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Jennifer Aniston is a Friend Of El Faro

Jennifer Aniston is a Friend Of El Faro

Jennifer Aniston shares a warm embrace with actress pal Leslie Bibb at the 2008 Friends Of El Faro Fundraiser held at Boulevard 3 nightclub earlier this month.

Former Las Vegas star Molly Sims hosted the event and her costar Josh Duhamel also dropped by.

Friends Of El Faro help improve the lives of the children of Casa Hogar Sion in Tijuana, Mexico in any way they can. Long term, their goal is to purchase land and build them a new home. In the meantime, there are hungry children to feed, to shelter, keep safe and send to school. For more information on this cause, please visit

15+ pictures inside of Friend Of El Faro Jennifer Aniston

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jennifer aniston friends of el faro 01
jennifer aniston friends of el faro 02
jennifer aniston friends of el faro 03
jennifer aniston friends of el faro 04
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jennifer aniston friends of el faro 08
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Photos: Sara Jaye Weiss/, AP Photo/Dan Steinberg
Posted to: Jennifer Aniston, Josh Duhamel, Molly Sims

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  • dumped 5 times

    Wth in foto furst she gots a man ADAM APPLE .


  • Helena

    Fergie will not be liking that picture of Josh and Molly!

  • http://justjared marie

    Jennifer is beautiful

  • Erin

    Jen is getting old lady arms. This is damage control since the word is she really don’t give much to charity.

  • Cheetah

    Is she for real or a transsexual being her body double? What happened to her arm? Where did her feminine look go? o boy.. she used to be pretty, but now i dont know.

  • jj

    oh jared… that’s a terrible pic of j.a.! she totally looks like a man! let the name calling begin…

  • andamentothat

    was this before the break up?

  • alanna

    If I were Fergie, I’d be VERY jealous.
    Josh and Molly make a better couple.

  • fresh

    Im not her biggest fan but I dont see the need to insult her needlessly.

  • WakeUpPeople

    Jen Aniston is trying way too hard to look good in the public eye, unfortunately this charity event will fool all her fans….SHE IS NOT A NICE PERSON!!!!!

  • please

    JJ, El Faro has been a month ago where Jen, left two of her bags to be auctioned. The first home for the Make it Right Project was built yesterday and we have requested for that but this El Faro news is so old. Please give the news about MIR.

  • Caring

    Jen and Madonna believe that working out constantly will make you look younger, contrary to that belief it makes you look older in the arms and face… develop man hands, not feminine at all!

  • raye

    No amount of heavy make up could hide her large pores!

    Aniston is so over acting in trying to act very nice, look how she is almost sitting on the floor looking up to the girl, emoting, whatever. I think she looks like she is almost going to cry, i think this is the night when Mayer was pictured in Cabos in the hot tub.

    I think she is the type who like greet everyone in the room and hug then instead of the other people greeting her.

  • Josh is hot

    2 words

    Male hormones

  • Please

    Jen’s PR people are working over time…nice idea to have her go to a charity event…I do not think that will change our mind about her, she is still needy and fake!

  • Josh is hot

    Also the “candid” pix of Aniston look slightly airbrushed

  • Cole

    Jen seems to be posing for these pictures. Trying to put out a happy front. I believe she is really up set. She must have thought she really had John under lock and key.
    If it’s true Jen is calling Jane Pitt to cry on her shoulder then I don’t understand why can’t Jen bond with her own family. Call her own mom and dad and cry on their shoulder. If she call to cry to Brad’s mom then Jen ia seriously mentally ill. Courtney should get her friend some help real fast.

  • tete

    Now I know why she wears her hair the same way.It is not only because of her chin but also because of her long fat neck.

  • tete

    Now I know why she wears her hair the same way.It is not only because of her chin but also because of her long fat neck.

  • Ha!

    Seriously, #8? How much freaking time do you have on your hands. What an obnoxious post.

    There is nothing manly about his woman – her arms don’t normally look like that, they are in flexed position. Compare this to any of the other photographs of her that you tear to shreds on a daily basis.

  • Beth



  • dumped 5 times
  • Deb

    Well…….Jen finally in a kind of way doing something for people outside of usa.

    I can believe there are people who actually the story about her calling Jane and crying. It is the tabloids people, its fiction.

  • dumped 5 times
  • laurie

    Josh is so HOT….

  • Katie

    Lookin’ a little manly there….

  • Nick

    Why did JA think she could handle JM. Now look at her. JM messed her up. I’ll bet her movies don’t do so well when they are released. She needs to get another man and build on that relationship. She can even build up a relationship with the guys family but do some thing to fix this problem. This charity thing ain’t going to work. Hanging all over Momma Pitt and Courtney Cox ain’t going to help her.

  • ella

    There is no doubt Jennifer Anniston is physically gorgeous. But there certainly is doubt if she has no inner beauty, she just gives off this vibe that she is empty inside. Hmmm just don’t know. She is a like an Stepford beautiful person . . . empty headed? empty hearted?

  • Helena

    I agree, I’m also not the biggest Jennifer fan, I really don’t get the insults. Why do people hate her so much? Or is it the same person posting the same thing? I’ll go for the latter.

  • Step

    If Jen did not call Brad’s mom she should speak out now and stop this rumor. I think this is after she broke up with John.

  • US voter

    MY goodness Jennifer, stop making such an ass out of yourself. It is obvious these photos are staged for publicity.

  • jupi

    Angelina Jolie’s face is on the cover of the latest HELLO magazine. That explains the flurry of non-eventful Jen articles.

    Jared must have been bought out by Huvane!

    Did you know what Jen donated to this charity event?????

    Two of her pocketbooks with her signature on them.

  • US voter

    # 29
    ella @ 08/20/2008 at 5:06 pm

    There is no doubt Jennifer Anniston is physically gorgeous
    I wish you people would dispense with the lie that Aniston is gorgeous. She is polished with the wealth that is afforded her, thats it. Polished. Without the polish she is a plain looking woman.

  • jupi

    She’s starting to resemble Madonna and that is not complimentary.

  • Step

    Jen looks like she is saying “I’m available” kinda looks like an ad for a dating service like or

  • laura

    ooh shes with the girl from popular

  • US voter

    PS. She is plain looking with a funny looking face. Beady eyes too close together, manly nose, manly paper thin lips, manly chin.

  • jupi

    The charity event took place at least a month ago. And she donated two of her hand-bags with her signature.

    This old story ran over a month ago!

    Desperate Huvane? And when did JJ sell out to Huvane?

  • a realist

    Aniston is so clingy and needy. Look how she is clinging to that woman. Love me! Love me! So sad. No wonder she runs every man away.

  • Besane

    Nothing like GIVING PUBLICLY for a damage control. Well done Huvane, you needed to do this earlier but I guess it takes a few days to scout out a media-charity event suitable for such a photo-op. Nice make-up artist.

  • oh geez

    Her Again!!!???

    Anyway this must be from the charity that she donated 3 of her old dusty ass purses out of her closet instead of writing a check.

    She is still boring, nothing to see here, and moving on!

  • tina

    For heavens sake Jen call your own mom and make nice with her if you call the ex’s mom, because that’s just pathetic. Move on with your life John appreantly saw some thing that sent him running for dear life.

  • jupi

    This is an OLD story !!!

    They ran this about one month ago.

    Can we say “DESPERATE HUVANE” !!??!!

    When did Huvane buy out JJ ???

  • june

    # 39
    jupi @ 08/20/2008 at 5:18 pm

    The charity event took place at least a month ago. And she donated two of her hand-bags with her signature.
    lol…are you serious? who in the hell wants Jen Anistons signature….lol

  • jupi

    to June

    Yes, this story ran weeks ago and yes, she donated two of her purses with her signature on them.

    DAMAGE CONTROL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • hello

    Are you part of the goddess circle now jared?

    Is Huvane that desperate to deflect the mayer breakup mayhem that he has to dig out something that happened a month ago? Since I’m in a generous mood today, here are some suggestions for a better post on Aniston:

    1. New movie roles- Oh wait, she does not have any.
    2. Management premiere at Toronto- My bad, it’s not a premiere. it’s just a screening for potential distributors. Yeah, best to keep this humiliating fact under wraps.
    3. new projects for Echo Films- Wait, does it even exist?

    Desperate times call for desperate measures so I guess we’ll stick with the charity event where her participation was limited to donating two signed bags. Hope the cash from Huvane is worth it Jared.

  • june

    # 42
    oh geez @ 08/20/2008 at 5:20 pm

    Her Again!!!???

    Anyway this must be from the charity that she donated 3 of her old dusty ass purses out of her closet instead of writing a check.
    Now thats an darn shame, considering all the money she has. How much did they get for those purses, $1? hahahahahahahahahahaha

  • laura2

    She looks good!!
    But…wow, her arms sure look …muscular lol
    Pretty sure it is mostly because of the position and the light though…i mean MY arms look like that in that position and i don’t work out at all…i’m just thin…
    They look fine / normal on the other pic…

  • Kenny

    P!nk´s new video for “So What”

  • you know

    I don’t believe JA contacted Brad Pitt’s mother and I definitely don’t believe he spoke to her. This is just another rumor to keep the stupid triangle crap going and if Jennifer Aniston was any kind of real woman she would squash this nonsense! Brad, his mother, Angie or anybody else in that family are not thinking about JA and her stupid boyfriend problems, they have bigger non-shallow concerns.

    If she did try to contact them then it goes to show how needy and selfish she is. This woman wants to speak to a mother then she needs to pick up the phone and call her own darn mother!

    Thank goodness Brad & Angie are too busy with their own lifes to worry about the nonsense printed in the tabloids. I’m sure they hear about it through outside assoc. but that is probably about it. Their reading children books, the newspapers, and material that will give them knowledge & insight.