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Ellen DeGeneres: I'm Married!!!

Ellen DeGeneres: I'm Married!!!

Here is the first high-quality image of Ellen DeGeneres and Portia De Rossi on their wedding day!

Ellen, 50, just left a message on her website for her fans after her nuptials on Saturday. Here’s what the comedian wrote, which was posted in script:

“I had a big, big weekend. I got married to Portia de Rossi! Sorry, John Stamos… this one’s taken.

You may notice something different about the way I’m writing…it’s fancy. This is the font I type in now that I’m MARRIED! I do a lot of things differently now …I say ‘I do’ a lot. For example: Who wants to do pilates? I do. Would you like a Mountain Dew? I do. Do you know why I pulled you over? I do. And that was just this morning.

The wedding was everything we hoped it would be. I wish I could’ve invited all of you. But I have some pictures and video I can show you when Season 6 starts on September 8th. I can’t wait to see them too…it was all a blur. See you then.”

Blissfully yours, the just married Mrs. DeGeneres.”


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Credit: Jay L. Clendenin/Lara Porzak Photography; Photos: Getty Images
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95 Responses to “Ellen DeGeneres: I'm Married!!!”

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  1. 51
    gchiarirocks Says:

    Does anyone know how big the rock is on Portia’s finger and how much that gorgeous ring was? thanks.

  2. 52
    moRality Says:

    Carine, disagreeing with lesbianism and homosexuality is not hate.

  3. 53
    Carine Says:

    to morality:
    quoted from : )
    same sex marriage is NOT considered a real grasp on reality! wake up and smell the straight people. im not saying i would treat someone gay, like ****. im saying this isn’t the way life is supposed to be. and if you dont agree with me, answer this…

    have u ever seen a seagull f**k a swan?

    I see what you are saying, but if this is not an extremely hurtful and hateful thing to say than I don’t know what is

  4. 54
    jennifer from pittsburgh Says:

    Some people will never understand. They want every square peg jammed down a round hole no matter what. Arguing with them is pointless, and it makes them feel less like idiots and more like they’re on to something. Nonsense is nonsense, no matter which religion you frame the argument in.
    That all said, congrats to Ellen and Portia!

  5. 55
    aLEXKZIEL Says:

    She’s so funny. Congratulations!!
    They will be role models to many confused young men and women. You can be happy with the person that you love and love you, no matter the gender.

  6. 56
    lisa Says:

    #44 shove your bible up your ass. there are alot of things the bible tells us not to do but, we still do them. i really hope you live a perfect life and don’t forget the bible says- thou shalt not judge! people are born gay, it’s like a birth defect. you can’t punish them for god’s mistake or was it a mistake? maybe god is looking to see how will treat someone different than you.

  7. 57
    lisa Says:

    sorry for all the arguing over what should be a celebration girls, best of everthing to both always. lisa

  8. 58
    tadow Says:

    I’m straight and Christian, and come from a very homophobic country. I also congratulate Ellen and Portia. They have every right to happiness. America is supposed to be founded on a separation of church and state. My own religious view has nothing to do with the government giving everyone an equal right to marriage.

  9. 59
    ew Says:

    Gross! Yes, why is there a man and woman in that picture instead of 2 women?

  10. 60
    MArcell Says:

    I don’t get it! If the 2 of these women love each other, why does Ellen have to dress up like a man to get married to Portia?? Why can’t Portia dress up like Ellen instead of that wedding dress?? If he wants Ellen to look like a guy, why don’t marry a guy then?? This is like Portia marrying a woman who dress up like a guy and tehrefore Ellen is the man. Its gross!! I congratulate them but I just can’t get this thing a woman and a woman marriage??? And I find the whole thing disturbing and gross!! Why get married when you can’t consummate the marriage which in fact is impossible!!! I don;t understand why girls become lesbians when they know they can’t get the same sex satisfaction compared from a man!!! Anyway, I congratulate Ellen and Portia on their union!!

  11. 61
    Glenn Says:

    This is disturbing and gross.. even coming from a straight man… A union between a woman and a woman ‘man’ . Yuck..

  12. 62
    karla Says:

    I just want to say CONGRATULATIONS to Ellen and Portia!!! They both looked so happy and beautiful!! Hope they have a great life together as a married couple.

    I’m also sorry about all other people who believes that God didn’t make 2 women or 2 men to be together… God put us in this world to find true happiness and tru love and we should be smart enough to understand that true love DOES NOT always mean a woman and a men, what really matters is the soul inside and not the fact that we can or cannot have children together…

  13. 63
    special k Says:

    wow! for people specifically taking the time to respond to this, some of you really do not know these people well. If you pay any attention Ellen is always in some form of a suit and not a dress. Shocking as this may seem to some people trapped in the 50s, some women hate dresses. Now I know this is hard for some to comprehend so brace yourselves, even some heterosexual women hate wearing dresses. As a happy married heterosexual who prefers pants any day of the week, I myself could not decide what to wear when I was getting married. With my personality it would have been odd to say the least to dress up in some big white dress.
    All this aside I wish the both of them a long happy relationship. Those of you who are against gay marriage, keep it to yourself. It is sad to see so much negativity towards something so beautiful as two people clearly in love.
    I believe people who are uneducated and unexposed to things different from what they are familiar with are just scared. Peple who are scared either fight back of just try to defend themselves. The bottom line is that they have to make you wrong so that they feel comfortable in assuming they are right.
    Trust me their marriage does not effect you, so instead of saying EEW (real mature by the way), why not just say nothing.
    Remember, if you have nothing nice to say talk about the weather!

  14. 64
    to moRality Says:

    why is it that the right wing god squad cannot leave two consenting adults alone to live their lives as they fit. since when is it any of your concern whether a homosexual or lesbian couple choose to marry. does their marriage interfere with your personal life? no; so buzz off.

  15. 65
    sup Says:

    Dang, 2 women doing the rug munchin thing is totally nasty, wrong and fucked up. You stupid aholes who are into the gay thing are just dumb – really now. It doesn’t even look natural, those two gazing into each others eyes and ****.

  16. 66
    Andrea Says:

    I agree with Sup. How gross and nasty. Maybe they never found the right ****. Speaking of dicks, who has the **** in this relationship? Or does Ellen use a strap on? Talk about confused. What I hate most about all this is my 9 year old asking why two women just got married. Now that’s fucked up.

  17. 67
    Missy Says:

    I agree with Special K!! I’m a hetro and I HATE wearing dresses completely! Some peeps are such ********. Go Ellen and Portia! You guys rock and look gorgeous! **** the haters of gays; let them rot in the pits. Love ya!!

  18. 68
    Carolyn Says:

    Congrats, Ellen&Portia!!

    No couple deserves this happiness more!!

    PLeeease show us LOTS of pics and let us in on EVERYTHING on Sept 8th/08.
    I will be waiting and watching!

    a dedicated and genuine fan;
    Carolyn in Canada.

  19. 69
    annie Says:

    It would be so much easier if the homophobes went to find some other site to make a nuisance of themselves on!

  20. 70
    annie Says:

    Congratulations Ellen and Portia…a lovely couple you do make!

  21. 71
    Jason Says:

    Rock on #44 owe and for u lisa how could u talk about the bible like that. U shouldn’t curse the bible. OWE and for u elen and portia GAY MARRIGES ARE WRONG!!!!! OWE AND FOR U ELEN I SHAW ON YOUR SHOW HOW U TRIED TO GET MCKAIN TO SAY GAY MARRIGES ARE RIGHT. WELL THEY AREN’T. NOW IM SORRY FOR BEING MEAN AND RUDE BUT I HOPE I MADE A PONT.

  22. 72
    MRS. hOLLY CLARK Says:

    I love Ellen! Congratulations to the happy couple- You both are beautiful people…and Ellen, I watch you every day- you always make me laugh….I love to laugh, and you are an awesome person. Good catch Portia- you look amazing…( you both did!)
    Have fun you two!

  23. 73
    MRS. hOLLY CLARK Says:

    I love Ellen! Congratulations to the happy couple- You both are beautiful people…and Ellen, I watch you every day- you always make me laugh….I love to laugh, and you are an awesome person. Good catch Portia- you look amazing…( you both did!)
    Have fun you two!

  24. 74
    kb Says:

    #44 ~ I appreciate your comments and quoting the bible and your candor in admitting that you could use some room for improvement with your own morality (couldn’t we all :) but my question is this: how many of those folks who use that quote from Leviticus practice ANY of the suggestions prior to or following that passage. If memory serves me correctly, it mentions that you should keep your hair at a certain length, how to prepare food and several other things that no Christain I know of follows. So why is there so much persecution against same sex relationships and not Christains with the wrong length of hair, ect.? I really have to question the intelligence and documentation behind this arguement. Thanks for considering this…

  25. 75
    Aaltje Rookmaaker Says:

    Dear Ellen,
    I like to wish you very Happy Married life, the show to-day was so beautifull you both are so very pretty and look so Happy. I also love your Mother the way she looked when you where on the bar and try to stay on one foot. Anyway I like to wish you both a very very Happy life for many many years. I wish I could come and see your show but I’am old and do not drive that far. O.K. Ellen with lots of Good Luck and love Elly

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