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Jennifer Garner's Baby Einstein

Jennifer Garner's Baby Einstein

Baby bumpin’ Jennifer Garner hosts the Baby Einstein 10th Anniversary Celebration along with its founder Julie Clarke at the Walt Disney Concert Call in Los Angeles on Wednesday.

At the event, Jennifer confirmed her pregnancy. “Oh I’m not pregnant,” she giggled as she told Access Hollywood. “I just had a lot of carbs for breakfast. It’s just – what do they call it? A breakfast pouch? Bunch?”

Jen and the party goers were treated to a special musical performance, many baby friendly activities, and a live puppet show.

“We love the arts, and Baby Einstein has brought music and nature into our home in such a wonderful, meaningful way,” said Garner. “As a parent, it’s easy to see why Baby Einstein is a mom-favorite around the world.”

10+ pictures inside of Jennifer Garner‘s Baby Einstein…

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Photos: AP Photo/Dan Steinberg
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  • zanessa fan

    she looks so homely. where is her stylist?

  • zanessa fan

    Jen looks terrible. She looks frumpy and homely. If she put a little effort in it would be well worth it!

  • AAHUUh


  • a

    She’s absolutely lovely. She always looks so beautiful naturally.

  • Janie

    She’s amazing. I love her. She looks so cute!

  • Nora

    I love Jen but this dress and that hair isn’t working for her. She always looks better with side-swept, chunky bangs. But hey, when you’re pregnant, sometimes you’re just not feeling the day, right?!

  • hm

    I don’t dislike her but I always get the feeling that she’s pimping herself and her daughter. We go from seeing them sporadically to an all out assault with pictures of her and Violet every day for weeks. I’m starting to think she’s as much of a publicity whore as Aniston.

  • lameomg

    She’s a milf

  • lounge

    She’s a nice actress!


    WHERE is Violet??? All the other celebrity moms brought their kids…

    And Violet does have a nanny… It would be a great way to introduce the
    world to a beautiful baby..

    Wonder if she is going to the DNC next week… with Ben..

  • victoria

    Why is it every single time a celebrity brings their baby out for an event for any other play-time thingy, some one like NUMBER # 7, always says something ridiculous like ” they are pimping their children”…… Well, if you have children NUMBER # 7, and someone takes a picture of them and YOU at Holidays or while you are on vacation ( like family or friends ) do you consider yourself, ” pimping them out” ? THAT IS SUCH A SILLY REMARK>>>>> PIMPING THEM OUT>>>>>>> They are celebrities in the public eye, for goodness sakes… OF COURSE, they will get their pictures taken EVERWHERE….. I’m surprised they even come out at all, with all of the stupid and hateful comments about them… At least Jennifer and Ben have said before that they have learned to ” roll with the punches”, and ” let the those ridiculous stories be go to the grave where they belong”…… Jennifer says she is not out to please ANYONE with her fashion style… She wears what is comfortable, because she has morning sickness 24/7…

  • Vogue
  • Michele

    I find her incredible annoying. Can’t wait for them to get divorced.

  • Michele

    I find her incredible annoying. Can’t wait for them to get divorced.

  • CelebrityFanChat Raph

    she looks pretty.

  • debra77

    I don’t know why it seems as if she tries to go out of the way to seem like a “normal Mom”. Moms come in all shapes sizes and styles. I don’t like that she criticizes others for pimping out there kids, and we see every move she makes with Violet. I know that Ben really wants to go into politics. I think they are now laying the foundation for some type of office run in the near future. I just think that you don’t have to look frumpy to relate to the general public. She is a pretty woman. I just hate the way she dresses. She was so kick ass in her action TV show. I don’t know where that Jen went. I just think the same consideration should be given to all celebs who are photographed with their children. The criticism on them is endless. I just want a fair playing field for all.

    Oh and congratulations to Matt on his little girl. I wonder if he has an Angie thing going…Gia… Just joking. I know that they are all good friends. I can’t wait for the news on Gwen’s baby..

  • sweetie

    Even when she’s frumpy, she’s beautiful. She has a glow from the inside out.

  • yo

    from gallery caption – - -PLAY TIME

    Jennifer Garner, who confirmed that she’s expecting a second child with husband Ben Affleck, celebrates the 10th anniversary of the Baby Einstein line Wednesday in Los Angeles. Garner cohosted the event, arriving at the Walt Disney Concert Hall with a very special date – 2-year-old daughter Violet!

    she brought her daughter but kept her out of the spotlight like it should be

  • Daredevil

    DId she borrow a dress from her grandmother, and the hair is horrible unless your two, she looks awful. Now I know why Ben is never with her, who would want to be seen with someone who constantly looks fumpy and fugly.

  • contra

    While Ben is busy making movies his wife is busy making babies. What a ugly woman, wearing the dress of a 80 year old woman with the hair style of a 3 year old.

  • contra

    While Ben is busy making movies his wife is busy making babies. What a ugly woman, wearing the dress of a 80 year old woman with the hair style of a 3 year old.


    dear god… where is her stylist.. what just because you are a mom you have to dress like your 60!!

  • Dirty

    She’s super cute and glowing!
    I still can’t figure out what on earth was he doing with JLo??

  • AThinker

    Beautiful dressed up and dressed down.

  • Adoring Fan

    I too am not crazy about the dress but nothing can take away from overall beauty. Plus she has such a sweet and lovely persona. Clothes don’t make the person. When Ben said he married his dream girl. I see what he meant. She is the best.

  • Truman

    It’s just your imagination, #7

  • josie

    I’m a fan and think she is talented, and seems to be a good person as well.

    But, I’m not a fan of that dress. I don’t expect her to wear those trendy, flowy Tori Spelling/Gwen Stefani preg dresses, but this dress is really homely. I this party is for Baby Einstein, but come on Jen!

  • bella

    Love her :)

  • http://Ha!Ha! booboo

    She is looking more like Andrea Yates every day. She is trying to hide her bangs instead of just styling them nicely. Her features are too severe to pull it all back tightly. She seems to have no fashion sense. The dress might have worked if it were short sleeve and covered her knees but it just looks awkward. Its interesting to see how Ben is a man who always dresses with ease yet is married to a woman who tries so hard and yet still manages to miss the mark. Does the girl even have a stylist?

  • Adoring Fan

    booboo #29 are you crazy? Ben dresses with ease? You gotta be kidding me. Ben is the last person who dresses up even on the red carpet he hardly ever shaves. That is why they are so well matched they are both low maintenance people. The are not into fashion, they have different priorities than most celebs. Fashion is just not on their agenda. Don’t allow you dislike for her make a liar out of you honey.

  • ew

    That outfit is just plain wrong.

  • Jean dimaria

    bad choice on the dress. was she trying to look like a preschool teacher? julie clarke looks so much cuter!


  • Joanna

    That is why they are so well matched they are both low maintenance people. The are not into fashion, they have different priorities than most celebs. Fashion is just not on their agenda.

    Your the one that’s crazy because low maintenance people don’t go out and buy a 20 million dollar mansion. Jennifer Garner is a celebrity attending a public event, she has a stylist she should use her because she looks like horse sh#t in these pictures.

    What an embarrassment she is to her husband looking like that, Ben deserves better.

  • michelle

    Aww I’m so happy for the Affleck family. Jennifer Garner is such a sweet woman with natural beauty!!!! Love her!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://Ha!Ha! booboo

    Haha, Joanna is right. They are not low maintenance with a $16 million dollar home. Far from it! Ben can wear a garbage bag and still look freaking hot because his body carries clothing with ease. Jen wears ill fitting clothing and her hair always looks dowdy. She looks like she’s auditioning for the role of Minnie Pearl.

    Ben and Jen in 20 years:

  • MiHay

    Absolutely love her. She looks so adorable pregnant.

  • Adoring Fan

    She is absolutely adorable no matter what she wears. So cute and sweet and with a great sense of humor. I loved the interview she did with Access Hollywood. Can’t wait to see the next baby.

  • cherie

    Man, does she look bad.

  • central

    Who let the dogs out.. WOOF… WOOF…

    Jeez she looks bad. She’s No.1 on the worst dressed pregnant stars in Hollywood list.

  • zoe

    she looks cute. love the hair and makeup. the dress looks okay…maybe a bit too short but the color looks good.

  • :)

    OMG I didn’t even see this post!!!!

    she looks so BEAUTIFUL :)
    I really want them to have a boy :P

  • amy

    She has access to a stylist whenever she wants. There is no excuse for looking so frumpy at an event where there will be photographers. The only explanation is that she has no sense of style. Never did. Probably never will. I don’t even like the mansion they’re buying. It’s as boring as she is. I do love some of the other posters: dress of a sixty year old, hair of a three year old. So true.