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Michael Phelps Memoir On The Way

Michael Phelps Memoir On The Way

A lot of you felt that Sports Illustrated did a horrible job with Michael Phelps on the cover of their latest issue, covering up his body too much. Well, now check out the swimming champion in Olympic gold medal haute couture. Infinitely more interesting! Loving the bracelet, btw. Ferosh!

To see Phelps in his other haute couture get-up, visit PrettyOnTheOutside.

Phelps, 23, also plans on writing a book telling the story behind the winning of his eight gold medals at the Beijing Olympic games. “Built To Succeed”, due out in December, will cover his philosophy on training and competition, as well as his life being raised by a single mother and coping with an attention-deficit disorder.

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  • Nickjonasfan4life

    i LOVE him!!! he kinda looks like my brother a bit…but that’s a little weird to think about….

  • black

    Great….milk the cow as long as you can………..what a looser.

  • The kind next door

    dude that weird i bet he is taking drugs i mean that much medals come on dude!

  • Sarah


  • alanna

    I love him! So hot and talented!

  • MANDY B.

    black #2

  • Usain bolt is better

    Lucky he can swim, ’cause he sure is ugly!!!!

  • Sarah


  • Angi

    I’ve read that he used to be teased about his looks when he was younger which really upset him. He’s an Olympic swimmer, not a model or actor!!! He isn’t in the public eye for his looks but rather his skill.

    People who comment rude things about his looks must be jealous of his accomplishments or really lacking manners…. Then again it’s easy to say critical things behind the safely of your monitor.

    CNN is saying that over the course of his life, he could make $100 mil on endorsements… Wow!

  • Halli

    Angi, I think the media is inflating that number for sensational reasons. The guy is red-hot right now, by nobody watches Swimming after the Olympics are over. I think that for him to make as much as Tiger Woods. Kobe Bryant or Roger Federer is odd since Basketball, Golf and Tennis are year round sports with relatively good rating internationally and the players are well known. The media loves to take quick estimated from a handfull or people and report it as a ‘possible’ fact.

  • bobbi

    Gee, Black I bet Phelps can spell LOSER correctly.

    I applaud him and how low-rent to be discussing his looks. This is a man who as a child went through a lot of adversity.

    I hope he makes money hand over fist to show those bullies that the “kids who don’t fit it” are usually the real winners in life.

  • Laura

    Usain bolt is better #
    “Lucky he can swim, ’cause he sure is ugly!!!!” LOL

  • jessica

    gah! that’s scary. the outfit, not the guy.

  • A

    no one will remember this guy in a month or 2

  • newport beach, 92660

    Shut UP!! #14-
    the guy is a freakin OLYMPIAN!!!!!! Not some cheap celeb like Demi Lovato. He WILL be remebered because he set the world record in sooo many things! Oh did I mention that he is an OLYMPIAN and an American who is the best swimmer in the whole fuckin world??

  • Rachellelala

    Or maybe they will since everyone remembered him from the last Olympics. If you are going to comment please have a little intelligence in what you’re commenting about.

  • bam

    Shut UP!! #14-
    the guy is a freakin OLYMPIAN!!!!!! Not some cheap celeb like Demi Lovato. He WILL be remebered because he set the world record in sooo many things! Oh did I mention that he is an OLYMPIAN and an American who is the best swimmer in the whole ****** world??


    who brought demi into this?
    and she isn’t a cheap celebrity
    she’s got more talant than you could ever have.
    hah, hater

  • Edila

    This cover is even worse , OMG so ugly, so gay, so not him, look like his is wearing a girl bathingsuit. What a terrible job this magazine has done to him. But looks like as long he is geting money it does not matter the fact he is doing bad choices.

  • carol

    love you!!!

  • carol

    love you!!!

  • patricia

    I feel bad for the others swimmers, they also work so hard for reconigtion and when time comes all they talk about is MP.

  • Jenny

    great, another boring memoir full of white lies and untruths about the sad, bad, tough childhood of an undiscovered genius until one day somebody finally saw his wonderful talent and this person said: “You have to work hard and believe in yourself, then you can be whatever you want. Dream big.” So little Michael did. And with the help of his two adoptive sisters Ana Bolica and Do Ping he finally made all dreams come true.
    What a heart breaking story. I could write it, does he need a ghostwriter just by any chance?

  • ifyoucouldbeanytree

    i hate that cover as much as the other one.
    covers, books, what next? an album?

  • ifyoucouldbeanytree

    Ana Bolica and Do Ping are probably more than just adoptive sisters.
    (btw, very right you are)

  • maggsie

    He is the most decorated Olympian …EVER. I bought this magazine. What he did is once in a lifetime and he did without popping out a baby

  • Bella

    I am torn I agree with both comments #21 and #25. Proud that he accomplished what he did, but there are so many other events and others who placed gold.

    Cover looks very Gay. . . .sorry.

  • Jill

    It is sad that some people just can’t be happy for someone elses accomplishments. He is not going to the media asking for interviews, they are all over him. He just wants to get back to Baltimore and get back to his life. He is a great guy and he is an amazing athlete who did it without steroids. I am glad that he is writing this book, it will help many kids with ADHD have faith in themselves. He doesn;t deserve any of this nasty talk, and for the ones who say he is milking this, I really feel sorry for you. I am so glad I am not a jaded person.

  • tina

    Jenny #22, you have serious issues, whatever Michael puts in that book will be true. You really are pathetic. I guess you have never done anything that people were proud of you for. That is sad, just go do it instead of sitting behind your computer and bashing someone who worked hard to accomplish his goals.

  • Melissa

    Michael always acknowledges his teammates, he has stated many times that he could never have accomplished this without them. His teammates are well aware that Michael appreciates them and they are all happy to be a part of history.. They all wanted this for Michael as much as Michael wanted this for himself

  • ns


  • Ha!

    Boy, it’s really sad so see how many people just wait for the opportunity to tear someone to shreds for absolutely no reason. So many of you are completely jaded. Do you actually think he’s on steroids? Hmmm, maybe he had secret surgery to make his elbows and knees double-jointed too. LOL. He’s been giving samples all along to keep for posterity and to be tested. I guess time will tell.

    It’s depressing to know there are so many examples of people who have cheated in athletics that when someone comes along who IS this talented and has put as much heart and soul and effort into achieving his goals that people assume it just isn’t possible for it to happen legitimately. Believe it – the world just saw it happen. The man is the perfect build for a swimmer. Proportions – height, wingspan, foot and hand-size – are not changed by steroids, people.

    That being said, this is a horrible cover. The people who put it together should be embarrassed.

  • Tanisha

    Sad indeed! Not so much the “jadedness” of people on this board but your naivete. I gues you need heros larger than life to cover up YOUR very insignificance. How many of you cheered for Marion Jones back in her days (yes, the one who was in prison for taking steroids and had to give back her gold medals) or Ian Thorpe (well, that’s for Australians more) or Lance Armstrong whose little doping problem he doesn’t acknowledge? Well, how many?

  • Ha!

    Believe me, I’m far from naive Tanisha. I don’t recall hearing any of the commentators through his races or anyone in the people actually involved in the sport questioning his ethics or training. It’s only the idiots who anonymously post here on these cynical sites who have been spouting this crap.

    I’ll believe it when I see it. He’s a nice kid who deserves his success. Give it a rest.

    My favorite conspiracy theory is that Omega actually changed the results of the relay that the U.S. won by a finger tip. Yeeeaaahhh. They were prepared for a race that close and instantaneously gave the U.S. a .10 of a second. SAD.

  • Ha!

    What does wanting someone to do well have to do with covering up insignificance? That’s quite a stretch – go pick a fight elsewhere little girl.

  • tellin it like it is

    AMEN Angi! Yeah, how many hot actors and actresses can say that hey have an olympic gold medal. And in my opinion, that snaggle tooth is HOT! Also, about milking the cow for all its worth, think about High School Musical, dolls, tv shows, clothing, accessories, 3 movies, sing/dance alongs, now THAT’S milking that cow for all it’s worth. He gets tested twice a month for drugs, he’s not using them. I can’t wait to buy his book. And hey, you can’t complain about covering too much of his body up, 8 gold medals takes up a lot of space! And, HULLO… that other picture is photoshopped. DUHH!!! I LOVE YOU MICHAEL!!!!!

  • Melissa

    Why can’t we all just be happy that this kid, accomplished something that he worked so hard for? Don’t you think that it is nice to have someone to admire that is not one of these Hollywood dumb asses. In a few months all the media attention will die down but Michael will continue to inspire many youths around the world to realize that with hard work and dedication you can achieve your goals.

  • Eddy

    You know he eats 12,000 calories a day?

    It’s this much food:

  • Tenisha is a looser

    Heaven forbid that you should be happy for another person! I never knew you can’t be proud and happy for another human being. And if you are happy for another person that just means your empty and miserable and lack any significant accomplishments in your life.

    Michael Phelps Rocks!

  • oh snap


  • wih

    Michael Phelps is a very humble guy. That whats makes him a champion.

  • brandie

    you all are lame leave the man alone and just be happy for him

  • Michael phelps rocks

    It’s really sad that some of you would say anything to tear him apart.Michael deserves all of his success.He won 8 gold medals that is something to be very proud of.If you can’t be happy for him just don’t say anything then.

  • levi

    This is a very bad cover. It looks ridiculous and sort of disrespectful toward olympic legacy to make pubic coverings out of those. He is not that good looking facil features wise but a great athletic looking body.

  • Joyce

    Phelps rollin’ all the way to the bank! Seriously though, I could not be happier for this guy. He is just an average American like the rest of us, with a truly great gift when it comes to swimming. He didn’t grow up a privileged life at all; now he can support his entire family with his newfound celebrity status. Congratulations to him, a true success story.

  • Really so?

    OH MY GOD !!!! That cover is totally ridiculous. He looks like a drag queen!
    The guy is sporty and manly and all of sudden they turn him into crossed dresser.

    He does not see himself ???

  • fuuugz



  • a2

    uh i think that cover was photoshopped to look funny.. its not the real cover. i’m not really sure why people are commenting this like its the actual cover of the magazine.

  • coby

    i like him ,,but this photoshoot is a little werid ~

  • jr

    this is hilarious….he needs to get over himself….a book?!?!? really?!?!….i understand that he’s an olympian, and that Americans hold him in high regard due to the fact that he broke all sorts of records and is the “greatest olympian of all time”….but writing a book about it…come on, that’s just milking it :|

  • valeria

    ok soo his great and everything hoy body but his face is ugly!sorry