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Let Jesse McCartney Buy You A Drank

Let Jesse McCartney Buy You A Drank

Jesse McCartney has taken on T-Pain, covering the rapper’s hit song “Buy U A Drank (Shawty Snappin’)”.

“It’s got a nasty groove to it,” the 21-year-old pop singer said of the song. “It’s fun, so we’re going to put our own little spin on it.”

Jesse went into the “Pepsi Smash Exclusive Cover Art” studio and recorded T-Pain‘s song. Watch the video below of Jesse singing it! You can also watch the original video here.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Jesse McCartney’s cover of T-Pain’s song — YAY or NAY?

Jesse McCartney Covers T-Pain‘s “Buy You A Drank”
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  • Anna



  • Anna



  • Anna

    or 3rd & 4th lol

  • susanne

    i love his version
    even though you cant top t-pain
    jmac did a really good cover
    i looveeee himmm :D

  • anon

    his version is really good

  • Kelsie

    hmm, not great. but not good. he shouldn’t rap

  • locamochagirl

    I’m not feeling it. T-pain’s voice fits the song better than Jesse’s. Not bad though!

  • valerie

    i love jesse mccartney
    is so good the cover
    i loved the song

    jesse mccartney i Love you

  • Theresa

    anna you are so dumb

  • Susan

    Better then I thought it would be
    But not even close to the original

  • zanessafan4eva17

    oh snap white boy got some soul lol but he was pretty and this coming from a black girl i actually liked it

  • rae

    i liked it. it was very smooth.

  • Helo

    YAY, totally amazing!

  • RAY

    i’m surprised!i actually liked it
    it sounds REAL GOOD

  • geniass

    He manages to put his own spin on it, so it works.

  • Jessica

    Pretty cool! & Wow, Jesse has definitely grown up!

  • Christina

    im surprised too,
    but i actually like it. wheres a download version

  • nunny

    he is trying to extend his horizons…good for him

  • iluvmiley

    am i the only one who thought the backup singers looked very bored??? lol, it was good though.

  • menna

    that’s pretty gay…

  • yoyoyo


  • manny

    LMFAO this is sooo funny he thinks hes like a pimp

  • omfg

    the vid dont work

  • petra

    hahahhahah ummmmm, is that for real?

  • swe3t23

    better than the original

  • sarah may

    LOL, it’s not bad actually. Pretty funny in some of the shots he’s the only white dude standing among black guys in the background.

  • asdfghk;

    this is way better than t-pains. ahhh i love jesse’s facial expressions <3

  • Laur

    I like Jesse’s better.

  • brittany

    wow jesse might have done it better the t-pain.
    either way i love that song :D

  • nikki

    LOVE IT!

  • Jaymee

    ahhh i love itttt.
    as amazing as it is on here
    its more amazing live

  • Katherine

    so hot!

  • Tracy

    Yyyyaaaaaayyy. It’s groovy. Props to him!

  • gilly

    Is he old enough to buy anyone a drank?

  • volleyballgrl

    haha no number 21 your not the only one…the background singers had absolutely no enthusiasm or expression! haha.but jesse did great..i love this version!

  • rachell

    I like it for a white boy he’s got soul but i still like the origanal version though

  • JAyejay

    pretty good…..pretty good*****

  • hailie

    wow. i dont guess this is necessarily bad, but it was wierd. this isnt jesses kind of music, he may think it is, but its not. he needs to stick to songs like beautiful soul. i dont know how he ever decided he would go away for a couple of years and come back black….

  • emilie

    pretty good

  • Negar

    Love it!

  • em-ems

    Yay…it’s pretty cool. Hey nice background too JJ!

  • holly

    I think some people don’t get the point of the covers that yahoo/pepsi has been putting out.

    They essentially get these people to choose a song they really enjoy and cover it. Such as Mandy Moore’s cover of Umbrella last year.
    It isn’t Jesse trying to be black or deciding to change his style or anything. It’s just a song he likes that he wanted to attempt a cover of for fun.

  • aims

    GREAT cover
    loving this new vibe jesses giving

  • Scott Pargett

    That’s the whitest thing ever. The three black dudes in the group need to be stripped of their race.

    Look at his hair cut. He’s 21, he’s been out of high school for 3 years… loose the varsity cut bro.

  • Vanessa

    I agree, his hair is horrible.

  • blair

    love it! How can I download this song?

  • Morgan

    yeh not as bad as i thought it was gonna be..its actually pretty good =]

  • courtney

    i actually liked it a lot

  • nic

    Awesome! though I missed the old Jesse..