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Selena Gomez is a Friendly Farmer

Selena Gomez is a Friendly Farmer

Selena Gomez and her family stroll around the Farmers Market on Ventura Blvd in Los Angeles, California, this Sunday afternoon.

The 16-year-old Wizards of Waverly Place star has been making mall appearances in support of the “UR Votes Count” campaign which encourages teens to find a mall location near you or vote online at Selena is the spokesperson for the campaign and kicked off the campaign on Aug. 16 in Glendale, Calif.

“I think it is important for kids to vote and be heard,” Selena said in a press release. “Being a teen myself, I think it’s really important we are educated on the issues that affect us all so when we’re eligible, we’re fully prepared to take on one of our greatest privileges and responsibilities – voting.”

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  • stephanie

    She won’t vote when she’s 18 in two years…just watch.

  • boo

    argh! such an eyesore!

  • penny

    wadeva she said about the ‘importance of voting’ seems scripted to me. its funny she shld be talking about voting. makes me not wanna take her seriously.

  • chanel

    i find that she tries too hard to be friendly. it just comes across as fake.

  • joshua

    eeeew, she looks horrible!!!!!!


    It’s funny seeing celebrities interact with normal people. It often shows you that they’re either Gods/Goddesses… or nothing special.

  • kats

    agree with #3. really looks likeshe read ioff somewere. haha. tt lil girl wid her looks cute though.

  • shake it


  • hanna

    Jared Shes 16 lol

  • ****


  • nourhan

    she is a good role model

  • omgsh

    she is 20 yrs old – isn’t she ?? she’s too old for 16 years old !! Anyway, i don’t like her. She can’ do anything, so why she is A GOOD ROLE MODEL ?!?!?!

  • omgsh

    i mean CAN’T

  • sophie

    i love selena shes awesome!
    a great role model!

  • newport beach, 92660

    GRRR. Hate her with a strong and dangerous passion…. HATE HERRR….yeahhh i’m probably like the #1 Selena Gomez hater… anywhere.

  • zeze

    she’s very pretty that why ppl hate heat :P

  • michelle

    when she’s 18 she probably wont even vote haha
    i love her but i hate that she tries to sound so much older..

    “I think it’s really important we are educated on the issues that affect us all so when we’re eligible, we’re fully prepared to take on one of our greatest privileges and responsibilities – voting”


  • barb

    I like her . Cute clean cut kid,

  • allie

    Do people hate her on this site because they think she is replacing Vanessa Hudgens as the new brunette beauty of Disney? I think she is adorable and seems to enjoy people and what’s most important is she’s always fully clothed.
    Because she sounds intelligent that’s a drawback? Finally a teen who cares about more then her designer handbag and her famous boyfriend.

  • bill

    Pretty gal with a good message for teens. She’s really sweet and so not affected with her fame.

  • Kelly

    Everyone making bad comments about her is just jealous.

  • Ashlee

    she is so pretty!
    i love her hair and her style!!

  • Jessica

    shes so fake, she acts like she cares and i garantee its a lie.

  • oh snap

    selena gomez is a fake b*tch, her face looks like its smashed in

  • omgsh

    i like selena’s haters :)

  • εїз Butterfly εїз


  • dfjhfjf

    she’s normal girl that is an actress leave her alone.

  • Mindy

    Selena’s haters are hilarious. You don’t like her because she’s mature and sets a good example? Wow, that’s a new one.

  • star

    I don’t see why ppl hate on Selena. She’s just trying to be a good role model to kids and she seems really sweet and down-to-earth. I personally think that ppl are jealous of her. And ppl call her ugly, which I think is ridiculous. She is flawless.

  • gesduit

    How can you HATE a person that you don’t even know?

  • star

    Stop hating on Selena.

  • star

    Stop hating on Selena!


    I LOVE SELENA! , but shes getting me less interest by o.1 percent haha, because she said she wants to stick to acting and be totally different. now shes making a band lke the jobros? whats up with that..
    & when nick texted her saying “i love your mouth” o__o, does that mean they tounged? Miley took pictures of herself in a BIKINI?
    thats not slutish tounging? think about that……. but I MEAN NO HARM.
    im not dissing on them , i THINK THEYRE BOTH GREAT , believe me. but do you get the nonsense the “fans” are making.
    if you WERE a fan of miley then you should stay with her through ups and downs?

  • ****

    Selena won’t even get close to the beauty level of VANESSA HUDGENS. HAHAHAHAHHAAHA! Don’t bring Vanessa to this issue cause selena is a bug in V’s existance.

  • stephana

    oh please, whoever is comparing selena to v in beauty is a big joker. puh leeze, even her haters have admitted shes gorge! anywayss dont really care for selena much though…

  • Ariel

    I LOVE HER! :)
    she’s my inspiration.
    She’s the only good person left on Disney, besides Ashley Tisdale and the Jonas Brothers that haven’t screwed up their careers.

  • She’s pretty. And I don’t think she’s being fake, but I do admit that she COMES OFF as fake. But I think she’s genuinely really nice and sweet. You can tell from her youtube videos. But in interviews she sometimes seems so rehearsed and fake. That said, I’m a huge Selena fan, but WHY is she dresed so…old? Hm.

  • melisa


    she shouldn’t be a spokesperson for something she can’t even legally participate in. thats so stupid.

  • LoveLee.r

    what a lovely moustache !

  • anatere

    selenaa rocks! she’s awsome

  • Zanessa-love4life


  • maddie

    jealous of her?
    her outfit is hideous
    she looks like a 30 year old
    and that shirt
    shes so desperate for attention
    its like she looks for the papz
    just so she can get her pictures
    her personality is all fake
    theres nothing real about her
    she cant act,sing,dance
    do anything her voice is so
    annoying seriously have you
    heard her sing, disney needs
    to get rid of her now!along
    with her stupid friend demi
    with horse teeth X]

  • tori

    i hate to bring miley up, but how can anyone say selena is PRETTIER than miley?!

    selena really is just average looking, without the makeup and the hair … she just isn’t all that attractive.

    miley on the other hand looks naturally gorgeous to me without the hair and makeup, where as selena NEEDS the makeup.

    sorry, just an opinion.

  • daniel

    hey! she´s not dating nick! so…who is her boyfriend?

  • tori

    wait wait and i just wanted to point out, the little girl she is with, has a serious uni.

  • I

    it’s official haters are jealous.
    they are jealous because can look pretty w/out make up and they CANNOT.
    She is dressing casual unlike miley who thinks she needs to looks like a model wherever she goes….her ego.

    Selena is layed back and an anti-miley….which is a huge step-up for selena =]
    So what if she wants to make a band….THOSE ARE ONLY OPITIONS….either ur solo or in a band…..she doesn;t want to be solo…DUHHHHHHHH
    she’s prettier than miley….oh and miley is the 1 w. horse teeth here ok?
    And miley looks like a naked rat when she’s w/ no makeup

  • mahealani

    i agree w/ # 30..

    i mean b4 i used 2 think she was a
    off bobble head kind of girl.. bht now
    i see shez really down 2 earth.. as in
    lyk i understand y people dislyk miley
    cyrus cuz of her recent photoz bht b4
    she took pixx lyk those people still hated
    her 4 NO gud reason.. itz just my opinion..
    sry if it doesn’t really match up 2 other people’zz
    opinionz bht dis is how i feel.. so yah..

    (btw dis is coming from a 8th grade girl
    from a not so rich kind of school, whom
    was raised 2 respect others Nd including
    NOT being harsh to others (e.g. celebz or ne-body)
    cuz since we dnt knoe da person we dnt
    knoe y da person did dat.)

  • jan

    i justhate her. N ITS NOT CUZ SHE’S PRETTY. i just think tt she’s too fake.

  • mileyandjonasbrothers

    iy she is so ugly

  • Selena

    Eww shut up you physco Miley and Jonas fan!