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Michael Phelps Shows Off 8 Gold Medals

Michael Phelps Shows Off 8 Gold Medals

Swimming champion Michael Phelps flaunts his record-breaking eight Olympic gold medals on the latest cover of Sports Illustrated (Aug. 25, 2008 issue). The photo was inspired by Mark Spitz, the former Olympic swimming champ who showed off the seven golds he won at the 1972 Munich Games.

“What is the value of eight golds in Beijing before a prime-time audience in the U.S?” his agent Peter Carlisle asked. “I’d say $100 million over the course of his lifetime.”

That’s a whole lotta cash but Phelps still intends on competing at the 2012 London Olympics, where he hopes to add to his 14 Olympic gold medals (he won six in 2004′s Athens). “There are some times I still want to hit before I retire,” he said. “And I want to try some new events. That’s what’s keeping me going.”

And next week, Phelps will be traveling to London next week rather than stay in Beijing for the closing ceremonies. “I am going to London to do the handover for the next Olympics,” he said. “And hopefully prepare myself the way I did for these Games and be ready to compete in London.”

Other pictures include Phelps relaxing at the Speedo Sports Club at the Jintai Art Museum on Tuesday in Beijing, China.

30+ pictures inside of shirtless Michael Phelps looking speedo sexy…

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michael phelps 8 gold medals 24
michael phelps 8 gold medals 25
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michael phelps 8 gold medals 29
michael phelps 8 gold medals 30
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michael phelps 8 gold medals 32

Photos: Getty for Speedo
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  • wow!

    a true champion

  • sinna

    I”m truly enjoying the olympics. She’s really awesome and those Jamaican runners are fantastic.

  • son

    fake sh*t

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    that’s pimp.

  • Jessica

    love michael phelps!

  • oh snap

    woot woot!!!!! michael phelps is the shitz <3

  • menna

    that IS pimpin…

  • Dan

    He is the greatest winner of the olympics. He really is a champion.

  • Taylor

    He is hott with nice abs! i am so happy he is reprisenting USA!

  • andamentothat

    way to go Michael Phelps!! You are inspiring many children!

  • dee

    I love him his body is hot but face not so much

  • dancer

    He reminds me of Michael Jordan with is drive, ambition, devotion to being the best in his field. Jordan once said he used to practice for hours and hours on one tiny skill. Phelps seems to have the same incredible drive. Guess this is what separates the truly great from the great.
    I read he eats 20,000 calories a day! Wow! What a way to diet–work out, work out, work out!

  • Linda

    Shame he’s got a face like a bulldog eating a wasp.

  • Tina

    No-one cares about him unless it’s the Olympics, which is every 4 years…he’s not an all-round star, so he needs the Olympics for his main chance of the spotlight.


    ahh i love him, hes so amzingggggg. and cuteee :]

  • buckeyegurl

    Love him!! I’m having Phelps withdrawl, I need more swim events!! I’m happy he is inspiring so many people. It is much better to have adults and children looking up to someone like him than some of these vaucous idiot like Paris, Lindsey or the Hills morons. You go Michael! Make that cheddar!

  • Paty

    OMG he look so gay , what a ugly picture, at first I though was a lady in a orange top or dress. congrats to him!

  • Jules

    Congratulations on a job well done. He worked hard for his medals. Michael deserves all the good that comes to him.

  • walker


    Yeah, my daughter is a competitive swimmer and you’re right, it’s that
    incredible drive that makes the difference. There are numerous kids that have physical swimming talent but the champions have extreme focus and internal motivation that is impossible to create by coaches or parents. That probably is true in many things but I’m close enough to competitive swimming to really see it.

  • an oldie

    Congratulations, Michael.

  • Benny mars

    Michael Phelps is a great swimmer, but Ian Thorpe is a better swimmer than Michael Phelps. Hopelfully Ian thorpe will compete for the 2012 olympics.

    By the way ladies Ian Thorpe is way hotter.

  • fresh

    Natalie Coughlin is really pretty. She should get more attention.

  • blackworm

    Natalie Coughlin is also a great American swimmer. I agree she should get more recognition.

  • ellie

    why have they chosen the most ugly pose ever as the cover! he looks awful.

    ive been watching the olympics and am loving it, and he looked way cuter after the swimming than he does here posing for a photoshoot. wtf??

  • Ha!

    I’m sorry, Natalie Coughlin should get more recognition because she’s pretty!?!? Welcome to JJ’s site, folks.

    Michael Phelps is amazing and his dedication and humility are to be admired. I love that he mentions he has times that he still wants to achieve, not people to beat or races to win. I also love that he looks for his mother in the crowd first thing every time he wins.

    I’m glad the world, not just the US, had someone to come together behind so far in this Olympics. I don’t doubt there will be more getting much deserved coverage soon. For those who say other deserved it more, how could they not have covered this amazing achievement, this amazing record being broken. We all witnessed history this year. It took 30+ years to find an athlete who could beat Mark Spitz’s record.

    There is nothing negative that needs to be said about it or him.

  • sweetie

    Congrats, Mike! We are so proud of you!

  • hmm

    I agree with #24, they chose an awful pic.

    I’m also getting kind of sick of seeing this guy. Amazing body, but a somewhat tragic face.

  • jenna

    I love the fact that Ryan Lochte and Eamon Sullivan are shirtless in those pictures as well.


  • geniass

    I CANNOT wait for this cover!!!

  • Anthony

    lol at the people saying bad things about him. yea he may only be famous for the olympics. but he doesnt care about fame, he loves to swim and he does it really good. im sure he’d continue to swim if he wasn’t famous?

    stop bashing on him just because your jealous that you could never do what he did,.


    looks like a top hee

  • JEnnifer

    anyone know if eamon sullivan and stephanie rice are back together?

  • yawm

    This topic is so boring. I wonder how much he is being paid for all his modeling shoots. I like it when athletes do their sport and at least wait a week before doing the press rounds.

  • yawn

    And, there is absolutely NO reason to wear your shorts that low on a photo shoot. Blech. Get some clothes on.

  • naty

    great swimmer, I don’t see his hotness

  • jj

    eamon sullivan is cute! and ryan lochte looks better with short hair.they are all great.

  • THE girl

    How cruel you are people. Saying that this man doesn’t have a pretty face. My God, can’t you be more ignorant??? Who care about a “not pretty face”? What matters is who he is and how he is as a person. He is a healthy man full of blessings. And BTW he is not so ugly at all. He is an average American man.

    CONGRATULATIONS Phelps!!! You RUULEE ;-) You have everything you need: Fame; Helth; Looks…everything. You go boy!!!!

  • melissa

    Can’t we just share in the joy without the negative comments. Michael was picke on his whole life so this isn’t nothing new for him. He uses that negative energy to excile in swimming.

  • uhm..?


  • Gasol_fan16

    OH GOD!!
    That is one heavenly bod!! :D :P
    MAZEL tov Michael!

  • L

    he looks stupid. sorry 2 say it but he does. all those medals make it look like hes wearing a tan top thats 2 small for him. sorry but VERY BIG well done. wish the english did that well but we are 3rd

  • Jessica

    Loveee Phelps, Lochte & Sullivan!

  • Kate

    i’m so buying this issue

  • Susan

    Congrats Mike!

  • gina

    It’s good to see the US so well represented in Beijing.

  • Nguyen tran gia linh

    He So Hot
    He True Champion
    I Love Him
    I Want & Need Him :D

  • jean

    That is an awesome cover!

    This is a wonderful moment in his life and career. This is a great time for U.S. swimming. We should all have something positive to say these athletes have put so much time into training and sacrificing their lives to represent the U.S. well!
    Congrats to Michael and all the Awesome swimmers of the U.S. Team.
    Michael’s acheivement will always be remembered!
    (While haters sit in front of their computer typing sh%t that will never be remembered) Peace!

  • Brian

    in my country he would be dead for theft.
    8 golds! cold blood fish!

  • steph

    who’s the girl in the gray tank top???????????

  • sinna

    My goodness, some of you are so damn ignorant and superfical. I think you guys should be celebrating his accomplishments, and the fact that he represented America very well. In all his interviews he appears to be very appreciative and humble. Instead you’re making nasty comments about how ugly he is. True he’s not the best looking guy out there, but he’s also not as ugly as most of you are saying. Get a grip…it’s quite shameful to read some of these comments.