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Matilda Ledger Gets Stroller Spunky

Matilda Ledger Gets Stroller Spunky

Matilda Ledger enjoys her day out as she goes for a ride in a stroller with her mom, Michelle Williams in the Brooklyn section of New York City on Tuesday.

The 2-year-old daughter of the late Heath Ledger, was not included in his outdated will and to ensure that Matilda would be taken care of, Johnny Depp, Jude Law and Colin Farrell all donated their earnings from The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus. All three actors played a version of Heath‘s character in the movie.

Michelle, 27, seemed to be drinking some green colored beverage. Wheatgrass perhaps?

FYI: Michelle is pushing Matilda in her Maclaren stroller.

15+ pictures of Matilda Ledger getting stroller spunky…

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matilda ledger stroller spunky 01
matilda ledger stroller spunky 02
matilda ledger stroller spunky 03
matilda ledger stroller spunky 04
matilda ledger stroller spunky 05
matilda ledger stroller spunky 06
matilda ledger stroller spunky 07
matilda ledger stroller spunky 08
matilda ledger stroller spunky 09
matilda ledger stroller spunky 10
matilda ledger stroller spunky 11
matilda ledger stroller spunky 12
matilda ledger stroller spunky 13
matilda ledger stroller spunky 14
matilda ledger stroller spunky 15

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  • dd


  • Sarah


  • Julie

    Aww, come on, you guys are losers. Why do you come here to write snorefest? You’re a loser and a half. And how is michelle williams pure evil? She’s not going to dedicate the rest of her life to thinking of heath ledger, he’s gone people, nothing will ever bring him back. He is done for this lifetime and the next. It is as if he never existed. His existence is gone, his body has left this earth. He is buried and is no longer and WILL NEVEr be part of the world.

  • beverly

    its very nice of them to donate their $$$ to her!

  • lee

    It is absolutely amazing how much Matilda looks like Heath. It must be really bittersweet for Michelle.


    I lovez them, dey iz the gritest thingz that evur happenz to mezh, waii waii did I not meat her.!!

  • KatKat

    I agree with #4, how is Michelle Williams evil? I think she has the right to move on. That’s really cool of Johnny Depp, Jude Law, and Colin Farrell to donate the money to Matilda.

  • KarenA

    Aw! She is so cute. It’s like she’s going, “wheeee!” :)

  • Sarah


  • linz

    Gawd, she is a spitting image of her father! Hopefully, she won’t be a drug-addicted loser like he was!

  • SRN

    that is the most beautiful thing I’ve heard in a long time

  • Vogue

    wish her dad was here

  • jade

    awww thats really sweet of the actors to give their earnings.

  • Becca

    she looks exactly like her father! she’s literally his spitting image.

    i mean, that’s normal for kids to look like their parents, but she looks like he birthed her himself…

    she’s an adorable little girl!

  • *hug*

    so sad… more proof it wasn’t a suicide. He loved her very much and I’m sure he would have written a better will if he was going to kill himself. Very sad.

  • me

    She’s so cute!

  • LuckyL

    Let’s not over do it Jared, LOL

  • LuckyL

    Don’t over-expose the poor child and make her hated!

    Lovely and bubbly again though!

  • me

    “He loved her very much and I’m sure he would have written a better will if he was going to kill himself. Very sad.”

    I know this wasn’t supposed to be funny, but you made me lol. ;)

  • *hug*

    @#20 : it’s sad but true! lol *sweat*

  • hmm

    Didn’t Heath leave his money to her? And if not, whomever did get it should of course give it to his daughter. Why wouldn’t they??

    She’s an adorable girl who looks to be quite happy. Thankfully for now, she is still young enough to not realize she’s lost her father.

  • *hug*

    @hmmm: seems Heath’s father took it and hasn’t given anything to her :(

  • me

    hmm, Heath made his will before he met the mother of his daughter and didn’t update it. He left everything to his dad, mom, sister and two half-sisters.

  • uummm

    Heath leave his money to his parents. His will was done before he met Michelle and had their daughter.

  • Kealyn

    I love them both. And seeing Matilda.. It makes my heart ache, I really miss Heath. He could have done so much more.

    And I’m kinda sick of hearing that he was a drug addict. You just cannot judge him. Unless you have also sleeping problems, and going through the same problems he had. Taking those medications doesn’t make him an drug addict. Lot’s of people take them, and their NOT drug addicts. It makes them feeling well, and be the person they used to be. So that they can get on with their lives.

    I hope you all understand me. I’m not very good at english. But I hope you get my message.

  • spfxgirl

    Heath Ledger lives on in Matilda now… every time i see Matilada she reminds me so much of Heath.
    She is a little angel.

  • hmm

    Thanks for the replies “hug, me and um”.. I didn’t know that. You would think his family would know that had he made a more recent will he have left his estate to Matilda and that they would give what they received to her. That’s really too bad and on his family’s part a bit tacky. Wow, I’m surprised and slightly I don’t know.. disgusted.

    And #26 I agree with being sick of the “drug addict” remarks. Firstly I believe he was far too much of a family man to let himself be a drug addict or take his own life. Secondly where were the people who should have been looking out for him? You have a young man with sleeping issues on various medications flying back and forth 12hrs at a clip for a movie and you don’t check in on him to see he’s physically and emotionally ok?

    If a Dr. gives you a prescription, you assume based on their authority, that it’s ok to take it. Regardless of him using one or two.. or ten Dr’s they should have been up on his medical history and kept him informed on the risks and dosage directions. The people who work for/with him should have also been in on this knowledge as well.

    It’s really just such a shame.

  • kiki

    She’s exactly the carbon copy of her father..

  • Helena

    I’m loving all of these Michelle-Matilda pictures, but I have to ask why is Matilda always in the title and not Michelle? Michelle is the one who is famous, not Matilda. Matilda did not ask to be photographed, at least with Michelle Williams, the paparazzi comes with the package, unfortunately.

    Plus, why is Heath Ledger always tagged?

  • share

    I wish I could steal Michelle’s wardrobe

  • Regina

    The people who come here and write ‘snorefest’ and ‘Michelle is pure evil’ are probably Vanessa Hudgens fans. Now she IS a snorefest.

  • trufax

    @Julie & linz

    Take a good look in the mirror and then you’ll see the real loser.

  • Chloe

    of course he didn’t kill himself or was a real drug user.
    I mean going Method or taking sleeping pills & antiaxiety meds is
    HARDLY being a drug addict.
    Being the Joker must’ve really taken everything out of him.
    I just saw Candy (w/Abbie Cornish) and what a great actor & so
    freakin’ cute. His eyes were alive & so mesmerizing.

    BTW..all 2 actors are fathers so they can relate.
    but…who got the Batman $$$ ?? his daughter should, damn it.

  • regina

    This is a REAL 2yr old !! Happy little girl, so different from that silly Suri…..

  • Chloe

    all 3 actors, pardon

  • me

    “who got the Batman $$$ ?? ”

    Probably his dad, mom, sis and half-sisters.

  • john

    bitch !!!!!!

  • nadia

    she is adorable!

  • Joan

    Michelle Williams gets so much free publicity just because of who Matilda’s daddy is. Why doesn’t she move far away from the limelight? It must be in her interest to live in the limelight, even though this isn’t doing Matilda any good, all this paparazzi attention.

  • Anon

    Heath set up a trust fund for his daughter when she was born. Trust funds aren’t part of the probate process. He might have had an old will leaving stuff to his dad, etc. but he definitely took care of his daughter. She is financially fine. And Michelle isn’t poor by any means. It might be that the trust fund was also stipulated to get a percentage of his future earnings. I think the gesture from Johnny Depp and Colin and Jude Law is just lovely!!! I always liked them, but now they are just very special. Johnny’s daughter is Lilly Rose and Matilda is Matilda Rose. Colin has a developmentally disabled little boy and Jude has four kids. These are some good people as Heath was a good person. Heath had a good heart.

  • 2o0my

    God bless this little girl. I hope she keeps her dad’s memory alive.
    What Colin, Johnny and Jude did was really sweet and thoughtful of them! :D

  • Chrissie

    What a lovely thing for JL, CF and JD to give their “The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus” earnings to Matilda.

    HL was a wonderful actor and it is such a huge loss, to both movie lovers and his family, of course. I don’t care why he died – it is tragic whatever the reason.

    People who rave on about him being a drug addict (how would they have any idea of the true situation?) are mean spirited, judgmental idiots.

  • Lynn

    his daughter is really sweet
    and it’s really nice of Johnny Depp and Colin Ferrell!

  • DAWN

    Michelle Williams gets so much free publicity just because of who Matilda’s daddy is. Why doesn’t she move far away from the limelight? It must be in her interest to live in the limelight, even though this isn’t doing Matilda any good, all this paparazzi attention.

    #39 – hmmm… think about this. maybe she does not want to move because that is the same house she lived in w/ heath – the only “home” that matilda has ever known. in fact, i read somewhere when heath and michelle split and heath moved to that condo in soho, they replicated her room to look like the one she had at home w/ michelle so that when she was staying at heath’s pad and would awaken in the middle of the nite she wouldn’t feel out of sorts. maybe that’s why michelle decides not to move and even if she did move, you don’t think the paps would find her and follow her around as they do now??? unfortunately, because of who her father was and tradgedy of his death, matilda will always be in the spotlight in some shape or form – whether they live in montana or not.

    i, for one, think michelle is doing a GREAT job with her. it is beyond apparent that she is doing her very best to try and give matilda as normal of an upbringing as possible (given the circumstances). hollywood/celeb moms – this is how you do it …take notes.

  • ashley

    “People who rave on about him being a drug addict (how would they have any idea of the true situation?) are mean spirited, judgmental idiots.”

    Yes they are. Ugh!

  • jo

    #39- I highly doubt Michelle enjoys the limelight (like Katie Holmes) because she’s never really posing for the paparazzi or smiling. I wouldn’t want to be forced to live in some rural place. She should be able to enjoy her life in NY… you can’t expect someone to stay inside the house all day… that would be depressing.

    Anyway, Michelle seems like a really good mother and Matilda is sooo cute.

  • myWheatgrass

    I don’t that is wheatgrass. It is too much wheatgrass to drink at once. It could be a blend that includes wheatgrass or some green vegetable like spinach.

  • Paige

    I feel bad for Michelle. She’s out trying to be a mom and is probably worried about taking her child for a walk in the first place.. having to deal with the stroller and make sure she stays seated and that such thing. And then she has to deal with a bunch of cameras in their faces. It’s such an invasion of space and privacy. I hope they just get a couple pics and let her be.

  • Jackie

    Whats that green thing Michelle is drinking?
    My altime fave pic is #5

  • Mahmuda

    Oh Matilda looks sooo adorable and chubby. xxx
    Bless her may her father RIP.
    What a shame, she won’t have memories of Heath.
    But uh question: Why is Johnny Depp taking care of her?