebrity doing the same thing, I’d call bullshit on them, too.

    The last sentence of your post makes absolutely no sense. That’s what happens when you spend all your days in a dark room with an e-meter: your grammar and reasoning suffer.

  • Lo


    Actually, we can and have seen into their home and how they live. TAMMY did an interview with Oprah from his Telluride home very recently.

    Yes, most people at one time or another use air transport. Most people do fly privately and takes pointless helicopter rides around Manhattan. Most people, when they need to travel by air, do it commercially.

    Just because you’re not good with recycling every day and choose not to judge others for the same, doesn’t mean that we can’t.
    There are worse things in the world to deal with right now? Well, maybe. But the environment is at the top of the list of the world’s most pressing issues.

  • Kennedy

    I’m not a know-it-all, #22. Just not an idiot.

    As if 5’7 was ever that short, #26.

    How is that Bella and Connor Cruise thing not a rumor if you can’t prove it without being a mind reader or he told you, #32? How can you even tell?

    How naive do you I’d have to be to make me believe that you wouldn’t spend on it shallow things. (By the way, I am not trying to tell people how to spend their hard earned money let alone millions. Just trying to point out the hypocrisy.)

    How do you know that Cruise INVITES the paparazzi? Why can’t it be that the paparazzi see him and his kids sometimes because….HE’S A FAMOUS CELEBRITY! Is that SO crazy??? A soccer game is NOT an important event and all those places you pointed out were very PUBLIC!

    What didn’t make sense about the last sentence?

    It’s sad that you’d rather believe I’m a Scientologist so you can continue your irrational bashing than listen to reason.

    I very much doubt you’re slamming other celebs for environment. You have no right to judge a person on how they consume energy or spend their time and money.

    You’re being completely self-righteous.

  • piper

    gotta admit he looks hot

  • Mav

    Tom Cruise wishes he was 5’7″. He’s much shorter than he would have anyone believe.

    Does height matter? Not to me.

    Apparently it matters very much to Tom Cruise.

  • sharon

    Amazing actor and I think he should direct too.

  • kennedy is an ass

    No Kennedy/McLovin/Lauren/Hana/whatever other name you are using today….YOU ARE AN IDIOT AND A NASTY ONE TOO, NOT TO MENTION A KNOW IT ALL AND AN ARROGANT BIOTCH. Everyone here knows that but you. Who do you think you are telling off everyone? Just a big mouth with a Cruise obsession and no life.

    I wish JJ would check the IP numbers all these posts come from. I betcha 99% of the positive ones come from the same IP. This Kennedy/McLovin broad is some ugly freak sitting alone in her mama’s basement posting the same garbage everywhere on the net. She got caught posting under dozens of names on the Batman sites and Cruise and Holmes fansites and got herself banned and got all her names published by the owners of the sites! Even the fans dont want her around. She’s THAT obsessed and crazy.

    You’re so frickin OBVIOUS “Kennedy”. STFU and go away and stop tellin others what they can or can’t say. For all u know some of us are millionares. LMAO!

    Get a life ya freak.

  • Say what?!?

    Why would Tom take a tour of a city he used to live in? That makes no sense Jared!

    He was probably headed back to the airport to catch a flight to LA now that his photo OP obligations are over for the weekend.

    Tom is in trouble. His company is going down the tubes and his partner of 25 years just walked away from him. He needs all the PR he can get and it’s totally obvious that this is what the trip to NY was.

    Go home Tom. We don’t want you in our town, and do us all a favor and take your freakish wife with you.

    By the way, NO ONE in NY is wearing those ridiculous jeans KH is wearing. NO ONE. Katie is desperately trying to make this a style, but we’re way too smart for that. She looks assinine!

  • Lo


    Your straw man argument is tiresome, but I want to point something out to you: I do, actually, have a right to judge whoever I want about whatever I choose. So do you, and you have been exercising that right for several posts.

    You want me to slam other celebs for their hypocrisy about the environment? Fine, here you go:

    Gwyneth Paltrow claims to be eco-friendly and once even made a PSA about hybrid cars, yet gets driven around in a Mercedes SUV. She sometimes flies commercial, but often flies privately. She’s a hypocrite.

    Al Gore made an Oscar-winning film about the climate crisis, but lives in a home that consumes massive amounts of non-renewable energy. He’s a douchebag.

    Jennifer Aniston has made statements to the press about water conservation and improving air quality, yet she too drives a huge SUV and flies privately.

    Brad Pitt has gotten involved with a green building project in New Orleans, but recently leased an enormous castle in France and also flies privately. He’s a hypocrite, too.

    Have I sufficiently slammed other celebs for you? Does this erase your doubt?

    As for your assertion that I or anyone here would spend money on shallow things, how do know that? You don’t. You have absolutely no idea what I spend my money on, or what I would spend it on if I had any. Making a sweeping generalization about how you think people would spend their money is not the same thing as pointing out hypocrisy, as you said.

  • Washington

    Why does it matter very much to Tom Cruise, #36? He doesn’t say or do much about his height all. He’s 5’7 and no one has been able to prove otherwise. Even people who’ve met him at screenings or interviews or on the streets have said they were surprised he was taller than reported.

    Well you can’t paint Tom Cruise like those other celebrities as hypocrite since he hasn’t promoted environmentalism, #40. (By the way, I don;t think anyone has to dramatically change their lifestyle-like flying privately-to be considered eco-friendly. The little things count too and that’s all you can ask of a person. )

    But I don’t want you to slam other celebrities to prove yourself to me. I just want to get off your high horse and pass judgment. It’s disgustingly self-righteous. I hate people twisting actual moral problems of our day to look down on others and pass judgment like you do (esp. when you’re probably not following whatever it is you’re slamming others for not doing).

    You know what? I keep saying that if if any one of us were granted hundreds of millions of dollars, many would probably give to charity but would most assuredly also spend it on unnecessary things to improve our quality of life like mansions and cars and planes and etc. (which I do not think is bad at all; it’s your money that you’re free to spend as you please) but you never say that I’m wrong. Just that I can’t read minds.

  • KatKat

    Tom is looking great! And I loved him in Tropic Thunder! He knows how to boogey down!

  • babysome41

    he’s hot my BUTT!


  • chatz

    tom is so handsome for a 45 or 46y.o. guy! still youthful looking and fit too! many contemporaries of his and d young ones too cannot hold a candle against him!