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Gia Damon -- Matt Damon's New Daughter!

Gia Damon -- Matt Damon's New Daughter!

Matt Damon and his wife, Luciana, welcomed their third little girl, Gia Zavala, at Memorial Regional Hospital in South Florida on Wednesday, his rep confirms to

“Everyone’s doing great,” Matt‘s rep, Jennifer Allen, tells Just Jared. “She is a healthy baby girl.”

Gia joins big sisters Alexia, 10, and Isabella, 2.

Last month, Matt revealed that another daughter was on the way, lamenting, “I’m so outnumbered here, it’s crazy!”

Congratulations to the Damon family!!!!!

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72 Responses to “Gia Damon -- Matt Damon's New Daughter!”

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  1. 26
    ilovemattdamon Says:

    Luciana is argentinian, not brazilian, btw she is not beautiful at all.

    Love Matt.

  2. 27
    Betty Says:

    next baby she can name Lara Croft or Jane smith

  3. 28
    Betty Says:

    she is a gold digger

  4. 29
    shammy Says:

    Congrats to this lovely family that I adore. Luciana is a beauty and seems to be a great fit for Matty. Gia is an Italiano name and sounds perfect for the trio of girls. They sure like the Italian theme of names. Good for them and send my love to Benny boy!


  5. 30
    tadow Says:

    you chicks on here are catty and mean. There is no need to say any of those things about her. She is very pretty, and if Matt saw some of you he probably would have to run in the other direction. So what if she’s a bartender? Go get your own lives, ******!

  6. 31
    Molly Says:

    His wife looks like she got hit with an ugly stick over and over and over again.

    My dog’s butt is better looking than her face!!

  7. 32
    mo Says:

    Congratulations to the Damon family!

  8. 33
    Mully Says:

    His wife is FUUGLY!!

  9. 34
    Mully Says:

    Luciana is scary looking!

  10. 35
    Mully Says:

    Gia is a very ugly name.

    Sure hope this kid doesn’t grow up to look like her mother!!

  11. 36
    shea Says:

    These comments are truly unbelievable. What a bunch of jealous, nasty people you are to say so many mean spirited things about Matt, his wife and their children. They are one of the classiest couples in hollywood unlike so many of the fame ***** couples out there! save your nastiness for the famewhores and ***** of the business not this down to earth couple. you people are really sick. grow up.

  12. 37
    oo Says:

    I hate the name Gia but I still love how Gia Zavala sounds. Congrats to them.

  13. 38
    MOLLY Says:

    Those names are so boring.

  14. 39
    Thebestever Says:

    I agree with you tadow, and shea. I think she’s pretty and even if she wasn’t it doesn’t matter, she seems like a nice person. I’m glad that he’s not one of the ones that complains and then marries someone else famous. I think he just likes her for her and wanted to get away from dating in the hollywood scene, and as you can see it worked out happilly married with two children.

  15. 40
    mslewis Says:

    What nasty comments about a woman none of you know. Evidently Matt Damon, who could have had ANY woman he wanted, chose Luciana to be his wife and have his children. Too bad some of you don’t like that but there it is!! Nothing you can do about it. I think Luciana is beautiful and evidently Matt did also.

    The name Gia is beautiful. I’m assuming her middle name is a family name.

  16. 41
    . Says:

    Congrats matt and lucy

  17. 42
    gina Says:

    I love the name Gia it’s similiar to mine -Gina !!!

  18. 43
    Brian Says:

    take it easy boy.. two much kids grow you older! you still have plenty of hair

  19. 44
    someone Says:

    Gia Damon doesn’t sound right at first but maybe it sounds better after a while.

  20. 45
    sophie Says:

    they are both ugly who cares if he is an actor he is disgusting with big dentures .her she is a ***** from a very bad bar crobar in south beach she took my cousin’s money . the next day we went back to the bar and. well i tell what we did with her in the lavoratory she is nasty . what the **** was he doing at crobar? he deserves what he got…

  21. 46
    African Girl Says:


    Jared, I love that you wrote his 3 daughters. :)

    Seek help, you are clearly insane.

  22. 47
    African Girl Says:

    Jesus! What’s the matter with you people? Are your lives that bad, you can’t find it in your hearts to say something nice? Sad!

  23. 48
    sophie Says:

    african girl …have you ever heard of you reap what you sow? this woman lucy is nasty you have no idea ,she is bad, what the hell is he thinking? well love is blind . she has no moral i remenber she was not happy telling the world she is from argentina she had this problem telling people she comes from italian family . argentinians have that problem Carlos her first husband hates her to death unfortunate they have a kid together he thinks is not his or something like that ,sad very sad.

  24. 49
    john Says:

    why do people think matt damon is a nice guy he is a jack ass!!!!he he has issues my dad goes to the same boxing gym. matt damon is so un educated he makes sure everybody knows he is there like if we care.

  25. 50
    Peanuts Says:

    Shes not exactly getting a prince. Matt is no saint trust me. He’s a dog and he’d cheat if he knew he wouldn’t get caught. They deserve each other even if her shady past catches up with her, she is set for life with Matt’s money. You go girl!

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