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Katie Holmes Dresses in Her Vest Best

Katie Holmes Dresses in Her Vest Best

Katie Holmes breaks out a casual vest as she walks to work at the Minetta Lane Theater in New York City’s Greenwich Village on Sunday.

TomKat was out late last night, checking out a performance of South Pacific on Broadway. Looks like the pair is taking full advantage of being in the Big Apple!

Katie, 29, reportedly will be launching her Holmes-Yang collection at this year’s Fashion Week in New York. Although Katie will be displaying her pieces with a runway show, BFF Victoria Beckham does not have a show planned for her DvB dress line.

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Credit: Tom Meinelt/Jackson Lee; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • di_n

    look, its tom cruise

  • sue

    There is no Holmes-Yang collection on the NY Fashion Week schedule. Once again, the Daily Mail doesn’t know what they’re talking about.

  • http://WWW.LERMANET.COM eff off

    oh boy – the daily cruise holmes freak show continues *yawn*

  • dancing alien


  • sarisue

    What the eff are you talking about, Jared? Fashion Week is for actual, real fashion designers.

  • bia

    Katie is so beautiful…stunning.

  • HugeFan

    Kelly Clarkson´s new single:

  • pat

    It’s will never stop, the overkill of this broad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • pat

    Enough, it’s getting quite BORINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!

  • Vicky

    just another day in the wacco-robo freak show…

  • WTF

    shirt=too big
    vest=too big
    pants=too big

    zombie bride=who gives a f*****k

  • ann

    OMG!! SHE IS Getting SOOOOO old and boring..stop posting her!!!!

  • anna

    this is soo boring
    like, who cares?

  • baby


  • bianca

    lovely girl

  • zeze

    I CARE

  • chef

    So laid back and pretty.

    Happy to see her.

  • duran duran

    Team Katie here too!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • tivo

    Good luck with All My Sons, Katie. I really wish I could see it but I cant. *tears*

  • dolphins

    Sorry Jared most of your news on TomKat are wrong. reported a week ago there’s no fashion line for Katie and her stylist.
    Katie is not interested.

  • Helena

    She should just camp at that theater, because it’s so boring seeing her getting photographed everyday.

  • Chloe

    why was SHE wearing shades at night?
    Tom Thumb was hiding eye surgery scars
    he propbably had her wear it too at night so he
    doesn’t look like the freak everyone knows he is.
    Tom Cruise is DEAD @ the box office.

  • ana

    hey jared – could we maybe not post so much about katie holmes. I hate to sound like everyone else, but it really is starting to be overkill. There is never any new news about her, its just what she’s wearing.

    please and thanks.

  • mia

    katie is my fav actress. i think the play will do very good. she works really hard. sunday going for rehearsals . you people stay on your chair criticizing, but she went for rehearsals. i admire her. i wish i could go to the play, but i am in Europe. go Katie!!!

  • Mav

    Now she should get credit for going to rehearsal, just like everyone else? She goes because she needs the practice more than anyone else.


  • tc…help

    tc, did you oil it or change the battery before you left? i hope so.
    is she trying to look like some artsy graduate student? she is a joke, she didn’t even start college, she’s a ditz.

  • tom c

    She tries so much to “fit” into the NY style. She’s so ridiculous. She always dressed in heels, even when running errands in LA. Everything about her is so ridiculous.

  • Aon

    For the love of heaven, Jared, remove your tongue from licking this robot and her master’s arse. She is overexposed and she has nothing to show for it. She and her master are not that interesting. Their smiles for the cameras they send for don’t even reach their eyes. And please, her feet do not deserve to be spotlighted, did you not notice the horrible bunions.

    As for the sycophants who can’t see anything wrong with her appearance and keep saying she looks cute or laid back, she doesn’t. A more tense indivudual I have yet to see. She won’t know how to dress if she is handed “how to” instructions. She is not even 30 years old yet and she looks about 10 years older. I mean, is this what being married to shortstuff Cruise do to people, they’ve only been together for 3 years?

    As for the fashion line, who is she kidding but then again, it is not as if Hollywood is even crawling to offer her a film role so I guess pointing to whatever shape Yang draws on a piece of paper and saying “I like that” constitues being a designer. And if what we are using as a sign of her designing abilities is that awful dress she wore to the TT premiere then I don’t think the tailor down the street will not be losing any sleep.

    Once again, Jared, if you are going to post pictures of an overexposed, human being then make it an overexposed human being who has a semblance of LIFE and not Katie Holmes who looks as if plugging her into a recharger won’t even help her recharge.

    I know Jolie and Pitt are hiding away but goodness, can’t you find better substitutes than these uninteresting scientology drones?

  • Regina

    God, disappear, you washed up hag! Maggie Gyllenhaal shouldv’e been in Batman Begins, not her.

  • mia

    Mav @ 08/24/2008 at 8:03 pm
    i was trying to say that at least she works hard and does something with her life, unlike the idiots who have nothing better to do then criticize everything

  • Aon

    Unfortunately for Katie Holmes, agewise, she doesn’t fit anywhere.

    She has aged too much in the past 3 years to start dressing her chronological age. The young clothes don’t fit the face.

    And when she dresses like an older woman as she usually does, it still doesn’t fit because she doesn’t have the body for it.

    So, either way, she is screwed.

  • puppies

    Great actress
    beautiful inside and out

  • haha

    hello jackie o

    and keep writing trolls when no one is reading your essays
    and may carpel tunnel syndrome be with you always.

  • pixie

    love her and her family

  • adam

    Aon @ 08/24/2008 at 8:21 pm

    OMFG, you stupid B**CH . You are seriously paranoid and need treatment. You wish you were beautiful like Katie. oh…keep dreaming honey, you are just an ugly nobody. get it? Nobody cares about your opinion. Jared is free to post about everybody he likes and if he likes Katie i am happy cos i like her too and i am glad to see her pics.

  • levi

    It is something to do with NYC. When Jolli-pitts were there we got bored to death with school drop offs etc. Even a B lister like Garner got photographed everyday at parks. I don’t think the stars are arranging these things. NYC is a walkers’ city and quite good buisness for paps.

  • green

    I want her sandals and sunglasses…..

  • Morticia Addams
  • suri

    where is suri? i wanna see that girl. she is just too precious. katie is so beautiful, tom is handsome too. love them

  • Grace

    What? her bodyguard has to carry her stuff? is he her servant?

  • Dieter

    Jared – I just wanked on her hot ass and came !!!! Thank you !!!!

  • dan

    Katie’s face has perfect symmetry she is beautiful

  • ana

    It was because they have kids that are school age. besides, we didn’t see them everyday for two months striaght with 2-4 threads a day. That is why this is too mcuh. She can go back and forth without being seen sometimes you know.

  • tt

    I don’t get the hoppola with Katie Holmes she is still a B list actress married to a crazy A lister.

  • mia

    elated to see Katie. Hope to see more Tom and the kids. JJ you didnt show Bella with Cruise w/ Tony Parker watching soccer.

  • irene

    yes, adam, jared is free to post about whomever he wishes, and he will do so more happily if he is being paid for it, maybe like tom cruise’s camp is doing. this is tooooo much to be regular posts.
    firs and last post and las time to come in this girl’s threads

  • seth

    Agree with #36 levi. It is not the school age kids, it’s walking. adults walk a lot in this city and are good targets for photags. LA people are mostly in cars, parking lots.

  • adam

    irene @ 08/24/2008 at 9:51 pm
    another stupid statement. tom pays jared??? hahaha…you make me laugh…do you have idea how many sites post pics of katie on the internet every day? there are thousands..tom will be broke by now if he would pay them all. the only reason jared posts pics is because people want to see katie. it must be hard to comprehend for haters, but there are people who enjoy the pics.

  • cadet

    adorable as usual

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    history will remember her as.. kate ‘the great’.