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Tom & Katie Wear The Same Jeans

Tom & Katie Wear The Same Jeans

Tom Cruise gets matchy with wife Katie Holmes while out and about in New York City on Sunday night with their 2-year-old daughter Suri.

Tom, 46, and Katie, 29, sported the same exact pair of jeans at the same exact time — same wash, same button fly, same sandblasted front legs. We’ve always known couples to dress alike but this is new!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of couples who dress alike? And of Tom and Katie wearing the same exact pair of jeans?

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Credit: Ron Asadorian, Mauceri/Alequin, Humberto Carreno/; Photos: SplashNewsOnline, INFdaily
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  • Vicky

    they are couple

  • gertrude

    for real?

    poor suri :p

  • yo


  • lee

    what is up with those stupid sunglasses she wears. yuck.

  • mediawhores

    Wow, are they really posing for the paparazzi? How desperate can they be?

  • stephanie

    Love them!

    Now every time I see his photo, I start singing “Get Back” by Ludacris and picturing him doing his Tropic Thunder dance.

  • Truman

    I think he means same BRAND.

  • arl.

    Suri is so cute! But she she never smiles, well not in public. She looks annoyed and scared at the same time. Her dress is cute. She pulled back the ribbon on her dress. Did Tom and Katie match Suri’s bear to her outfit or what?

  • jughed

    Well, I think it would’ve been cuter if little Suri was wearing the exact same style of jeans, too! But they look O.K.

    I’m not really a fan of this couple, but I don’t necessarily dislike them. I just don’t find them very interesting…

  • ellie

    how gayy of themmm

  • red

    Desperate publicity whoring as per usual.

  • mimi

    give me a break…can we say desperado for attention?

    LOL..these 2 are pathetic.

    I guess Tommy has time now since his career sux.

  • AnYmOuS

    LOL! let me get this straight……any time a famous couple gets their picture taken……they are desperate???? LOL! you werido! i was going to say something, to state the obvious, for you. but didn’t think you would get it….(snicker.) such a cute couple with a beautiful daughter.

  • jezebel

    Cruise is the ultimate narcissist. He is remaking Katie into his own image. Creepy.

  • Truman

    Wait a minute. So you think that that TomKat thinks that by simply taking their cute daughter out, they’ll suddenly get good PR? Are you crazy?

  • aE

    What the HELL are they doing? Tom is almost 50 and he is TRYING so hard to turn the clock back with the half tucked shirt and the nike shoes. They are both wearing Nike tennis shoes what the hell is that all about. Does he have a contract with them. He wore some brown and white Nikes the other day that did NOT look right on him at all. Katie looks STUPID wearing the Nike tennis shoes. Absolutley stupid. Tom stop …please stop trying to be young and in…because your NOT.

  • josie

    Do Nikes make shoes with lifts now? I want a pair so I can join the NBA!

  • tom c

    They need to get Suri to bed at a reasonable hour. This is ridiculous.
    —And I highly doubt Suri picked her own stuffed animal to carry along, one that matches her dress. Katie is so superficial.

  • Vivir Sin Aire

    I want to take Suri home with me. Shes the most precious looking child in the celebrity world.


    i think katie is pregnant…

  • a cult is a cult is a cult


  • Nicole

    It’s Tom, Tom-without-a-penis, and their little alien!

    Everyone can see right through them – that poor kid always look upset because she lives her life being bombarded by paparazzi because her parents take her out to adult places late at night. She should be home in bed, not paraded out with her bear matching her outfit. Ridiculous.

  • ?

    Good to see Tom’s pants aren’t floods anymore. Sure is like not this shit again. haha

  • cathy

    so much evil spilled on this page. god bless you all

  • linda

    love them

  • yipppeee

    God bless this family!!!!

  • mona

    They are hot and Suri is a doll. I like dressing up a like with my partner.

  • 911

    What a beautiful family full of love and happines…..

  • Madison

    God enough of Katie Holmes I swear she goes out & about just to be seen. She never does anything. Every other post on this site is frikin Katie Holmes

  • dido

    they are soooooooo cute and gorgeous , my favourite couple

  • Erin

    The hours this child keeps are ridiculous! She’s obviously very spoiled – though very cute, too – and man, are they gonna pay for treating a toddler like an adult when Suri hits her teens – yikes! Her compare her to little Violet Affleck who’s actually allowed to be a kid – now she has a hope of a normal upbringing, despite having two moviestar parents. And matching jeans? You’ve got to be kidding me!

  • Lilyy

    I like the way they are doing. No matter what you say what they are doing is just to prove that you can enjoy your habits! Why not we feel free for what we want to try for!!!!

  • rory

    ewww Erin you peeping perv stalking them and their lives to know so much about them. You must be God too to know everything and jugde. Oh wait God is love and is not mean like you.

  • …………..

    Best family. By far.

  • chef

    This is killing some haters with envy and I love it because it shows in their evil remarks. When some are vicious as ever it only means they are losing ground.

  • major


  • brad

    Tom rocks in Tropic Thunder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    What people say and do unto others will come back to them.

  • chris0929

    This couple makes me disgusted!
    Katie looks like a man. how old is she???40,50 or 60!!!
    the boring family!

  • Kitty

    I think their a cute couple. Suri i love, she is just the cutest baby :D

    And no Chris0929.. She is 29 an shes beauitful

  • moi

    How did Cruise suddenly get taller than Holmes? Isn’t she 5’9″ and he 5’7″? Stop wearing lifts, Cruise. We all know you’re short. Own your shortness. You don’t see Dustin Hoffman wearing lifts.

  • sybil

    how much of tom’s shoes are padding? there’s NO WAY he’s taller than katie.

  • ande

    LOL trying hard to be like the “Jolie-Pitts” in the absence of the Jolie-Pitts. What is this act of theirs??? When Connor and Isabella were small Tom Cruise and N Kidman were never out to be photographed like this. Is this Kathie Holmes doing or Tom Cruise? Is Kathie Holmes hungry for publicity after years and years of non-existent as an actress.

  • WOW

    Wow, Tom Cruise looks hot :O He looks younger, too. I love this family!! Suri is so adorable.

  • Haha

    I find it pathetic, almost to the point of feeling sorry for the folks who come here and post hateful comments. WE GET IT, YOU LOVE them and DON”T KNOW HOW TO SHOW YOUR LOVE for them. Got it! But, its always nice to see them get the hits to this particular story. They MUST and ARE interesting to get so much emotion from people. :)

  • http://comcast susan

    Very poor parenting–exposing this obviously unhappy child to the media–over and over and over again–when they’re should be doing their best to shield and protect her, like other celebs and VIP parents, much more important than publicity-hungry TomKat. Suri should be their #1 priority, not their #1 PR prop. Carting her around for staged photops with the shouts, mobs, and flashbulbs that frighten her–when they could slip out the back door into a limo–is just plain cruel and irresponsible! Leave the posing for when the tot’s home in bed–if she ever goes to sleep before them. That detached little girl has enough problems. Her “parents” ought to be cited for emotional abuse. What a self-centered pair of losers–and that’s mild for what I think of people who neglect or exploit their kids’ sense of well-being.

  • Donna

    People just don’t know what else to complain about this family so they have to recycle nasty hateful comments from way back. I too find it odd, that people come here JUST to say what’s wrong with them. It’s quite odd. If you don’t like someone, why click on that story to view MORE and go through all the pictures and then comment some hateful comment AFTER having viewed all the pictures. Pretty weak guys.

  • zoe

    cute girl. love her dress but i feel bad for her being hounded all the time. i dont hate or love katie but i really am starting to dislike her fashion choices. those pants are not attractive and neither are the sunglasses. tom looks good…surprisingly.

  • Cheetah

    The evidence of tom being gay is growing by the day. First sort hair on Katie, then she dresses like a man and now they are wearing the same jeans!

    Common.. he is turning her into a man and overcompensates on his daughter who HAS to wear dresses. Never saw his adopted daughter wearing dresses like these Barbie makeover dresses.

    What a familie!? they are getting more and more crazy..

  • AnYmOuS

    katie likes the clothes she wears, tom likes the clothes she wears. why does it bother you how she dresses? i think it’s cute how they dress alike. it shows they have an interest in each other. and they seem to be happy. and they are like any other family, they do things together. how is doing things together, as a family, abuse? if they left suri at home all the time, i bet you would complain that they ignore her. although, it’s nice to see that suri isn’t carrying a bottle around all the time.