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Kirsten Dunst & Justin Long Hit Up Sunset Junction

Kirsten Dunst & Justin Long Hit Up Sunset Junction

It doesn’t take long to mend a broken heart!

Just one week after news broke than Mac guy Justin Long and Drew Barrymore split, rumors started swirling that Kirsten Dunst was “all over” Justin at NYC’s Bowery Hotel.

Well, now we have photographic proof that Kirsten, 26, and Justin, 30, have indeed been hanging out together. The pair hit up Silver Lake’s popular Sunset Junction street fair earlier this weekend.

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WHAT DO YOU THINK of Kirsten and Justin as a couple — YAY or NAY?

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Photos: Shane Redsar/Metromix
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  • kehinde

    wtf wtf wtf wtf wtf wtf

  • anna

    oooo burn! haha

  • anon

    nay, i like justin with drew better

  • bella

    who cares?

  • Halli

    What’s up with her skin. Is the “white-trash” look the new hipster wave?

  • uhh

    cute but i think drew and him looked better.

  • m

    Didn’t Kirsten date Fab after he broke up with Drew?

  • laurenn=]

    Theyre cute together!

  • Sammy

    First off, why is anyone surprised that a relationship typically doesnt last when it comes to celebrities? Second off, I think Kirsten Dunst is an absolute doll and don’t understand why people constantly rank on her. And third, sorry, I dont think Drew Barrymore is all that.

  • Helena

    I think they look better than him and Drew. Him and Drew just looked like the odd couple.

    I like Kirsten, too. I like that she doesn’t plaster herself with makeup, yet people rag her for that.

  • essie

    sorry but i think they’re both just trying to fill some void…. i wouldn’t be surprised if it ended in a couple of weeks

  • pinkydoo

    I get a stong vibe from this dude. My gaydar is soaring.

  • pinkydoo


  • OCsfashionista

    Why does she keep taking drews leftovers, first it was Fabrizio Moretti and now Justin Long.

  • highm8nce

    I dont understand how these people break up and then are dating someone the next day…how about some GRIEF? Sheesh, HE aint all that.



  • whatever yo

    well he certainly didn’t upgrade.

    I thought he and Drew were a great couple…

    and it’s not that Kirsten isn’t pretty, but she doesn’t care about she looks and doesn’t take care of herself– is what it looks like.

    she always looks like shit.. the least she can do is brush her hair or something

  • Collyn with a Y, not EE


  • Truman

    I always wish she had reunited with Jake Gyllenhaal

  • ohio

    I saw the two of them together last Sunday night at a restaurant! We actually had a conversation with them….

  • Stellartes

    Two junkies meeting up at the sunset junction….looks like they are meant to be together….Drew is better off without him….she deserves a sweet and loving man!

  • Anon

    I’m not going to hate on Kirsten. I hope she finds happiness if she wants it, with a good guy. She looks messy in this picture, as if she has a big zit on her face. I think she has some very unhealthy habits. She should get healthy. She will stay prettier longer.

  • nicole

    I think kirsten is pretty and telented but i dont think she makes such a good couple with justin i liked better with jake… they were sooo cute together

  • locamochagirl

    NAY! Why do people in Hollywood keep dating leftovers from other people? It’s like becoming a circular thing! Actress 1 dumps Actor. Actress 2 is desperate so she jumps to the dumped Actor. And the cycle continues. It’s so so sad.

  • h

    Fuck you Justin.
    Ew, Kirsten Dunst is uggly!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • x

    She was idiot! She left Jake ran and now she doesn´t get date anymore interesting!

  • TR

    I miss Kristen and Jake together, but Justin is okay too…

  • harleygirl

    As a mature gay woman I am dismayed that so many of our stars today still act as if stonewall never happened. Really, the sham marriages and dating may have fooled people in my day but the public is far more sophisticated and accepting today. This is a wonderful time we live in where gay rights are an intergal part of the social fabric. It’s a shame that these stars won’t join with us. I’m sure if Rock Hudson were still with us he would have the guts to speak out on gay rights. And please, if you’re trying to fool us at least date a straight person once in awhile.

  • a

    Yay! they are both annoying!

  • Sis

    They look like they’ve been hitting the pipe a bit hard.

  • Kayla

    justin seems to into women with saggy boobs. wtf.

  • Carolyn

    Nay. At least he’s funny, she’s just irritating.

  • Damn

    i love both drew and kirsten so it’s pretty hard! i kinda pity drew ………

  • pam

    Ohio was that sunday the day before yesterday or last week? Weren’t they in New York last weekend? It so cool that you got to talk to them.. where they nice?

  • Nikki G.

    i think you’re right m, kristen was seen w/ fab after he and drew broke up. i have no problem w/ people who like each other hanging out/dating whatever but hollywood skeeves me. it’s so damn incestuous… EVERYONE HAS BEEN WITH EVERYONE!

  • whoopie

    I agree, Hollywood is such a small town! Seems like everybody’s dating somebody’s ex.

    Are those zits all over her face or was she chemically burned? She looks really bad, even for her!

  • Ivana

    Poor Kirsten she obviously realized that Jake was perfect score…..

  • cHRIS

    I imagine one reason Jake dumped Dunst was that she was “all over” guys in public. I doubt he liked that very much since he tends to behave himself better than 99% of Hollyweird stars.

  • DeAnn

    No, I dont think their a couple. They probably just get high together. If you look at the photo it looks like he just scored and he is passing it to her under the table. and she is nonchalantly trying to put it in her purse.

  • popy

    maybe ! and if there´re not couple yet ,there ´re going to be really soon

  • popy

    maybe, and if their not a couple, their going to be one really soon

  • Ally

    They have been friends for the longest time, it’s so funny that people think they’re dating

  • Art V