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Ashley Tisdale Gets NBC Nutty

Ashley Tisdale Gets NBC Nutty

Ashley Tisdale and her gal pal head to the Warner Bros. Studios in Burbank and the NBC offices in Toluca Lake, Calif. on Thursday.

Tizz, 23, seemed to be in a happy mood and laughed all the way to her car!

On Wednesday, Ash walked the pink carpet at the premiere of The House Bunny in a pair of pink peep-toe pumps.

10+ pictures of Ashley Tisdale getting NBC nutty…

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ashley tisdale nbc nutty 01
ashley tisdale nbc nutty 02
ashley tisdale nbc nutty 03
ashley tisdale nbc nutty 04
ashley tisdale nbc nutty 05
ashley tisdale nbc nutty 06
ashley tisdale nbc nutty 07
ashley tisdale nbc nutty 08
ashley tisdale nbc nutty 09
ashley tisdale nbc nutty 10
ashley tisdale nbc nutty 11
ashley tisdale nbc nutty 12

Credit: Jason M/BM; Photos: Bauergriffinonline, FlynetOnline
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  • DANy

    awwwww pretty she looks so awsome !!! love her boots!!!

  • Yasmine

    i dont really care for ashley tisdale, but cute top and hair but i dont like herboots…
    btw did u post the winners for the erge tee yet?? oh and i know this isnt the right post, but please pick for that brueckner bagggg = ]

  • Angeline

    Aw, she looks so happy!

  • Kendall
  • tia

    oh god jared ur going WAY overboard with all the tisdale post!!

  • Vogue
  • kylie

    she kinda reminds me of a socialite. doesnt seem to do a whole lot..

  • dina

    u suck

  • zanessa/jashley

    Her boots are so adorable :D I love them !! She looks pretty today. She’s been out alot lately…how many posts are there of her ? You might as well put her in the yellow box up there.

  • WDF



    She is talented and love her album… but this outfit just not looking good at all….

  • girlleader1



    i luv her! especially when she smiles!

  • girlleader1



    i luv her! especially when she smiles!

  • a.l


  • maya

    shes so amazing

    she is the only reason im seeing HSM3

    everyone else in those movies are not in my interest

  • Lolalove

    Jared, I love your posts and all and you’re so quick to blog when the most exciting thing happens but seriously, can you ease down on all these Ashley posts? I think I should boycott this site for a while to stop myself from negatively commenting on this talentless “celeb”.

  • kourtney

    I love the booties! she always wears the cutest boots and such

  • lindsay

    no more ashley tisdale PLEASE! what does she even do? shes been done HSM for a while now and all she seems to do is just, wander around hollywood acting like she doesnt wanna be photographed when we all know she probz couldnt live without the attention…

  • desi.d

    LOVE her dresssss!

  • chloe


    if it wasnt for disney there is no way in hell she would be acting or have a recording contract cuz she really doesnt have THAT much talent..

    she just got lucky

  • sui

    Pretty, love her and the dress looks so comfortable!

  • grape

    she is famous!
    what happen with u guys!
    she’s cute!
    her album is good! she’s an amzing actress! good singer!
    love Ashley
    if u don’t like her, please don’t come here!

  • major Ash fan!

    The Top Reasons to adore Ashley Tisdale:

    Her laugh is contagious.
    She is completely drop dead beautiful/gorgeous.
    Her voice is amazing.
    Her acting is amazing.
    Her hair is awesome.
    I love her smile. :)
    She’s just sooo nice.
    She is down to earth.
    She loves animals.
    She’s supportive of her big sis.
    She always looks so happy.
    She’s a great role model and fashion icon.
    She hasn’t done anything to trash her rep unlike two of her disney co-stars/best friends.
    She’s perfect.
    Everything about her is just great.
    &&++and more.

    I love Ashley Michelle Tisdale,regardless of what anyone else says. She will always have my full support, always.

    I love you Ashley, you are /amazing/. You define amazing. You are my absolute favorite celebrity in the entire world. Keep on rockin’ and just being you!!!

    And if anyone tries to put you down, they’re gonna have to deal with me cussing them out.

    LOVE YOU FOREVAAAAAAA GIRLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D


  • major Ash fan!

    Oh yeah, and to quote Zac, she is sweeter then a cupcake. :)

  • shannon

    im so sick of her

  • LOLA

    Major Ash Fan, that list you made was PATHETIC.

    1) Her laugh is NOT contagious, IT’S ANNOYING. She makes me wanna slap the shit out of her.
    2) Ashley is really ugly. If it weren’t for her make-up artist putting on pounds of makeup she’d look even worse than she does already. Oh, and she’s had plastic surgery, but she’s still fugly.
    3) She cannot sing for her life. All her songs are REALLY easy to sing.
    4) Her acting is okay.
    5) Her looks good…but it’s FAKE….just like her nose.
    6) Her smile is ugly…and weird looking. Especially when she tries to pout her lips.
    7) I don’t know her, so i don’t know if she’s nice….
    8) I don’t know if she loves animals….you have any proof?
    9) Yeah, i kinda do think she supports her sister.
    10) Uh…she mostly never looks happy
    11) Fashion icon?! HA. she wishes….all she is a label whore.
    12) Shut the FUCK up and stop comparing her to her FRIENDS. All it does is make you seem like an ASS. and makes Ashley’s friends seem more human, because everyone makes mistakes.
    13) ASSley is NOT perfect! Are you kidding me? If she was perfect would she be ugly? would she be flat from everywhere? Would she have chicken legs? Would she have a huge nose? Would she always get tans? Would she have a horrible voice? NO.

  • *Candy*

    lol, i agree 100% with LOLA

  • LOL :D

    bahaha #25 is totally right but she left out that ashley is ^REALLY ugly

  • ahhh

    ma jibai………….wtf jared…………..sstop ittttttt..shes killi ng me

  • ahhh

    so agree with lola

  • a.l

    ur all haters if u dont like her why r u in her then ur her because u all love her

  • ashley tisdale fan forever.

    I totally agree with ‘ major Ash fan! ‘

    Ashley is amazing and beautiful , haters are really getting on my nerves now, if you dont like her then why comment ? Just leave her alone, if you dont like Ashley for who she is then don’t spend your time writing ponitless comments!! I dislike Miley Cyrus but i don’t write horrible comments about her cause whats the point ? At the end of the day i don’t know her and shes a friend of Ashley’s. And Ashley haters you don’t know her , so just LEAVE HER ALONE !!

    Love you forever Ashley and she looks totally gorgeous and if its a meeting about her second album, then i cant’ wait =]

    Love you Ashley

  • LOLA

    i luv Ashley!

  • Jezreel

    we are here to tell Jared to PLEASE STOP posting Ashley stuff .. unless its something important or interesting.
    I like Ashley…
    But I agree with Lola/#25 the list major ash fan made is pathetic
    I have to agree her laugh IS annoying..
    and also other stuff Lola mentioned in her list..

  • Frank

    her boyfriend looks like a monkey ;D

    she is hot :)

  • Ash rockz!


    She’s always perfect <333

  • Ash rockz!

    All Haters SHUT UP!
    Nobody want’s to read your totally stupid comments!
    If you don’t like Ash, that’s OK, but i can’t hear this: “She’s sooo ugly.” I think all the writers are ugly, too :D :D :D
    I hate this people!

  • Rashley24

    Ashley is very pretty..^^
    I respect those people who doesn’t like ashley..
    but pls, give some respect to the fans like me especially to ashley..
    watch your words, why do you say those things to ashley? why? are you perfect?? l0ok y0urself first in the mirror b4 u judge others…

    sorry, Im a big fan of ashley… if you dont like her then LEAVE!

  • Rashley24

    go ashley^^…

    we LOVE her…

    get it, get it??

  • haqikah

    I like her boots.

  • Bronte

    The info on her outfit is posted on!

    I like her boots.

  • Bronte

    Ashley’s clothes section…she dresses great!!

  • sara

    why are u here if u don’t like ashley ?? i don’t nderstand ,i mean u hate ashley but u keep reading all her articles ahha u are so pathetic..get a life #25 and leave ashley!!!

  • (:

    cutiee. love her.

  • wow.

    lola i bet that your one ugly piece if sh!t if you say that ashley is all those pathetic things you listed.

  • wow.

    lola i bet that your one ugly piece if sh!t if you say that ashley is all those pathetic things you listed.

  • Zanessa-love4life

    She looks pretty ♥
    Love her outfit!

  • Ashlene

    She is so ugly and disgusting.

  • teteu

    love her!

  • major Ash fan!

    I’m pathetic because I’m a supportive fan?

    Wow okay what has the world come too?

    Lola, I bet anything you’re forty five, fat, have pimples everywhere, bald, and live in your mother’s basement.

  • oye

    Stop looking like a child talentless bitch.