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Ellen DeGeneres Wedding Photos -- MORE PICS!

Ellen DeGeneres Wedding Photos -- MORE PICS!

Ellen DeGenres and actress Portia de Rossi tied the knot at their home in Beverly Hills, California, Saturday night and People has the exclusive interview.

Ellen excitedly shared, “What can I say? I’m the luckiest girl in the world. She’s officially off the market. No one else gets her. And now she’ll cook and clean for me.”

Portia added, “The love we felt from the people surrounding us, and the love we have for each other, made this the most beautiful and emotional day. And one that we’ll never forget.”

Author Wayne Dyer officiated the ceremony. Their personal chef David Silberkleit prepared the all-vegan menu for the reception.

Click here for more wedding pictures from Saturday.

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84 Responses to “Ellen DeGeneres Wedding Photos -- MORE PICS!”

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  1. 26
    Susan Says:

    Congrats to Ellen and Portia!

  2. 27
    samy Says:

    aww i am so happy for her
    she is awesom :)

  3. 28
    Anonymous Says:

    It’s ironic how lesbians always use strap-ons during sex.

  4. 29
    eddie jones Says:

    the people vote no, the vote is taken away from the people. let’s hope in the next generation we have a right wing in this country that sets california straight, get it? The communist dictatorship that we currently have in california, won’t ruin the state, they will be stopped.

  5. 30
    mya Says:

    I wish them a happy life together. They seems really happy.

    Congratulations to both od them.

  6. 31
    Maria (Shorty) Says:

    Anonymous @ 08/19/2008 at 1:33 pm It’s ironic how lesbians always use strap-ons during sex.
    And you know this because????????

  7. 32
    Megan Says:

    I pray that God opens Thier eyes.

  8. 33
    lspriggles Says:

    EEEWWWW Guillermo straight love is repulsive thats why so many straight folks get divorced and the woman become lesbians. ******** like you. And yes there is one butch and one femme in a lesbian relationship. God made those butch woman to resemble men because the real men ain’t **** and he needed back ups to replace them. You guys are a joke get a hobby. Anyways, they looked beautiful together and I hope that they live a long life together. Big ups to my lesbian ladies.

  9. 34
    OpsSS!!!! Says:


  10. 35
    OpsSS!!!! Says:


  11. 36
    Kj Says:

    One day we will all pay for our sins. God sees all sin the same. SO the real question is, are you right with God. It’s one thing to confess your sin to the Lord, but in repenting, you are not looking to sin over and over again. It’s easier to look the otherway since Ellen is a very good entertainer, but her soul is no more important than anyone elses. We will all be separated from God if we do not ask for forgiveness. God didn’t put us here to judge or point fingers, but to share His word. It still comes down to choice. Blessings.

  12. 37
    victoria Says:

    TO NUMBER # 18…. why you even wasted your pathetic comment, I will never know….. It is a shame your self-esteem, and Number # 1′s, is so low, that it gives you a greater satisfaction to pick on people who are Happy and beautiful, no matter how different they are from you… OR, is that the problem???? They are NOT different, and are bringing up unresolved feelings inside the both of you, and you are having trouble handling them. SO, you pick and berate Ellen and Portia to get out your own frustations… Shut up!!!! CONGRATULATIONS to a Beautiful Ellen and Portia!!!!! Ellen has done more for people than anyone I know… I wish her the best…

  13. 38
    to eddie Says:

    you have heard of the first amendment of the constitution of the united states; you know the one that guarantees the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. well guess what, no where in that amendment does it say “does not apply to those who are homosexual or lesbian”.it is unacceptable that any state continues to deny a person the right to marry whomever she/he loves based solely on the sex of the partner in question. just because the people vote “no” or “yes” on an issue does not make it right. not when it denies a group of people fundamental rights enjoyed by every other citizen.

    as for the right wing; oh please we’ve had that for the past 8 years in the white house. his name is george bush and look how good of a job he did. he’ll go down as the worst president in american history. people in his own party can’t wait for him to go. for the record; california does not need some narrow minded right wing fundamentalist fanatics to set us straight. if any one ruins our state it will be you and your so-called “christian” friends.

    as for california having a communist dictatorship; my grandfather spent 15 years in a russian gulag. his crime; rather than fighting to the death he along with some other russian soldiers surrended to the german army in february of 1942. The Russian soldiers liberated from German POW camps were exiled to the Gulags. Because they had been captured, they were accused of collaborating with the enemy. it wasn’t until after stalin died that these russian solders began to be released. it all happened under a communist dictatorship; california doesnt even come close.

  14. 39
    sherrie Says:

    Ellen is very feminine. She is like most American women she feels more comfortable in pants. I think they are both beautiful and loving people. Good luck and congrates too both!

  15. 40
    ming Says:


  16. 41
    yawn Says:

    Ew ew ew. Gay marriage is gross! I agree with the poster above, why does one always have to be the man and other the woman.

  17. 42
    Amy Says:

    Anonymous – Oh yes all lesbians use strap-ons for sex, and all middle age men are child molesters, and all black people belong to a gang, and all Mexicans are illegal immigrants.
    And you are an idiot, that is a fact!! Unlike your fiction.

  18. 43
    nana Says:

    this world is sick….throws up*

  19. 44
    yucky Says:

    This is sick… I wish I had grown up in a time when this country was still run by its people and not by left wing idiots. This is why the rest of the country hates California… where the majority vote means nothing, and give the minorities everything they ask for! I grew up in Cali; it’s such a beautiful place to have so much disgusting trash.

  20. 45
    katie n Says:

    They both look stunning. Reflect the happiness in their hearts. I am so happy for both of them and all the gay people on this country.

  21. 46
    katie n Says:

    They both look stunning. Reflect the happiness in their hearts. I am so happy for both of them and all the gay people in this country.

  22. 47
    sarra Says:

    They are not going to hell anymore than someone else that sins. A sin is a sin. Everyone is so quick to judge. That is not our place. I hope that they are happy. no sin is larger than another sin, unless you commit suicide which you can’t be forgiven for. or blasphemy. if you lie, you can go to hell, if you cheat on your wife or your husband you can go to hell. I think everyone should leave them alone, I don’t agree with it, but it is not my place or anyone elses.

    Ellen and Portia, I wish you the best in all the world. Ellen thank you for all the laughs over the years. you are a wonderful caring person in which I believe god will notice above all.

  23. 48
    Dlc Says:

    Don’t you people get it? It doesn’t feel right for gay people to be with the opposite sex! Imagine if we heterosexuals were told we had to be sexually intimate with our own gender. EWW! Well, that is how they feel about the opposite sex. Get over it. I don’t ever expect a gay man to be forced to be with a woman – what woman wants that? I don’t expect a lesbian to be with a man- she would just leave him and is that fair to him? Life is so damn short. If anyone is lucky enough to find their soul mate and the one that makes them happy, who the hell cares what their genitals look like? Does it really matter? And remember, because of our STUPID laws, a gay couple can’t even visit each other in Intensive Care Wards, make medical decisions, or do many other IMPORTANT tasks that we take for granted for our opposite gender spouses. It is ridiculous. There is no spousal social security, no medical coverage, can’t take them out as a deduction on their IRS returns, etc. Let couples be couples. What do you want for them? To be sad, lonely?? If there is a god I am sure he wouldn’t wanta the millions of gay people to spend their life on earth suffering. It is no mortals place to judge either. Love your fellow man and let the big guy in the sky do the punishing if there is any to be done. Personally, I think Muslim men who physically abuse their spouses and children ARE COMMITTING THE WORSE SINS OF ALL but they twist their words and religion so much they condone their filthy evil behavior and then commit terrorist acts on innocents they don’t even know. Then, they bash people like Ellen DeGeneres who has never hurt anyone and loves people and animals. I wish every creepy muslim male was replaced with a DOVE and then the world would be a beautiful peaceful place and we KIND, CONSIDERATE people with HEARTS instead of evil bloodpumps would experience the most beautiful existence ever. Why don’t all of you haters just go kill yourself and become a martyr and don’t take any innocents with you when you commit your strange evil acts? Just go away. Far, far away.

  24. 49
    whatever Says:

    Let’s see how long this lasts. All the congratulators and those frothing at the mouth, will you remember when it comes to first lesbian divorces too? This stuff doesn’t last. Lesbian relationships are a merry go round. I find the guys stick it out longer.

  25. 50
    meish Says:

    weeee i’ll soon marry my girlfriend too….

    congrats to both of you…

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