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John Mayer is All Dressed in Black

John Mayer is All Dressed in Black

John Mayer is spotted at one of his favorite restaurants, Nobu Next Door, in Tribeca, NYC on Thursday.

The 30-year-old singer dined with his brother at Nobu Next Door just two days after his ex, Jennifer Aniston was there.

John is back in New York for his summer tour and will perform at the Darien Center in New York before he heads off to Hartford, Connecticut.

Last week, John Mayer explained his recent break up to a group of photographers after working out. John stood up for his ex-girlfriend Jennifer Aniston and insisted there was no lying or cheating involved.

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  • Vivir Sin Aire

    For a guy who supposably did the dumping, he looks so miserable. Meanwhile recent pics of Jen, she is so radiant and happy.

  • team mayer

    He looks great and hot, much much better since he dumped Maniston!!

  • Kaelie

    John and Jen are back together. John added the line “you know who” to his concert recently. He only did that when he was with Jen. He gave his fans a hint they are back together. I love it. They are too hot together.

  • Jaimie

    He is such a dork. I could never understand what she was doing with him. She could have any man in the world and she totally settled when she dated him.

    So glad she came to her senses and dumped him. Jen rocks!

  • nic

    I really like him and his music, I never could understand what was he doing with that old and ugly maniston, she is nobody if she is not pictured with a man, so happy that he dumped her and also that he didn’t allowed her “friends” to say all those nasty things about him!! Way to go John, love you!!

  • alanna

    Hello, there, Sexy!

  • jucy

    He doesn’t look so happy. And yeah, like we’re supposed to think Aniston didn’t go to NYC to be with the douche. These two are so getting back together.

  • team Mayer

    Good for you John. I am glad you finally dumped the world famous “fraud, whiny, brown eyed (false blue contacts), brown haired
    no talent woman.

  • Stop blaming Jen

    Very nice. He has that dysphoric and contemplative countenance down to a tee. To think all this time I believed he simply starting composing during those dark nights of the soul. Do you think he misses his hair?

  • melissa

    John sure hasn’t been looking happy lately, Jennifer so dumped his ugly ass. He is so depressed, that is why he won’t shut up.

  • http://deleted addictedfan


  • http://deleted addictedfan


  • selena

    Love you John!! I am so happy to see those pictures, he looks hot!! OMG Maniston was also there, she is so desperate, she was there only because she and her PR knew that that will be in the media, so sad … I agree with nic, the best thing for him was when he dumped that sad old bitch!

  • hahahahaha

    Even before America realized that it now faces a future in a Mayerston-less world, those of us here at Radar had already decided that Jennifer Aniston was ready for a little tough love (and not “tough” in the sense of, oh man, it’s got to be “tough” to let John Mayer do some “love” on you). To that end we decided the best thing to do was put it all down in an open letter, which we did in our current issue, on stands now. If you’re pals with Jen, please let her know about it. Otherwise, take a close look and see if this is something that applies to your own life. It very well may!

    Dear Jennifer Aniston,

    We hesitate to harsh on you, because we imagine that getting dumped for the most gorgeous, fertile, and philanthropic woman on earth must be devastating, but it’s time to pull yourself together. Stop making mediocre movies (Rumor Has It? The upcoming Marley & Me, in which you play opposite a naughty, neurotic dog?). Stop dating beneath you (John Mayer? Really?). You’re like that friend we let sleep on our fold-out while she goes through a terrible breakup who’s still around three years later, moping over her Stonyfield Farm yogurt and smoking pot late at night when she thinks we can’t smell it—except, of course, when she tries to numb the pain by bringing home some cheesy dude for loud, grody sex. Our sympathy is turning into pity, Rachel Jen. You’re better than this.


  • forever-liz

    most gorgeous, fertile, and philanthropic woman on earth ???

  • mowgli

    Ohohoho, no matter what he says she soooooooooooooo dumped him. Look at his sa puppy face.

    Unfortunately, I think he look hot.

  • hahahahaha

    forever-liz @ 08/22/2008 at 10:15 am

    Radar said this, go on the web page and see …. and cry becuase the truth hurts … HA HA HA HA HA HA

  • anon

    I cant stand this guy anymore or his fake PR act for media coverage with Aniston………CAA : GO FUCK YOURSELVES

  • XY

    Why is he so hot lately. He’s too good looking for Jennifer Anniston

  • anon

    I cant stand this guy anymore or his fake PR act for media coverage with Aniston………CAA : GO FLICK YOURSELVES

  • anon

    CAA, their mutual management company arranged this who deal just like they arranged VV, Sculfor and Bouma and now they are looking for others…… she obviously doesn’t want a man except as a way to control the media

  • anon

    CAA, their mutual management company arranged this whole deal just like they arranged VV, Sculfor and Bouma to play a part. ALL FAKES. ALL FOR PHOT OPS. ….and now CAA are looking for others to play a part in her manufactured tabloid drama…… she obviously doesn’t want a man except as a way to control the media……….FAKE


    Vivir Sin Aire @ 08/22/2008 at 8:52 am For a guy who supposably did the dumping, he looks so miserable. Meanwhile recent pics of Jen, she is so radiant and happy.


  • anon

    he always looks like shit with his silly faces, his immature antics and his interminable verbal online nonsense. This is the same career path as Vaughn and Sculfor …………out through the discarded fakes exit.

  • anon

    Aniston is happy because the weight of a fake public game is off her shoulders, his is miserable because he cant use her attention to power his own lame, faltering, clone-career

  • hahahahaha

    John Mayer sure knows how to treat a girl. We can reveal the cad singer dumped poor Jennifer Aniston by text.
    A friend told us: “She is so intent on getting married and having children, he felt hemmed in. After a 20-minute phone conversation, he just said, ‘I can’t take it any more,’ and hung up. Then he texted, “That’s it – the end.”’s Wednesday gossip round-up – today’s top showbiz

  • tina

    Jennifer and her desperate peple need to move on. It’s so clear she is very desperate and trying every desperate act in the book. What man wants to live in Brad Pitts shadow the rest of their life. Jen can’t even get out of Brad Pitt’s shadow if she has to keep calling Brad Pitt’s mom.

  • Cole

    Jen Probably hounded him day and night to marry her, I don’t blame John I would have had enough and dumped her by text to. John was saint to be bothered with her so long.

  • NYmag

    The Trouble With Jennifer Aniston’s Boyfriend-PR Strategy

    When Jennifer Aniston’s fling with noted lady-killer John Mayer ended this weekend, we were bummed — not because we’d booked seats on the Mayerston bandwagon, but because it’s exactly what we expected. Consider the math: two Jolie-Pitt pregnancies, and two allegedly serious and tabloid-friendly Aniston relationships that lasted just long enough to ride out the fervor over her ex-husband’s glorious new spawn. If you stop and smell the PR, it reeks. Jennifer is a bona fide star, yet her team seems fixated on proving she attracts beefy boyfriends, instead of projecting the image of a self-confident woman who attracts beefy roles. And frankly, we find that strategy questionable.
    Granted, Aniston’s in a tough spot. Since her marriage to Pitt imploded, she’s been the tabloids’ favorite lovelorn punching bag, forever yoked to the glittering Brangelina and unfairly — not to mention archaically — doomed to be branded a dried-up crone until she spawns and/or gets hitched. So the suspiciously convenient timing of Jennifer’s long-term relationships could be seen as self-preservation. For every “Brangelina’s Baby Joy” headline, we’re spared a matching sidebar that cruelly screams, “ALONE IN MALIBU,” or “WHY JEN CRIES.” We’d want to avoid that, too.

    But how does a string of toxic-bachelor boyfriends help? We’re not saying the girl shouldn’t go out and get some, just that maybe she should consider dating someone who isn’t more trouble than he’s worth in column inches. Pairing up with boozy flirt Vince Vaughn yielded a DUI for him and yet another round of “Poor Unlucky Jen” for her, once photos and rumors of his cheating emerged. Horndog John Mayer could get “squire for hire” printed on his business card, thanks to his history of lending himself to stars in need of a little tabloid TLC — like his ex Jessica Simpson (the twentysomething version of the tragic spinster Us Weekly wants Aniston to be) and that fling with a post-Timberlake, mad-with-jealousy Cameron Diaz. At this rate, if Angelina gets knocked up a third time, we’ll be awash in headlines trumpeting Jen’s six-month yachting vacation with George Clooney or hot-and-heavy courtship with Tommy Lee.

    Ergo, this weekend’s breakup not only didn’t surprise us but made us sad for her. Aniston used to be America’s most-loved comic actress. Now, thanks to her counteracting all that Brangelina PR with obviously labored stories — full of suggestive pictures and coy denials — about her own love life, we’re barely able to name a single thing she’s has done lately that doesn’t involve hanging around with a bunch of notorious man-children. Or, worse, signing up to star in forgettable rom-coms with titles that hit a bit too close to home. The Break-Up was bad enough, but He’s Just Not That Into You? Honey, no. There’s self-awareness, and then there’s masochism.

  • Bella

    LOL. . .he looks like an @ss!

  • Tina

    Vivir Sin Aire @ 08/22/2008 at 8:52 am For a guy who supposably did the dumping, he looks so miserable. Meanwhile recent pics of Jen, she is so radiant and happy.
    Jen is advertising for her next man. Didn’t you hear how Jen’s people were calling all over trying to find some one who would date Jen next. I guess that’s how they got John in the first place, he answered the call.

  • I N F A M O U S, bish!


    STFU, Jen pretends to be happy. She’s dead on the inside. One more ‘breakup’ and she might kill herself.

    Can’t act.
    Craptastic movie career.
    Can’t keep a man.
    Ugly ass hell.
    No kids.

    What the hell does she have to live for…. A dog? Lmaoo.

    Lemme stop. Fcuk Jen, John rockz

  • Diana

    I hope he’s allowed to grow his hair back now that they don’t need him to look old as he can. Jen was in NY while John was out of town on one of his tour stops. Jen should just stop. She is looking so foolish. I couldn’t stand those two together. They seemed so crooked and dishonest together. It’s best they go their separate ways. Just knew Jen’s fans were going to bash John not surprised about that.

  • wesley

    Jen sticks her a$$ and money in mens face. I wouldn’t be surprise if she is desperately working on trying to get John back. So Jen’s sick fans should just stfu.

  • Paty

    He is a idiot, go away please!

  • pinkrose

    It’s clear this guy did not have any feelings for Jen. she was just another vagina.

  • Pathetic Maniston


  • pinkrose

    It’s clear this guy did not have any feelings for Jen. she was just another v-gina..

  • pinkrose

    It’s clear this guy did not have any feelings for Jen. she was just another vag- na!

  • Nivcky1

    John is not below Jen–whatever the heck that means. If she was dating K-fed, then perhaps, yes, but she’s not.

    John looks hot in this picture, but I can’t like him again. I wouldn’t be surprised if these two are back together. I don’t understand why people are saying Jen is too old for John (who turns 31 in October)when Brad is 12 years Angie’s senior. What’s with the double standard?

  • bloopie

    I dont think Jen is as happy as she appears. Girls handle things in a different way. We will dress our best, go out with friends, smile bigger, laugh louder etc. just to make the guy feel bad. Inside we are hurting and I’m sure she is.

  • lylian

    OMG OMG, Johnny is in New York, Jenny is in New York. Wouldn’t it be great if they hooked up again. I still think they are perfect for each other.

  • hagit amos

    he is so lame, have some pride, keep it for your self, no one cares whate you have got to say about the relationship you had with beautiful jennifer.
    i think is music is very good, but he is nothing like is music.

  • Jill

    lylian @ 08/22/2008 at 11:35 am
    OMG OMG, Johnny is in New York, Jenny is in New York. Wouldn’t it be great if they hooked up again. I still think they are perfect for each other.

    LOL ROTFLMBAO! Girl, who are you kidding? You just want to see her getting peed on every night for the rest of her life.

    BTW, he was in NY, now she’s in NY. Is she stalking him or what?

  • avionne

    He looks a little distressed..maybe he did love Jen after all..but he’ll get over her and get back to his own self in a while.

  • bet

    Utleast i give him a creadit for not jumping to bed of another woman another woman immediatly, after he publicly annunce he dump her.

  • bloopie

    #44… peed on? i guess i missed that perversion. true story?

  • Jill

    If he really didn’t dump her by text, then Huvane needs to shoot that rumor down STAT. Unless Mayer saved the text for publication… ;)

    Stay tuned for the next exciting episode in this soap opera. Bring on the sordid details.

  • Jill

    Mayer used to keep a blog about what he liked to do with his dates. He was especially into golden showers. He named a lot of names. A lot of people read the blog when he started dating Aniston. Huvane must have shat a brick.

  • remember da truth

    “For a guy who supposably did the dumping, he looks so miserable.”

    Yeah, that’s because he’s doing what is known as “the morning-after cringe”, when the alcohol or loneliness wears off and you realize what you’ve been F**KIN G and are so embarrassed, and disgusted with yourself, and hope no one ever finds out.
    John Mayer looks like he’s making the walk of shame back home, doing the morning-after cringe.