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Jenna Jameson: I'm Pregnant!

Jenna Jameson: I'm Pregnant!

Former adult film star Jenna Jameson and her boyfriend of two years, mixed martial artist Tito Ortiz, are expecting their first child together!

“Yes, I can confirm I’m pregnant,” she tells Us Weekly. “It’s still early, so I’m being cautious. I’m resting as much as possible. I’m so happy!”

Jenna adds, “[Tito and I] are still in a state of shock. I’m just saying super healthy. I’ve moved down to the beach with Tito – I love being by the beach.”

The 34-year-old suffered through two failed pregnancy attempts. Jenna miscarried during her marriage to adult film star Jay Grdina and the second time failed with in vitro treatment.

Congrats to the happy couple!

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  • misty

    That’s just disgusting.

  • Lea

    Jeez she was quick to share the news. Looking for attention?

  • Susan

    She’s a devout Catholic ? Hmmm. Well, congrats to them.

  • stephana

    congrats to her, everyones getting preggers these days..

  • Nick

    CONGRATULATIONS JENNA! I hope that it will come through.

  • Helena

    I feel sorry for that child, having a pórn actress as a mother.

  • Jessie

    I don’t see what is so disgusting. I don’t think her having been an adult star is any indication of what kind of parent she will be. There are cops and teachers who go home and abuse their wife and kids. I’m happy for her and I hope she doesn’t miscarry again. I wouldn’t wish that on any woman.

  • lene

    How is this disgusting?
    Pregnancy is a beautiful thing.
    Congrats to her and Tito. : )

  • Damn

    woah why did she share so fast?……..wait a few months hunny. ya i think she’s looking for attention. …… i wonder how this kid will happen to know his mom’s job…….he/she’ll be like ” hey mommy, what did you do to get money??” ….then, jenna will reply ” oh i played in some movies..but i donb’t think you’ll like this kind”…….”oh come on, momma i wanna watch it, now!” it responds…..” nope, baby. it wouldn’t be necessarily appropriate for you ………when you’re older i swear i’ll show you them” jenna says…..” okay, mom. can’t wait!!” :D i’m not saying being an “adult films” star is a bad thing (i’d probably do it if i am broke one day lol) but it’s like out of society’s “jobs”..I don’t no if it’s like this everywhere but loads of people are “old-fashioned” and dislike this kind of thing,girls showing some skin to get bucks..even though sexuality is taking over commercials and stuff…..hope mentalities will change and from what i see in videos and ads, it actually is! I’m not hating on her tho. All this to say CONGRATULATIONS , i hope she’ll have the baby this time and be happy with it. i wonder how far along she is……”early” means what? don’t like the fact that she shared this personal event with the whole world so quick! congrats anyway

  • Damn

    everybody’s getting pregnant nowadays! it’s amazing.

    but, pregnancy is the most beautiful thing that can happen in a woman’s life so jenna, appreciate it! unfortunately, we women can’t remain pregnant forever lol

  • parisgirl

    I’m just glad she’s no longer in the adult fim industry.
    Congrats to her :)

  • happy lol day

    I wish her well. Her baby will be raised by a knowing and wise mom, she/he hopefully will have the benefit of Jenna’s life experience and avoid things Jenna considers mistakes she made.

  • betduke

    Well, at least we know that her vajayjay is more than stretched and ready for that natural birth. That kid will just slide right out. She’ll be in labor for about three minutes and pop.

  • OpsSS!!!!


  • OpsSS!!!!


  • OpsSS!!!!


  • Kyle

    Gawd this guy is so ugly she could have done waaaay better than this.

  • Aimee

    She is a disgusting pig and a SLUTT!

  • ouch

    ughhhh- hope this baby does not catch any horrid diseases from her p o r n past.

    p o r n = s l u t

    poor baby

  • bella

    Agree with #11. Hope things change for the better for her. I am just wondering when this child gets older how she will explain her past. Poor kid.

  • Linda

    I’m pregnant too!!! No one cares? Ok.

  • woah

    who hasn’t f$$ked this bitch?

  • Sarah

    # 7, Jessie.

    Don’t say that “cops and teachers” abuse their families…becuase that’s not all officers and teachers familes that do that, so don’t put it that way.
    My mom is a teacher and I find that really rude of you.

  • required

    the kid shouldnt have any problems getting out.

  • WingNut13

    Sarah, the point Jessie was trying to make is that people in perfectly respectable careers – i.e., teaching & law enforcement – can be total jerks behind the scenes.

    Taking it personally is pretty silly.

  • Dear Jenna:

    (if you read these blogs, this is for you)

    If you’re not already, it’s time to get on the right track. Nothing, absolutely nothing should be more important in this world than this child. That’s means you and Tito come second. Think of what is best for the baby in every situation. You don’t have a right to act selfish because the baby didn’t ask to come here. You did the deed and now you must act accordingly. If you get tired and think about the days of the past when it was all about you, get over it! You’ve had most of your life to do anything you dam*n well pleased and now you have to step aside and make sure that this baby has every opportunity possible to come into this world and be happy and healthy.

    I’m sorry about your other tries at motherhood, but becoming a mother with your ex-husband Jay would have been a major mistake. He is just a freak and that would have probably caused you a lot of pain. I hope Tito proves to be the man and father that I believe he can be. He seemed very nice on The Apprentice, but if he messes up, you have a responsibility as a mother to do what is necessary to protect your children. Congratulations and I hope you have a very healthy baby.

  • ew

    She’s gross!

  • kdgriffin

    Hopefully she’ll stay healthy this time around. I’m convinced she suffers or has suffered from anorexia.

  • Brian

    as she did soft pron she would have a soft giving birth?
    congrats anyways. eeee

  • Dirty

    Whose is it?

  • Ashley

    Oh dear. Well, all I can say is hopefully it works out for her this time, but hey, at least she will have an easy delivery if she decides to do it naturally, I mean, if she’s as good at pushing things out as she is taking them in…

  • One

    When you say “mixed” is that a problem???

  • Non

    Fuck You Dickhead Haters !! Congrads Jenn :D

  • lizzy

    jenna is NOT a frickin’ slut, she’s a buisness woman.
    most people who work in the adult industry aren’t sluts b/c they don’t sleep with everyone .
    geez, people.

  • http://jUSTJARED ogfOXYB


    get over it… it’s her business not yours…whats disgusting about it…

    your just jealous that she was able to make Millions on her looks…so sad for you! :)

  • joe

    having a child is a happy event. but i sincerely wish that both of you wish to settle down with each other for the rest of ur life NO MATTER WHAT HAPPEN. never get divorce and perform ur responsibility as parents.
    no human is perfect. If a couple cannot master the art of endurance then the child will suffer in the end.. i wish u all the best.

  • Drink08

    I think that it is wonderful Jenna is having twins. Jenna is an amazing person! It makes me very sad when people put her down. I think that before you go and put someone down make sure you read up on them and not just things that they are famous for. You should read her book and not just that but every artical written about her should be read and not just there but qoutes and interviews should aslo be read. Then when you have read about all the obsticals that she has overcome in her past and how she started a business from the ground up that now is worth over 30 million dollars only then is it ok or you to then judge her. but everyone is allowed to have their opions I just feel sad because is a perfect example of how people view others and yet then they are hurt when people view them the same way. She may not be the best role model she herself has even stated that. But she is a least ahppy with herself and when she puts her head down at night that is all that matters to her is that she is happy. That is the lesson to learn from her. Just be happy with yourself.