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Heidi Montag - "Overdosin'" Music Video

Heidi Montag -

Check out The Hills star Heidi Montag‘s music video for her latest single “Overdosin”.

The vid was directed by Spenser Cohen and produced by Heidi, boyfriend Spencer Pratt, Anna Halberg and Spenser Cohen.

Unfortunately, it seems the audio and video aren’t synced up correctly and looks pretty terrible. The audio even dies at the 4-minute mark!

The behind-the-scenes pictures made it seem like the video would have the potential to be a lot of fun and campy! What happened?

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Heidi’s new music video “Overdosin’” — YAY or NAY?

Heidi Montag – “Overdosin’” Music Video
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  • evangelista


  • nora

    Is this supposed to be a terrible, low-budget version of the Call on Me video?

  • tori

    heidi montag needs to get over herself. her and her big ego need to fall off the face of the earth.

  • tori

    oh and about the video, what does “sweat with heidi” have to do with anything she sings about in the song. this video is cheesy. i wish she’d get some class.

  • cl

    OHHHHH GOD WHY??!?!!? Makes this stupid crap go away and STOP!!! I can’t stand her or her ugly ass b?f!!!!!!

  • mae`

    wow, i kinda want to puke


  • Marie

    omg! What’s wrong with this girl??
    i hope she understand she can’t sing!!
    And she doesn’t look likr her anymore! She has so many plastic c. That her face is all messed up!
    oh, and i hate her!

  • boomer

    and i thought the first video was bad

  • alanna

    WOW, it’s hilarious how stupid she looks! Lol, plastic little spastic!

  • jenny.


  • Tanja

    Horrible, thats a bad video + song!
    my eyes and ears!

  • fdg

    Oh my God. What the hell has happend to Heidi?
    Is this supposed to be a joke? :P She is so fake
    and she doesn’t even realize it…

  • julia

    maybe they didnt finish editing. honestly, it cant be THAT bad… :/
    you know how everything is in slow mo? maybe it was suppose to be regular speed and the audio would have gone with that, i think. i hope im making sense.

  • marie

    she has so many plastic { 2′
    i hate heidi ! :~

  • ifyoucouldbeanytree


  • brooklyn

    yeah, the pictures seemed so fun and like the video wwas gonna be just as fun. This is absolutely HORRIBLE!! I don’t know what she was thinking. The songs horrible too.

  • alina.

    WHOA. BAD. this defines bad sooo sad.

  • bushy

    is it just me or does this bitch look like charlie horse from lamb chops?

  • erica

    I just lost 4 minutes watching the most horrible music video ever…
    really, heidi get lost

  • The BIG boss

    how about that sucked shes not even singing the lyrics. The girl already sucks i didn’t even watch the whole thing that would be 10 minutes of my life wasted

  • Gasol_fan16

    I got so bored through it. I did not even want to watch it all the way through. Borrring.

    Heidi needs to realize she can’t sing! Her voice sounded so robotic! Oh wait! She is robotic. :lol:

    Geez! This video was a cheap and a cheesy version of Let’s Get Physical by Olivia Newton John!
    PATHETIC! :roll:

  • caterina

    OMG it’s far the worst video I’ve ever seen.
    God, this girl is a total loser.

  • amelia

    haha what is this! it’s retardeddd

  • caterina

    Sweatin’ with heidi?
    xD hahahahahahaa

  • hhjhj

    why is that video sooo long???????

  • hannah

    wow! THAT SUCKS REALLY BAD i could only wacth a few sec’s of it!

  • jess

    That was sooooooo awful. I feel embarrassed for her!

  • caitlin

    i’m gonna have to go with nay..

  • caitlin.

    i’m gonna have to say nay…

  • caitlin.

    oops, wrote that twice(:

  • happy lol day

    She seems completely unaware of what she is making herself into. I thought she was so pretty, now she is well.. goofy. Spencer is the ultimate opportunist. Fame for fame and money sake, no soul no meaning :(

  • Helena

    After watching this, I hope she overdoses herself.

  • jenny

    omg nay!

    but i do like her song “body language”

  • Jessica

    Wow, this is quite possibly the worst thing ever I’ve seen.

    Soon to be Heidis, what 3rd failed single…TIME TO GIVE IT UP!

  • katie

    ha ha wow that was retarted

  • katie

    ha ha wow that was retarted

  • classa

    Umm.. Well, I really didn’t have high expectations for Heidi’s video in the first place, but that was even worse than expected. The point is: That was AWFULLLLLLL. Did all that plastic surgery make her even more stupid?

  • Remy

    Uh… wha?

  • jenny

    What on earth was that? Was that seriously a joke? I could only watch about 1 minute, it was soooooooo stupid.

  • Lindsey

    Oh my gosh I was laughing so hard I was crying! HAHAHAHAHAHA That was probably the WORST music video I have ever seen. hahaha If I was her I would be so embarsed. hahaha She really needs to stop with trying to be a singer and just stick to reality TV.

  • Maria

    She is stupid

  • constance

    this is like madtv
    she look horrible i hate her


  • Nébuleuse

    wtf is that crap!!!!!! holy sh*tness….DAMN! i can’t believe she dares to do something like that…..she dares being in such a retarded video..WOAH! that’s undescribably pathetic. heidi, get over yourself, seriously.

    pfft, i just love 4 minutes of my life with the worst video ever….THANK YOU heidi, really! i’ll never get them back, thank you for this bullshht

  • sarah

    NAAAAAY !!!

  • Ronja

    Team Lauren!
    Wow I never saw and heared so much shit in 10 minutes. In Germany we would say: Ich kann gar nicht so viel essen wie ich kotzen will! :D

  • Ashley


  • Lea

    As soon as I saw the guy with the belly button it freaked me out and I had to stop watching

  • gabi

    god, that was the worst vedeo eveeeer
    hate heidi and spencer
    love lauren

  • andré


  • S

    hahahaha. she does everything for attention =P