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Katie Holmes Rocks Summer Scarf

Katie Holmes Rocks Summer Scarf

Katie Holmes showcases a summer scarf as she gets dropped off for her ongoing rehearsals of All My Sons at the Minetta Lane Theatre in New York City on Tuesday.

Tom and Katie have been making quite the splash for their matching button fly, sandwashed jeans that they sported on Sunday night.

DO YOU THINK we’ll see any other matching clothes for the Cruise clan?

10+ pictures insides of Katie Holmes rocking her summer scarf…

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katie holmes summer scarf 01
katie holmes summer scarf 02
katie holmes summer scarf 03
katie holmes summer scarf 04
katie holmes summer scarf 05
katie holmes summer scarf 06
katie holmes summer scarf 07
katie holmes summer scarf 08
katie holmes summer scarf 09
katie holmes summer scarf 10

Credit: Carlos Vila/Gardiner Anderson; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • KarenA

    Another awesome outfit. I really love her style.

  • ANON


    $cientology is a business
    that operates as a cult
    pretending to be a religion.

  • ANON


    - L. Ron Hubbard
    Founder of the cult of $cientology

    Does your church share these values?

  • coza

    She looks really sad.

  • coza

    She looks very sad.

  • ANON

    Tom and Katie Cruise and $cientology believe in:
    “The GLOBAL OBLITERATION of psychiatry”.
    (their words not mine)

    Does your church share these values?

  • mya

    This time is a real sadness that we can see on her face.

  • anon

    The ‘ordinary’ member of $cientology faces intimidation, threats, personal, emotional and financial distress.

    Does your church treat you like this?

  • dani


  • bejeebus

    okay, i’m stumped. she’s in new york…during the summertime….and she’s ALWAYS wearing a sweater, scarf and jeans. isn’t this broad HOOOOTTTTTT??????
    seriously, EVERY SINGLE THING about her is strange and makes no sense.

  • fuuugz

    what a horrid looking man.

  • Jobi

    She doesn’t smile because she has an unattractive smile! I notice all she does now is do that side smirk instead of smiling! She is one boring person to me! She’s wearing the scarf to look stylish, but instead looks ridiculous!

  • Julie

    Please quit posting her unless she looks happy. I’m tired of her gloom and doom.

  • vIvien

    Why is she trying to look so old?

  • http://Ha!Ha! booboo

    I think fame has gone to her head but not in a good way. She looks void of any real emotions. A zombie Tom doll in the making. Very sad.

  • Mav

    Kate has issues, that’s fo’ sure.

  • Denise in NJ

    You guys are too much. Would you love to have your every move photographed? Why des she have to be smiling for the camera? Then you would say that the paps were being paid by them to be there…I don;t get it. I think she looks great and it is only in the mid 70′s here right now.

  • Jack

    First Rule of Grooming:

    Remember to brush hair before leaving your abode.

    Katie never was very clean or groomed. Shall we mail her a comb?

  • Jules

    Dear Jared:

    “gets dropped off” bad vocab and poor word/idiom choice.

    “gets” is bad vocab, pretend to be a journalist, buy a thesaurus.

    Katie is “dropped off” or “after Katie is driven to rehearsals”.

    Even a tabloid hack should write correctly.

  • Truman

    Don’t even bother, #17. There’s always this catch-22 when it comes to TomKat.

  • Shadow

    Not all buy the charade. This “Hollywood couple” is a farce, an act. They are adept at manipulating their own press. Tom has years of practice.

    Almost nothing is as it seems, because if we knew the truth about Tommy Gurl and his lovely young bride we might not buy tickets to his movies. It all comes down to career.

    Pat Kingsley took the best approach by keeping Cruise’s private life as secretive as possible, like they did with the old time Hollywood stars who would walk every red carpet with an arranged date. Think how rare were photos of his adopted children as babies.
    Yet a “biological” child he triumphs and parades in front of the press.
    Do you ever wonder why? You should.

    Katie Holmes looks like she is starting to show the strain of life in that golden cage. Maybe we should feel bad for her, maybe not.

  • fakers


    Shadow – SPOT ON
    Don’t believe the hype my friends.

  • prettyme

    i really love katies styyle, simple and chic, its just perfect, a true inspiration for me :)

  • Truman

    I apologise for all the previous posts where it appears I am trying to defend Katie and Tom. I just want a chance to meet them.

    I know If I get this opportunity, I will be able to ensure the entire Cruise family receive all the mental health care they so desperately need. That includes individual cult deprograming.

    I pledge my entire life and that of my 50 cats,


    please watch the youtube video I made for Katie

  • Truman

    You sound like someone who’s seen way too many episodes of The X-Files, #21. Can you even back up any of your wacky conspiracy theories?

    Adopted kids simply are not as popular as the biological children of movie stars.

    Where’s the line between parading your kid and simply taking her outside in broad daylight?

  • sniffles

    Summer scarf? The woman is dressed for fall, it’s still hot outside. I wish she would wear some color. Still liking her though, I’m not a hater!

  • cindyjean

    I try to be reasonable and not jump to conclusions. I know that often I’m distracted in my life, and don’t have a smile on my face always. I get busy, rushed and frustrated with life and it shows. But in all honesty, I know money doesn’t buy happiness but if her life is as wonderful as she claims, and it appears, why wouldn’t she have a smile most of the time. She’s an actress, a celebrity… by choice…. the old Katie Holmes would have flashed a smile, because it went with the territory she chose. So what’s different now. It has to go deeper than being busy because she has all of the help in the world, all of the money she could wish for at her disposal and a life that should allow her to be perpetually happy, if the life is the life she wants. It appears to me, therefore, that there is a crack in the happiness mirror somewhere.

  • Tracey

    She has gone soooo downhill!!! So unattractive.

  • cindyjean

    Or…… she has forgotten who she is and believes her own hype. I do think it’s a shame. I’ve said it before… the old Katie Holmes was not a brilliant actress or notable celebrity… but that girl could light up a room just by smiling. Her beauty was from within, and it really was quite lovely when it was natural. But now, she’s barely there. I know that when I had my children, in my mundane little life, I was happy. It was my dream to be married to my soulmate and have our children, and the dream was good, even on the bad days when money was tight. I glowed from that happiness, just as Katie glowed at the beginning of her relationship. I do have to wonder if her dream is not quite the reality she expected and it’s beginning to wear on her.

  • Leilah

    Truman, nothing you post is ever completely accurate, no claim you make ever proven to be true.

    I have read several posts where you outright refuse to acknowledge given fact.

    Personal opinion, no matter how you try to play it, is still just personal opinion. And the value on yours decreases each time you state it.

    Do you honestly think Katie Holmes appreciates this somehow? To her, you’d be just another stalker. She’s pressed charges before. I’d be careful.

  • cindyjean

    Of course, we should all remember too, that not all photographs are taken with the photographer in the celebrities face. I suspect that when we see these photos, that is the case. Perhaps, if she was looking for the cameraman and fully aware, she’d smile, be more animated. That this is her naturally focussed on getting to work, thinking about what she needs to do for the day and by the way, I wish I didn’t have this actress ambition conflicting with my desire to spend the day playing with my daughter…..

    I do consider all of these things… but she does look and behave so very different. You’d expect these changes over 10 years but a few short years and she’s just….. gone.

  • Trace

    cindyjean @ 08/26/2008 at 3:37 pm It appears to me, therefore, that there is a crack in the happiness mirror somewhere.

    It could be that her career is floundering. Katie always struck me as an ambitious person. She actively pursued movies after her tv show ended. Even her marriage to Tom Cruise may be viewed as an ambitious move (even though I do believe she married for love). But lately her career is going nowhere. She didn’t reprise her role in the Dark Knight (big mistake). Her recent movies have been flops (Mad Money). And now ticket sales don’t seem to be doing all that well for her new play. I hear she is expanding into fashion as she has a new line of clothes to hit the runway for fashion week.

  • Truman

    Hey guys,

    I said I apologise.
    Please watch my video for Katie and tell me what you think.
    Do you think Katie will enjoy watching it?

  • WhyTheLongFaceKatie?

    I think she finally got a look at her yummy ex-boyfriend Josh Jackson filming his new show and hanging out in NYC with his scorching hot girlfriend Diane Kruger and realizes how much she has been missing a real man!

  • twpumpkin

    What a robot. She never smiles unless King Tom is holding her arm. Does she sleep in sunglasses?

  • Jefferson

    She DOES have a smile on her face most of the time, #27. Just look at most of the threads on this site. And just because she’s not smiling for the cameras today, it doesn’t mean she’s unhappy. She simply looks stern and focused.

    Actually, most of what I write is completely accurate, #30. Like to tell me what isn’t? I never make pass unproven claims as fact.

    What opinions have I stated without prefacing it with ‘In my opinion…’ or the like?

    She’s still a popular actress, #32. She didn’t do The Dark Knight because she wanted to spend a year with her her daughter and ticket sales for All My Sons is better than rumors say they are.

    Thank you for putting your opinion in such an intelligent and civilized way.

  • anon

    Truman @ 08/26/2008 at 3:54 pm Hey guys,

    I said I apologise.
    Please watch my video for Katie and tell me what you think.
    Do you think Katie will enjoy watching it?

    gud to know ur finally coming to ur sense TRUMAN, if u’r found dead now we all know it’s not SUICIDE but MUDER BY SCEINTOLOGISTS

  • Truman is now Jefferson

    She didn’t do the Dark Knight because they didn’t want her in the sequel.

    She “wanted to spend a year with her daughter” story only exists in your head.

    Tickets are not better than the rumors say they are.

  • Mary

    I love her sunglasses.

    Can someone ID them?

  • Sarah

    She sures looks used to having those bodyguard as her servants, doesn’t she?

  • REM

    Jefferson @ 08/26/2008 at 4:11 pm

    She didn’t do The Dark Knight because she wanted to spend a year with her her daughter

    it’s ridiculous how the KH fans keep trying to make d world believe d reason she didn’t do TDK is cos she wanted to play dotting mum, if dat was d case y den did she do FLOP MOVIE “MAD MONEY” a movie dat was shot long before TDK???????PULEASE she was SACKED plain simple we all know dat the TDK producers are only being nice by not spilling d beans living d auidience to GUESS

  • aj

    Sarah @ 08/26/2008 at 4:23 pm She sures looks used to having those bodyguard as her servants, doesn’t she

    don’t feel sorry for dem dey r all SCEINOS n paid to do it

  • FUGin NYC

    She needs a mirror more than she does a bodyguard.

  • Sarah

    You never see any pictures of her smile at them or even speak to them, yet it’s the same exact guys with her every day. She looks like she thinks she royalty or something. It’s disgusting.

  • pr person

    Holy smokes!!! Is she having a bad hair day?

    “Adopted kids simply are not as popular as the biological children of movie stars”

    Completely accurate? HA! I would like to see the proof in this statement. Or is this your opinion…, which of course you ALWAYS preface with “in my opinion”, right?

  • Jefferson

    I think it’s arrogant and stupid when idiots like #41 believe rumors from blogs without proof rather than the plausiable and logical explanation coming from the actual people named in the rumors.

    That’s ludicrous, #44. I’m impressed by the imagination critics display to further bash Holmes. She’s not buddy-buddy with her bodyguards and doesn’t treat them badlt at all it seems and yet with your nit-picking and spinning you know think she’s an ego-driven witch bow. Incredible.

    Of course it’s not my opinion, #45. What other proof is there other than the media only reports about the Suri Cruises and Shiloh Jolie-Pitts in the world rather than the Maddox Jolie-Pitt and Connor Cruises?

    Quit playing dumb or prove me wrong (whcih is something you’ve never been able to do).

  • sarisue

    You prove yourself either wrong or a complete fool in everything you post, Jefferson Truman. We don’t need to prove anything.

    How do you know something as personal and on the inside of her private life as how she might treat her bodyguards, for instance? Yet you post like you have the final word of truth. You’re pathological.

  • pr person

    Idiot! DO you even know what an opinion is? IT IS YOUR OPINION that the “Adopted kids simply are not as popular as the biological children of movie stars”. THIS is not a fact. In actuality, Maddox, Zahara, and Pax are quite, as you say, ‘popular’. Today, this site, and probably others, have pictures of the boys with their father. So the ‘media?’ does NOT only report on Suri or Shiloh. Now who is the ‘dumb’ one?

  • sarisue

    “I think it’s arrogant and stupid when idiots like #41 believe rumors from blogs without proof rather than the plausiable and logical explanation coming from the actual people named in the rumors.”

    You’ve also just described YOURSELF. lol….

  • defap

    Katie is missing her man and her daughter.
    Don’t worry, Katie. Tom is not free-spirited. He is a one woman man. He does not need alcohols or drugs to raise him up. It looks like whatever he believes is working for him.