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Suri Cruise is Polka Dot Pretty

Suri Cruise is Polka Dot Pretty

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes go for a family walk with daughter Suri, 2, in New York City on Friday afternoon. Early Saturday morning, before Katie headed to rehearsals, the trio was spotted again near their apartment in New York City.

Parade magazine just did a Q&A with its readers. Nita Evans from Richmond, Virginia asked about TomKat‘s kids: “How do Tom Cruise‘s adopted children feel about all the media focus on his biological daughter, Suri?”

The mag answered, “By all accounts, Isabella, 15, and Connor, 13, have welcomed Suri, 2, into their family”which, of course, includes stepmom Katie Holmes. “Tom is a very good father and treats all three of his children exactly the same,” says a family friend. “And don’t kid yourself: Isabella and Connor get a lot of media attention, just like Suri.”

15+ pictures inside of polka dot pretty Suri Cruise

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  • Christine

    good to see Tom again!


    Yeah. But something tells me I’d much rather be Princess Suri.

  • iam

    suri looks tired and sleepy.

  • lol

    lol on “tom treats all three of his children exactly the same”

    yeah, right. if this is true, why is connor and isabella living with tom’s sister? i’m sure there’s plenty of rooms in their new mansion.

  • Chris X

    Does Suri ever get to wear shorts and T shirts or slacks to play in? I saw a picture of her on a slide and she still had to wear a dress. She makes me think of a friend whose mom always dressed her like a litteledoll and once she turned onto a teen, she wore nothing but jeans, t shirts and flannel.


    Is Katie Holmes parodying Tom Cruise with her dress-sense?! LOL. Be careful, Katie! Tom wears the pants, remember? Interesting. Nicole Kidman resorted to sly passive agression in her relations with Cruise as well…

  • Dancer

    Wow, does he have a pair of lifts on those shoes!

  • Jill

    iam @ 08/23/2008 at 11:52 am
    suri looks tired and sleepy.

    Not surprising, since she is allowed to set her own bedtime — at 2 years old — and stays up till all hours of the night.

  • duh

    Isabella and Conner don’t care because Tom is not Suri’s real dad either.

  • bebe

    I think Tom treats all 3 of his kids equally, but the media chooses to focus on Suri. I saw some some photos of Tom and Bella at a soccer game in L.A. a couple days ago, but most media outlets didn’t publish the pics. Whenever Suri is photgraphed evedry tab and blog buys the pics.

  • Iris

    At least Isabella and Connor have Tom in their lifes, what about Nicole??? it’s supposed she is their mother….

  • ?

    Where are Katie’s boobs ?

  • Sarah

    Does this kid have legs?

    I’ve never seen her walk, or even stand.

    She’s 2…she’s not a baby.

  • Madison r.

    Ok.. so Connor and Isabella dont live with Tom? As for Nicole she had to sell her soul to the devil to get out of her divorce and getting visitation with her children with Tom is a virtual impossibility – remember she is not a Scientologist.

    As for Suri how do we see her daily life unfold yet there is no signs of joy or happiness in her little world. You can say flashes bother her, etc, which I buy to some extent, but, it is daytime in these pics and there are no flashes, etc etc.

    Something is just not right about a 2 1/2 year old that never laughs or smiles.

  • defap

    Love this family. Katie is a very smart girl, found herself a good husband.

  • anna

    Whats the big deal? they are walking on the street.,,,SO?


  • janie

    Katie is starting to look like a man. Very weird! She is dressed like a guy in these pictures! What is wrong with her? Very drab clothing!

  • mar

    Suri is so cute. i bought today a pair of jeans like the ones katie wears. i love them. she is a trend setter. Katie and Tom look great!

  • Chloe

    why is Suri always carried…is she backwards like Jett Travolta?

  • pat

    AGAIN with THESE PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! boring boring boring boringboring boring boring boringboring boring boring boringboring boring boring boringboring boring boring boringboring boring boring boringboring boring boring boringboring boring boring boringboring boring boring boring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Twifanatic Amanda

    Where the heck are his other two kids? If they were with Tom OR Nicole then we’d see pictures of them all the time but we don’t! Did they ship them off to boarding school so the parents can start their new lives with their new babies?

  • Blueyedbeedy

    Ok.. so Connor and Isabella dont live with Tom?

    Yes they do. Tom’s whole family lives with him on his estate in California. His mother, his sister’s and his sister’s kids. They all converted from Catholicism to Scientology

  • jaye

    Good Grief you mean the man’s children don’t even live with him. How is that suppose to make his ADOPTED kids feel. This must be a rumor; I can’t believe that any father who claims he cares for his kids would not have them with him It’s one thing for the mother to have primary custody with them living with her, but the sister??I can’t think of one humane or logical reason why he would have that type of arrangement.

    I know he was single for a while, but there are single fathers all over the world who have primary custody of their kids and they don’t have the resources he does. He can’t blame his career because we know it’s possible to still have a career AND have your kids with you.

    I don’t think Kidman left those kids with him because she wanted to. She HAD to leave them. She left and kept her mouth closed. Scientology knows where the bodies are buried.

    I can’t image what the kids might feel like that they get to ‘visit’ their father while Suri lives with him. There’s nothing like this for separating the adopted children from the biological. As for spending time with them, well let’s give the man a medal for sparing some of his precious time for kids he CHOSE to adopt.

    That Scientologist voodoo might be working it’s magic on the kids though. You are loved, you are loved, even if your father doesn’t want you around him full time like his biological kid. You are loved, you are loved.

    Then again maybe they’re better off. Suri though a cute kid, almost always looks either sullen, disengaged, tired or irritable. Might be whatever they’re putting in that milk bottle.

  • Blueyedbeedy

    For the love of God, His kids ALL live with him. His sister’s, their kids and his mother live with him. His sister’s and his mother take care of Connor and Isabella when he’s out of state.

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    “Not surprising, since she is allowed to set her own bedtime — at 2 years old — and stays up till all hours of the night.”


    you should know. you stalk them and peep through their windows at night.

  • Blueyedbeedy

    Where the heck are his other two kids?

    Why would his two teen-age older kids want to go to NY while Katie’s rehearsing for her Broadway show when they can stay home with their friends for the summer? Sheesh

  • irene

    blueyedbeedy… yes, they all know where the money is…just like katie

  • dido

    love,love and love for cruise family plus tom looks so hot

  • jack

    Enough with the Cruise love campaign, the same person (dif. names)posts positive crap on them, is on Tommy girl’s payroll, enough of their boring asses everyday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Helena

    She’s trying too hard to be Jackie O. FAILURE.

  • Jack

    Jared must be on Tommy girl’s payroll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Pat

    okkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk we get it, someone who runs this site is obsessed with these crazies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • michelle

    Wow, Suri is not wearing fancy dress cause this one looks like her nightclothes. That kid always looks so sad (wonder why).
    Bunch of weirdos.

  • ratsass

    I’m sick sick sick of daily photos, too, of TommyBoy and Katie and their spawn. However, I’m sure JJ has statistics on how many hits each celeb’s photos get, and spend their money accordingly. Of course, the mistake there is that lots of people click on the photos just to post “STOP” comments. But for some strange reason, many people want to see daily photos of Katie and the jeans she’s wearing.

    I think Katie is okay looking. I’m mostly amused that she’s going to be on a Broadway stage with some heavy hitters. They’ll eat her alive.

  • anite

    I honestly think katie is average looking woman. Her face is not much, the no hip no boob.

  • Jill

    [☆I n F a m o u s☆] @ 08/23/2008 at 1:05 pm

    ROTFLMBAO! You know damn well you’d love to crawl into Tommy-boy’s bed some night when Katie’s not home. You’ve been gay for the guy since forever.

  • helen


  • yesss

    Always a delight to see them.

  • dolphins

    Katie is more than Jackie O.She is Katie Holmes. Thanks Jared.

  • mac

    My favorite family
    in Hollywood!!

  • ifyoucouldbeanytree


  • gi

    i love them. keep posting about katie and tom and especially suri. she is the cutest

  • just sayin

    Tom is looking delicious. Valkyrie trailer looks good.

    The reall Tom is baaaack! If only he would dump Kate.

  • Gasol_fan16

    Geez! Enough of these people!
    It is not like Katie has any fashion sense. Jesus! She looks like Tom Cruise’s brother! LOL! :lol: The Cruise brother’s walking down the street and Suri! :D

  • botox queen aniston

    # 10
    bebe @ 08/23/2008 at 12:19 pm

    I think Tom treats all 3 of his kids equally, but the media chooses to focus on Suri. I saw some some photos of Tom and Bella at a soccer game in L.A. a couple days ago, but most media outlets didn’t publish the pics. Whenever Suri is photgraphed evedry tab and blog buys the pics.
    So true.

  • susan kuby stassi

    tom you look good, and so dose the baby, but I cant say much for the rat you know your wife. your still with her why for. susan kuby stassi

  • KrissyKitty

    ~ I don’t know if it is just me but Suri seems alot more animated and interactive when she is with her Daddy. I am not the biggest Tom Cruise fan but she really looks like she loves being in his presence… Daddy’s little girl. =o)
    ~ It also looks like there isn’t much interaction between her and her Momma.

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    Jill @ 08/23/2008 at 1:53 pm

    ….aww, silly, i’m sorry to drag you away from your angelina and maniston 3-way dream. but… you’re a` stalker. lmfbaoooo you and your disposable-camera. hahaha oh man, that ‘old joke’ will never die.

    just stay out of kate & suri’s window… just spend more time with your jolie blow-up doll.

  • shishi

    About all media attencion focus on Suri. This is happen with Shiloh jolie pitt too. The media focus more on Shiloh, the papz take more pics of Shiloh than the adopted kids. If you all notice it’s only Shiloh and Suri who made the covers magazines. Last week Star magazine had Suri and Shiloh on their covers, with the tittle Little Princesses. And life and style mag had them too on their cover with the cutest kids.
    And they appear on the others magazines covers too, like Ok mag, Us mag.
    Shiloh and Suri will always be on the spotlight. Their pictures sell huge , this is why the magazines put them on their covers. The public and media have more interesting on them than on the others celeb kids.

  • Jack

    Why does that pigeon toed knock kneed woman insist on skin tight clothes that accentuate her misshapen legs?

    As for the older children, if they were treated the same, they’d be in ALL the pictures with the family. That lasted exactly 6 mths, during Katie’s pregnancy, they are no longer needed as they have been replaced for the purposes of photo ops.