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Jake Gyllenhaal to Romance Abbie Cornish?

Jake Gyllenhaal to Romance Abbie Cornish?

Abbie Cornish is already dating Reese Witherspoon‘s ex-husband, Ryan Phillippe, but soon may also be spending a lot of time with Reese‘s current squeeze, Jake Gyllenhaal.

An insider tells In Touch that producers on Jake‘s next movie are considering Abbie as his leading lady. The sci-fi flick is about an expedition to the moon to start a lunar colony and is due out in 2010.

“This is one of those only-in-Hollywood situations,” the insider says. “It could work out as long as Reese doesn’t visit Jake on the set.”

Can we say a-w-k-w-a-r-d?

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  • babydoll.

    that would be extremely awkward, although they should all behave like adults. if abbie was bold enough to romance with the father of two – she should just look into reese eyes on the set of this movie.

    dont get me wrong, i like abbie cornish as an actress and her relationship with philippe seems stable enough, but there is always a bitterness when it comes to whirlwind romances with a married guy.

  • abc

    I like Abby. Do not like Reese’s chin, and she is not pretty.

  • Toto

    No problem.

    Jake isn’t dating Reese.

  • abc

    Sorry Abbie not Abby. It is too early for me.

  • in the know

    I call BS, the script for this movie isn’t even written yet, so I doubt that they are even considering this.

    But it won’t be a problem anyway because Abby isn’t dating Ryan.

  • Yeah right

    LOL, sounds like tabloid sh!t.

    Reese won’t be happy but she’ll visit the “boyfriend” on the set.

    Reese Witherspoon WOULD DO ANYTHING FOR PR.

  • Fanny

    Ryan, Ryan, cheating is not nice.

    You should have dumped Reese years ago.

  • Jane

    I believe Ryan cheated with this girl, which is why they divorced. If I were her, I would not want Jake to make this movie. I know they are adults, but when a woman sleeps with a married man, she and that man are ruining lives. Reminds me of this Sienna Miller chick. Who is to say that Abbie won’t try and put the moves on Jake? These kind of women don’t change.

  • AThinker

    Yeah we’ll see if this is even true. Besides who knows how many people are being considered for the part.

  • liz86000

    WOW… Poor Reese if it’s true!! I hope that it’s not, cause it would be hard for her to know her boyfriend is working with that homewrecker!

  • s

    The actors of Hollywood haven’t any kind of shame!
    Ryan Phillippe was a happy horn%er when Reese Witherspoon buitded her career throuth prostitution. Jake Gyllenhaal probably sleep with their her old sexuals partner of her too!
    Abbie Cornish probably make the same and her lover Ryan Phillippe too!
    It is normal to go to a orgie in brothel Hollywood!


  • XD

    seems like the whole situation was “planned”…i mean, how come those “producers” consider Abby among all women on Earth to do this?! come on! i love reese and jake but ryan and abby nope! they seem full of themselves

  • Rita

    Reese will be PISSED; but talk about publicity stunt pssssh

  • erin

    Ryan is a dog and now he is dating one. If I were Jake – I wouldn’t do the film with her – she is GROSS!

  • fake and Booooring

    Can we say enough of this Reese Witherspoon is dating Jake b-u-l-l-s-h-i-t ?

  • Jake G

    “I were her, I would not want Jake to make this movie.”

    Who cares what Reese The Bitch wants?

    Beards can’t get all they want.

  • Daniel

    Good for Ryan to get rid off annoying, ugly, phony Reese Witherspoon!

  • poookie

    haha i love it. that’d be hilariously awkward.

  • Anon

    Nasty bunch of people on here today!!! I think two people posting over and over again…or maybe one! LOL!!! It ‘s standard operating procedure for the Jake!haters. They switch between tearing Reese up and tearing Jake up. Sick little trolls.
    If anyone would mind, it would be Ryan. He’s very insecure. Oh. Reese definitely visits Jake on set. She has visited for long stretches on every movie he’s made for two years. Reese isn’t stupid. She knew what Ryan was like. She was with him for 11 years. Reese is very happy now. She’ll marry Jake. FYI: Jake knew Abbie way before Ryan did. Nothing in common. She ‘s too young for him, in some ways. But she is not a bad person. Ryan and Reese were over long before we ever knew. And Jake and Reese started long before we ever knew. The gossipers like to stir up drama.

  • june

    Just gossip,IMO…Abbie is playing Cathy in Wuthering Heights next, I read….She and Ryan are an adorable couple.

  • gross

    The bigger story is those ugly moles on Abby’s huge face. What an ugly girl she is, she looks fat too.

  • Vogue
  • remember da truth

    Rent A Good Year. Abbie is very good in it.

  • Miapocca

    I believe producer will have to make a tough choice between HAAL and Cornish..Withersppoon is not a mordern lady to just let this slide..not that she hold grudges but in a mind of a traditionalist certain things are a NO NO NO

  • Miapocca

    WELL never watched in anything , not likely not..she is not good to look at and neither is the other slutty one from england who chases after baby daddys’….I think Jolie comes after these 2 in whoredom!..breaking up a FAMILY is worse than breaking up two ppl in my book!

  • leni

    I totally agree with your whole comment, Anon. Such pathetic comments.

  • laura


  • omg


  • abbiefan

    I hope it’s not true, it would be bad for everyone…

  • ozposs

    I like Ryan with Abbie and Reese with Jake. Everyone moved on with as much grace as possible in this type of situation. I think everyone should butt out.

  • cHRIS

    Abbie seems to have seductive charms that steal away her leading men from their significant others. I think it would be HILARIOUS if Jake fell for Abbie, left Reese and then Abbie dumped poor Ryan. Then all Reese could do would be to remarry Ryan. Hollyweird merry go round. This MUST be watched. And ENJOYED.

  • cHRIS

    Of course another solution would be for Jake to pair off with Ryan and Abbie with Reese and then there would be no more difficulties. Taking the gay route might be the best solution all around. LOL

  • cHRIS

    Ryan is kinda cute and pretty; muscle-bound Jake might really dig him. And Abbie seems far more butch than Reese. Abbie could wear the pants, so to speak.

  • heather

    I agree with 31. It will be interesting if they change… good for kids and good for boy and girl single without kids as Jake e Abbie.

  • Anonymous

    Someone made a comment about Abbie being ugly with her moles.

    If you didn’t realize by now..that MANY hot famous people have distinguishing moles on their faces. Do your own personal survey and you will realize that a good majority of the actors/ actresses have moles.

  • Andrea

    If it is true, Jake should back out of the movie. He deserves a better co-star than some D-list homewrecker. Just because Reese is better off with Jake, doesn’t mean either of them need to be nice to the woman who had a part in breaking up her marriage.

  • Wizard

    Miapocca @ 08/21/2008 at 1:24 pm

    You have to be the dumbest person on the face of this planet to constantly bring up Angelina Jolie. She didn’t break any family up!! Did Brad and Jennifer have any kids??? No! Did she manipulate Brad to leave Jen? NO. He’s not an idiot, if he truly loved Jen or there was love between them, their love would have withstood Angelina. Brad just fell in love with Angie cause she was a nurturer, a mother. He fell in love with that. KEYWORD HERE, HEEEEEEEEEEE left Jen for Angie. Retard. Simple Miapocca, seriously.

  • ryan

    abbie is not only ugly, but she is a homewreaking w*H*O*R*E that no body cares about

  • cHRIS

    You people don’t understand that MONEY is everything in Hollyweird. And some people behind this movie think that paring Jake with Abbie will stir up interest and get people to go to the movie and that means MONEY. MONEY rules in Hollyweird. People will do almost anything for MONEY. See?

  • tammy s

    I love Ryan and Abbie together better than ryan and reese. Abbie is beautiful but more importantly she is probably the best young actor in hollywood today( watch Candy….I thought she outshone heath ledger in a lot of the scenes in that movie)…..If anything I think she is way too good for Ryan

  • Ivana

    Love Jake & Reese together…..
    But Chris is telling a truth in his last post…. :-)))

  • s

    It will be a @$ whore#@ festival. Reese Witherspoon the studio prostitute and Abbie Cornish another one without character.
    A Boytoy and prostitute men Jake Gyllenhaal whose would like to win more money that his family has and the help of his father the director Stephen Gyllenhaal and his mother!
    Ryan Phillippe the perfect #luck #horner#!!

    It is a perfect orgie for the brothel Hollywood!

  • cHRIS

    I doubt even Jake, however nice a guy he is, would refuse to do this. Why? Well as one knowledgable person said “movie stars are people without souls.” That is to say, they are prepared to be anybody the script tells them to be and after a while they really have no personality or a very diminished personality themselves. The more people you are the less soul you have. Movie stars are personality manequins: completely neutral or neuter so that any personality can be fitted onto them. Jake isn’t gay but he can play “gay” and so on and so forth. This can become a problem as it did with Vivien Leigh. She had nymphomaniac tendencies and when she played a number of such roles she became distrubed and semi-psychotic. It is a rare actor who can keep his own personality intact.

  • sam

    This story sounds like a lot of BS to create drama. But I do think Jake is a great actor and I do like Abbie as an actress so I appreciate whatever they decide to do with their careers.

  • cHRIS

    Jake is a colossal hypocrite. Earlier in his career he vowed how he would only make “movies people remember”, not just movies that are popular and have nothing to say and that only make money. So what does he do? He signs up to do Prince of Persia that is intended to be popular, that has nothing important to say and that is meant only to make money. How’s that for principle, etc.? You big hypocrite Jake. Of course I suspect Reese has something to do with this. Her movies have nothing to say but make lots of money. I can just hear her telling him, Jakie, love, if you’re going to keep up with me and get up to my speed, you’d better begin making some money. I don’t like drones living off me. I had one before and I had to dump him. So get going or I might dump you too. LOL.

  • cHRIS

    Jakey needs to recover his masculinity. Reese probably castrates most men she gets involved with by making lots more money than they do. I suspect that’s what sent Ryan into the arms of Abbie. So Jakeypoo needs to begin to make at least as much money as Reese so he can hold up his head. He already has moved into her house, a very wimpy move that makes him look like a loser/house husband. So he’d better begin to bring in the moolah and the dough and lots of it or she’ll castrate him too and then move on to someone else whose peen she can chop off. LOL.

  • anon

    The biggest, colossal hypocrite is you, Chris. Constantly whining, complaining and making fun of Jake here only makes you sound like a wimpy little loser boy who has no life of his own.

    If you knew anything or were a mature person you would know that people can change and change their minds about the direction of their lives or the movies they make. They don’t have to do the same thing over and over again.

  • cHRIS

    I don’t whine, I ridicule. I sure don’t post here using a vocabulary of two words: cute and hot….. like so many. And I think dear old Jakey can take it; It really has nothing to do with him directly. He is only the hook on which to hang some silly fun. You should try it sometime instead of taking this Hollyweird sh*t so seriously. You really seem to RELATE to Jakey as if you knew him. That’s stupid and silly ’cause you don’t. So don’t waste your time defending him from my ridicule. Join in and throw some silliness at him too.

  • anon

    Yawn, Chris.

  • cHRIS

    anon: thanks for reacting. I enjoy that.