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Tom & Katie Wear The Same Jeans

Tom & Katie Wear The Same Jeans

Tom Cruise gets matchy with wife Katie Holmes while out and about in New York City on Sunday night with their 2-year-old daughter Suri.

Tom, 46, and Katie, 29, sported the same exact pair of jeans at the same exact time — same wash, same button fly, same sandblasted front legs. We’ve always known couples to dress alike but this is new!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of couples who dress alike? And of Tom and Katie wearing the same exact pair of jeans?

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124 Responses to “Tom & Katie Wear The Same Jeans”

  1. 1
    Vicky Says:

    they are couple

  2. 2
    gertrude Says:

    for real?

    poor suri :p

  3. 3
    yo Says:


  4. 4
    lee Says:

    what is up with those stupid sunglasses she wears. yuck.

  5. 5
    mediawhores Says:

    Wow, are they really posing for the paparazzi? How desperate can they be?

  6. 6
    stephanie Says:

    Love them!

    Now every time I see his photo, I start singing “Get Back” by Ludacris and picturing him doing his Tropic Thunder dance.

  7. 7
    Truman Says:

    I think he means same BRAND.

  8. 8
    arl. Says:

    Suri is so cute! But she she never smiles, well not in public. She looks annoyed and scared at the same time. Her dress is cute. She pulled back the ribbon on her dress. Did Tom and Katie match Suri’s bear to her outfit or what?

  9. 9
    jughed Says:

    Well, I think it would’ve been cuter if little Suri was wearing the exact same style of jeans, too! But they look O.K.

    I’m not really a fan of this couple, but I don’t necessarily dislike them. I just don’t find them very interesting…

  10. 10
    ellie Says:

    how gayy of themmm

  11. 11
    red Says:

    Desperate publicity whoring as per usual.

  12. 12
    mimi Says:

    give me a break…can we say desperado for attention?

    LOL..these 2 are pathetic.

    I guess Tommy has time now since his career sux.

  13. 13
    AnYmOuS Says:

    LOL! let me get this straight……any time a famous couple gets their picture taken……they are desperate???? LOL! you werido! i was going to say something, to state the obvious, for you. but didn’t think you would get it….(snicker.) such a cute couple with a beautiful daughter.

  14. 14
    jezebel Says:

    Cruise is the ultimate narcissist. He is remaking Katie into his own image. Creepy.

  15. 15
    Truman Says:

    Wait a minute. So you think that that TomKat thinks that by simply taking their cute daughter out, they’ll suddenly get good PR? Are you crazy?

  16. 16
    aE Says:

    What the HELL are they doing? Tom is almost 50 and he is TRYING so hard to turn the clock back with the half tucked shirt and the nike shoes. They are both wearing Nike tennis shoes what the hell is that all about. Does he have a contract with them. He wore some brown and white Nikes the other day that did NOT look right on him at all. Katie looks STUPID wearing the Nike tennis shoes. Absolutley stupid. Tom stop …please stop trying to be young and in…because your NOT.

  17. 17
    josie Says:

    Do Nikes make shoes with lifts now? I want a pair so I can join the NBA!

  18. 18
    tom c Says:

    They need to get Suri to bed at a reasonable hour. This is ridiculous.
    —And I highly doubt Suri picked her own stuffed animal to carry along, one that matches her dress. Katie is so superficial.

  19. 19
    Vivir Sin Aire Says:

    I want to take Suri home with me. Shes the most precious looking child in the celebrity world.

  20. 20
    SURIFAN Says:

    i think katie is pregnant…

  21. 21
    a cult is a cult is a cult Says:


  22. 22
    Nicole Says:

    It’s Tom, Tom-without-a-*****, and their little alien!

    Everyone can see right through them – that poor kid always look upset because she lives her life being bombarded by paparazzi because her parents take her out to adult places late at night. She should be home in bed, not paraded out with her bear matching her outfit. Ridiculous.

  23. 23
    ? Says:

    Good to see Tom’s pants aren’t floods anymore. Sure is like not this **** again. haha

  24. 24
    cathy Says:

    so much evil spilled on this page. god bless you all

  25. 25
    linda Says:

    love them

  26. 26
    yipppeee Says:

    God bless this family!!!!

  27. 27
    mona Says:

    They are hot and Suri is a doll. I like dressing up a like with my partner.

  28. 28
    911 Says:

    What a beautiful family full of love and happines…..

  29. 29
    Madison Says:

    God enough of Katie Holmes I swear she goes out & about just to be seen. She never does anything. Every other post on this site is frikin Katie Holmes

  30. 30
    dido Says:

    they are soooooooo cute and gorgeous , my favourite couple

  31. 31
    Erin Says:

    The hours this child keeps are ridiculous! She’s obviously very spoiled – though very cute, too – and man, are they gonna pay for treating a toddler like an adult when Suri hits her teens – yikes! Her compare her to little Violet Affleck who’s actually allowed to be a kid – now she has a hope of a normal upbringing, despite having two moviestar parents. And matching jeans? You’ve got to be kidding me!

  32. 32
    Lilyy Says:

    I like the way they are doing. No matter what you say what they are doing is just to prove that you can enjoy your habits! Why not we feel free for what we want to try for!!!!

  33. 33
    rory Says:

    ewww Erin you peeping perv stalking them and their lives to know so much about them. You must be God too to know everything and jugde. Oh wait God is love and is not mean like you.

  34. 34
    .............. Says:

    Best family. By far.

  35. 35
    chef Says:

    This is killing some haters with envy and I love it because it shows in their evil remarks. When some are vicious as ever it only means they are losing ground.

  36. 36
    major Says:


  37. 37
    brad Says:

    Tom rocks in Tropic Thunder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. 38
    KARMA Says:

    What people say and do unto others will come back to them.

  39. 39
    chris0929 Says:

    This couple makes me disgusted!
    Katie looks like a man. how old is she???40,50 or 60!!!
    the boring family!

  40. 40
    Kitty Says:

    I think their a cute couple. Suri i love, she is just the cutest baby :D

    And no Chris0929.. She is 29 an shes beauitful

  41. 41
    moi Says:

    How did Cruise suddenly get taller than Holmes? Isn’t she 5’9″ and he 5’7″? Stop wearing lifts, Cruise. We all know you’re short. Own your shortness. You don’t see Dustin Hoffman wearing lifts.

  42. 42
    sybil Says:

    how much of tom’s shoes are padding? there’s NO WAY he’s taller than katie.

  43. 43
    ande Says:

    LOL trying hard to be like the “Jolie-Pitts” in the absence of the Jolie-Pitts. What is this act of theirs??? When Connor and Isabella were small Tom Cruise and N Kidman were never out to be photographed like this. Is this Kathie Holmes doing or Tom Cruise? Is Kathie Holmes hungry for publicity after years and years of non-existent as an actress.

  44. 44
    WOW Says:

    Wow, Tom Cruise looks hot :O He looks younger, too. I love this family!! Suri is so adorable.

  45. 45
    Haha Says:

    I find it pathetic, almost to the point of feeling sorry for the folks who come here and post hateful comments. WE GET IT, YOU LOVE them and DON”T KNOW HOW TO SHOW YOUR LOVE for them. Got it! But, its always nice to see them get the hits to this particular story. They MUST and ARE interesting to get so much emotion from people. :)

  46. 46
    susan Says:

    Very poor parenting–exposing this obviously unhappy child to the media–over and over and over again–when they’re should be doing their best to shield and protect her, like other celebs and VIP parents, much more important than publicity-hungry TomKat. Suri should be their #1 priority, not their #1 PR prop. Carting her around for staged photops with the shouts, mobs, and flashbulbs that frighten her–when they could slip out the back door into a limo–is just plain cruel and irresponsible! Leave the posing for when the tot’s home in bed–if she ever goes to sleep before them. That detached little girl has enough problems. Her “parents” ought to be cited for emotional abuse. What a self-centered pair of losers–and that’s mild for what I think of people who neglect or exploit their kids’ sense of well-being.

  47. 47
    Donna Says:

    People just don’t know what else to complain about this family so they have to recycle nasty hateful comments from way back. I too find it odd, that people come here JUST to say what’s wrong with them. It’s quite odd. If you don’t like someone, why click on that story to view MORE and go through all the pictures and then comment some hateful comment AFTER having viewed all the pictures. Pretty weak guys.

  48. 48
    zoe Says:

    cute girl. love her dress but i feel bad for her being hounded all the time. i dont hate or love katie but i really am starting to dislike her fashion choices. those pants are not attractive and neither are the sunglasses. tom looks good…surprisingly.

  49. 49
    Cheetah Says:

    The evidence of tom being gay is growing by the day. First sort hair on Katie, then she dresses like a man and now they are wearing the same jeans!

    Common.. he is turning her into a man and overcompensates on his daughter who HAS to wear dresses. Never saw his adopted daughter wearing dresses like these Barbie makeover dresses.

    What a familie!? they are getting more and more crazy..

  50. 50
    AnYmOuS Says:

    katie likes the clothes she wears, tom likes the clothes she wears. why does it bother you how she dresses? i think it’s cute how they dress alike. it shows they have an interest in each other. and they seem to be happy. and they are like any other family, they do things together. how is doing things together, as a family, abuse? if they left suri at home all the time, i bet you would complain that they ignore her. although, it’s nice to see that suri isn’t carrying a bottle around all the time.

  51. 51
    AnYmOuS Says:

    i had to go back and read some of the silly comments. i think it is cute that suri and her stuffed animal are wearing the same dress. if you think it’s being superficial, just because the suri and the stuffed animal are wearing the same dress. you must be bored, to make that into something to complain about.

  52. 52
    ! Says:

    that little child needs to rest.

  53. 53
    anonymous Says:

    it says they are out at night, they didn’t say what time it was. how do you know that she just didn’t wake up from a nap? and because she just woke up from a nap, they decided to go on a family outing. celebrities are just like any other family, in that they go out and do things as a family.

  54. 54
    Lilyy Says:

    haha, totally agree with Kitty # 40; Shes 29 and beautiful! Great!

  55. 55
    Megan fox rocks Says:

    i love Katie but so NO COMMENT

  56. 56
    me 2 Says:

    Suri looks like a BRAT a whiny little spoiled brat.

  57. 57
    CC Says:

    I swear! What is it about Tom and Katie these days, always wearing their sun glasses at night?!

  58. 58
    Debra Says:


  59. 59
    Angham Says:

    i hate this little braaat!!!
    Suri should go to Mars or Venus but not on Earth!!! Look at her fucked up attitude! This is not a child but a breed of human being destined to kill us!!!

  60. 60
    amanda Says:

    where is suri’s pair??,unless Tom borrowed her’s. LoL

  61. 61
    KATIA Says:

    Cute but he’s shoes suck!

  62. 62
    Kayla Says:

    they need to make suri wear baby sunglasses.
    anyway, they are a beautiful family

  63. 63
    Maritza Says:

    Wait a minute, I thought Kate was taller than Tom…oh I see he finally made her use flats for his sake, nice move. And I like couples that dress alike, it means they are truly into each other, that cute!

  64. 64
    Dancer Says:

    Although I can’t stand Tom Cruise and Robo-Bride, I must defend them a bit…why shouldn’t they both wear jeans? Doesn’t everyone on this list wear jeans? With their spouse? Yes, he has lifts in his shoes, and most men do not. Yes, she looks not so good in the pair she has chosen, BUT since when is both folks in a couple to be hated for wearing jeans? And again, although I think Suri is cute, but a spoiled child, why shouldn’t she wear a dress? Maybe she wants to wear dresses. Again, can’t stand this couple, but I think they should be allowed to wear jeans! Katie needs to get a stylist tho. She would look so much better if she dressed for her body type and in something that flatters her figure. If she wants to continue the Walmart look, there are ways to make it more flattering.

  65. 65
    SURI Says:


  66. 66
    Chan Says:

    I never ever comment on Kate & Tom but I have to say this WHERE IS SURI’S COAT OR SWEATER??!!

    Visit this site often and and I have been seeing numerous pic’s of Kate out with Suri and I’m sure one time it was raining and Suri had no coat or sweater on to keep her warm. Yet Kate & Tom Cat had on the proper attire for a rainy day.

    Goodness I know they want to rival the lovely Shiloh but please dress this little girl appropriately for the weather and the constant pic’s.

    Also how come when Cute Suri was born Tom and his kooky religion did’nt want Suri to be seen NOW they are keeping the poor child up at night just to get a good photo moment.

    just saying…….

  67. 67
    ZK Says:

    Ya….keep trotting out that poor, exhausted little girl for your own media-*****-attention-addiction. I guess they’ll keep doing this until he gets his career back.

    So unbelievably transparent, sad and pathetic.

  68. 68
    TR Says:

    I don’t think Suri is a brat… I think she’s just tired because it’s night time and she might be shy from not having much contact with others so she’s overwhelmed by the paparazzi.

  69. 69
    I N F A M O U S, bish! Says:

    Tom was the only thing about tropic thunder. His character stole the show.

    Kate ‘the great’, rocks

  70. 70
    mamie Says:

    josie @ 08/25/2008 at 1:56 am

    Do Nikes make shoes with lifts now? I want a pair so I can join the NBA!
    There are inserts that can make someone look up to 4″ taller.

  71. 71
    tomsick Says:

    Aren’t you sick of TomKat??? They are pathetic especially Tom with jumping on couches and all!!!

  72. 72
    michelle Says:

    I’ve always known they’re weird. Anyway, keep this kid out of this paparazzi madness. Don’t you see she’s scared and always hiding? Damn, I just can’t understand these two.

  73. 73
    andamentothat Says:

    Suri looks cute but way too tired. She may be one of those who dozes off in cars so they always take her out at night so she can then go off to sleep.. I mean why else would a two yr old be up that late? I used to always wonder why is the Noggin network a 24 hr network.. now i know there are kids that are up way late!!

    I think American girl does dolls and dresses for girls in the same style and they may be doing that with bears too..

  74. 74
    mARIANNE Says:

    gay gay gay

    The new gay shoes look like old midwesterers on vacation in NYC , Heh Heh.

  75. 75
    sarisue Says:

    I don’t know what to say about the posters who defend their love of L.Ron’s poster boy with blessings from God above…

    You realize that Tom Cruise rejects your God and wants to Keep Scientology Working, don’t you? If you were a truly decidicated fan, you would help Tom meet that objective. So read up on Dianetics and don’t come back until you know.

  76. 76
    bambamswife Says:

    Really still a cute couple. Why do people always nit-pick so very much? I can’t believe it. Do you know these people personally? Or any of the celebrities for that matter? Actual events is the only truth we know. At least Tom and Katie, and Ben and Jen seem to have and raise children the proper way and not have so many at once. Is it true that Jolie has a nanny for each one of their children? What a sickie.

  77. 77
    mitcha Says:

    TOM CRUISE is the best !!!

  78. 78
    sarisue Says:

    A “sickie” to have one nanny for each child out of six?

    Well then, bambamswife, what do you think of TomKat, who have six nannies for one child?


  79. 79
    Mav Says:

    Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes emply a veritable army of Scientology nannies for little Suri. They just don’t get to be included in the photo ops.

  80. 80
    MADONNA Says:

    How cute.

  81. 81
    marieclaire Says:

    Since those green shoes are the exact same style as the gold, those must be the line of shoes I heard Katie Holmes had made especially for Suri at some ridiculous price. You’d think a Mom would want comfort above all else, but I guess Katie has other priorities in mind. Most celebrity kids are in the usual sneakers or Crocs or something they can play in. Does Suri ever get to play? Even a trip to the park has her dressed like she is going into a photography studio. She’s probably too tired anyway from being dragged to late night Broadway shows–just what every two year old loves!!!

    That story about Katie Holmes having a design line at NY Fashion Week is total garbage, by the way. Way to pick out fabricated rumors from internastional rags and repost as valid entertainment news, Jared. LOL.

    I would agree that her and Tom look more and more like a middle-aged gay couple every day, but my neighbors are a middle-aged gay couple and I feel that comparison is an insult to them.

  82. 82
    Deneb Says:

    great couple! tom looks taller

  83. 83
    tomandhisguy Says:

    tom finally out of the closet with his guy, the audition was more perfect that he could have ever imagined.

  84. 84
    rems Says:

    Ellen Degeneres and Portia DeRossi are a HOTTER GAY COUPLE dan dis TOMKAT

  85. 85
    anon Says:

    rems @ 08/25/2008 at 11:47 am Ellen Degeneres and Portia DeRossi are a HOTTER GAY COUPLE dan dis TOMKAT


  86. 86
    Miapocca Says:

    Yeah,,As soon as she starts living by herself in NY she gets pregant..if you are a fan , you should even mention this because its going to soung so effing suspicious…..Another man sperminated her while Cruise was busy unloading he longest relationship with Wagner…ahahha

  87. 87
    defap Says:

    An ideal family. Love Suri, love the family.
    I appreciate Tom as a great actor, a good husband and father. Even the few people Tom ever hurt have forgiven him. He is really a good person. Actors like him are few and far between in Hollywood.

    I understand some “free spirits” hate him, and then again they hate Reese Witherspoon, too. No doubt, his competitors (I think more than three groups of people) are very keen to put him down.

  88. 88
    victoria Says:

    WELL SAID DONNA NUMBER # 47 AND TO NUMBER # 51……I have been telling people forever to move on, but for some reason they REALLY must LOVE the Cruises deep down, because they keep coming back for more… It amazes me that for a bunch of hateful people that rag out Jared day after day ( same ones usually ) for posting on Katie OR Suri ” the creepy and spoiled child “, OR ” the bratty child who hates her father ” OR ” Suri who is being exploited again and pushing away her mother “, AND ” is up all night”, these same people come back for more punishment daily. What I think IS, they REALLY LOVE TOMKAT. or they would not be here… Oh, well, the jeans are cute, and Suri’s dress is precious as is her little animal. Which you can buy as a set in some stores. Nothing wrong with that!. So lets pick that apart now.

  89. 89
    defap Says:

    Katie is a busy mom. so she dresses like that, and cuts her hair that short.
    I like seeing her in a beautiful dress and her long hair again.
    She is smart and sweet. Tom and Katie, hot couple.

  90. 90
    kelly Says:

    Poor Suri looks so scared every time they have her out. I don’t blame her at all–what 2 year old would like all of the flashbulbs?

    So why are Tom and Katie constantly bringing her out like this? Hello, ever heard of a back door? Private exit? Every other celebrity in the world seems to have this figured out. It would be one thing if it were from time to time, but every day is another picture of Suri looking upset. Really bizarre!

  91. 91
    jellus Says:

    victoria, no one could love them more than you.

    it’s funny that you follow their every movement and seem to consider yourself an expert, yet almost everything you post about TomKat is wrong and very uninformed.

  92. 92
    Piper Says:

    Vivir Sin Aire @ 08/25/2008 at 2:11 am I want to take Suri home with me. Shes the most precious looking child in the celebrity world.

    for a price, you, too can bring her home. the Suri II.

  93. 93
    sarisue Says:

    It’s a public message board. Why should one person have any more right to be here than another? If I think this couple is creepy, I have every right to enjoy the freak show and call ‘em like I see ‘em.

    I’ll post on just how creepy they are and just how bad I feel for that little toddler being used as a PR prop as much as I want. Every time I see another photo of a smirking Katie Holmes with her dead eyes, baggy jeans and unkempt chopped hair it’s just like the circus came to town! Bring on the clowns!

  94. 94
    Truman Says:

    It’s just an innocent half-tucked shirt, #16. No indication that he’s trying to look younger than he is. And you’re getting worked up about tennis shoes?

    Nom #18. What you need to do is stop telling other people how to raise their kids. You guys never believe anything positive about TomKat. Maybe the stuffed animal came with the dress or maybe Holmes just thought it’d be cute. Nothing wrong with that.

    She should be wherever her parents see fit and shouldn’t you be blaming the paparazzi, #22?

    You shouldn’t be comparing kids, #31. How is she obviously very spoiled? And she is treated like an ordinary little kid.

    Why are you so obsessed with his height, #41 and #42. He’s not wearing lifts. Can you consider that maybe it has to do with the camera angles making him look taller. He’s not that much shorter to begin with.

    No act, #43. Why are TomKat always supposed to be at odds with Brangelina when they’ve done nothing to imitate them?

    Given that you have no idea if they use their daughter for staged photo ops, all your accusations about not caring for her is just speculation, #46. If the paparazzi are aggressive, blame them and not the parents who simply want to live their lives and shouldn’t go out in fear of them. I really wish self-righteous people like you could stop with the mock concern and exaggeration. It’s so annoying.

    Right, 347. I wish these people could just say they dislike TomKat and love to make fun of these harmless people who’ve never done anything to then all this ludicrous mock concern where they’re calling for social services.

    THAT’S evidence for being gay, #49??? You’re an ignorant fool.

    Bella Cruise and Suri Cruise have two different mothers plus we never saw Bella Cruise as a baby.

    It’s always a catch-22 when it comes to TomKat, #50.

    How does one LOOK like a whiny, spoiled, little brat, #56? You’d have to be near her and see how she behaves.

    They don’t want to compete against Brangelina at all, #66. And it was a warn summer night in NYC yesterday!

    You really need to stop accusing TomKat of photo ops without proof.

    I think it’s the paparazzi that should keep away from this family, #72. You know, it’s not like TomKat goes out and stands in the middle of the street waiting for the paparazzi to photograph them.

    You don’t have to believe in Scientology to like or defend Cruise, #75.

    That makes sense, #79. They have an army of nannies that are never, ever seen in the tons of photos out there because Scientology controls the media.

    Who says those shoes aren’t comfortable, #81. I hate this argument. Because all the other celebrities in school are doing something, Holmes should be expected to follow suit?

    We see her play in parks all the time. Is this about the lack of regular play clothes that are in no way harming her?

    Kids love fun shows like The Little Mermaid in theaters or on Tv or whatever. What a bad attempt at spinning.

    He was mistaken. Let it go.

    She’s not knocked up, #86.

    Celebrities with their kids are seen walking to and from places all the time, #90. Life isn’t a comic book with secret entrances everywhere.

  95. 95
    Truman Says:

    How is anything she says wrong or uninformed, #91? What she says are usually very accurate. It’s you that keep passing off unproven claims as fact.

    It’s just crazy to spend all your time hating a person, #93. It;s fine if you want to vent every now and them, esp. when they’ve done something new that you find offensive, but they’re not and you keep coming here again and again.

  96. 96
    Mav Says:

    Truman, seriously, take your own advice and just shut up. No one is listening anymore.

  97. 97
    sarisue Says:

    Thank you, Truman, for trying to educate me in what I personally find offensive or not–but I think I’ll choose to decide for myself.

    Thanks anyway, nutbar!

  98. 98
    peta Says:

    More TomKat
    I heart them

  99. 99
    Brooke Says:

    Go Truman Go Go Go…….jealous and miserable people off celebrities are so entertaining

  100. 100
    Aer Says:

    TRUMAN: IT’s NOT just an innocent untucked shirt. He’s never dressed like that before so HE IS TRYING WAY TOO HARD. He’s not even macho enough to pull that look off. And the tennis shoes look ridiculous on someone that old and un-cool. He just can’t pull it off. He’s trying to match up with Katies age and it’s not working.

  101. 101
    Aer Says:

    TRUMAN: IT’s NOT just an innocent untucked shirt. He’s never dressed like that before so HE IS TRYING WAY TOO HARD. He’s not even macho enough to pull that look off. And the tennis shoes look ridiculous on someone that old and un-cool. He just can’t pull it off. He’s trying to match up with Katies age and it’s not working.

  102. 102
    LuckBe A Lady Says:

    “jealous and miserable people off celebrities are so entertaining”

    So are posts that make abnsolutely no logical or grammatical sense.

    Do you mean “off” in that these jealous and miserable people have conspired to take a “hit” out on these celebrities? Because I’m pretty sure that is a federal offense and there is nothing entertaining about murder, sicko.

  103. 103
    mel Says:

    tom is one of my favorite actors, he has major talent and their family is adorable and cute. its too bad that people judge them over the smallest things.

  104. 104
    Trace Says:

    Poor, poor Suri. These pictures really break my heart. Look at the poor thing being scared while her parents are mugging for the cameras. You know, as weird as they are, I always thought they were caring, attentive parents at the very least. These recent pics of them in NYC prove otherwise. It’s obvious their little girl is afraid of the papz and yet they do nothing to shield her from the attention and exposure.

  105. 105
    m Says:

    What a gorgeous family. The jeans looks great on both of them…and Tom looks hot in white…glad he finally cut his hair…guess he had to do the Valkyrie cut until the movie was complete. Tom, if you see this…these jeans looks much better than the tight ones, much better look for you.

  106. 106
    m Says:

    #16, you must be jealous. Tom looks as good if not better than any 30-35 year old. Who says he has to wear age-appropriate shoes, what a closed- minded person you must be.

  107. 107
    kelly Says:

    Truman, I am willing to bet the building they are staying at has other entrances. When your kid is clearly so bothered by the lights, you find a different route.

  108. 108
    Janie Says:

    I love Suri’s dress and shoes – adorable. Her parents are weirdos!

  109. 109
    thanks jared Says:

    Hot parents and one cutiepie baby….

  110. 110
    fb Says:

    you know, it’s ok to match and all, but it’s not ok to match ugly pants.

    even their daughter is embarrassed about those pants.

  111. 111
    V Says:

    poor suri indeed

  112. 112
    victoria Says:

    NUMBER # 91… JELLUS… I have NEVER said I know everything about the Cruise’s. AND, the comments I DO say about them I read online either on this site, OR on X-17 online…. OR, and People Magazine OR Vanity Fair Magazine OR W Magazine which I subscribe to. Sometimes it is also said by the stars themselves on ” Showbiz Tonight “. So, ” how am I misinformed?” If I have said anything that is terribly false, then I will apologize. Everyone on this site, knows me by now, that I DO say I’M sorry, if I screw up….. Other than that, I only state my comments and opinions like everyone else.

  113. 113
    Tia Says:

    Like I said before ,the pills Truman…the pills .Remember to take your pills…they quite the voices!! It’s O.K. we won’t tell Tomkat that your taking the meds , Shhh, Shhh …Hush now… Tommy won’t be mad. :)

    Seriously dude , it’s just a website. Stop getting so worked up.

    And before you ask , No I won’t__________ , the blank being whatever the hell your gonna put in the long azz list of yours for me to do or prove or whatever (insert rolling eyes)

  114. 114
    James Says:

    They are not the same pants. Katies are much longer.

  115. 115
    pink Says:

    God bless them always; their pictures warms my heart

  116. 116
    Truman Says:

    That’s the problem, #96. No one listens.

    I don’t care whatever it is you find offensive, #97. But I will call you on unproven claims passed as facts and how crazy your obsession is. You brought it up.

    Or maybe he’s just wearing whatever he feels like wearing, #100. Nit-picking is your only offense. For all we know, his shirt just came loose. You have to be ‘cool’ to war tennis shoes???

    Like what, #104? Using secret entrances or covering her head in a blanket where you;d just say something like ‘she’s can breathe you idiots!’ or some other nonsense? She doesn’t even look that upset! Quit exaggerating!

    …Where the paparazzi will still follow them, #107.

    That made no sense, #113

  117. 117
    fi_j Says:

    Tom just wants to look tall – what better way than to ‘encourage’ his wife to be cute and matchy matchy and wear the same jeans as him – hence making her look about a zilliion less times glam and more short and stocky than she ever could in skinny jeans and a fitted T……………oh tom you are transparent

  118. 118
    AnYmOuS Says:

    pretty sad, to say such awful stuff about Suri. i guess it takes a big man to pick on a sweet and innocent child.

  119. 119
    kk Says:

    the paps really need to leave that kid alone

  120. 120
    Jill Says:

    It’s sad that they won’t let Suri wear pants. You won’t find one picture of her wearing anything BUT a dress. Must be so hard to play like a normal child when you have to look like a poceline doll all the time.

  121. 121
    tracey Says:

    I am new to this website and the whole TomKat and Suri stuff but what stands out to me is that Suri is ALWAYS in a dress. It can be any weather and that kid seems to be dressed the same (plus or minus a blanket carried by Katie or Tom). What about some cute jeans and jackets???

  122. 122
    rog Says:

    God Bless haha Suri’s so cutteee

  123. 123
    KatKat Says:

    Sometimes I can’t beleive Tom is really 46, because that man still looks HOT!

  124. 124

    What makes all of you who judge, beyond judgement yourself. Think before you speak, for those words will no doubt return upon you.

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