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Jason Mesnick is the New 'Bachelor'

Jason Mesnick is the New 'Bachelor'

The Bachelorette‘s DeAnna Pappas rejected Jason Mesnick‘s proposal last season, as he dropped to one knee to profess his love. Now he’ll get another shot at love when The Bachelor returns in January 2009 (it’s 13th season). Here’s what we know:

Jason is a native of Cleveland, Ohio, moved to Washington at the age of eight and received his BA in psychology at the University of Washington
– Single father from Seattle with a three-year-old son, Ty
– He divorced two years ago but wants to start another family
– He’s the middle son in a family of three boys and lives with his younger brother, Larry, and with Ty.
Jason is an account executive in estate and legacy planning,
– He loves a variety of sports, including swimming, golf, basketball and football.
– In his spare time, he takes guitar and swing dance lessons.
Jason is a “big brother” for the Big Brothers/Big Sisters of America. A philanthropist himself, he hopes to some day form and run his own children’s charity.

WILL YOU WATCH the new season of The Bachelor — YAY or NAY?

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  • aleezah

    DeAnna was NOT IN LOVE with Jason so she did the right thing by letting him go. He deserves a chance to find the right woman for him. He will find somebody that will love him the way DeAnna loves Jesse.
    He was not in love with DeAnna, he was ready to be in love, there is a difference.

  • Kelly

    YAY! YAY! YAY! LOVE HIM!! :)

  • Nay

    They need to get a Latin Lover.

  • Marieme

    He is such a loser! Can’t believe he’s going to expose his kid to a series of women, bring someone into their lives and take a chance that it works out. What a lazy putz.. I saw this guy on the Bachelorette – He’s too scared to try meeting a woman on his own.

  • omg

    ewwwwwwwwwwwww i wouldnt touch that sucker with a ten ft. pole

  • Marieme

    Thank you Victoria #31. DeAnna is thrilled with Jesse and they’re having a ball. I can’t believe STILL all these harpies won’t accept that.

    And before some of you ladies get too excited just know that this dork sweats profusely, is balding and has absolutely no booty whatsoever. If that floats your boat then enjoy! On the plus side he has a nice chest, but that’s about it. Bottom line is he’s a part-time single dad who should find another way to meet ladies. But he won’t because he craves the attention he’s been getting after getting rejected. Pathetic man.

  • Lexi

    I think I would watch it. I really enjoyed Jason on the Bachellorette. I though he was nice, hot, and I thought DeAnna was really going to pick him. I would totally watch it. I just feel bad for him and his son cause it seems like they are SO close

  • mishyB

    yay..i preferred jeremy though to become the next bachelor.

  • Acclark

    I really think Jason is so desperate to find someone he’s resorting to publicly displaying his escapades for the world to watch. I find the whole reality factor a ruse to get people to watch, however, most ‘normal’ people would not subject themselves or their families to such public exposure. I am surprised that Jason has agreed to do this – I suppose they offered him a lot of $$$… which is also very sad. Has he not followed all of the shows and does he not know what the success rate is … only 1 couple…It’s a legacy that I highly doubt his son will be bragging about when he is old enought to get it… Also his wife left him… has not anyone heard there are always 2 sides to every story… He is a sad sort of sap… which does not come across as too attractive. Love is such a private matter that I think these shows make a mockery of it all…

  • zahra

    I like Jason but I wish it was Jeremy

  • Magnolia

    Yes!!! I love him, I should have applied. I hope he meets some one genuine, it would be a first on that show but it could happen.

  • hay ho

    Gross. Isn’t the bachelor supposed to be some sort of fantasy? Young, rich, single, tall, dark and handsome with no attachments. Who wants to see a PG version of the show with a single father? Especially this pansy?

  • LuckyL

    I don’t watch, and these men always look so, for lack of a better made-up-word, plasticy.

  • Pat

    I didn’t know his wife left him, and if he really can’t help it, well – then I truelly am sorry for him. And it’s good that he takes care of his son.
    But still, I’d rather date someone who didn’t have children, because as a stepmom you have many (also financial) responsabilites and almost no rights. When a child goes of the rails, there is nothing a stepmom can do (without her husband) but very often she is forced to help pay the alimony for the first wife. Many second wifes can’t afford to have children of their own, because more than halve of what they earn goes to the ex-wife and the children from the first marriage.
    So still, no matter what his circumstances are – a divorced father is not exactly my first choice. I’d rather date someone considered ‘too old’ or ‘too young’ that would still be less stressfull than deal with all the issues of a failed first marriage. I see so many stepmoms bend themselves over backwards, they have almost a second job with all the extra housework the children bring – and the children’s father seldom chips in. The time, money and affort a stepmom gives is taken for granted most of the time.
    So even if I do feel somewhat sorry for him, I still wouldn’t want to date him. And I certainly wouldn’t want to be on this kind of reality show. The only reality shows I like are when people talk about their jobs, like Dirty Jobs on Discovery and the reality shows filmed in hospitals like we have over here (I live in Europe, not the US). I don’t think you can build a real, honest relationship when there are camera’s in your face all the time and when you have to compete with so many other woman. I’m just uncomfortable with the whole idea of being chosen out of such a large group of woman. No matter what the guy had going for him, it just doesn’t feel right. And the relationships that are formed this way seldom last, they seem to disintergrate almost as soon as the camera’s are gone. It is not the way to get a proper and healthy relationship, IMHO.

  • LINA

    NO, ugly!

  • alfredo


  • lyb

    Jason is a great guy, he is one of the normal, and genuine person the show has ever had. I wish him the best, he deserves someone amazing, but not sure going on national TV to find love is the way for him. really dont want to see him get hurt again..



  • pottrbear

    I did watch most of last season. I will say that I did not agree with Deanna’s choice of Jesse orginally. I thought that Jason would be a better match but it is her choice. I did get a chance to do a search on Jesse, only to find out that he does in fact have his own company and foundation to help kids in Colorado. I was a bit surprised. I guess he is a little more together than he appeared to be on the show! Good luck to all!!

  • to the bachelor

    Give your telephone number to Jennifer Aniston. John Mayer just dumped her and I heard she and her publicist are looking for another guy. She I think I read somewhere that she is desperate and is dialing for dates.

  • deisa sassy

    Hell yeah I am watching I love jason i would marry him.

  • http://aol Gail

    Yea..and and big fat YES!! I love this show..I love Jason.. He is such a real fault.. Yes he has a 3 yr old..So What!! People open your eyes..You can full in love with a person who already has a child and be very happy and even add more children to that happy family.. I know…I did it!!! After 21 yrs still very happy and have 3/not 2…3 beautiful children..So you go Jason..Find you someone to love you…

  • Tiffany

    from the first episode of the bachelorette I totally called this… I told my friends, watch he won’t get chosen but he will be on next season’s bachelor. I was right I live in Kirkland my friend saw him in starbucks the other day… Im excited for this season!!! The show is so lame but its my guilty pleasure

  • Tara


  • melissa

    NAY! he is a fag. Why would someone want to date a used man, with a child. The bacherlor is suppose to be a fairy tail typr show. There is no fairy tail in a divorced man with a ugly child. I love the bacherlor , now i do not even want to watch it. Actually i will not watch it, and i have watched every season. I was so excited now im so dissapointed. BOOO

  • Carolyn Oakey

    yes I will watch. I thought ms. Pappas made a big mistake. By the way are they still together. I don’t believe it will last.

  • Tpot

    Obviously if you are on this site and commenting, you pay attention to the show regardless if you watch it or not. Many women would date men with children and he is a “real” guy and being a single dad none the less how do you date, so I think its great he does the show. Some, very few have been lucky on it. Good Luck Jason, I will be watching.


    WHAT!? Jason and all of us have to wait till January 09 for The Bachelor! That’s too long! I guess good things come to those who wait. Jason is so charming, (and a great listener) and I hope he finds the woman of his dreams. I’ll definitely watch and hope he finds a great woman who will respect and love him and Ty. They both deserve it.

  • hay ho

    gross on so many levels.

  • MIguel

    for sure i going to watch, i cant wait.

  • h25

    YAH! I am so excited to watch the show. Jason deserves an awesome Woman!

  • h25

    YAH! I am so excited to watch the show. Jason deserves an awesome Woman!

  • stephanie

    all the people above are dumb…especially MULLY i heard your bisexual listen to your name…the people are just jealous they cant be on tv…and YESSSSS! ill watch the show…Jason is great!

  • phyl

    I’m thrilled, and look forward to seeing it! I think this will be the first really sincere bachelor – reminds me of “sleepless in seattle” – should be flimed there!

  • jenny

    yay i cant believe this i love jason hes amazing i wish he finds true love and forever!!!!!!!!!!!! i couldnt believe it either deanna chose jesse instead. i guess too bad. and i wish ty good luck too so he will have a loving mother and a happy father! i hope the girls will act themselves and no fights will b going on. and i hope that they will b great girls. jason make a good choice

  • b

    this toolbox needs all the dating help he can get. let’s see what kind of group of girls the show gives him to deal with. probly all skanks.

  • Brianna

    Yay! I will definetely watch this because I watched him get rejected by Deanna. I really wanted her to pick Jason.

    Everyone thats saying no one watches this show…. they are wrong because a lot of people do and thats obvious or it would be discontinued.

    I hope he finds a good girl!!!!!!

  • Kt

    he’s such a cutie, and seems quite genuine.
    i had a feeling they would pick him and i’m glad they did!
    i will be watchinggg in jan!
    guilty pleasure.

  • Erika

    i wish i could be on his bachelor show!!! i love him! <3

  • Jeri

    Quite disappointed that he seriously is going to be on the show again. I thought that he was interesting on the show and I have to say, quite into it near the end. But now…not so sure I would watch it. I feel he shouldn’t pursue this type of exposure for himself for his son’s sake.

  • ash n.

    That would be a defanite YES!!!
    He is sooooo cute if I was deanna I wouldn’t let a good guy like that slip through my fingers. She was such an idiot!!
    But that’s her deal. Now hopefully he can find a girl who can love him and his son with all her heart because he’s a great guy,and now a days that’s pretty hard to find. I wish him the best of luck!

  • rbgold

    That would be a YES!!!
    He is sooooo cute!! Deanna is such a dim wit and that dang accent of hers lordy …..jessie was ugly an had the personality of a flee and short as heckhe could have been mistaken for greek with that nose of his or was he greek hmmmm…an all that i dont wana kiss you yet was so corny i cant be leave she fell for it but then again (deanna) you can’t take a gurl from the hills an make her a lady she wouldnt have been able to handle the life style jason lived in he better off in finding a classy lady


    Hey, has everyone forgotten that you can vote for your next bachelor-ette? I think it is great that he gets the chance to find someone. He was strung along by DeAnna, who kept saying she wanted children right away and that it didn’t matter that he had a child and even her family loved Jason, not Jesse. I believe Jason was truly in it for the chance to find his true love and Jesse wasn’t in it for any serious reasons. Just remember his jacket. He wasn’t serious and isn’t serious about a relationship. He just didn’t have to spend the money for an expensive engagement ring, has the spotlite on his every move now and is having his ENORMOUS ego stroked constantly. I feel Jason has a chance to find someone and this time it is HIS CHOICE. On the other hand, I would loved to have seen the editing floor of all that went on with DeAnna and her quest to find someone. Maybe thousands would not have been shocked by the outcome. YOU DON’T JUST WAKE UP ONE MORNING AND CHANGE YOUR MIND ABOUT SOMEONE AND ABOUT A MAJOR DECISION LIKE MARRYING THAT GUY.

    Jason, you can count on me watching to see who is the lucky lady..

  • Amanda

    Wow, all you people are harsh!! If any of you watched the last season when he was falling in love with Deanna then maybe you would know he is a really nice guy who is trying to find Mrs right. If none of you watch the show or plan on it then why are you researching it? Get a life of your own, and stop critizing people who are trying to do what they think is right for them!!

  • Jenifer Jones

    Can Jason pick a person who was on a show previous the first lady would be Amber A and second one is Holly D one from the Andy Baldwin set, and the next one is from Matt Grant.I think they both would fit Jason type and Amber looks like DeAnna the story teller is not very honest with her feelings and I do hope her and Jesse last.

  • Jenifer Jones

    yay yay yay you better know I will tape it also.

  • Barbara

    Yes, I will definitely watch. I think DeAnna made a mistake by choosing Jesse.

  • jACCI


  • iluvjason

    Definitely will watch. I loved Jason from the first clip they showed of him. Any girl would be lucky to date him. DeAnna was stupid and made the wrong choice which I’m sure will come back to haunt her one day. I am so happy ABC decided to go with Jason. I have NEVER liked any of the bachelors on the shows before. Jason seems like the first sincere guy. Most of the others seemed only interested in meeting a bunch of hot ditzy girls. I hope his selection is better than what has been shown in the past and that he actually has some quality women to chose from. I can’t wait. For the first time, I will actually be looking forward to the show.

  • SabitaM

    YAY!! i love jason, i wish him all the best. Can’t wait for this season of the Bachelor in January =) LOVE YOU JASON