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Katie Holmes Shows Off True Stripes

Katie Holmes Shows Off True Stripes

Katie Holmes heads into rehearsals in NYC on Tuesday morning for her Broadway debut in the play All My Sons.

ABCNews has an interesting piece on how comedy (his role in Tropic Thunder) can help Tom Cruise with a comeback career. Says the article, “But will it be enough to make up for Cruise‘s fall from the public’s good graces? From couch-jumping on Oprah when he was unable to contain his love for Katie Holmes, to his devotion to Scientology to feuding with Brooke Shields over whether postpartum mothers should be allowed to take medication to ease symptoms of depression, Cruise has stirred up one controversy after another. Will the buzz he’s garnering for one small movie role be enough to turn it all around?”

“[Tom's role in Tropic Thunder] is a small part, but it’s funny,” said image expert Evangelia Souris. “If you’re trying to improve your image, you want to get attention – but you want to stay in the realm of eliciting a positive reaction. For Tom, this role takes us back to what made him a superstar in the first place. It reminded us that he can act.”

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    i love her outfits!

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    … nice outfit.

    very…. young, and fresh. lol

  • Claude

    Please JJ one day without news of this stupid girl…..please!it’s always the same, i’m tired of her!

  • ginger

    her hair is too ugly! she looks like a man!and the shoes are horrible, and she has a quite good collection of flats!

  • fatima

    Katie you’re ugly darling!!!really ugly!

  • sweetie

    I like her jeans.

  • dancer

    Gee, Jared, I was just wondering when we’d get our daily pimping of Katie. She is definitely no Jackie Kennedy and no Audrey Hepburn.

  • Lo

    Enough with the “Katie goes to rehearsals OMG!” posts. She’s in a Broadway play, of course she goes to rehearsals every day. This is not news, and she’s not doing or wearing anything worthy of photographing every. single. day. Just because the paparazzi take pictures of her every morning does not mean that you have to post them every day, Jared.

    Do you get a bonus check from Team Cruise for making sure that Katie is talked about every day?

  • Cleatis

    Tom must be really digging what he sees in her now—that being himself.

  • Fendi fan

    isn’t she tired of getting so much attention???oh sorry, i forgot she is a media addicted…

  • Jessica

    I don’t think katie or either Tom are good actors…they are good celebrities just that!

  • darry


    I met her once with the cast of Dawson’s Creek in North Carolina. She was a total beyotch and very snobby. I remember one of the guys there (think it was Josh Jackson) had to even make an excuse for her.

  • Kayla

    jared can post anything he wants, people! it’s his blog for god’s sake! if he wants to, he can post pics of his own a s s.
    i don’t mind seeing katie everyday. seriously, don’t even leave a comment if u can’t stand her. i’m sure there will be more of her.

  • sue

    Wow, Katie going to rehearsal. Nice change of pace.

  • Lilly

    If you don’t like the person don’t click to see the pictures. Noone is forcing you too.

    I love Katie, and that is why I clicked on the pics and leave comments. If you don’t like her stay away from this thread.

  • darry

    all the bartenders in Wilmington NC had good stories about her tho…

  • remember da truth

    YOu do realize that every post makes her popular enough to put another posting up of her?
    If no one posted, there would be no Katie threads. Simple as that. Every hit means more value to the paps, and jared is getting advertising based on all the hits. So he won’t put up people who waste his time and effort and get no hits.

    Can’t you guys figure that out? Half these posts are on how bored you are with her, yet you posted. Stupid, stupid people.

  • sniffles

    I wouldn’t mind hearing those stories. I really like her, but I have to admit the woman needs a little help in the wardrobe department. Does she have an issue with colors? How about a dress every now and then? She should really give those types of glasses a break too, they don’t work for her.

  • Sacha

    Katie Holmes always looks great. She’s a natural beauty. None of those ugly hair extensions or weaves…no fake finger nails. And she dresses for the occasion. She’s going to rehearsal you people of low taste. S.

  • Cleatis

    I prefer low taste to no taste.

  • sally mae


  • weka

    Magnificent simple elegente I love katie with all my heart it is an extraordinary woman if you do not like him not we interressé not has she

  • Denise in NJ


    If you are so tired of her, why are you clicking on the post? Just ignore it!!!

  • Marsha

    Katie’s outfit is cute, but she looks older than her years in the face.

  • supre

    #22 sally mae,

    according to many reports tom and nicole’s two children live with, and are home schooled by tom’s mum and sister.

    it’s hard to believe nicole willingly agreed to this arrangement – she alluded in an Australian tv interview that she ‘COULDN’T discuss it’.

    personally and i doubt i’m the only one who thinks this – tom is completely driven by his affiliation to $cientology cult.
    he wants to control their children and knows nicole is not ‘into’ all the cult crap.

    he just rolls those kijds out for publicity when he needs them.
    nicole on the other hand insists their privacy is protected.
    it’s pretty easy to see the difference between suri in the media and the other children. nicole is obviously still having some say in this.

    i have no time for tom cruise after i heard what he to nicole after she miscarried their baby.

    also, there are some high ranking ex scientologists who say they were present when the cult leader, david miscavige ‘influenced’ tom into divorcing nicole because she wanted him to cut ties with them. the cult don’t want to lose tom – he is the cult’s biggest poster boy and supposedly second in charge. plus he brings in lots of cashola.

    if you want to know more on the inside story go to
    the forum has some first hand cult and tom cruise stories.
    he is one weak willed and easily influenced cult junkie.
    i wouldn’t waste a dime on tom and katie – it eventually goes to the cult and i don’t support organisations that rip families apart.

  • Taft

    The people who are sick of her, let’s stock posting. As long as we do, she’ll keep appearing. BOYCOTT this Scientologist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Debra

    Love Katie Holmes!!!!!

  • Ingrid

    It wouldn’t shock me if she pretended to go to rehearsals to look like she’s dedicated to her craft. Liar and a bad actress.

  • Jude

    Jared isn’t going to stop posting about Katie. He gets hits not only from the comments but anyone who views the page. TomKat is always good for page views regardless of the # of comments, plus JJ produces a certain # of picture posts per day. As long as there are new photos of Katie, there will be new posts.

  • Washington

    Just ignore the pics, #8. Who’s it hurting?

    That’s insane, #29.


    Wow how exciting getting out of her door to door car… and she isn’t going anywhere…What is it with the dumster behind her…

    Doesn’t she do anything else.. like maybe hang out with the rest of the
    cast…All we see is her walking up a side walk or looking in a store..

    There is so much more to see in New York City.. When are we going
    to see the entrance to the theatre..


    Don’t say that Tom Cruise is what Heath Ledger was to Batman…

    No it is not the same thing.. He had a very small roll in it… If you can
    call that a comeback… What now are we going to see him on the red
    carpet world wide at all the premieres… Now that Ben Stiller is working
    on his next project…

  • nora

    She looks so pretty, stop hating on her…

  • Mav

    They get the rehearsal shots every day, yet they don’t get the ones of her going to her acting class.

    I wonder why?

  • mya

    What’s so special about her dress today? She is like everybody. Those jeans are better than the other baggy jeans. I just don’t understand that if is just because she’s famous that the photogs are after her, I wouldn’t believe it! Taking pictures of someone who wear jeans most of the time isn’t funy at all. And the photogs know that she won’t be with Suri while she’s going to rehersal… So what’s so interesting?

  • Washington

    She’s bust rehearsing, #32. That’s where she’s headed. We see her shopping and playing with her daughter all the time.

    What acting class, #35?

  • Jbo

    She’s starting to look like a DUDE! Which I’m sure Tommygirl is LOVING!!! She was SO cute before hooking up with Freakshow Cruise… Too bad she was a weak woman and let him brainwash her….. :”(

  • BIM

    check out the video of her trying to walk in those ridiculous high heel sandal she had on the other day, jeez she looked and walks like a dude in high heels i swear my brother walks better dan dat when he’s playing dress up in my shoes plus i’ve seen DRAG QUEENS walk better dan dat in high heels e.g DAME EDNA

  • ANON

    wat a way for TOMMYGIRL to quash rumor dat he’s not GAY “turn his formally ‘not pretty’ but girly looking wife into a MAN”

  • Supernetuser

    What strikes me about this post is the feud comment about Brooke Shields and Tom Cruise. His anti-medication issue is just amazingly stupid.

  • Gasol_fan16

    Thanks to dumb Katie. The baggy jeans are making a comeback. The “Boyfriend” jean! Great! Thanks to her dumbass we, got the butt ugly look in baggy rolled up jeans.
    STUPID! ;)

  • rems

    The baggy jeans are making a comeback. The “Boyfriend” jean! Great

    the boyfriend jean has always being around but i’m yet to see anyone pegging it like her ugly ass does but then i’m in the UK we don’t follow CELEB TRENDS but rather MODELS e.g kate moss, agness dyn

  • gaygay

    tc is a girl, kh is a boy….well, have you ever heard of such a “union”?
    their next marriages should be same sex, it’s legal now in Calif., Yay!

  • Carol

    Boring, she can’t dress, BUT still thinks she looks great and wants the paps to follow her. I can see her in the closet changing 20xs before leaving. LMAO

    Who on earth would wear those stupid shoes to walk in NYC and rehearse al lday, I bet her nikes arte in the theatre.

    What A FAKE!

  • Zanessa-love4life

    At least she put those rolled up jeans to rest!
    And have you noticed the only news about her on JustJared ever is is when she’s heading into rehersal? Is that all she ever does or something?
    And yeah she deff. she to grow out her hair, she looked so pretty with it long!!

  • Mav

    “What acting class, #35?”

    The one she is taking to learn how to act, #37.

  • Chester Revolver

    she looks so old .. but still hott though . i heart her .

  • Megan fox rocks

    WTF people she’s not ugly u r all haters

    she is gorgeous and any one who think not show your pic

  • dancer

    You know if this outfit were on anyone else no one would give it a second glance. There is absolutely nothing special about it. The may be expensive, but it looks like it came from Wal-Mart or something. The jeans accentuate the heaviness of her legs. She shouldn’t wear skin tight jeans since her legs are a little heavy (well, according to Hollywood standards, not normal standards).
    So I don’t get all of you who say you love this outfit? What’s to love? If you saw it coming down the street at you on a “normal” person, you probably wouldn’t look twice at it.