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Katie Holmes Bows Out In Gold

Katie Holmes Bows Out In Gold

Katie Holmes walks into rehearsals Friday morning wearing a new pair of gold flats with bow accents in New York City.

The 29-year-old actress has been rehearsing for her much-anticipated Broadway debut in the Arthur Miller play All My Sons.

Unfortunately for Katie, ticket sales for the show are thus far “definitely off from what the production hoped,” a source tells MSNBC. “You can’t say it’s the economy because there are shows, like Mamma Mia that are selling out. It’s not that Katie‘s bad in the part. She’s good enough. The producers are just getting the feeling people still want to view Katie as sweet little Joey Potter.”

Whatever haters, I already bought my ticket. Go buy yours!

10+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes bowing out in gold…

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katie holmes gold bow flats 01
katie holmes gold bow flats 02
katie holmes gold bow flats 03
katie holmes gold bow flats 04
katie holmes gold bow flats 05
katie holmes gold bow flats 06
katie holmes gold bow flats 07
katie holmes gold bow flats 08
katie holmes gold bow flats 09
katie holmes gold bow flats 10

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  • Melissa

    Ha! Now I see why Suri is being pimped out and why there is a Katie Holmes thread every freaking day! The show IS NOT SELLING WELL!!! Well, maybe the GMD (pardon my Laineyspeak) needs his Scientology minions to buy them tickets!!!

  • Bella

    Love her outfit, don’t care for the shoes :)

  • Bits

    It would be nice to see her in something twice!!!

  • son

    who cares?

  • lauren

    why feel sorry for kh? feel sorry for the 3 brilliant stars in the show who are being effected by her lack of talent and lack of popularity.

  • queenie

    cute …………
    first !

  • trish

    Ok, so what, another day in the life of Katie, any worthwhile news anywhere!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yawn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • john

    love the girl its beautiful

  • bejeebus

    hmmmm…..first suri wears gold shoes EVERY SINGLE DAY….now maybe katie does too….it’ll only be a matter of time before they are in head to toe gold SPACE SUITS! silver space suits just aren’t good enough for this family…those would be for the rest of us common and glib folks.

  • laura

    erm, that’s because we want to see sweet little joey potter.

    or at least something resembling the old katie.

    miss her :(

  • http://usmag maxi

    speaking of 3 other brilliant stars, Katie is NOT the only actor in the show why should the lack of ticket sales be ALL her fault? Maybe no one wants to see the other 3 brilliant actors…HMMMM something to think about.

  • hhe

    this story is so fake. wait and see..

  • ck

    Maxi: I think they might be blaming Katie because they jacked up the price of the tickets hoping that folks would want to see Katie. I’d go, but not paying $100 plus for a play.

  • cindyjean

    I don’t think it’s that people still want to see her as Joey Potter. I think it’s more that she’s not necessarily someone that “draws” people, regardless of the role. She’s not a great actress or personality. I think the powers that be banked on her celebrity-dom and not her acting skills. And her celebrity-dom is not enough to carry her or the play. Now, it does need to be pointed out that, as wonderful and seasoned as the rest of the lead cast is, they are obviously not drawing enough to make up for her. It could be that people are so turned off by her. I do know people who have passed on those tickets because she’s in it. I’m not sure I’d go that far since I love Lithgow and Wiest.

  • ouch

    ugly shoes! Looks like bedroom slippers!

  • Cleatis

    Jared, you must not be studying your daily photos of Katie Holmes very well because she already wore those bowed gold flats with her long black maxi sundress. I’m disappointed!

    It’s a shame she had to get her stink all over what should have been a well-received Broadway show with talented actors.

    Katie is “good enough”. LMAO. What shining praise!

  • Denise in NJ

    I do think this outfit is much cuter. I am in the shoe business and bows and metallics are big for the Fall. I do think that the ticket sales should not only be based on her appearance in the show. There are three other great actors and shouldn’t they also be bringing in titcket sales? Just a thought…

  • Cleatis

    cindyjean, you are probably right. It wasn’t like she got people into theatres to see Mad Money because it was one of this year’s biggest flops. So were First Daughter and Abandon. She just isn’t enough of a draw, despite her freakish celebrity tabloid life.

  • regina

    The only thing $he doe$ i$ `$pend Tom´$ money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    everyday she buys shoes!!!!!!!! What´s her problem? She never wore shoes when she as a kid?

  • Mondo Bongo!

    Just what the world wants to know and see, shoe shots of
    every celeb, posted on JJ’s… Oh! WoW! sooooooooooo
    interesting :sad: NOT!

  • !??!

    Who cares?
    She’s UGLY!

  • tom c

    Tickets haven’t sold in great numbers not because folks are nostalgic about Dawson Creek days. No, it’s because NO ONE LIKES HER. Plain and simple. In many people’s minds, she sold her soul for Tom’s fortune even when it meant being completely infused with a cult religion and with a daughter at stake.

  • Ha!

    Anyone who would go see this play wouldn’t be going to see it because of Katie Holmes anyway – she’s hardly the reason tickets aren’t selling. People aren’t buying tickets because Aruthur Miller isn’t fluff and people want fluff these days. Comparing Arthur Miller to Mamma Mia is asinine.

  • Mav

    “Comparing Arthur Miller to Mamma Mia is asinine.”

    It would be like comparing Katie Holmes to Meryl Streep. LOL…

  • runkatierun

    Payless clown shoes?

    I really believe Katie spends much time and careful thought on how to find something new and UGLY to wear each day, SO SHE can be photographed. It’s so pathetic.

    She will be crucified by the critics and rightfully so, she is not in the league with the cast.

    It’s like heather locklear in a play with Merly Streep.

  • bonnie

    she should give up acting, errrr….trying to act, it’s painful to watch, wasn’t she going to become a fashion designer? that could keep her

  • OHHH YEEEAAAHHH !!!!!!!!!!

    Transparent paid payment is NOW desperate paid placement.

    So you write …” whatever haters???

    Jared or whatever your real name is :
    Why don’t you grow a spine and find out why people think Katie and Tom are cult shills and shouldn’t be supported.



  • posey
  • http://LERMANET.COM OHHH YEEEAAAHHH !!!!!!!!!!


  • Tea

    Love her…love the shoes

  • lola

    It will be like this:

    Katie rave reviews = not so hot tickets

    Julia Roberts bad reviews – sold out tickets

    Jen Garner good reviews – not so hot tickets too

    the media just wants Katie to strip and do pornish. Dont do it,Katie.
    They said its the way to draw watchers.

  • deb

    Mad Money is no flop. Read Box office mojo and when the DVD was out CNN said it raked money for Overture studio.

    Jared sounds like the rags and only reports good things about Angelina Jolie. Roger Freidman of Fox News even said Jolie is not a draw anymore.

    How come we dont see the flops reports on Nicole Kidman,Scarlett Johasson,Eva Longario,Swank,Theron,Halle Barry,Williams,Cate Blanchett,Naomi Watts ,Witherspoonand many others.

    How come this standard and burden only applies to Katie Holmes?

  • Sharon

    Good luck,Katie!

  • mommy

    she is so adorable and I love her outfits

  • jjfan

    I think this is really good and Katie will shine. Its a combo of bad economy and also personal taste of the play.
    Arthur Miller and MamaMia are like C.S. Lewis losing to the popularity of JK Rowling of Harry Potter or
    like some conservative old school play losing out to High School Musical. Many folks esp youngins dont care for Arthur Miller.

  • chessa


  • legs

    Lovely and chic. Even in her simple outfits she is so All AMerican and fresh. Hope to see Tom and the kids soon.

  • unknown

    way cool

  • ymca

    I wish I could watch Katie too but Im far from New York and cant afford.
    I can watch ABC Eli Stone for her no doubt.

  • ……..

    Hats off to her for picking this play. Its wise direction for her career to be taken seriously as an actress. Whether its hot cakes or not her performance is what matters. For those of sound mind,mature,unbiased its a given this types of play will fly below the radar opposed to the modern popular plays and musicals.
    Mama Mia is a musical not a dramatic play.
    Its the same usual digs that Valkyrie will flop some idiots dont know you cant compare historical and world war 3 flicks to Spiderman,Iron Man and Batman. I bet many dont even know about their U.S. History let alone the heroes and history of Germany.

  • wendy

    Thanks to Katie this boring play is making headlines and getting some consumers. Without her All My Sons would suffer badly.

  • Fatal_error

    I absolutely HATE the look of flats! YUCK!

  • chef

    Absolutely adorable :)

  • go suri

    kh does more damage to herself everyday…….it is beyond anything that her ticket broker/daughter can solve.

    I think Suri should audition for a part, she’s great, really a good sport considering the pressure she’s under.

  • Truman

    Two Questions:

    1) Why is MSNBC always ragging on TomKat?

    2) For MCNBC, could they get someone other than ‘a source close to the star’?

  • LMAO!

    So even pimping Suri out to help ticket sales is not working, huh? What a surprise! Katie needs to pack it in and just be the wife of a complete lunatic. She needs to forget about a career. Marrying Cruise killed that for her.

    Equus is going to kill All My Sons anyway cause NO ONE wants to see Katie Holmes. She’s nothing more than a tabloid seller.

    Well Katie, you got what you deserved for hooking yourself up with the freak of the century and his cult. Say goodbye to your career. It’s back to TV for you! LMAO!

  • dancer

    Jared, people don’t care for Katie that is why the tickets are not selling. All of Tom’s antics gave Katie guilt by association. Many felt War of the Worlds and MI3 could have made much more money (from 75-100 million more) if it hadn’t been for Tom being such a dunce at the time. This has rubbed off on Katie. Guilt by association so to speak.
    I too feel very badly for the three great actors in the play. They didn’t deserve this.
    And actually Jared, you are about the only “news” (using the term loosely) source reporting her daily movements. No one really cares anymore. And she is not a draw because most people don’t want to pay the ticket price to see her in a role that she probably can’t handle.
    All of that said, I feel a great deal of pity for her. By choosing this role, instead of something lighter, maybe more comedic, she has set herself up for failure. You live in NYC Jared, you know how savage the theatre critics can be. Do you honestly think she has the talent and skill to play along Weist, Lithgow and Patrick. Nothing I’ve seen her in says that she does.
    She’d have been better off choosing something like the remake of Barefoot in the Park which although got bad reviews did have people flocking to it as they loved the original play and the movie. Instead she chooses an obscure play that mostly literature/theater people have heard of. And they probably can’t imagine her in this role. I certainly can’t and I’ve seen over 100 Broadway productions over the years. What was she thinking?

  • Truman

    They didn’t jack up prices just because of Holmes, #13.

    She likes to shop as most women do, #19.

    Shut up, #44

  • victoria

    AGREE JJFAN NUMBER #35 and TRUMAN NUMBER # 45… Don’t blame the low ticket sales on Katie Holmes… What is wrong with the other actors… The whole time this rehearsal has been going on, everyone has ragged Katie out, saying ” how can the other established well known actors and actresses ( or oscar winners ) act with someone like her “?….. Well, isn’t their names a high enough draw NOW to make people buy tickets?? Why should tickets sales be low for just ” the likes of Katie “….. with oscar winners running on the stage”…… Critics have longed shown their disapproval over Arthur Miller and some of his plays ( USA TODAY ) so lets NOT blame low ticket sales JUST on Katie Holmes, because we THINK everyone wants to remember her as Joey Potter.. That is just STUPID!!!! AND a silly EXCUSE…. AND on her gold, bowed flats, they ARE in the stores for fall and have been in the stores this past spring, as I see them everywhere… What is it with people and her shoes? Look up, instead of down if they disturb you!

  • farah

    this is real info. because this is a broken record of crap that MSNBC got from US weekly the source of all accurate news.

    Thanks to losers too that dont like any celebs in this site but keep coming for more and staring at them.