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Suri Cruise: Cover Your Ears!

Suri Cruise: Cover Your Ears!

Tom Cruise (sans wife Katie Holmes) takes 2-year-old daughter Suri for a helicopter ride in New York City on Monday morning.

Baby Suri, who dressed in a pretty green dress, covered up her ears to protect herself from the loud noises of the rotors. Tom carried around two new dolls for Suri to play with!

No pictures of Katie heading to rehearsals this morning. Did she sleep in?!

10+ pictures inside of Suri Cruise covering her ears…

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suri cruise covering ears 01
suri cruise covering ears 02
suri cruise covering ears 03
suri cruise covering ears 04
suri cruise covering ears 05
suri cruise covering ears 06
suri cruise covering ears 07
suri cruise covering ears 08
suri cruise covering ears 09
suri cruise covering ears 10

Credit: Tom Meinelt-Jackson Lee, Ron Asadorian; Photos: INFdaily, SplashNewsOnline
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  • thetruththetruth

    poor thing is always covering her ears :(

    hope it dont affect her in the long run

  • debbie

    Tom looks like Katie..he’s so gay looking.
    and those lifts omg.
    ok..this is TORTURE for a lil’ kid to hear that copter sound.

  • Naima

    Cute little girl, too bad her parents are so strange, its a good thing they have all this money because best believe they are going to need it for all the therapy bills. I hardly ever see this child walk and she’s still on the bottle at that age. Damn Aliens ….

  • sarisue

    Here I am, exercising my given right to make fun of Tiny Tom Cruise on a public message board. God Bless America!

    The poor kid just wants to play with her dolls, but since her daddy is Tom Cruise she has to do it on a HELICOPTER in front of armies of screaming paparrazzi. He’s sooo COOL, man. Can you dig it?

    He may feel the need for speed, but all that poor kid wants is a little privacy and a nap.

  • kids?

    Anyone know wher Conner and Isabella are this summer – are they with their mother? Haven’t seen them out and about in photos with either parent.

  • looi

    Love that cute Suri in the green dress.

  • sweetie

    Suri is so cute!

  • defap

    Suri is so lovely. I really have a big smile seeing the father and daughter.

  • Debba

    He sickens me. Look at the baby holding her ears and hiding her face.

  • Krissy

    wonderful dad and cute baby

  • L

    Love Tom and

  • Cara


  • Archie

    Closeted, repressed homosexual and cute, terrified baby.

  • andamentothat

    where are the green shoes? they would have matched this dress!!

    She just needs some friends her age and then wouldnt have to go for copter rides, watching broadways et al. They need to take some lessons from the Beckhams, you usually see their adorable three kids involved in age appropriate activities.

  • spooky

    Hot dad

    cutest baby of all

  • suri

    Suriiiiiiiiiii…..she is the cutest celebrity kid. love her. tom looks very good for his age

  • talia

    Suri plays with the Beckhams. Its on x17 site where the stallking paps took photos of the families having a great time too. Bella and Connor were there as well. This was months ago before Katie moved to NY.

  • sos

    I love them but stop following them and taking their pics.They need to be left alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Liz

    Go TC….

  • poker

    They get a gold medal from me for being the best family in

  • LuckBe A Lady

    No pictures of Katie going to rehearsal today, you say? I wonder if they let her go. I hear she isn’t up to par and the others involved are none too happy about having to sign all those contracts of confidentiality.

    She is going to be eaten alive by the critics regardless. They should replace her now out of mercy.


    NICOLE..She is to busy with her own child.. Just like Tom and Katie…

    It is a same that when people have their own children the adopted ones tend to be left out.. Barefoot again … When will she be like other
    children her age.. and do something for her …like what Gwen Stafani
    and the Beckhams do..

  • mickey

    Do they have to push this kid in front of EVERY camera they see? Geez, give it a break TomKat.

  • pluto

    Mickey why dont you tell that to the photographers yourself not this harmless wonderful family.

    btw Where is Minnie?

  • Trace

    Another day, another set of pics of poor Suri looking scared and miserable while her daddy smiles for the cameras.

  • anon

    I love to see Katie on Arthur Miller. if only (sigh) Makes me happy to see Tom and Suri.

  • bb

    love this family. go TomKat. little suri is the cutest

  • tom c

    Tom should have really put headphones/ earplugs on Suri. Poor kid. Gwen Stephani puts headphones on Kingston when he attends her concerts, and I should think helicopters make more of noise than drums.

  • smiles

    Yessss!!!! Keep it coming JJ!!!!!! The more it ruins the eyes of some losers all the better!!!! I love when they stroke out of envy too!!!!!

  • irene


  • Helena

    Cute robot.

  • andrea reynolds

    I get a really bad vibe from all these photos of Tom Cruise, especially with Suri. He’s just too strange and tightly wound. I feel like the guy could snap at any moment.

  • LuckBe A Lady

    “I love when they stroke out of envy too!!!!!”

    I don’t even want to touch this one! What in the h*ll are you posting about, Tom Cruise fan?

  • gizmatage

    I’ve said it all the time every time I see her pictures…. She’s sooooooooo adorable. I am not a fan of her parents, but this girl is TOO cute :)

  • &&

    They are amazing

  • Dani

    Yawn, another day, another pimping out the kid trying to get tickets to sell to the play and his movie.

  • just sayin

    Tom seems like a great dad obviously because he got custody of his older children and their mom has nothing to do with their ass.

    maybe she’ll let him have Sunday Roast when she gets tired of her.

  • LuckBe A Lady

    Nicole’s kids were with her this summer, after she had the baby. She just chooses not to pimp them out for photo opportunities. You see the difference?

  • Truman

    There are PLENTY of pics of her walking, #3. Shut up about that bottle already.

    Is that it? Is that why her parents are so ‘strange’?

    There is nothing wrong about taking a kid out on a fun helicopter or boat or balloon or whatever ride, #4.

    Unless you can read minds, don’t make claims you can’t prove.

    Blame the paparazzi for the aggression and not the parents.

    That’s the paparazzi’s fault and not the father just taking her out, #9.

    Going for fun rides and kiddie musicals are pretty age appropriate, #14. And quit comparing kids already. And do you really think that TomKat can’t find other friends for Suri Cruise to play with so they’re FORCED to do these family activities?

    You’d have to really gullible to think that they let Holmes go from the play just because it’s her day off, #21.

    What the show and the make such judgments.

    They ARE doing this for her, #22. You make no sense.

    Why are THEY pushing their daughter FOR the cameras, #23? They’re famous and are photo targets. That simple.

    Oh brother, #25…

    They’re not even near the unseen helicopter, #28..

    You’re just paranoid, #32. People have been saying that for years ands NOTHING has happened.

    How does that plan even work, #36? Tickets aren’t selling well so TomKat walks around NYC with their cute kid and subtly advertise All My Sons that way? It makes no sense.

  • andrea reynolds

    “You’re just paranoid, #32. People have been saying that for years ands NOTHING has happened.”

    I’m sorry, have we met? Who do you think you are? What gives you the right?

    I wasn’t aware people have been saying FOR YEARS . Now that I know my personal bad vibe is shared by many, I feel validated in thinking somethiong is really strange about this little man.

    Oh, and one more thing–shut up.

  • Truman

    I simply commented on your statment. You felt that he was really strange and wound-tight and would snap at any moment and I said that that sentiment was held by many for years now and has so far not come to pass and will likely to continue to do so. Paranoia more than anything else is what’s driving these thoughts.

    You can think whatever you want, and I won’t stop you, but I can suggest that it’s paranoia rather than a genuine feeling about Cruise’s stability is why you feel that way

  • Debba

    “That’s the paparazzi’s fault and not the father just taking her out, #9.”

    It’s his duty to protect his child and he’s doing a poor job. He’d rather be smiling and waving to the press.

  • jill

    poor kid….she’s always being dragged out by her parents…well can’t win both ways…if they don’t take her out, people will say they don’t care about her and if they take her out, they are pimping her out…the way I see it, if Tom has some business elsewhere where he has to take a helicopter ride to get to it, just leave Suri home…the kid always looks distressed by either covering her face or ears….let nannies or relatives take her to a playground where she can interact with kids her own age.

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    more cruise family insults. lmbaoo

  • andrea reynolds

    Truman, I can suggest you once again shut up, because you don’t know anything. You speak of your own opinion as if it is fact. You don’t know anything more than anyone else posting here, yet you try to lecture like some informed expert. You’re a joke!

    And, gee, that’s real big of you to consent to let me keep my own opinion. *rolls eyes*

  • amber

    Such a lovely family to admire and look at!

  • Hola

    Tom Cruise has snapped on plenty of people. There was that German magazine reporter and Matt “Glib” Lauer to name two from recent memory. And he had a public meltdown in front of the world. What are you trying to sellTruman because it stinks.

  • jolly

    Dont stop Truman. They are jealous because you’re President of the U.S. and next will be Tom with First Lady Katie Holmes…..

  • Denise in NJ

    Usually when they are getting on the helicopter, it is to go to Teteboro to take a flight out. That would make me sad because I love seeing Suri. She is so adorable. However, I do agree that they should get her earplugs or something…

  • raquel

    Did it ever occur to this bozo that maybe the little girl doesn’t want to go on a helicopter ride? What an attention seeker. Leave that little girl home to plaly with her toys ofr goodness sake!

    Oh, can this little “Napoleon’ look for feminine in the way he walks and hold her?