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Ed Westwick is Coca-Cola Cool

Ed Westwick is Coca-Cola Cool

Gossip Girl stud Ed Westwick hypes up the Coca-Cola new aluminum bottle launch at New York City’s Soho Grand Hotel on Thursday.

In this week’s Page Six Magazine, the 21-year-old British actor opened up about the “bootlicking” he’s received as being the villainous but charming Chuck Bass on Gossip Girl – and rumors he’s gay.

On his relationship with co-star and roommate Chace Crawford: “People think Chace is gay, and thought I was gay, that we were humping. It’s not true, but hilarious. People project their fantasies onto people. I’ve never been someone who makes it my objective to go out and pick up chicks. But I’ve met some fantastic ladies here. You know those amazing conversations where you find yourself in a café talking until 2 a.m. and never see them again.”

On refusing to let all the fan adulation go to his head: “There are perks to this job. We [the Gossip Girl cast] were all thrown into this situation with a lot of attention on us, and you get a lot of free clothes and s–t but that’s no reason not to stay grounded. What am I really doing, baby? Saving the world? Nah, I’m on television.”

On his portrayal as Chuck Bass being just as notable as his own bad behavior and sense of style: “Chuck is an iconic character and the clothes are iconic. I think I rock the look well. My style has always been good. Top notch, baby. I like the glamorous indie rock look, like the Libertines. But you know, without the heroin needle sticking out of my arm.”

On not being shy about his late night partying, or his frequent visits to the clubs with his band Filthy Youth: “If I want to go out and drink and throw a glass in the street, I’ll do it. As long as the reason is that I want to have fun and not that I want to create some sort of tension around me. Then I’d be a d–k. But I’m not.”

On planning to enjoy the city and the last warm days of the season: “I love going out in the summer. The girls wear their nice dresses. Did that sound sleazy? It really did, didn’t it? Put it like this: Everyone comes out looking gorgeous in summer. We are a more beautiful species in the summer. No doubt Chuck Bass would say ‘cheers’ to that, baby.”

20+ pictures inside of Coca-Cola cool Ed Westwick and Chace Crawford

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  • clem


  • natta

    “conversations until 2 AM”

    rrrrrigggght! Conversations in bed maybe, like the “conversations” you had in Waldorf Astoria?


    why is he so awesome?!

  • elle

    stop saying baby

  • Bubbaness

    He is seriously unattractive.

  • Helena

    He is seriously ATTRACTIVE.

  • trish.

    Ed Westwick………Isnt THAT cute. But for some reason……OH MY GOD HE’S SEXY.

    i’m sure i’m not the only one feeling like this.
    While i was reading the interview..i could hear his British Accent in my head. lmao…

    i didnt use to like him. But yikes…….now i’m love with him.

  • Angeline

    I like the first picture of him, and the one of him smiling.
    He seems like an interesting kind of person, a unique kind of guy.

  • trish.


  • Tam

    i love him!!!
    and my cousin was actually at that event last night and met him!!!

  • levett

    he sounds like my type of guy. hes funny. saying all those things.

  • angela

    well…at least he’s honest!

  • gina

    Not attractive

  • what the hell was with this interview, baby?

  • emilie

    I’m so crazy about him, it’s not even funny.
    I love you Ed!!!

  • noname

    ahh!!! he is soo attractive… and he tells the truth in his interviews unlike most celebrities

  • Thais

    Hey, Trish.. let’s be bffs! I couldn’t agree more.. he’s not a guy I’d normally take a second look at in the street but for some reason I just wanna have late nite “conversations” with him in bed all night long, baby

    he says ‘baby’ a lot, doesn’t he? That’s so rock n’ roll of him.. hey Ed: let’s shag, baby.

  • olivia

    Good for Ed. I’m glad he is putting it out there that it’s just rumors and for addressing publicly all of the other issues. I love Ed and think he is so adorable. I don’t understand why some people buy into all those lies. Love GG & the whole cast!! :)

  • Parkerjane

    Um… okay, baby. You’re still hot despite your weird interviews.

    Love him!

  • Parkerjane

    Oh and where is that pic with the suit from? GAH, SO SEXY!

  • Nikkilou

    Totally agree with number 7

    When i heard his British accent on the behind the scenes stuff on the dvd i melted

  • trish.

    Thais, haha. Good one.

    Yea i know what you’re talking about.
    He says baby alot. Idc it’s pretty sexy.

  • fhbdkjh

    luv him but the interview could have been better
    i respect his honesty

  • gaysian

    that is so “before sunrise”

  • m

    he should smile more often!

  • nanners

    rofl, his interview was ridiculous. and awesome. mostly awesome, though. i love that now that he is legal, he’s like “yeah, i party and pick up chicks all the time.” whereas before he was like, “me? party? never.”

    and when did he start saying baby? was he maybe drunk while giving this interview?

    i don’t care, i still want to shag him senseless.

  • Jen & Kim

    How glam, baby.

    I love him.

  • xslickx

    he is flipping gorgeous, cheers for the update on him jared, hehe

  • bob

    Is it just me or is Chace really drinking Pepsi in one of his shots?

  • really?

    What is up with those TURNED OUT FEET? Blech!

  • Luiza

    he is so sexy!

    hot hot hot!

  • fuuugz

    yeah the feet are a turn off…

    but that last pic is priceless..

  • GAY!!!!!

    He’s the gayest celeb I have ever seen!! Good for him for fucking the hot co-star and moving in with him. Like they don’t make enough to live separate and they are just “friends”. PLEASE!!!! lol.

  • Sushi

    Anyone who CHATS with a “lady” until 2am and then does NOTHING is a homo.


    Too much Austin Powers, baby! It’s cliche, doll, okay? And the only thing getting drunk and throwing a bottle in the street makes you is stupid.

    All that said, you’re a pretty little idiot.


    PS: Chase’s jeans are speaking volumes. I approve!

  • Loisxx

    Love this interview!

  • foxbatoo

    I love Ed! he’s so sexy

  • KLL

    Completely second Thais, Angeline, trish. and nanners. Love his goofy face, too.

  • s

    oh my god he is so fucking hot and adorable. ugh i love him.


    i say this all the time but…

    I. WANT. HIM.


  • leonor

    im starting to like him

  • victoria


  • rmc

    i have to agre with #33 and he is so GAY….baby!!!

  • rmc

    ooops…i mean agree

  • Lindsay

    hes such a cutie

  • sOPHIE