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Angie's Dad - Jon Voight responds to Roseanne!

Angie's Dad - Jon Voight responds to Roseanne!

After Roseanne Barr blasted Angelina Jolie and her father Jon Voight, the Midnight Cowboy actor responded to Barr via Extra. Here is Roseanne‘s blog entry in case you missed it. Jon‘s response is below:

“Answer to Roseanne Barr‘s Rant:

We can never be surprised at what vile evil comes from the mouth of a confessed victim of child abuse at the hands of her own parents.

Her parents responded to the accusation by going on the air and slating she is a psychopathic liar and her sister agreed.

Her defaming of our National Anthem in 1990 gave us insight into who she is and what she is capable of saying and doing.

My allegiance to Senator McCain becomes stronger with any assault that tries to deter my loyalty to him.

I can only pray that good people see her for what she is (sick of mind).

-Jon Voight


WHO DO YOU THINK is more “sick of mind” — Roseanne or Jon Voight?

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  • Whatever

    Definitely called for

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    ….both of them need to stfu.

  • whatever

    Yeah!!!!1st hehehe…

  • Stop blaming Jen

    Oh Wow! i think Mr. Voight just cleaned her clock.

  • Vogue
  • whatever

    ok….3rd!! agreed with Voight, she’s a lunatic!!!!!

  • http://justjared marie

    I don’t think he should have dignified her comments with a response

  • star

    GO john voight… was her fault anyways for attacking other people’s business.

  • Pingy-ponga

    At least he is sayng something good for once.

  • kuka

    team jolie of course

  • athena

    maybe they should marry to balance out their insane behaviours…lol

  • Sal

    I think Roseanne what’s attention because her career in Hollywood is over. Roseanne is pathetic.

  • asfg

    she is most definitely “sick of mind”
    im with voight on this one

  • maeg

    They’re both crazy.

  • juju

    I agree with Voight. Wish he and Angie could patch things up.

  • Jill

    I don’t agree with Voight supporting McCain, but I’m definitely with him in telling Roseanne Wildebeest to STFU.

    Now watch all the Jenhags who attacked Angelina for not having a relationship with her father, start attacking Jon Voight for sticking up for his daughter. The vultures are going to have a field day with this one.

  • hm

    Exactly where did he stick up for his daughter? He stuck up for McCain and said not one word about what she said about his daughter or her children. Wow, more loyalty for the politician than for his own daughter. Priceless.

  • gena

    Both of them are insane.

  • Katcolins

    I don’t agree with Roseanne but Voight is a nutjob!

  • Lola

    She is disgusting piece of trash and showed her self when she disrespected the National Anthem and most every other time she opens her mouth.

  • andamentothat

    So Jon Voight really keeps up with Angie’s news and has a statement to release on every occasion.. I am happy he stuck up for his daughter even under the veil of his political support… I can already see this being mentioned on O’reilly and Jon doing a guest segment and ranting… Oh Well Roseanne deserves to be told that she is batshit crazy!

  • GURL

    voight disgusts me.

  • k

    yeah, thanks Jon for shooting back with something. that was completely uncalled for, what Roseanne did.

  • Pat

    Way to go dad. I’m glad he spoke up. I’m not for McCain but Roseanne had no right insulting them. She is so disgusting, I would never want Roseanne to support me.

  • Taft

    She’s nuts, but I wouldn’t have given her the time of day if I were Jon Voight.

  • EMMA

    Jon will never use Angelina’s name in the press again. That is why she stopped talking to him.

    He defended her in the only way he could, by shooting the messenger and not involving his daughter. WELL DONE!!!!

  • mary

    both of them are and they both suuck :s

  • kim

    “Confessed” victim of child abuse? Since when is being abused a crime worthy of confession? And since when does being abused automatically make a person ‘evil’???(!!!)

    I think her remarks about Angie and Brad are valid even if they are harsh. 3 mil a year to charity is a small pr price to pay for a 40 mil a year pay check!

    Shame on you John Voight, you abused Angelena and her mom and yet you have the NERVE to imply that it’s the abused that are evil and whose minds are to be called to question when the truth is YOU are! The abusers are the sick ones! And you abused Angie AND her MOM! That is why you can’t see your own grandkids!!! You nut! :)

  • Heather

    they are both crazy
    but i think Roseanne was at fault on this one
    what she said was totally uncalled for

  • UK

    Old fool should go hide himself and shut up his dirty mouth.

  • cindyjean

    I don’t think it had anyting to do with his loyalty, more to do with respect. I believe he knows his daughter to be strong willed and minded and that she will fight her own battles. If he had said anything in the media defending her, it would have started far more back and forth discussion and eventually he’d have been backed in a corner having said too much or the wrong thing. I believe he’s learned from history and chose his words carefully out of respect for that history. I’m pretty pleased with his response. I’d have felt inclined to comment, but probably gone overboard. He said enough, but ended it. There’s no room with what he said to do the back and forth slandering now. Good for him.

  • Wut wut

    Thank you Jon Voight for pointing out how similar Roseanne and Angelina are! Roseanne’s family said she has mental problems, just like Jon Voight went on TV and told the world of Angelina’s mental problems…

    Not that we needed confirmation anyway. The time she checked herself into the psych ward at UCLA made it plenty clear that she is unstable!!! :)

  • Paul
  • naty

    I think that she is not a very nice person! Why is she attacking Angy and her dad(I heat Angy’s dad) but she has no right to attack anyone, she most need a lot of publicity.

  • Adoring Fan

    He is. Cheated on his wife, called his daughter crazy in the media and is not allowed to see his grandchildren. His daughter kicked him to the curb for good reason He wants sympathy and publicity. Roseanne just wants publicity. She is the winner.

  • Shakira

    Rosanne Barr made a political viewpoint PERSONAL. This is(supposedly) a free country with the freedom to make your voting choice with respect and dignity. We do not need abusive people denigrating our choices, bringing our very good deeds down to a base level for no good reason and generally putting bad feelings on all the good works we try to do.

    Rosanne seems like (and I don’t know her) a very negative minded person who easily spreads her own negativity anywhere she can. I would rather listen to and align myself with positive people.

  • Sam

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  • sam

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  • Jill

    kim @ 08/19/2008 at 6:23 pm
    3 mil a year to charity is a small pr price to pay for a 40 mil a year pay check!

    Um… honey, she doesn’t give 3 mil a year to charity, she gives ONE-THIRD OF HER INCOME a year to charity. The J-P foundation, which supports various charities, is a matter of public record. Just google it.

    And if you want to get nit-picky, how much does your fugly idol — not mentioning names — give to charity? $10,000? $20,000? $100,000 even? Whatever she gives, it’s chump change next to what Angelina gives.

    Do your homework next time before you come yapping on here.

  • sam

    oopps i said it

    Oh my i think they are both acting crazy.

  • cindyjean

    Thank goodness none of us ever ever make a mistake, get sick, have a nervous or mental condition and get better. Because we should never be considered treated and well; our past should follow us around constantly and be forevermore thrown in our face, no matter how good or productive a life we now lead. Thank goodness we have so many perfect people in this world, and inciteful, who know that their future will always be perfect. They’ll never be incapacitated, or overwhelmed or have anything in their life go wrong.

    As for Roseanne, I actually liked her until this column; I thought she was pretty basic and down to earth. Problem is she’s never gotten well. Her mental condition continues to eat at her and make her hateful. That’s a darn shame.

  • overreaction anyone?

    Roseanne bashes Brangelina and everyone is saying she is “sick.” I’m not aware of her previous comments but in this case, I think it might be a little overreaction by the devout followers of the Brangelina cult.

    All hale Brangelina!

  • woogie

    both Voight and Barr are vile!

  • which one is which?

    I can’t tell whether Jon V or Roseanne B is the pot or the kettle?

  • troy

    I don’t know what caused the wedge between Jon Voight and Angelina nor am I really all that interested in finding out but I hope in time that can heal it.

    However I’m getting tired of seeing him becing called a nutjob or an old fool because he supports John McCain. That’s allowed. And this is coming from an Obama supporter.

    As far as Roseanne goes well she’s absolutely pathetic.

  • Roseanneisinsane

    Definately team Voight. I don’t know how any sane person can defend the crazy Roseanne. Why is Joh Voight a nutjob? I’m voting for Obama and I’m the polar politcal opposite of Voight but he has every right to support McCain.

    Roseanne crossed the line with her vicious attack against Voight, Angelina and Brad. She’s not doing Obama any favors. Roseanne shoud just shut up. Obama doesn’t need a psychotic bitch supporting him. I’ve read that Roseanne is a mentally ill drunk whose been very ausive to her children. Instead of attacking other celebrities Roseanne needs to be institutionalized!

  • linda

    roseanne barr is really a sick person

  • Rosie Infamous National Athem
  • linda


    I totally agree with you.

  • Lmao

    He is not even defending his daughter . He’s defending Mcstain. lol

    No wonder Ange doesn’t really want him in her life anymore.