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Jennifer Aniston is a Rare Jewel

Jennifer Aniston is a Rare Jewel

Jennifer Aniston breaks out a tube top for the summer season as she shops at ‘Fred Leighton Rare Collectible Jewels’ on Madison Avenue in New York City before heading to the Metropolitan Museum of Art on Wednesday.

Katie Holmes may have the pegged-jeans look all sewn up, but Jen‘s rocking the baggy-jeans look!

Ex-boyfriend John Mayer was seen on Thursday hitting up fav Japanese hotspot Nobu Next Door.

10+ pictures inside of Jennifer Aniston, the rare jewel…

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jennifer aniston rare jewel 03
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  • Lillianne

    Love Jennifer. HATE HATE HATE the jeans.

  • Jill

    Good lord, will somebody please get this woman to a stylist? She’s going on 40 and she looks like a damn fool in that outfit.

  • bdj

    I’ll be glad when you cash the check or get a mutual fund. Better yet, invest in an IRA. Rare Jewel, hmmm okay.

  • queenie

    4th or 5th pretty

  • queenie


  • Sarah

    Jen looks great! But you can start seeing the effects of her love for suntanning…her skin is looking a little leathery & spotty. Her look really strays from her usual tailored boot-cut jeans style! I have to say I much prefer her normal look than the baggy jeans look.

  • African Girl

    Heavens! Is this woman regressing?

  • jupi

    FLABBY tummy in that one photo

  • UM…..

    Seeing her in these baggy ass jeans reminds me of why people make fun of her to begin with . She’s pathetic and I wish she would go away!!

  • jupi

    Ugly feet, stretch marks on her tummy and NO butt

  • okay

    Enough of this woman! Unless she is doing something spectacualar (which I doubt she knows how) we do not need to see her ass everyday!

  • di_n

    shes copying victoria beckham

  • Oh I forgot

    FLAT ASS!!!

  • john mayer fan

    nice airbrushing.

  • Mer

    All this angelina joli fans are sooo childish

  • mar

    looking good. you people have no fashion sense. love the jeans

  • Andreadoria

    For her age she just looks stunning! Cool, do doubt!!

    But does she ever do anything but shop?????

    Jen needs a life! Just being with friends or go on vacation … I just hope for her to be a regular person ….
    there got to be something else but shopping….

  • jill

    good lord..I know she has a rockin’ body but a tube top on an almost 40 yr. old woman? I believe in if u got it, flaunt it but she can still look sexy and flaunt her bod but leave the tube top to the 19 year old girls out there….and oh yeah, she has no ass

  • mslewis

    I think 40 is a bit old for wearing crop tops!! And Jennifer looks so much better in skinny jeans. I hope she bought some nice diamonds though. That’s all I have to say.

  • TO MER

    You’re childish for thinking that everyone on here that don’t like Aniston is an Angelina or Brad fan!

  • SUP?

    Jesus people. She’s wearing a pair of jeans and a boob tube to go down the street. I’m sure none of you would where anything remarkably different to do the same.
    She’s not on the red carpet for christ sakes.

  • ahhh

    i love u jen

  • http://justjared jennifer fan

    wow she looks great she has a hot body and please idiots 40 is not by any means old i bet you are 17 and can only dream to look like her

  • sowhat


  • Chloe

    mid life crisis big time.

    why is she chasing John?

    she can’t get a friend to go to a museum with?
    I heard Owen cannot stand her.

  • jupi

    Look at those stretch marks on her stomach in that one photo. Now the others don’t show it. Must be some air-brushing going on.

  • eewwww!!!
  • john mayer fan

    why doesn’t katie holmes pay them to airbrush her? her feet always look funky

  • Stop blaming Jen

    Some of you really can’t be serious. Can you ever give Jennifer Aniston one break? If you are sick of looking at her, don’t pull up the thread. How exactly is she so offensive? She is walking around and on her own time. I don’t like the outfit but she looks at least ten years younger than her stated age. I don’t think her abs or butt warrant any criticism either, that just seems completely insincere. Give credit where it is due. She has an amazing figure. I think Angelina Jolie has the most beautiful face in the world, but knocking on JA’s physique is just not rational. . If you slam her for only caring about her appearance and then knit-pick her, that’s a bit hypocritical IMO…

  • dumped 5 times

    whots wit dat under arm extra flabby skin under hur arms-
    arms are grossnezz.
    did she git lipo own her wrinkly belly???
    an whaot wit the mizzing @zz?? is shea wearin a press on nose??
    it aint halloweenee. manbeast iz a man, an yur aint 20 disgusint yuck.
    poe trashnezz. a mezz.

  • Melisssa

    Jennifer looks amazing as always

  • jupi

    ewwwwwwwww @ 0822/08 at 9:04 pm

    Look at the stomach in that photo you posted. Did Jen have a baby or lipo-suction?

  • Ella

    She is so desperate. I guess she is looking for John Mayer. That’s it get out on the streets after you have call the paps. She hopes John will see here picture and call her. Jen is mentally ill. I see she is still dressing like Britney Spears. What a nut job.

  • Jill

    SUP? @ 08/22/2008 at 8:47 pm
    Jesus people. She’s wearing a pair of jeans and a boob tube to go down the street. I’m sure none of you would where anything remarkably different to do the same.
    She’s not on the red carpet for christ sakes.

    She’s not in Malibu either. That outfit looks plain silly on a 39 year old woman in midtown Manhattan. And why did she have to come to NYC anyway if Mayer was already here? Is she stalking the guy or what?

  • dumped 5 times

    durty nastee. no azz desease, durty. airbrushin dat chin agin. grozzness fugnezz, whaot she do two hur belly???? thay forgot airbrush da fotos of dat natee belly. jen yur not twenty, do not stalk that kid jon. wearin new color blue contactks. depresin jen jen depres.

  • http://justjared dumped 5 times?

    what are you talking about? how do you know that how do you know every man jennifer was after brad dumped her ? please tell me how do you know ? and just so you know you idiot jennifer was the one who filed for divorce

  • LOL

    She looks like a gotd-mn fool. What is her problem. John is gone desperate ho. Pushing 40 fast and acting like a 12 year old.

  • ffkj

    she is eally pretty.

  • I N F A M O U S, bish!

    Watch the Jen-Haters post more comments than the Jen-Fans (all 4 of them) lmbao

  • http://deleted Justin

    She’s hot

  • LOL

    She sure is looking for a man. Truely sad and desperate! Since she is wearing teenie booper close she must want another young one. Then we wonder why Jen get dogged and toss. This is why. She is crazy as a loon.

  • From Lainey

    Never a leader…
    Jennifer Aniston is in New York picking up on some of Katie Holmes’s style tips. As you can see, Oprah’s favourite is the latest to put on a pair of boyfriend jeans. And if she’s doing it, it means the MiniVan is doing it. Which means the trend is, like, officially lost its edge.

    Boyfriend jeans = boot cut jeans

    Thank you Jennifer Aniston. No, really, thank you.

    While his ex girlfriend was breaking style hearts, John Mayer, also in New York, had dinner last night at Nobu with his brother. Shockingly enough, he did not stop for an impromptu press conference with the paps. John must be ill.

    As for Jen and TIFF – as I was the first to report many weeks ago, she will be in Toronto for the festival promoting Management. Word is, she’ll make the most of her experience and has committed to a party or two in addition to the carpets and junket obligations meaning there is a possibility she’ll fly in early, setting up a showdown, yes, with The Brange. Keep you posted.

  • jaye

    I don’t see anything wrong with the way she looks. So her features aren’t perfect, but than few people have perfect features. She’s casually dressed; she’s not on the job as an actress 24/7.

    I ‘m not a fan of hers, but I don’t dislike her either. She wears what she wants like everyone else in here does, the only difference is no one is critiquing you all the time. How many in here could stand up to such scrutiny?

    As for her body ,have you seen what the average 40 year old in America looks like? If she has a flabby stomach, then they must have changed the meaning of flabby.

  • LOL

    I’d say rare alright. They don’t come crazier than this. She call the paps for sure. What happen to ducking and hidden. I think she was lying on John when she said he call the paps. It’s really her

  • dumped 5 times

    prolly 40 hot an burnin, jon get a clinic visit, yuck grozznezz, no baby an a belly dat stretched???? yucky. 36 gooogle aint fore finind jjs, google the wastlezz miserable stalker of jon, jen no class man. iz dat a press on nose???

  • Layla

    Chloe @ 08/22/2008 at 8:57 pm mid life crisis big time.
    why is she chasing John?
    she can’t get a friend to go to a museum with?
    I heard Owen cannot stand her.

    Yeah why is she chasing John. I guess she don’t have any friends. Where is Courtney Cox to talk this idiot down. Friends should not let friends act like idiots.

  • Ter

    Can you say DESPERATE! must be a mid life crisis isn’t it some medicine she can take for this.

  • sam

    Damage Control, the old coot is trying to look sexy. LOL She looks like an old coot.

  • BJ

    I think Jen is in heat. She needs the next man quick. I guess that’s why she is calling Brad’s mom and running the streets of NY looking for John.

  • Jill

    BJ @ 08/22/2008 at 9:42 pm
    I think Jen is in heat. She needs the next man quick. I guess that’s why she is calling Brad’s mom and running the streets of NY looking for John.

    LOL that’s mean. Well, she can always call a male escort service. God knows she can afford it.