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Keely Shaye Smith is a Boogie Board Babe

Keely Shaye Smith is a Boogie Board Babe

Keely Shaye Smith, the wife of 007 star Pierce Brosnan, takes her boogie board for a ride on the waves in Kauai, Hawaii on Sunday afternoon.

“I never shy away from colors or my curves,” Keeley has told Vogue. “I never hide in baggy clothing.’

Pierce, the 55-year-old former Bond actor whose latest role is in Mamma Mia!, was seen playing the ukulele on the beach. His and Keely‘s sons, Dylan Thomas, 11, and Paris Beckett, 7, stayed in the shade as their mama went for a swim.

10+ pictures inside of boogie board babe Keely Shaye Smith

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keely shaye smith boogie board 01
keely shaye smith boogie board 02
keely shaye smith boogie board 03
keely shaye smith boogie board 04
keely shaye smith boogie board 05
keely shaye smith boogie board 06
keely shaye smith boogie board 07
keely shaye smith boogie board 08
keely shaye smith boogie board 09
keely shaye smith boogie board 10

Credit: PV; Photos: Flynetonline
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  • Jono


  • wow….

    Anyway, I just wanna commend Keeley for her bravery as a plus size woman who is on the beach strutting her stuff!! As a size 4 myself, I can’t relate, but I know I wouldn’t be as brave as she is.

  • nessa

    those arent curves…she is fat! and she shouldnt be wearing a bikini like that! It is is NO way flatering for her! A cool one piece would suit her well

  • Janie

    ^ I think it’s great! Good for her! She is comfortable in her skin. That’s all that matters! And she’s happy so good!

  • diane n.

    she is actually very very brave. i am glad she has the guts to do that. shes making a stand for plus size people to not be afraid of your weight. not everyone can be a size 4. and everyone posting hate comments can do it all they want its not going to stop her from anything. shes lucky she got to marry james bond.

  • hello1

    fat w h o r e!!! pierce must be embarrassed standing next to her she probaly ate his dick

  • http://justjared Texas chick

    Good for her!

  • happy lol day

    She is pretty tan healthy happy a mom her hubby is a famous movie star.. she has a great life- good for her just go out and be yourself! :)

  • WingNut13

    Yeah, she looks terrible because she weighs too much to be wearing a bikini, but KUDOS to her for having the self-confidence to be comfortable in her own skin.

    You shallow little children talking about fat are pathetic.

  • pierce

    Brosnon may actually like her size which is why she is not going crazy dieting. Some men do prefer full figured women. She is very pretty and carries the weight well.


    She’s a size 12, big whoop.

  • phlurr

    curves are sexy.
    thought maybe you should think about getting suit with more support.
    for comfort though. not that i’m implying aything :D

  • chelsea

    theres a big difference between full figured and really obese. i hate how people try to spin it to where being unhealthy is a positive. yeah she has self confidence, but you can have that and still be physically fit. and no i’m not saying anorexic, but work out and have a little muscular tone.

  • ?

    #6 I don’t think he’s embarrassed at all. the dailymail has a pic of him making out with her on the beach. Jealous?

  • Yum!

    Curves? No, the broad is FAT cause she eats everything in sight. Be proud of yourself when you are bid boned. When you are willing to kill your child for a deep dish pizza you got problems! This chick needs to put on a tarp before the Navy tries to harpoon her whale a-s-s!!!!

  • HugeFan
  • Who am I?

    What about her weight is hurting anyone? How do you know she isn’t healthy? Do you know her medical history? I am a size 0 and have high blood pressure, she could be healthier than me for all I know! Besides, her husband really seems to be into her and enjoy her body – that is what matters.

  • josie

    i can’t believe youre blaming her because shes wearing a bikini
    i think shes right be proud of her big ass
    if i were as fat as her i woud do the same thing
    tes trop belle ma pute

  • Paige

    Ok, yikes! Not trying to put her down because I’m glad her self confidence is good but that can’t be healthy. You would think someone in such an image conscience business would have people telling her to get healthy or offer advice on exercise or diet.

    I understand a lot of “bigger” people don’t have the means or time to eat all that healthy, but in her case there really is no excuse. It’s not like she has to live off of McDonalds or boxed and heavily preserved foods. She can certainly offered to eat well and set a better example.

  • josie

    Fuck you #6 i bet youre uglier than her fucker

  • Chloe

    I love her confidence. Usually women of color have this
    confidence..Go, Keely huny…go.
    love it!!!

  • tom c

    For those of you saying Brosnan likes heavy women— that isn’t the case. When he married her, she was slim. Look up pictures of them. Somehow she’s gained weight over the years, probably an insecurity issue. She should lose weight because that’s not her normal size. She was skinny.

  • Jennifer

    “full figured”? “plus size”? get a f*cking grip, people – the woman is FAT! I don’t care how ‘confident’ she is.

  • Chloe

    she’s not unhealthy. She’s sexy curvy & Mom of 2 & boogie boarding.
    Plus, she got Pierce 007 kissing her on the sand like
    if they were teenagers.
    He is a very cool man. wow…finally a man who doesn’t like skinnt boy/girls.

  • mimi

    Finally a sexy movie star man who DOESN”T leave his wife when she
    gains weight.
    I think she looks great. For the youngins here…when you have naturally huge boobs, it comes with tummy, heavy arms.
    You guys are so used to seeing Posh type of soccer ball implants on lollipops.
    I love you Pierce!

    when I gain weight, it goes to my breasts asap.

  • Wilde.

    she looks repulsive to be honest.

    just looking at her makes me feel sick.

    she ain’t curvy. she’s just plain fat.

  • Cameron

    She used to be hot when was younger and thinner.

  • You go girl!

    Keely, you are still beautiful, you have a right to wear a bikini, and Pierce loves you! I have seen plenty of skinny little twigs who don’t look half as good as you do in a bikini, and they have a right to wear one, too. It’s refreshing and inspiring to see someone embracing who they are, and not being concerned about the judgement of shallow people. You are a class act!

  • Loving Keely

    She is beautiful and radiant.

  • ns


  • Mikey


  • wow……….

    im not trying to be mean but she should be wearing a one piece.

  • wow……….

    im not trying to be mean but she should be wearing a one piece.

  • josie

    Go Girl!! I envy these women that are plus sizes that just go out there and don’t give a rat’s behind who is looking. She actually looks good, confident. Even though she’s larger, she does have fat in the better places like her boobs and tush. Hope she and James Bond live happily ever after.

  • the dq

    I guess you could call those curves………………those rolls of blubber curve and ripple making creases and curves.

    She has nothing to be proud of. Being fat is NOT healthy, you moron.

  • Lori

    #11, no way in he ll is she a size 12. More like 22. I give her credit for having the self confidence not to care what people think of her. But for some posters to call her curvy and say she has a normal body is insane. It shows how fat is becoming the norm in this country.

  • TT

    She is not a size 12. She has confidence but she is obese for her size. Plain and simple. This is not healthy and for her to act as though it is, is a shame for herself and her family.

  • stephanni

    maybe i’m wrong, but i feel like you need to stop posting pictures of keely shaye smith because it kinda attracts the wrong attention. i’m not implying there’s anything wrong with being full-figured, but i feel like you putting these pics up garner unwanted attention. people end up just kinda being shocked at them.

  • shannon

    omg did she get bigger than the last time! i mean she used to be a good size what happened

  • go girl!!!

    You GO GIRL!!!

    You got that man and none of these bitter anonymous unhappy people can take your happiness away from you.

    Peeps – this is real. this is life. life is not JJ. life is short, fat, tall, skinny, normal beauitiful people.

    You can Suri all day long but this is what makes the world go round.

  • cb

    Here’s the deal: I’m a chunky woman (not particularly large, but not small either @ size 12-14) and would NOT wear a bikini! A 2-piece, maybe, not a bikini. And it has nothing to do with whether or not I’m “proud of my curves” or not, it has to do with what looks good. And Keely does NOT look good.

    Get a one piece woman, please.

  • http://justjared dylan

    many to become thin to be skinny poor kelly a little food to make somebody.

  • hmmm

    Sounds like a lot of you are jealous of this bigger woman. Don’t hate on her just because you starve yourself and are still unhappy. :) That is what we call mental issues.

  • p

    Ummm.. sometimes women gain weight when they have children. Is this really a big deal? Unless you know her triglyceride count, you don’t know she is “unhealthy”. I applaud her, but she doesn’t need any praise from me. She’s the one with the rich devoted husband!

  • Portia

    omg, she does not look anorexic! How dares she?! I mean, these days if u dont look anorexic then you’re not considered beautiful, right?
    Give me a break. If she feels good the way she is, you should keep your mouths shut and let her and her husband be happy.

  • http://justjared alex

    prostitute kelly adder snake fat to disgust fat always ugly simplicity his to be an expert woman alas!alas! paparazzi my kiss pierce.hahahaa dirt woman false love married

  • black

    ———Yo,yo,yo—-go girl————————–

  • Kelly

    This is not about confidence or conforming to the standards of being a size 2. She simply does not look good in this suit. End of story.

  • Iapprove

    for someone who is full figured, she looks great…hardly any rolls hanging from her body..she wears it well. Stop projecting people…just because you wouldn’t go out in a bikini doesn’t mean she shouldn’t..I spent the majority of my adult life with anorexia and bulimia…dieted down to near skeletal weights and still never wore a bikini out in public.. most women can never be happy with their bodies, a sad epidemic. good for Keely.

  • FatChloe