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Ellen DeGeneres: I'm Married!!!

Ellen DeGeneres: I'm Married!!!

Here is the first high-quality image of Ellen DeGeneres and Portia De Rossi on their wedding day!

Ellen, 50, just left a message on her website for her fans after her nuptials on Saturday. Here’s what the comedian wrote, which was posted in script:

“I had a big, big weekend. I got married to Portia de Rossi! Sorry, John Stamos… this one’s taken.

You may notice something different about the way I’m writing…it’s fancy. This is the font I type in now that I’m MARRIED! I do a lot of things differently now …I say ‘I do’ a lot. For example: Who wants to do pilates? I do. Would you like a Mountain Dew? I do. Do you know why I pulled you over? I do. And that was just this morning.

The wedding was everything we hoped it would be. I wish I could’ve invited all of you. But I have some pictures and video I can show you when Season 6 starts on September 8th. I can’t wait to see them too…it was all a blur. See you then.”

Blissfully yours, the just married Mrs. DeGeneres.”


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Credit: Jay L. Clendenin/Lara Porzak Photography; Photos: Getty Images
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95 Responses to “Ellen DeGeneres: I'm Married!!!”

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  1. 1
    acki Says:

    wow cute pics – congratulations

  2. 2
    nina Says:

    congratulations! you both look gorgeous! hope you have a long and happy marriage!

  3. 3
    dadad Says:


  4. 4
    sabina Says:

    First! and wow im so happy for her!

    Ellen is awesome and is so funny
    i love her and if she reads this i hope she smiles

  5. 5
    t Says:

    :) go ellen

  6. 6
    nORA Says:

    Woow , congratulations ..
    love Portia’s dress <3

  7. 7
    RENEE Says:

    Portia’s dress is BEAUTIFUL

  8. 8
    Vegi Says:

    Love her :) She just makes me smile. I’m so happy for them both.

  9. 9
    Vogue Says:

    lovely congrats!

  10. 10
    teejay Says:

    she deserves to be happy

  11. 11
    Nic Says:

    wow, still not used to this though..

  12. 12
    laura Says:

    omg is she a lesbo ? freaky.

  13. 13
    nicolekidmanfan Says:

    i am a muslim , and in islam we are totally against this , god made man to marry a woman not the oppiset , personaly i think it is 100% grooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooos
    ita a shame , i like ellen .

  14. 14
    Jackie Says:

    What great photos – the couple look fabulous

  15. 15
    ec Says:

    Tastes like chicken….

  16. 16
    V Says:

    My Opinion. (Doesnt matter what I think..but I thought I;d express it, and Im sure Ellen & Portias fans will be angry with me).

    I look at these images. And…I dont see a wedding, or great love.
    Ive decided it’s because it’s a same sex marriage. Its out of the norm. Im not saying they dont have great love for eachother because it’s a same sex marriage. I say it because I dont see it in their eyes, or through their interaction in these images. (and people dont have to be jumping on each other to show love!).

  17. 17
    Elle Says:

    I will def get abused for this comment. But here goes.

    There is something not right in the brain ( a chemical inbalance?) People werent made to be attracted to the same sex. Its not the circle of life.

    Im not saying Gays are horrible people. I know…they are like you and I.Im just saying it’s not natural and there;s a medical reason as to why. If they are happy so bet i dont care. Good on em. Im just saying…its not suppose to be that way.

  18. 18
    sandra Says:

    They look beautiful! Congrats Ellen and Portia

  19. 19
    terry Says:

    yuuukkkkkkkk disgusting

  20. 20
    palvasha Says:

    ive says alot abut these couples before and i will say it again, im not a hater andi wont like kill them if i was in power but in my heart i know that this is not right. i hope this doesnt happen to my family and children cos i wont know what to do.

    i wont be horrible abt them and say i wish them to die cos at the end of the day they r humans and who am i to punish them…god gave them life and only he can take.

    but a man and woman goes together and it is evident in our bodies and the fact that something hapens when a man and woman gets together…they result in children, but what hapen with two women or two men…NOTHING…empty sexual momentary pleasure which does not even measure up to what a husband and wife (man and woman) in love feel. i feel sorry for them for being this way, for them its normal cos the modren worlds makes this to be normal, but i still see something missing here ITS NOT THE SAME AS THE NORMAL MARRIGE.

  21. 21
    palvasha Says:

    ive said*

  22. 22
    michelle Says:

    this is beautiful!!! i got teary eyed looking at this photo wishing one day my girlfriend will propose. real love is hard to find and true love is hard to keep. it does not matter what you like! a man and a woman make beautiful couple but so do men and men and women and women. it all depends on the person. being gay doesnt mean your unhuman. there is no chemical inbalance. smh. seriously people its 2008 do what you feel in your heart and whatever makes you happy.

    remember the definition of gay : HAPPYNESS!!!

  23. 23
    daisy Says:

    Whilst I agree that biologically, the concurrence of two females in such a relationship is incompatible, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t normal. People on this post have a really archaic view on the whole situation. What is normal? What is right? In the past, it was deemed as ridiculous for women to have any sort of independence – women have the biological capability of having children but should that be their one and only purpose in life? Such potentialities are just that. They are not absolutes that must be inevitably fulfilled. Furthermore, on the contrary to popular opinion, a lot of the time women enter into same sex relationships because they actually feel a greater compatibility with their partners, than with men and I think it is completely understandable. As women, our natures and frames of mind are inherently similar and hence, the companionship that might develop between two women should actually be more common than that between a man and a woman (and vice versa with men). If anything, the relationship between a man and woman is fundamentally more shallow and base because it is largely cultivated by a sexual attraction. I don’t know how applicable this is to all same sex relationships but I have heard it been said that sometimes people don’t consider gender as an issue and that their attraction to the other person is based purely on their character. Obviously, there are people out there who have a specific sexual preference for their gender – I can’t explain that but it doesn’t mean it’s not normal. The ‘norm’ is dictated by general opinion but this doesn’t mean that it is right one. What is so harmful about same-sex relationships to society – the population today is expanding at a rate at which it is actually beneficial for there to be same sex relationships. So people who argue that God made man to be with woman, well maybe God’s provided the potential to be gay as society’s survival mechanism.

  24. 24
    cassandra Says:

    That’s great I’m so happy for them both. Portia looks drop dead gorgeous. I hope they have a long happy marriage.

  25. 25
    daisy Says:

    Sorry, ranted so much I forgot to congratulate Ellen and Portia. Congrats! (P.s. – I felt I had to rant to balance out the disproportion of neg. opinions on the post)

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