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Zac Efron Has High School Musical Pep Rally!

Zac Efron Has High School Musical Pep Rally!

Zac Efron and Ashley Tisdale hype it up at Disney’s ‘High School Musical 3: Senior Year’ Ultimate Fan Pep Rally on Saturday at the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood.

As reported earlier, 1000 High School Musical fans won a special opportunities to be part of a “pep rally” viewing of the sing-a-long- version of High School Musical and High School Musical 2. They also caught a sneak peek of HSM3!

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Photos: Eric Charbonneau/WireImage
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  • dkd

    October 24th!!! Whooot Whoooot!!!!

  • naaagaah

    can’t wait..zacs so fine. wish vanessa was there.

  • kourtney

    I’m so excited! I still can’t believe it’s coming out the day after my 19th birthday, but i’m still seeing it opening day!


    and he is such a cutie!

  • haley

    hey look soo cuteee

  • kathastic

    hmmm wish vanessa was there… seems like this is the start of hsm3 promos… and v’s still on tour, so ash is taking her place :(

  • iellidy

    Zac esta um gato em

  • haley

    soo cuteee, he looks gorgeous and Ashley looks sooo pretty.

  • luiza

    omj’ the’yre so cool :D i could have all ash’s closet

  • girlleader1



    I LUV IT!

  • zashley

    ZASH! they look good together!!.
    why he didn’t choose her instead of the other girl? =S xD

  • I love zac efron

    Omg I was here it was awesome zac is so cute

  • kgg

    Love that blue shirt on Zac! BTW, he looks like he’s put on a little weight which looks great on him. I’m sure he was thinking about V and her concert and missing her too.

  • Megan fox rocks

    Zac looks good , and Love his shirt

  • I love zac efron

    I was here it was awesome zac is so cute

  • I love zac efron

    I was here it was awesome zac was so cute

  • Bailee

    Is it just me or are they spending alot of time together lately?!?

  • Boji

    There you go, delusional Ashley fans. Fantasize away. Anyway, Nice to see Zac and Ashley working hard to promote HSM even though most of their compatriots are away busy.

    For those of you concerned about Zanessa, not to worry, they’ll be on the red carpet come 7th. Sept.

  • unknown

    i love what ashley is wearing

  • Boji

    A hi to Kgg, hope you’re well. Will be hearing from me soon.

  • jhillp

    damn what is this blonde girl doing now

  • ZAshleyluver

    Love Ashley!
    Love Zac!
    Love Zashley!!!

  • http://justjared angelica

    strange sight when zac and vanessa are not together, huh

  • tia

    god ppl are way to obsessed. ‘wheres vanessa!’ geezzz calm down already. they dont have to be toghether every minute of every single day.


    love zashley!!
    they look cute together!!!
    so happy vanessa wasnt there!!

  • zaccara

    The picture looks doctored. Anyone with a computer brain can do it including me.

    Anyway delusional Zashley fans Vanessa’s tour end on Aug 30th then she has a couple of more dates Sept. 5,6,. Then she’ll be in the thick of HSM3 promos.

    Zac and ashley gave an award to K. Ortega and are now at a sing-a-long for HSM3 -I guess since they are never together that counts as a lot to you.

    He spent days on a tour bus with his lady-now that’s love

  • liz

    lauren-sorry honey that’s from romeo and juliet 1968 version. now know your facts before you post.

  • shannon

    aww man i wish vanessa and corbin weren’t on tour so they could have been there!


    #24 lauren…

    dats romeo and…from 1963? i think dats the date so stop illusioning them as dat! sick mind!

  • rosielee9

    You just know that all the stuff about Zac being with his true love again is going to start up with him doing another event with Ashley and not Vanessa, couple that with the last few photo’s the pap’s have got of Zac with him not looking happy and now he’s all smile’s on this photo is surely a sign that he does’nt want to be with Vanessa anymore but with Ashley. It really does make me smile when those comments are made, on this ocassion they are working on starting to promote HSM3 and as it’s been said I’m sure that if Vanessa was’nt back on tour she would have been their.

    I’m surprised that no one has commented that he seems to have stopped wearing his ring again.

    Love the shirt Zac has on though really suits him and well done to thelucky people who won.

    As much as Vanessa is apparently loving her tour I bet she’ll be glad to get back home but of course even though her and Zac are going to the MTV thing soon again you just know the comments will appear’ it’s all for show’ ‘their not really together’ ‘Zac look’s miserable when he’s with Vanessa’ seriuoulsy some so called fans of Zac do not seem to credit him with any morals what so ever.

    It is great though to see more things coming out on HSM3 and I loved the one recent video of HSM3 – The Scrapbook that was really good, can’t wait to see the other cast members.

  • Tameka C.

    Lauren, that pic is from Romeo and Juliet, the first one!! That is not Zac and Vanessa!!!

  • vanguard

    Well it seems our dear Jared left out a few details. Such as most of the cast was there and so was Kenny Ortega.

    That the biggest poster was of course Zac and Vanessa and the clip shown was basically Zac and Vanessa (Troy/Gabriella)

  • m

    The 3 new kids, Olesya, Chris Warren, Ryne, Kacyee, And Kenny where there two. They came out some answered questions, Zac, Kenny, Ashley were out there for the shortest time. The people there got to watch the song “a night to remember” from the movie, they also watched all the trailer stuff we got, hsm, hsm2.

    Corbin/V are touring. No idea what Monique & Lucas are doing.
    Zac is love. He looks hot and the hair isn’t bothering me here, even if he still does need a haircut. Olesya looks really nice.

    Ashley Tisdale really is repugnant. It becomes even more apparent the more she is seen.

  • m


  • shannon

    lol ashley tisdale is repugnant dont kno how tru that statement is haha

  • major Ash fan!



  • LOL :D


  • vanguard

    He lost his ring didn’t he. It’s been missing for months since his surgery. I think one of hte hospital personnel “borrowed it” LMAO

    Anyway not wearing his ring didn’t keep him from going on tour with Vanessa, or taking her on vacation or any of the other stuff they do together-like sneaking out of the Teen Choice awards so they can be alone.

    Rings are overrrated

  • major Ash fan!

    Baby Vag and her damned tour, who the hell would go anyways? she freakin performs at county fairs.

    ooh huge.


  • jshsm

    i wish vanessa was there. zac and ashley have been spending a lot of time together dont you think. i like zanessa better than zashley these nothing wrong with ashley im just not a big fan of hers thats all.

  • major Ash fan!

    “The people there got to watch the song “a night to remember” from the movie, they also watched all the trailer stuff we got, hsm, hsm2″

    Oh sweet how do you know?…

    “i wish vanessa was there. zac and ashley have been spending a lot of time together dont you think. i like zanessa better than zashley these nothing wrong with ashley im just not a big fan of hers thats all.”

    Well at least not all Zanessa fans aren’t complete bitches. <3


  • nikki

    how cute<3
    BEST FRIENDS doing this for the fans.
    love it.

    and really, stop hating on vanessa.
    she’s on tour and she would definitely be there if she could.
    zac, vanessa AND ashley are best friends.
    they’re not caught up in this delusional love triangle
    ashley has a boyfriend.

  • vanguard

    Zac and Ashley have been at 2 events together both connected to high school musical 2 EVENTS-that doesn’t even remotely constitute “spending a lot of time together. In fact these events are the only recent pix we have of them together at all.

    Vanessa’s tour end next Saturday with one or two dates in September then she’ll be around.

    People seem to forget Zac came to the Alma awards direct from being with Vanessa on tour

  • Malia

    I saw Vanessa’s concert tonight and she was absolutely awesome in person. Her voice sounds SO much stronger live. And boy can that girl dance.

    At the beginning of the concert the Radio Disney guy came out and was talking about Vanessa. Then he said, “And what’s that guy’s name? You know, the one in High School Musical?” And practically everyone screamed ZAC at the top of their lungs. Then the guy pointed into the audience and said, “Someone out there has a ‘Where’s Zac?’ sign.” Which made everyone scream louder. Then after everyone sort of quieted down, the guy said, “Zac NOT here.”


  • ahhh


  • http://justjared luvim

    ashley sure looks like a christmas tree whatever she wears she still looks very cheap



  • FUG

    her nose is droppiing….outtttta

  • girlleader1

    i luv it how all the zanessa fans are bashing on ashley becuase there jealous that zashley has been together alot lately!

  • ashlee

    people calm down. this was an hsm3 event. how come nobody is complaining because olesya rulin in that beautiful purple dress is standing next to zac. aren’t afraid she gobbled him up?

  • http://youtube Natalie

    to all you people who means that its been *zashely* lately, you have no idea how wrong you are! c’omon guys -ashely has a boyfriend, jared murillo, and zac has vanessa! we’we seen jashely kissing public, holding hands, been on vacation, and the same has zanessa! never seeng zac and ashley doing something near like that! not even looking at eatchother that way!Their Just best buddies!! is it really that hard to exept that zac has some feminine friends other than vanessa!!?? just becaouse vanessa’s on tour and ashely is taking her place to just PRESENT something, dosen’t mean that vanessa is been domped by zac! for godness sake, zanessa are wearing eatchothers chlotes, kissing, even now ifinally confessed that their are a couple! what more fucking prof do you actully need?!