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Miranda Kerr is a Helmet Head

Miranda Kerr is a Helmet Head

Pirates of the Caribbean hunk Orlando Bloom helps his model girlfriend Miranda Kerr with her helmet strap before taking her out for a spin on his BMW R1200 GS motorcycle in New York City on Thursday morning.

What a cute couple!

Orly, 31, and Miranda, 25, was seen leaving their downtown Manhattan apartment before riding off together.

Miranda gripped Orlando very tightly as they sped around SoHo together,” an onlooker said.

10+ pictures inside of helmet heads Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom

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138 Responses to “Miranda Kerr is a Helmet Head”

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  1. 1
    dirtpoor Says:


  2. 2
    Phonypeople Says:

    Bwhaahahha!!! Yep, they looooove their privacy! Keep it up, Kerrbloom!

  3. 3
    Rose Says:

    hes hot. their kinda cute together

  4. 4
    Phonypeople Says:

    You know your career’s in the crapper when it comes to this. LOL! Orli ain’t no victim of anything or anyone but himself and his celebrity status.

  5. 5
    poor poor fangirl Says:

    Wait for the poor poor fangirl to come on here and post
    over and over under different names bagging Miranda……
    ……too late……..#4 has already started……how many times do
    you think she will post???……lol.

  6. 6
    Cookie Monster Says:

    Greetings to the ladies at Delphi! *Waves*

    I rest my case and stand firm in comments from my previous posts. Both these individuals know exactly what they’re doing and with whom, and they want and need to be seen. It isn’t just Miranda who needs the attention in this ‘relationship’. Orlando chooses his ‘girlfriends’ based on what he can get from them PR and publicity wise. A truly quiet and dignified relationship with a strong woman who would lay down the law and refuse to put up with his games and manipulations would never give him the time of day – which explains why he doesn’t appear to have such a woman in his life. He most likely doesn’t WANT that kind of woman in his life. She would probably force him to face himself, his fears and his demons, and she’d probably suggest he seek some professional counseling.

    No way would Orlando, Mr. Movie Star and Celebrity, go for that. There are too many eager actresses and models to choose from to have to deal with *that*. LOL!

    He stood Miranda up in December and kept her waiting for what, 7 or 8 weeks? He took her to Villa and Ago last fall, and he knew other celebs and paps would be there. He likes to play games, but I think Miranda has her own rules. Maybe they’ve finally worked out a mutually beneficial arrangement.

    I think he’s gotten the woman he deserves, ladies! No, I don’t consider the relationship real, except in terms of PR and publicity. Orlando has proven himself to be NOTHING like the man he once claimed himself to be. He presented himself a certain way, but the truth comes out sooner or later. And blaming his PR firm or the media for the image and falsehoods he himself helped put out there won’t work anymore.

    Perhaps if he were a better actor, a more skilled actor who took his craft seriously, and who valued acting more than celebrity status, he and his career wouldn’t be in the state they currently seem to be in.


  7. 7
    [☆I n F a m o u s☆] Says:

    arnt these the same pictures we seen in two different threads already?

  8. 8
    I'mwatching you Says:

    I’d grip him tightly too! MMMMMMmmmmmm

  9. 9
    Eeewww! Says:

    I can’t believe Orlando would go near her after she was with slimy greasy bear.

  10. 10
    HZZZ Says:

    Hey Jared why are you ripping off an article from the UK SUN and adding it to these pictures? Not cool, dude.

  11. 11
    yep Says:

    The paps are now camped out in front of her building. The NERVE of them leaving their room. They are supposed to stay cloistered away so that the Delphidiots can complain that they are hiding, or that they have broken up. Foiled again! HA!

    And Cookie, you are entirely too invested in this couple. If you are so angry, LEAVE!!! No one will stop you.

  12. 12
    a fan Says:

    you idiots all this pictures are of them leaving her place or near it is obvious that the paps are there because now they know that he is there and they will get pictures but you losers never fail to find stupid reasons to bash TOTAL STRANGERS and please if orlando wanted attention he would go out or have as you call it a showmance with the following woman he was linked KIRSTEN DUNST,JENNIFER ANISTON,PENELOPE CRUZ ,NAOMI HARRIS se you stupid haters he doesn’t need miranda or paps for attention and if he needed attention he would be with the woman i mentioned

  13. 13
    a fan Says:

    he was single forever and tabloids never failed to link him every week with 1000000000 different woman so it is not like he needs this relationship to stay in the tabloids he would be anyways because he is one of the most famous man out there

  14. 14
    Leslie Kim Says:

    If you don’t mind Orlando, I will tell you one thing. Drive safely!!!!!! Yesterday we South Koreans lost a lovely, young talented model and actor in a motorcycle accident. He was only 27 and had a tons of work to do before him. Always be careful on a bike before you get 40.

  15. 15
    Nick Lachey USA Fan Says:

    Miranda looks cute in a helmet =).

  16. 16
    Lea Says:

    I think she looks like lindsey lohan in the topic picture

  17. 17
    again! Says:

    Something is seriously wrong with these two.

  18. 18
    @6 Says:

    Cookie, you are becoming a troll. Like someone said above, if you hate him so much, leave. I just see your name and skip the content, because it’s the same Delphi-drivel over and over. Stop googling him/them, get off the computer, and get a life.
    I will continue to enjoy the man, no matter who he chooses to spend time with. He owes us no explanantion of what makes him happy. I will continue to support him. I will continue to see his films. Especially now that he is making important films. If you no longer want to support him, move along to another male actor that you will continue to hold to unrealistic expectations. Orlando proved himself to be human. THAT is what you are really angry about, isn’t it?

  19. 19
    Cookie Monster Says:

    Silverpaige7, you wrote:

    “I think he should send us a better signal. Tug on his left ear if he wants out but is contractually bound. Tug on his right if she’s his fuckbuddy run amok and he doesn’t know how to end it. Wink with his left eye if he really loves her and we should piss off. Wink with his right eye if he hates her but she’s blackmailing him. ”

    LOL! Brilliant!!! Oh, you forgot to add one other option: Grab his groin or tug on his manhood when he’s with her to signal he’s got ED and isn’t able to sexually satisfy her anyway, and that THAT’S the not-so-big little secret that she’s blackmailing him with. It’s not that he’s gay or bi. It’s not that she’s got some picture of him doing drugs or with some other guy. He’s just an average dude who’s still dealing with a back injury he had when he was twenty years old and physical intimacy is a challenge for him. He may not be as sexually experienced as he’d like people to believe. That would explain all the pap set ups with the ladies at clubs and in the back seats of cars, wouldn’t it?

    If Bloom wants to give the finger to his remaining fans, they can give the finger right back to him. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth and finger for a finger. ;)

    ~Cookie Monster~

  20. 20
    @17 Says:

    What’s wrong about hanging out together and riding a bike? The paps know that he is there, they will be outside her building until he leaves. Unless they stay inside, the paps will get their pictures.

  21. 21
    Vogue Says:
    i love them

  22. 22
    @19 Says:

    Why are you holding a Delph-idiot conversation over here? You formed your own hate site because you couldn’t take people disagreeing with you. Why not use your own site? Or are you tired of talking to the same four people?
    If we cared to read your insane rantings, we would go to your site. How desperate for attention are you, Cookie?
    You asked for it, you got it – PATHETIC!

  23. 23
    OBDiscussion Says:

    Since Cookie is bringing over posts from Delphoid, I decided to bring over a post too. This hilarious, and spot on post, from OBDiscussion on livejournal is describing a standard day of posting at our favorite looney bin. If you want to talk about Delphi? Lets talk about Delphi.

    “I hopped over to that ‘other’ site to check things out, and it was almost comforting to know that nothing has changed….

    *Orlando better not show up in Oz, he needs to be concentrating on work instead of following her around.
    *Orlando didn’t go to Oz with Miranda ’cause it’s over.
    *Miranda is using his ‘work excuse’ as a coverup.
    *Miranda should shut up about his work, if he doesn’t mention it, she shouldn’t.
    *Pictures of him in Scotland prove that he isn’t really working, so she is lying.
    *She should have just said that he couldn’t come because of family commitments, she’s lying about him working. (ie: it’s OK to talk about family, but not about work?)
    *He needs to stay away from her.
    *He’s flying to Sarajevo for work.
    *Orlando has a big ego and is becoming a Hollywood player.
    *If Orlando really cared about her, why didn’t he use his clout, and inconvenience an entire production so he could go to Oz to be with her at her big event?
    *That show was just a d-list event, Orlando would have been a fool to show up.
    *If he cared about her he would have come to Oz with her from Paris.
    He had a week in between, if he cared he would have flown for 24 hours each way for a two day lay-over while she was busy in fittings and promotion right before he begins filming because Sam would understand that Miranda is obviously more important than career or family as long as it is convenient to our argument *deep breath* and Orlando is juvenile and shallow for dating a model and she is ugly and plain and trashy but we aren’t shallow for saying that and we are so much smarter then thos peopel at Jus Jared becus over their they cant tipe good Englush and he needs to take any work that he can get but it needs to be a role that we approve of because the six posters here are his most important fans and every decision that he or Miranda makes is based upon our posts and isn’t it nice to have a place to openly discuss our opinions and we respect all opinions as long as they are the same as ours if they aren’t we will ban you for not respecting us and our opinions will always be changing because we must roll with the punches so that we can continually prove that Orlando and Miranda CAN DO NOTHING RIGHT!!! *deep breath*…o_O

    Yep, nothing ever changes.”

    I LOVE it!
    The best part is the fact that the Delphoids can’t dispute a thing that this poster said. It’s all based upon actual posts.

  24. 24
    ummm Says:

    Her face is so blank it scary. And why is she morphing into Denise Richards?

    Three days of pap pictures is a wee bit too much. I mean how many pics of this do we really need? We get it, ok.

    I’m still waiting for any sort of genuine interaction between them, though. 150 shots and not one spark. Only one with any personality is that ratdog and that’s after she stuffed him into a backpack. Poor doggie.

    Last thing – Orlando please change your dang shirt it’s gotta be pretty ripe by now.

  25. 25
    @23 Says:

    lol…. you hit the nail on the head. Thanks I needed that. :-)

    I never get tired of seeing photos of these two. Bring them on!

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