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Hayden Panettiere is Florentine Feminine

Hayden Panettiere is Florentine Feminine

Heroes hottie Hayden Panettiere models the new leather Dooney & Bourke “Florentine Vacchetta” handbags in their latest ad campaign.

Pictured below (left to right): Letter Carrier, Domed Satchel, Bucket Bag.

To check out the bags Hayden is shilling for, visit

And soon, you’ll be able to buy clothes straight off of Hayden Panettiere‘s back. says, “Currently, Hayden is working on putting out new summer inventory straight from her closet to you! There will be a summer sales event held right here at with a huge inventory. Please be patient as this process will take a few weeks.”

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hayden panettiere florentine vacchetta 02
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  • david henrie rocks


  • david henrie rocks

    she is amazing!

  • david henrie rocks


  • jo

    i thought she’s a vegetarian… ?!

  • robertplover!

    I love her and milo!

  • OH SNAP!


  • mina

    hayden is hot!

  • Jay

    lmao, yeah I thought she was veggie too.

  • Jay

    As someone who is so passionate about animal rights/animal welfare, she seems to have no qualms about holding cowhide.
    I just don’t get how someone who cries about dolphin slaughtering has no problem whatsoever with cow slaughtering! Double standard much?

  • Jay

    This baffles me. As someone who is committed to animal rights/animal welfare, how is it that this girl has no qualms about holding a leather bag? Not only holding it, but modeling it!
    Isn’t she all “save the dolphins from being slaughtered!”? Well then, wtf is she doing? Does she not care about cows being slaughtered? What an effing double standard.

  • Kenny

    Britney Spears new song ->


    Britney Spears new song ->

  • Jackie

    Thanks for the link Kenny

  • ifyoucouldbeanytree

    i didnt think about the link between her holding proudly a dead animal bag-shaped and her strong and world-wide known love for animals… it is actually pretty strange. ‘money money money, can be very funny!’

    im getting so tired of her. duh.

  • anna

    i dont know how people think she’s beautiful
    she is just kind of cute….
    i don’t like her much….

  • domino

    Leather? What the hell!

  • c

    Some people are so picky. So because she cares and is doing things about endangered whales being slaughtered in Japan she has to drop everything animal related? If everyone had the mindset of “if we can’t save them all we shouldn’t try to save any at all” then nothing would ever get done =(

  • aeon

    Nice handbag.

  • cici


  • Elise

    It’s not like Dolphins and cows are similar animals.

    Despite looking very different to us dolphins are strikingly similar to humans in many ways – they’re incredibly intelligent with complex social systems. They are also very compassionate and have been known to go out of their way to rescue humans in the ocean.

    They are amazing creatures – you should learn more about them.

  • ??

    I have always thought she was beautiful and I can’t believe that people call her ugly. It baffles the mind. I also don’t get how people can compare a leather purse with a dolphin. People are so picky, it really makes me sick!!

  • Zanessa-love4life

    Hayden is sooo pretty!
    LOVE HER ♥

  • mp

    She’s way too old for age. Dooney and Burke is for older people…

  • Jay

    You don’t get how people can compare a leather purse with a dolphin?! Sorry to sound so PETA-ish, but a cow and a dolphin are both living animals and frankly, I don’t give a hoot if someone wears leather IF they don’t go around shedding tears for the poor dolphins of the world and condemning dolphin-slaughter. BUT in Hayden’s case, she DOES go around crying about dolphins and whatever. At least she could be more consistent with her views and values.
    That’s all I ask for: consistency. Don’t go around acting like you give a crap about animals and then wear a dead one. WTF.

  • Vogue
  • okay

    #23, GET A LIFE!! You PETA wannabees make me fucking sick!! I believe that Hayden cares deeply for animals, but no one person can save every single animal and the fact that Hayden at least tries to help some makes me respect her. It has got to be exhausting for a PETA boy such as yourself to protest harm to all animals of world. Now, by all means, #23, go and troll up Michael Vick’s website and leave Hayden alone.

  • Jen

    She looks very nice
    and Happy Birthday to her!!


    I agree that Hayden is a total hypocrite. So because dolphins are cute, we shouldn’t kill them, but cows are fat, ugly and useless, we can kill them? I’m no Animal Rights Activist, I love meat and leather, and I’m sick of Hayden acting like she’s some Bleeding Heart on a crusade to save dolphins only because they’re cute. Yes, I agree that what they’re doing to them in Japan is wrong, but it’s a cultural tradition that we have no right to dumb their noses at.

    I find Animal Rights Activists in general to be arrogant, superficial, mindless attention whores. And I think most celebs who support them only do it so they don’t have to give away their money to charities for actual people (the exception being Paul McCartney, who has a truly genuine interest in the cause). But when do Pam Anderson, Hayden or anyone else involve themselves with other causes? I’m for Animal Rights, but I’m logical about it. Dragging around an innocent puppy with a moving car until it’s dead is animal cruelty. KFC, which provides nourishment and has been a profitable enterprise for years, is not.

  • buzz

    You guys aren’t even getting the animal foundation right it’s the whaleman foundation. It’s WHALES, the dolphins was one incident that happened but the foundation is about whales. So stop saying she’s part of the foundation because the animals are cute cuz honestly whales are ugly.

  • ♥jaNina♥

    ♥love her soOoOoOoOoOoOoO much♥
    to all suck people commented a fucking words about Hayden, especially # 14 and #18..please stop doing that jerk thing !

    ♥BTW, haPPy 19th biRthdAy to her♥

    ♥HaydEn PanettieRe’s huGe #1 faN♥

  • Mel

    Jay, Hayden doesn’t have to provide you, a total nobody, with consistency, justification, or anything else for that matter. I’m a vegetarian, and I also wear leather. SFW? Hayden is at least trying to make a small difference in the world – and, in case it has escaped your notice (and it may have, because you are clearly a simple minded wee thing, if you can’t tell the difference between dolphins and whales), a large number of nations in the international community also care deeply about the issue as well. Whales are beautiful, intelligent, and most importantly, endangered creatures, that deserve our protection. I don’t care if the rest of you eat cows and sheep – they just do not equate.

    Hayden looks gorgeous here, BTW. And I do love the handbag.

  • http://ANALAURA@NETUNO.COM.BR nana;}

    I think Hayden is really beautiful,
    and she is just fabulous in those pics.
    But I stil prefer Vanessa Hudgens.
    bjos brasil

  • Jay

    WTF, okay first of all, I’m not an idiot. I haven’t been living under an effing rock; I know for a fact that Hayden went on a crusade to save dolphins. There are numerous articles on the web to prove that. And so what if it’s whales, what difference does that make?
    AND honestly, like I said, I don’t care if one wears leather! My parents have leather couches and guess what? I sit on them! I don’t splash them with red goop crying “Meat is murder” and picket my living room! I am not a radical PETA-ist who can’t tolerate people wearing animals, I just believe strongly that one should not condemn torturing one animal and at the same time, endorse the skinning of another! It makes no sense!

  • Jay

    OH and also, when the hell did I say I have a problem with the protection of whales? If you got that out of my posts, than you Mel, are clearly a “simple minded wee thing”.

  • go

    Jay go back to your PETA protests!!!!

  • nn

    FFS – I’m a veggie too, but I wear leather. I support animal rights, but I wear leather. It all depends on how the animal is killed. If it is killed HUMANELY, then I see no problem. Hayden is campaigning for the protection of an ENDANGERED species – cows are not endangered animals, they are animals we use in our daily economy for food/clothes, whales and dolphins do not and should not be used for that matter, THAT’S the difference. She’s not a hypocrite; it’s just a poster of her with a back for crying out loud, stop being so fucking picky and leave her alone. If you don’t have something positive to say, don’t say it at all.

    On another note, Happy Birthday, Hayden! And she looks stunning.

  • nn


  • Mel

    Haha, Jay, did I strike a nerve? I’ll say it again – Hayden doesn’t owe you anything. We should be congratulating celebrities for making a stand on real issues, rather than just being known for drunken displays of vulgarity, or their latest drug bust.

    And it’s all too revealing that you’re still living with your parents, dude. Now your immature, strangely rigid world views make sense. Wait a while, get some life experience, and then, maybe, people will listen to your opinions.