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Orlando Bloom's Motorcycle Mania Redux

Orlando Bloom's Motorcycle Mania Redux

Victoria’s Secret angel Miranda Kerr gets a ride on a BMW motorcycle from actor beau Orlando Bloom in the SoHo neighborhood of New York City on Wednesday morning.

Yesterday, the couple also took a spin on his motorcycle after picking up an all raw and organic lunch from A Lucky Duck.

On Monday night, Orlando, 31, and Miranda, 25, were seen getting “hot and heavy” in the middle of the dining room at Lure Fish Bar in SoHo.

15+ pictures inside of Orlando Bloom motorcycle mania…

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orlando bloom motorcycle 01
orlando bloom motorcycle 02
orlando bloom motorcycle 03
orlando bloom motorcycle 04
orlando bloom motorcycle 05
orlando bloom motorcycle 06
orlando bloom motorcycle 07
orlando bloom motorcycle 08
orlando bloom motorcycle 09
orlando bloom motorcycle 10
orlando bloom motorcycle 11
orlando bloom motorcycle 12
orlando bloom motorcycle 13
orlando bloom motorcycle 14
orlando bloom motorcycle 15

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  • http://justjared i don’t get it

    these two have been together for nearly a year now so why don’t you losers get over it ? why won’t you just get used to it ? why get so upset every freaking time there are pictures?GET OVER IT

  • Audge

    I don’t get it…The man works pretty much NON STOP from October 1999- January 2007 and he’s not allowed to take roughly a year and a half off from filming.

    Who cares if his PR team is setting up paparazzi shoots? They probably don’t want his name out of the papers too long.

    And as for the motorcycle issues that most people seem to have, he said on Jay Leno waaaay back in 2003 he’s been riding motorcycles for a while, he even broke his leg on one in his late teens. It’s not like it’s a new thing that he’s suddenly decided to pick up.

    Ugh, I don’t know why I even bother comminon JJ anymore, I’m 18 and most everyone on here is probably my age or older, yet I feel like I’m reading comments from 13 year old JD fangirls who have a vendeta against OB and his fangirls.

    Whatever, you all can have your little arguments and discussions about how he has ED because he broke his back, he’s gay, he was contracted to go out with Kate Bos, he’s going broke, and whatever else it is you sad little people need to talk about because your lives are borring, unfulfilled, and you didn’t get that pink pony for your 6th birthday.

    And I will continue to look at the nice pictures Jared posts for us, and then move on with my life wich is something you all sadly don’t seem able to do.

  • @ Audge

    So, you come here to let everyone else here who has anything negative to say about Bloom know that they’re sad, inferior, never getting anywhere in life, are frustrated and have no lives outside JJ and the internet?

    That’s nice.

    When the day comes that NOBODY posts about Orlando and his current reported ‘squeeze,’ I’d say he and his peeps will be mighty worried. People talking and buzzing is better than being ignored for an actor or movie star. And if Bloom didn’t want certain types of discussions out there, he and his peeps should have been thinkin’ about some things a loooong time ago.

    Orlando used to come across as being about ‘keepin’ it real.’ He doesn’t come across that way anymore. If he acted genuine and like a dude who’s secure in himself, then maybe he’d be making better choices and his fans – however many he has left – would have some bit of hope to cling to.

    If all Orlando represents to people like you is a pretty face and boxer peekage, and his words and actions mean nothing, then you’re part of the shallowness factor he seems to have gotten himself into. I get the feeling the people who are most disappointed in him are the ones who had the greatest faith in him.

    If that observation makes me a bad person or a hater, then tough. And Orlando isn’t alone in having had back surgery or back pain or back problems. Lots of men and women deal with that issue. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. Trying to make himself out to be some kind of super stud, on the other hand, is just so fake. He’s human, so why not just be ok with that? I am, but I don’t know if he is.

    He can ride motorcycles all he wants – kind of like sleeping around with lots women and/or men. He knows the risks. No big deal. And I think people on JJ have lives, too. Orlando can start worrying when no one cares anymore to comment – period.

    And if Orlando’s people don’t want his name out of the papers too long, as you say, then maybe they should get him involved in some worthwhile organizations, charity work, or get him off his butt to do the photography and sculpting he said he was so into when in school. He could do an exhibition like Viggo Mortensen, or team up with a bunch of talented actors to do artwork and raise money for a good cause. But that would require REAL WORK, wouldn’t it? A lot more work than getting papped with Miranda, right?

    Yeah, thought so.

  • @audge

    Audge thats why i dont come here. I just look at the pics and run. Im a year younger then you and I get sickened by it all.

  • @45

    I’m confused. A fake insider came here and made claims that turned out to be false (shock) and you are blaming Orlando for making a fool of them? Are you kidding me? Wow. That’s on of the stupidest things that I have heard lately. And that says a lot. I’m really starting to believe that all of you delphi girls really are insane.

  • @55

    Not all, maybe a good 3 or 4.

  • @54

    I really shouldn’t be posting this because this is getting so incredibly ridiculous, but this one little part of your post caught my attention, the rest was just babble,

    “And if Orlando’s people don’t want his name out of the papers too long, as you say, then maybe they should get him involved in some worthwhile organizations, charity work”

    He’s done charity work for a while now. It bothers me when people don’t get credit for the things they’ve done. So thank you for reminding me what a wonderful person he is being involved in so many charities and foundations. :-)

    Rasia Gorbachev Foundation, Make a Wish Foundation, visiting Ronald Mcdonald houses, partnering with UNICEF, Peace Games, Global Green, ONE,org, handprintmedia, ASPCA, Starlight foundation, Children in Need BBC, Epidermolysis Bullosa Medical Research Foundation, Shoa Foundation, Lili Clair benefit Foundation and GreenPeace.

    Most of these foundations involve, Childhood Cancer, The Environment, Animals, and children in general…just so you know the facts…it helps to know those before you post something. It makes you sound less ignorant.

  • oops ^@53

    typo in my last post it’s meant for poster 53 :-)

  • Vogue
  • Jennifer

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  • gg

    A few people pointed out that he is posing for paparazzi. I think it’s not posing (at least not only) but he is just waiting for Kerr. But the timing is hard to be determined.

  • james

    orlando is shit like actor and miranda is a stupid model like alll… and all the models are prostitute.

  • james

    all the models are celebrities prostitute

  • curious

    OMG! I did not visit this place a couple of months. But the things are almost the same. MK shippers are writing the fake posts of how gorgeous they look together, the ex Orly fans are crying that he look as a mess right now.
    The biggest surprise for me is that KerrBloom are still together. You do not have to have a university degree to see that this girl is posing in front of paps, she doesn’t care about her own “very loved” dog safe, she doesn’t care about how will Orly drive the bike if she sit on it as she did, she cares only about how she looks and make sure everybody see her Chanel purse and new boots. She doesn’t act as she is on a walk with a bf she acts as she is on filming.
    Orlando look stupid as someone made a labotomia to him. He only made all this stupid pointless smiles and that is it!
    Damm shame on them

  • Jaded

    gg, with all due respect, if he hates the paparazzi as much as he claimed in countless interviews, and craves privacy, plus, he’s really in a real and loving relationship with ms Kerr, doesn’t it make sense for him to leave with her? Or if she forgot something and he spots the paps (and he looks straight at them in several shots) then he’d be waiting in the lobby?

    What do you make of the pictures of him with the two helmets, smiling at the paps and pointing at one of the helmets? Doesn’t it look like he’s asking them which one to wear? Please don’t say I cannot know because I wasn’t there, I am pretty much aware that I am on the other end of the globe, I am just speculating like everyone else. And to me my logic makes much more sense than the opposing opinion. That’s all.

    I don’t claim to know anything, never did. I just think I have the right to spend my spare time on gossip blogs, drawing conclusions of my own. But feel free to call me pathetic if you will. Happened before.

  • charlie

    Jaded, nice to se you here again ; ) And you are soo right! He usually runs away from the paps, but now days he always look straight to the papps and smile to theme and we all know that Miranda and her family laves the papps…….

  • curious

    And the paps now days always know where to find them together and ready to the paps fest

  • @65

    So, since he didn’t throw a tin of baked beans at the paps he is a famewhore? Plus the fact that he has said over and over again how the paps are an unfortunate part of the job. He doesn’t like them, but he doesn’t hate them either. And he talks to the paps often. That’s nothing new. And these guys weren’t crowding him, or blocking his path, they were across the street, so he probably appreciated their respect. What difference does it make if he was joking around with them?
    He’s beginning a new part of his career, becoming involved with important, meaningful projects, and you’re giving him grief because he isn’t dating a woman you approve of? The guy just can’t catch a break, can he?

  • Oy!

    You people need to learn to pics your battles. These two right here are a non-issue.

  • @69

    Then why are you here, and why do you care?

  • http://justjared Grace

    I m sorry i’m not playing the role of poor orlando anymore he knows exatly what he is doing.Jaded does have a point how is it one minute when he is by himself he doesn’t get paped but as soon as he is with her the paps are all over the place i’m not blaming randa if he is willing to throw his career down the drain by pimping this stuff out.He did say he wants his privacy but after this it’s going to be hard for him to scream this privacy stuff anymore.You can tell in some pics that he is leading the paps on as well as she is neither one of them are taking their careers seriously so why are we taking them seriously.Yes he might have rumored movies ready but until they start it’s nothing more than hearsay.

  • is89

    you guys are so stupid lol!!! talking about this “CONTRACT” they have. Puh-leeze!!! You guys really live in a different world. And if Orlando and Miranda are so boring/ugly/waste of time why are so many people clickinh on the link to see the pics AND taking the time to write such long comments!??!?


    IMO they both look great!

  • Camen

    a puppy in a backpack while sitting on a motorcicle???!!!! I`m shocked.
    maybe it couldn`t fell out, I don`t know, but what about the intense wind and the noise? poor afraid puppy.
    thought orlando love animals, why didn`t he do something against that? very disappointing.
    I`m sick of women who are thinking that little dogs are an fashion accessory.