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Sienna Miller is Puff the Magic Dragon

Sienna Miller is Puff the Magic Dragon

Sienna Miller puffs away as she relaxes on vacation with her mother and sister on a yacht in Formentera, Ibiza, Spain on Friday.

The English actress sipped on some wine and took in the sun as she de-stressed.

Sienna, 26, has been running through some difficult times, with her house recently getting vandalized. She continues to get negative publicity for her relationship with actor Balthazar Getty.

10+ pictures inside of Sienna Miller, Puff the Magic Dragon…

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Credit: Enfoque; Photos: Flynetonline
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101 Responses to “Sienna Miller is Puff the Magic Dragon”

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  1. 51
    H Says:

    the phrase is “rode hard and put away wet.” It refers to horses. You generally don’t hang up horses.

    Are there women who UNknowingly sleep with celebs?

  2. 52
    H Says:

    the phrase is “rode hard and put away wet.” It refers to horses. You generally don’t hang up horses.

    Are there women who UNknowingly sleep with celebs?

  3. 53
    Media Says:

    What career? She has never had one..she probably went into acting because of her Mum’s connections with the acting school. She has a father that apparently spoils her and her sister. I dont feel sorry for anyone who gets involved with her as they need their heads examined, for some reason they seem to fall for her “ways”…goodness knows what she does. Jude Law, Daniel Craig, Sean Penn, Mathew Rhys, Rhys Ifans etc etc….they all should have known better but to be forever linked with her in the press is their penance no doubt.

  4. 54
    Sue Says:

    Ewww…. she looks cheap and used. Everything on her is already sagging. She looks like a cheap s-lut. Gross.

  5. 55
    jules Says:

    The reason people dont’ like her is she’s sleeping her way around the world. What a tramp. She’s slept with numerous guys who have been married or dating someone. So she can’t use the “I didn’t know excuse”. Have some respect for yourself woman. If a man is taken he is off the market. AND yes, I have no respect for the men as well.
    Can’t this woman (term used loosely) keep her legs closed?

  6. 56
    ??????? Says:

    Evidently not, maybe she has an inner psychological problem that if she cant lure men away from their wives/gf’s then she feels she isnt worthy? The when she does she bolts?
    No I dont feel sorry for the men either, only their wives/gf’s who are embarrassed in the media and some of them then forgive them and take them back (no names mentioned)…are they mad or what?

  7. 57
    sienna the slapper Says:

    Im sure thats a view many men have seen before…

  8. 58
    OMG Says:

    I don’t get why people hate Sienna. She just felt for a man,she’s free and she can do whatever she wants to do. The problem is Balthazar’s, he is the one who is married!!!!!!

    Everybody loves Angelina & Brad and they did the same thing to Jennifer Aniston.

  9. 59
    ass Says:

    What a poor woman!She really does nothing all the day.

  10. 60
    Media Says:

    What you’re not realizing is that Sienna was probably VERY well aware of the various states of relationships of the men she has been involved with. She knew about Jude’s marital state no doubt, Daniel Craig’s gf (at the time of their alleged affair), and now Getty’s wife…she is far from naive!
    This isnt Brangelina we’re talking about either, no matter what THEY did, at least they didnt flaunt it as much as Miller/Getty are.

  11. 61
    Helena Says:

    “oh to be rich and famous for doing nothing but banging married guys i mean hoe many vacations have she been on when was the last time she was on a movie set u kno her “so-called career””
    FYI, Sienna was promoting The Edge of Love in the UK a few months back and she got favourable reviews. She also just finished filming that GI Joe film. You really shouldn’t say crap like that unless you know the facts.

  12. 62
    Wilde. Says:

    jann @ 08/24/2008 at 12:17 pm

    sienna can do what she want. she is not married.
    only balthazar is married.

    your moralize are so hypocritical.
    you are only jealous, because sienna is very happy and very beautiful.


    I agree with you. Everyone here is obviously so jealous of Sienna, because she is beautiful, a great actress and has a really hot rich guy.

    Rosetta was obviously trying to tie poor Balthazar down with those 4 kids, because 33 is pretty young to have a whole brood. She definitely wants to insure a stake in the Getty fortune I see. If I was Balthazar I would have wanted to leave her too.

    I wish people here would stop acting like the moral police. Dating a guy who had been separated from his wife for 6 months is hardly a crime or shows lack of morals. No one here knows Sienna, so how can you judge someone you don’t know and constantly call them mean names and insults anyway?


  13. 63
    Regina Says:

    Call her a whóre as much as you want, but she IS a good actress. I recently saw The Edge of Love and she actually outacted Keira Knightley, who was also great. She also carried Factory Girl (even though the film was terrible) very well and was also pretty good in Interview.

    At least she isn’t 100% useless! She’s a good actress, people! But of course, you love to pin point the bad points about her.

  14. 64
    jill Says:

    #61 #62 #63

    You all must have a morality chip missing like your famewhore Sienna.

  15. 65
    Sue Says:

    Jealous? HAHAHAHHA… I don’t think so. Nobody painted S-L-U-T on my house. I don’t have my lover’s wife and the rest of the decent world gunning for me. Plus I have a neck and nice breasts, which is more than can be said of the sk*ank with her NFL neck and pancake titties! LOL

  16. 66
    Sue Says:

    Oh yeah, to someone who said she’ll dump him when she’s bored. I don’t think so. She won’t be ‘bored’ as long as he’s got promise of money coming. See, she hopes to become Mrs Getty and share in the oil inheritance. He, on the other hand, may well dump her. She has a history of hooking the rich and powerful but she can’t hold ‘em. The closest she got was Jude Law but he ended up dumping her. Ifans was small potatoes so she dumped him as soon as she caught a richer fish.

  17. 67
    Ann Says:

    I suppose that those supporting Sienna’s behaviour are either 15 years of age or a part of her PR team.

    You know, it is not about having an affair – that happens all the time and in every part of society. It is about behaving with discretion which would include protecting Getty’s children from those appalling images of his father fondling the breasts of a woman who is not their mother.
    Getty has betrayed his wife not only by sleeping with Miller (and I am sure that this is not the first time that he has committed adultery) but by not protecting his family from this enormous media onslaught. Separation and divorce is difficult enough without throwing acid on the wounds of your wife and children and this could have been done quietly without all this filth (like so many other well known celebrities have done throughout the years). It wouldn’t have been so difficult – after all, Sienna is not famous outside of the UK and no one knows who Getty is at all – except for being a part of a very famous and rich family.

    People keep mentioning Brad and AJ but there is absolutely no comparison. They kept a reasonably low profile and, of course, he had already officially separated from his wife. As an example of how to be descreet, just this past year Hilary Swank divorced her husband and then had an affair with a very married man + a child. But they kept a low profile and she protected her career and her reputation.

    A lot of posters have said that she is completely free to do what she wants. As an woman I disagree – women should also think carefully before entering a relationship with a married man, if only because THEY can be hurt very much by it. In addition, as far as we know Ms. Miller was IN a relationship until June and was running around London with her then partner, buying a home together and even looking for a house in Wales. So she wasn’t that free when she started her affair.

    I am not talking about morals and I really don’t care about this very self-centered young woman and this despicable man. But I cannot believe that anyone can still defend their cruel behaviour which has also hurt Miller’s career, which is a pity because I think that she is a talented actress).

  18. 68
    Piper Says:

    OMG @ 08/24/2008 at 2:06 pm

    Everybody loves Angelina & Brad and they did the same thing to Jennifer Aniston.

    wow yet no one writes slutt on AJ’s house. it’s called a completely different situation! clearly everyone see that there’s no marriage to be broken in Angelina’s case, everyone except you that is.

  19. 69
    Stuff it Says:

    I am certainly not jealous of Sienna and a person CANNOT do what they want no matter who they think they are! There are boundaries and morals, obviously some people think they can cross them. I’d rather be poor and have a good sense of morals than be rich and have zero.

  20. 70

    62, if you read back a few years into getty’s life, you will read that he wanted the children and he said in a interview he liked family life and lots of children, so don’t talk about something you haven’t read up about. also getty and his wife attended the LA ANTIQUE SHOW ON THE 23RD APRIL 3 weeks before she met getty, so to all the people going on about getty having being separated for 6 month, i think you should check wireimage for photo’s of getty and his wife . and i am not jealous of miller at all , i have 4 daughters the youngest 18 and none of them would ever touch a married man.

  21. 71
    clara Says:


  22. 72
    C2 Says:

    Just like SM defenders. When they have nothing decent to say about SM they resort to 1) attacking RG by claiming that she “did not do her duty as a wife” 2) putting all of the blame on BG and ignoring/diminishing SM role in the affair 3) reciting the lies created by SM, her mother, and her PR team about the status of the marriage , 4) insulting or calling other poster names for not kissing SM *** for flaunting her affair and sleeping with the NOT YET DIVORCED/LEGALLY SEPARATED MARRIED MAN. Since SM didn’t respect herself/RG & kids enough to tell the NOT YET DIVORCED/LEGALLY SEPARATED MARRIED MAN “no” or “go home to your wife”, she is EQUALLY responsible for the affair and the pain caused to RG/kids.

    No one is impressed with SM antics with the NOT YET DIVORCED/LEGALLY SEPARATED MARRIED MAN or her need to keep herself relevant through photo-ops and PR stories. No one is impressed with attempts to defend SM by making her into a victim. She is not receiving anymore backlash then BG and she is not a victim of double standards, BG’s “charm”, or a “witch hunt”. Her life is this way because she is selfish, irresponsible, insecure, and lacks compasion for others. This affair is about SM need to be in competition with other women. She doesn’t care about the women/children that get hurt in the process of making herself the “winner”.

    Now SM and her PR team are releasing stories that the she and the NOT YET DIVORCED/LEGALLY SEPARATED MARRIED MAN are looking to buy a house together. We are supposed to believe that they are “happy and in love” because some story created by SM and her PR team say that they were “touchy feely” while house hunting? If this man really loved her he wouldn’t always look so miserable or bored when he is next to her. If BG really loved or respected SM, he would have waited until he got a divorce/legal separation BEFORE he got involved with her. If he loved or respected SM he woulld treat her like a lady by shielding her from the paps or helping her into the car (not running to the other side of the car).

    SM defenders were upset, because “someone” (possibly SM, her mom, or “friends of SM”) painted *** on a wall, and yet they are not upset that this girl is once again flaunting the affair by releasing “touchy feely house hunting” stories and “I’m happy despite the great tribulation” photo-ops . The only “great tribulation” is the pain and stress she caused because she didn’t want to control her actions around a married man and trying to depict herself as a victim and RG as a villian.

  23. 73
    eddie jones Says:

    smoking is just so attractive, no matter how hot a girl is, I can’t imagine anyone that’s a non-smoker being interested in someone that smokes, who wants to kiss an ashtray.

  24. 74
    al Says:

    with every minute she becomes uglier and uglier, both mentally and physically. sad.

    but the most interesting part here is her mother. it’s the same facial expression. just like on the boat in Italy. yes, Mrs. Miller, you had an opportunity to guide her when she was 6,7,8…. but now the only options you have are to shut your eyes or enjoy the show.)

  25. 75
    JANIE Says:

    S L * T

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