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Usain Bolt: The Fastest Man On Earth

Usain Bolt: The Fastest Man On Earth

Usain Bolt celebrates winning gold and setting new world records in the 100m and 200m events at the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

On Saturday, Usain broke the world record for the 100m at 9.69 seconds, three-hundredths of a second better than the previous world record. With about 10 meters to go in the 100, he threw out his arms and pounded his chest as he crossed the finish line.

Bolt then ran the 200m in 19.30 seconds, breaking the world record by two-hundredths of a second less than two hours before his 22nd birthday.

“I’m looking forward to the 4×100,” Bolt said. “I have one (race) to go. I have to refocus again to get one more gold medal.”

DO YOU THINK Usain Bolt’s new world records will ever be broken?

20+ pictures of Usain Bolt, the fastest man on earth…

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usain bolt beijing olympics 100m 200m 01
usain bolt beijing olympics 100m 200m 02
usain bolt beijing olympics 100m 200m 03
usain bolt beijing olympics 100m 200m 04
usain bolt beijing olympics 100m 200m 05
usain bolt beijing olympics 100m 200m 06
usain bolt beijing olympics 100m 200m 07
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usain bolt beijing olympics 100m 200m 09
usain bolt beijing olympics 100m 200m 10
usain bolt beijing olympics 100m 200m 11
usain bolt beijing olympics 100m 200m 12
usain bolt beijing olympics 100m 200m 13
usain bolt beijing olympics 100m 200m 14
usain bolt beijing olympics 100m 200m 15
usain bolt beijing olympics 100m 200m 16
usain bolt beijing olympics 100m 200m 17
usain bolt beijing olympics 100m 200m 18
usain bolt beijing olympics 100m 200m 19
usain bolt beijing olympics 100m 200m 20
usain bolt beijing olympics 100m 200m 21
usain bolt beijing olympics 100m 200m 22
usain bolt beijing olympics 100m 200m 23
usain bolt beijing olympics 100m 200m 24

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  • ñññ

    he is the best in the history


    Gwan Jamaica! Big up unoo self!!


  • Julian

    I’m sure that he is wasted.

  • Joan

    New Kelly Clarkson song from her new album:

  • sweetie

    Very impressive! Congrats, Usain!

  • kongomorgo


  • kongomorgo

    i’m 4th.

  • c.l.

    I’d like to know what kind of drugs he’s taking ;-) remember Marion Jones???

  • queenie

    go jamaicaa .!! i live in jamaica ..jamaica rocks

  • queenie


  • Pam

    wow he is the most amazing athlete in the olympics!!

  • Audrey


  • Ouch!

    I’m sorry, I guess I don’t get the olympics…
    He’s the fastest man on earth; SO WHAT?! :S

  • andamentothat

    Watching Usain, Michael Phelps, Nastia Liukin and the beach volleyball duo Misty May and Kerri Walsh has been just so much fun. The kids are so inspired by them! Its good for them to have role models that are not tv or movie stars!

  • Day

    Yes jamaica all the way!!!!!!


    woot woot! i saw that last night

  • bella

    Great athlete :)
    Way to go Jamacia

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    another record that will be broken.

    records are made to be broke.

    athletes get stronger and faster every generation. that’s why every generation surpasses the generation before it in.

  • jamacangurl

    Jamaica to the world!!

  • todd

    Do you work? Or just wait to say something mean about cebebs (now atheletes) all day long????
    You’re so annoying.

  • irma

    I suppose that for you it is more important to ear about People like Paris Hilton and compagnie, but Sport is one of the best thing in this world. That shows people how to face the world with a good spirit, and how to give the best of themself. So this is a great thing, a very great thing.

  • Chris

    He is the greatest. I have no words to express his amazingness. Doesn’t hurt that he’s really cute too!

  • Ouch!

    Irma, I give the best of myself in marketing, which is way more useful!
    And no, I couldn’t care less about the Paris crowd!

  • levi

    It is not like Marion Jones’s time. there are drug tests almost everyday for athletes nowadays. he is clean and amazing. But these records will be broken one day as well.

  • Vogue
  • lilo

    Bolts record will not be broken for a long time.
    Though, if doping would be legal, it will soon be

  • prim

    stupid question that if Bolt’s records will ever be broken…of course they will be broken..humans get bigger, stronger, faster all the time

  • shannon

    big ups to JA! we run dis and it’s tru cause we be killing each race but the americans are doing well to it’s like every nite there’s a battle between the two great T.V in my opinion

  • joyce

    Usain has a huge bulge, he could seriously hurt someone with that thing. I wonder if he has to tape it to his leg before he runs.

  • sarah

    jamaica big ups!!!!!!!
    jah bless !!!!

  • Yaya

    Go Jamaica!

  • jamaicanqueen

    yall just shut.if you dont like him
    then dont f***king comment this
    and let the joy of his fans and new lovers
    support.if it was yall americans you wouldnt
    say anything .you white hypocrites RACES!!!

    nuff love to do man BOLT!!

  • Linds

    yeaa GO Jamaicaa
    im only proud of HIM . he actually EARNED his medal. i am from the netherlands antilles and if you remember, our medal was taken away from us. WTF! its not fair. we deserved it. just because Churandy STEPPED on the line?! we all know it woulnd’t have made a difference. i know those 4th and 5th place winners who got his medal, arent happy with it. YOU DIDNT DESERVE IT. GOSH.
    why cant you let us have 1 lousy medal ?! Micheal Phelps HIMSELF has about 8 GOLDEN medals and we get ONE silver one and you take it away from us? Jesus, get a life.

  • Raichill

    I’m so glad this guy isn’t American or maybe the Americans will claim him anyway.

  • Shar

    # 34 Raichill @ 08/21/2008 at 9:02 pm

    I’m so glad this guy isn’t American or maybe the Americans will claim him anyway.


    Raichill, they already tried to get him to go to an American University, but he refused. He decided to stay in Jamaica and go to their college and train there. Good for Usain Bolt. Because by making that decision, he’s the first Jamaicain to win an olympic gold in Track and field for his country. Every other Jamaican who won in the olympics were representing another country, like Canada and England!!!!!

  • jr

    ahha i love how the comments about bolt are saying “oh well his records will be broken just like every other record”

    no mention on how easily phelps’ records will be broken….

    bolt is awesome! and he should be getting just as much credit as phelps, not this disrespect about how “his records will be broken someday”

  • m

    # 34 you’re an *ss. This thread has nothing to do with Americans…why do you feel it’s necessary to say that in this thread?

    #35 If he had chosen to go to an American university that does not mean he could have represented the United States. You must be a citizen of the country you are competing for.

    Also, IMHO he’s bit arrogant, as are MOST Jamaicans I know (I live in an area of the country which has many Jamaicans, and I’ve had a lot of contact with them…and most of the ones I’ve met really think they are above everyone else. It’s a very undesirable trait, for anyone).

    A little bit of humilty goes a lot further in life!!

  • Halli

    It was great to watch him. He’s talented and entertaining to watch. congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lips,tits and smack that ass.

    Thank you Jared for putting this up. Congrats to Usain and all the others.Wonderful job.

  • debi

    he’s an amazing runner. when i saw him do the 100m, he looked so relax as if he wasn’t running at all. and he was looking around chilling while running. amazing runner. congrats usain!

  • to m

    the man is now the fastest on earth. so what if he’s arrogant; he’ s earned it. and before you cast disparging comments i suggest you look at the behavior of american athletes. now they are definitley arrogant and have been for a long time.

  • Jamaican

    #37. Pot calling kettle. Clearly you have met someJamaicans who have been away from thier home ‘Jamaica’ for way too long, sounds to me like they have picked up some undesirably traits. Mmmmm, interesting.

    Next time try to experience Jamaicans in Jamaica and by the way Bolt and the rest of our Olympic atlhetes has made us very PROUD and like Usain we are all beating up our chest ‘showing off’ [Actually were 'finally' celebrating GOLD medals instead of bronze, but if you want to take it the wrong way] knock yourself out. In the meantime don’t get it twisted and please stop the HATING!!!!! JAMAICA, GOLD!!!!!!

  • Stephanie

    he is amazing, wait to go & happy birthday : )

  • ass

    dopped unfortunetly like all the jamaicans

  • gd marx

    The biggest doper on earth. Jamaica has no national doping agency and makes no doping controles during training.

  • Julian

    @ levi: first, they aren’t drug tests every day
    second, the jamaican olympic athletics are tested by her
    own jamaican team doctor.

  • lola

    what about doping? isn’t it a little bit curious/fishy that not many doping-tests were made in jamaica? and the jamaican women won gold, silver AND bronze in one contest…. it’s ridiculous!!!

  • raquel

    Hope he’s clean. It will come out eventually if he’s not. He should also learn some sportsmanship. The way he showboated around was unseemly. He doesn’t have the class Jesse Owens or Michael Johnson had. As for records. All records break eventually.

  • raquel

    Julian. Yes they are tested every day. They take samples right after each race. This is how they found out several Greek runners and weight lifter were doping.

  • http://justjared bermy girl

    Congratulations to Usain Bolt!

    Another fine product of Jamaica. He has made not just his country, but the rest of the Caribbean proud.

    Jamaica – the land of wood, water, Blue Mountain coffee, reggae, jerk and outstanding athletes!