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Hayden Panettiere Wears Happy Hat

Hayden Panettiere Wears Happy Hat

Hayden Panettiere rocks a gold bikini as she celebrates her 19th birthday in Los Angeles with a festive purple party hat on Monday.

Hayden turned 19 on Thursday, so the party was a few days late. Check out her “Rockstar” gold necklace!

Regarding her father’s arrest on charges of felony spousal abuse, Hayden finally spoke out, saying, “It [the incident] was blown way out of proportion by a sheriff who wanted his fifteen minutes of fame. My family is wonderful — so very happy. We’re all great!”

10+ pictures of Hayden Panettiere and her happy hat…

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hayden panettiere wears happy hat 01
hayden panettiere wears happy hat 02
hayden panettiere wears happy hat 03
hayden panettiere wears happy hat 04
hayden panettiere wears happy hat 05
hayden panettiere wears happy hat 06
hayden panettiere wears happy hat 07
hayden panettiere wears happy hat 08
hayden panettiere wears happy hat 09
hayden panettiere wears happy hat 10

Credit: Dave/ZFI; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • Nébuleuse

    lol it’s kinda funny how she responded to all the spousal abuse thing…..i wonder how the sheriff takes it though .”the one who wanted his 15 minutes of fame.” Ouch!..

    anyhoo, hayden is so pretty……i love her. she’s adorable. i can’t believe she’s almost the same age as me tho, she seems older.

  • Taylor

    #rd! happy birthday hayden. i luv u

  • stefanie

    I hope she gets all the money now because I don’t see Heroes going past this season.

    This new “Villains” thing looks comic bookish and corny. Ratings were going down even before the Writers’ Strike. So, enjoy it while you can, Hayden.

  • Taylor

    4th! happy birthday hayden. i luv u

  • me


  • gypsy marie

    Bless her heart….was the dog the only one to show up?

  • Jo

    the whale is back

  • Casey

    Wow. Her thighs are huge. Time to lay off the donuts, cheerleader.

  • Jen

    She looks great and hope she had a good day.
    and #9 she has thighs but they are muscle, sorry that you are used to anorexic looking celebs that when you see a healthy woman who has always maintained and been comfortable with her body you decide to comment negatively for no reason.

  • happy lol day

    Hayden Potter! She looks cute, Happy B-day! :) :)

  • ????????

    swimming with her dog, it’s dirty ! yuck !

  • confused

    So how exactly was the Sheriff trying to get his 15 minutes of fame? The police show up when they are called dumb *ss

  • name


    she is gorgeous! fat thighs? Casey your just a hating bitch, get over youself.

  • jenny

    abuse is abuse no matter what the form
    no amount of fame should silence abuse
    she says we’re all great but Mom is silenced
    and Dad gets off scott-free

  • http://justjared danielle

    why the hell are people being so horrible her thighs do not look big at all. she looks really nice.

    happy birthday hayden

  • Hulla

    She’s very short and doesn’t have the same thin built like the Olsen twins or Kylie Minogue, doesn’t make her fat.

  • Love

    Hayden is absolutely gorgeous! And I adore her for not going on crazy diets because shes curvy the way a woman should be. Shes an awesome rolde model to girls and people need to start realizing that! Come on people look at her hips i man wow! there soo perfect!
    Hayden is super talented and is a beautiful person!

  • shannon

    she ahs a great body she’s in shape and most teens look like her so stop hatin!

  • Zanessa-love4life

    She has a great body and muscle!!

  • bella

    She is only 19 . . .I thought she was older.

  • tom c

    How do you blow out of proportion her mother calling the police to report being punched in the face by her husband and the police responding by going to the house????

  • Lauren

    where’d her belly button ring go?

  • Becca

    she’s absolutely adorable… but it looks like she’s wearing a dunce cap

  • wow….

    #4, just because you don’t like Heroes doesn’t mean millions of other people don’t. Hayden is also doing films now, so I doubt she’s going anywhere. Quit your hating!!

    #18, I completely agree! I would rather see her curvy and healthy than thin and sickly. Personally, I think she’s very beautiful and am glad that she has a natural body.

  • LOL

    Why not just say momma fell down the steps lol

  • LOL

    And sorry but with that hat she looks like garden gnome

  • katie n

    She is not fat. but her boobs are too high. Almost from the neck onwards. She has an odd shape overall.

  • eddie jones

    wow without all the makeup she looks like a pudgy 14 year old girl.

    forget the writers strikes, just imagine if hollywood had a hair and makeup artist strike, just think of how things would appear on tv, ha. fatty

  • http://none joe

    Casey @ 08/26/2008 at 2:42 pm Wow. Her thighs are huge. Time to lay off the donuts, cheerleader

    You are an idiot. Stop eating cheesepuffs..Your dick is turning orange.

  • Jess

    Next time someone decides to label a celeb like this pudgy or fat can they please show us what THEY look like in a bikini.

  • tia

    wow shes got a great figure!!!

  • Jess

    she looks weird…
    **her legs are too short or too thick for her body…
    **i see younger stars want to have the muscular body britney pulled off in her good days but they all get to look all manly muscular and not feminine

  • someone

    Curvy she is not. She has the body of a little kid. Well, maybe a realllly young teenager.

  • Wishfulone

    You can see her belly, poor girl. I love that she’s not self conscious about her body. I think people wouldn’t hate if she didn’t act like she thinks she’s hot stuff. And maybe people just think she’s a little chubby because she’s short. If you’re chubby, your short height emphasizes on it.

  • isketch

    she’s not FAT, however she has a weird body shape. her torso is really long and her legs are short and a bit stumpy, but please don’t call her fat. gosh.

    those comments are the ones that gives girls anorexia, okay? so stfu about it.

  • lila

    i like that shes not anorexic skinny, but i relaly dont think she has such a hot body. “curves.” BS. im thinner and i have more curves than this ignorant girl.

  • ryan

    Um ok, Hayden is not fat at all!

    She has an atheletic musly body and looks good

    weird people comment on this site sometimes

  • ♥jaNina♥

    ♥HApPy 19th b-day again♥ again bcuz i alrEady greet you♥

    ♥hayden Panettiere’s huge #1 faN♥

  • ♥jaNina♥

    ♥HApPy 19th b-day again♥ again bcuz i alrEady greet you♥

    ♥hayden Panettiere’s huge #1 faN♥

  • Non

    she isnt fat !! they are curvs u jelous haters wouldnt know coz u are the meanin of fat

  • nathalie

    I think it’s really cute. =D
    I love you Hayden.
    You are so georgous.
    And your voice is amazing.
    I’m just so jalous. ^.^