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Jessica Simpson Flies Daisy

Jessica Simpson Flies Daisy

Jessica Simpson brings her dog, Daisy, along with her as she lands at LAX with her girlfriend on Sunday.

The 28-year-old singer recently shared about how her latest album came about. “I hadn’t been singing for a long time, and I finally got to that place where I was comfortable opening up again,” Jessica said. “I’d been going through a divorce, and I wasn’t really strong enough to (sing); I had to go through the hurt and healing. I had to sit back and relax and go through everything like a normal person would.”

Jessica also tried to clear up some misconceptions about herself, “that I’m just in it for the money and the paparazzi – they really think that what they see in the tabloids is how I live my life,” she said. When we did Newlyweds, I felt that people really got to see me for who I am – the fun side of me, the hardworking, normal girl who burps and falls flat on her face.

Last week, Jessica was named the new spokesperson for Stampede Light Plus beer.

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  • Lovesimpsonsis

    Jessica you look gorgeous! Your voice is fantastic, keep up the good work girl! All love from me.

  • ghad

    OK jess….
    1. you alert paparazzi for a phot set up
    2. you are sell out – you attach yourname to anything which will bring you dollar
    3. failled in pop now you are countyr girl
    4. Fake all the way…and annoying…..and it goes on

    I hope divorce was a wake up call because you took fame and money over your marriage. we all saw it in newlywed.

  • ee

    Oh, please!!!! I don’t believe a word that comes out of her collagen injected mouth. She divorced Nick, and she was hurting? Please, she slept with every guy she came across after that. Slut!!! She’s nothing but trailer trash. She has no class, endorsing anything and everything.


    Good Lord – what is she wearing?

  • Taylor

    i wish her and nick would get back together.i have EVERY season if newleweds and ever time i watch it i cry.But Jessica is a dumb blonde. i think she’s funny when she acts dumb!lol

  • Taylor

    i wish her and nick would get back together.i have EVERY season if newleweds and ever time i watch it i cry.But Jessica is a dumb blonde. i think she’s funny when she acts dumb!lol

  • Shannon

    Fake no-talent nothing trying to stay in Hollywood. I can’t stand her.

  • lj

    She’s such a liar. She’s the one that wanted the divorce so why would she be hurt? She says stuff like this to get sympathy since she’s failed at everything she’s done since the divorce. Nick was the one that was hurt. Plus, she fooled around with at least 5 men when she was married to him. What a desperate skank.


    Gee, I have to say, this whole celebrity trend of ‘dressing down’ really makes you laugh sometimes. I mean…here we have yet another ‘slumin celeb dressed as though they’re just some average person on the street…Ironically, though, the average person on the street dresses a whole lot better than this…

  • The facts

    Dressing, if we were to dress like that ,that casual, we probably would not get far like on the plane .
    Next, SHE divorced Nick , and did not know about his divorce until way later, and he was the onehurt.
    Next- will TONY ROMO please marry her in Jan . 2009 since he will not be at the Superbowl anyway. GO ELIE OR PEYTON OR any other team but Dallas. Jessica can have that Romo baby 09. They can get engaged this fall. THEN THE CAN GET DIVORCED 2010!!!

  • team Daisy

    Poor Daisy. She looks so sad and dejected.. It’s like she’s trying to tell us something. Someone call Sarah McLachlan, maybe she can put Daisy in her next commercial.

  • Orange cream

    She’s adorable and looks too cute dressed down.

    Haters are irritating.

  • fan of class

    She must be dating Chipper Jones this week.

  • bubbles

    She does look cute in that outfit, but her personality is beyond annoying, and her ad for that new beer just looks ridiculous. She is def endorsing waaay too much; overexposure is never a good thing.

    the facts/#11 – I’m with you- I hope she stays with Romo so the Cowboys are awful this season. Go Giants!!!!!


    fan of class! LMAO!!!! :)

    You’d think she’d wear the obvious.

    Honey, if you wanna kiss ass: There’s always the Titans, Predators, Cowboys, Rangers, Astros. Duh.

  • gina

    She really does have the cutest little dog.

  • freetobeme

    Are Jessica & Tony even still together? I saw on a couple sites someone posted there toast.
    Too bad if its over because they do/did make a cute couple. I also think its pretty hateful to calim someone slept with five men during her marriage. Thats just showing hatred for someone you don’t even know. UGLY!
    maybe Jessica asked for the divorce as it is Nick that cheated. Lots of women don’t give second chances or thirds when cheated on.

  • Jeri

    Jessica is the biggest liar. She needs to stick a sausage in that fat lying mouth of hers. She went on Nashville radio dissing Carrie Underwood.
    She is not making any new fans the way she carries on. I dont believe a word that comes out of her mouth.
    Tony wise up and dump her. You can do so much better. By the way, I like your new house. Its way smaller and cheaper than Carries but they are still both on the golf course and similar in style.

  • Romo fan

    Tony and Jessica are still together. Thats his cap she is wearing.

  • JANE


  • simpsonssuck

    Dear plastic tittied “the truth shall never pass my collagen enhanced lips”….NO ONE BELIEVES A WORD YOU SAY! go away you greedy money obsessed tranny, you’re pathetic.

  • liar

    Of course she’s not in music for the money, noone buys her crap so she doesn’t make any! All her money comes from piching soon to be landfill plastic hair and cheap $1 an hour exploit clothing ripoffs. Such a nice person, ADORABLE!!!!!.

  • me

    She is gorgeous! Jessic you are amazing. You have a great voice. You and Tony deserved all the happiness in the world. Don’t pay attention to all the haters. They think that they know what happened in the Newlywed’s SHOW. But they don’t have a clue of what took place. They only watched an edited version of what they thought was reality. But they missed the fights!!!!, The insults!!!!! they cursing!!!!! They only care about what they think that show was suppose to be. Love, marriage, respect is for two people.
    A divorce that maybe Jessica file for, but that Nick wanted. Then he made everybody think he didn’t. PR war anyone! He sang “Whats left of Me” all over the country while he had in the other women toll, who not only starred in the video with him, but the one he had been seeing all alone. Some of the tabs showed her wearing the short wig. How convenient that she worked for MTV, who also produced Newlyweds.

  • me

    Not ony are Tony and Jessica together, but they have take their relationship to the next step. Tony has purchased a home in texas. They apparenly are putting roots down in Texas. They may be preparing to start a family or are preparing their nest. They don’t seem to be letting all the haters matter. Knock yourt selves out.

    In Nov. 2006 Tony went on ESPN and during the interview said that he was in love with Jessica. It took him over a year to put the plan together to get close to Jessica.

    As for Carrie Underwood, if she had not mention Tony in her article, Jessica would not have to answer questions that she had nothing to do with her. I think Carrie Underwood is the one that’s jealous. Tony was not in love with Carrie. They casually dated and she denied that they dated.

  • me2

    I hope her new album fails at the same time her sister’s baby is born, Romo dumps her, and her ex husband remarries and announces he and his wife are expecting a baby. And her dog runs away and is adopted by someone normal.

    If she doesn’t shave her head and vandalize a car with an umbrella after that, she could always hire someone to write her a song about it. It sounds just like a country song…

  • Soutien et aide scolaire

    Jessica i’m Fan!!!