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Miley Cyrus Gets Straw Silly

Miley Cyrus Gets Straw Silly

Miley Cyrus eats out with her family at City Wok in Studio City, Calif. on Monday.

Dad Billy Ray, mom Tish, brother Braison and sister Noah all came out for the meal.

For all your big Miley fans, don’t forget to check out her big sweet 16 bash at Disneyland in October! It’s a perfect celebration for her because she recently mentioned, “I love roller coasters so this is my ultimate birthday!” The Disney starlet will be singing a number of yet-to-be determined songs.

10+ pictures inside of Miley Cyrus getting straw silly…

Just Jared on Facebook
miley cyrus straw silly 01
miley cyrus straw silly 02
miley cyrus straw silly 03
miley cyrus straw silly 04
miley cyrus straw silly 05
miley cyrus straw silly 06
miley cyrus straw silly 07
miley cyrus straw silly 08
miley cyrus straw silly 09
miley cyrus straw silly 10

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  • marisss

    Her Hair looks so pretty and her so family looks so COOL!

  • saf


  • BB


  • asdfghk;

    i love you miley! i thought her party was in disneyland Jared?

  • LINA

    i love miley

  • jo

    She looks gorgeous!!
    Loving the hair and LOVE the Cyrus bunch.

    Nice to see a normal, nice family.

  • kate

    It looks like she’s really come out of a ” confused stage,” one that many teenager go through.

    She seems happy and calm! Go Miley.

  • ZANessa rox (nida)

    omg miley look so cute hah lol!!!

  • nicole g

    i love you

  • michelle

    Yeah Miley’s finally getting her act together which is a good sign. I would love to go to her bday bash, but I don’t wanna see a bunch of 8 year olds running around and screaming.

  • Renesmee

    Man, I loved that there was nothing about Miley for a long time. Oh well, all good things must end.


    beautiful as always miley! i totally like her hair, shirt and her bag :)
    i things she is coming back to normal now, i hope all the pictures thing dont affect her and her career! she is such a good singer and a perfecto rol model. true fans stay on the way! miley rocks.

  • will

    I luv her, she’s beautiful

  • eh

    As annoying as she is,how much I don’t really like her, and how much of a disney puppet she is at least she actually was successful and did cause an impact. If he must post, it’s better he posts about her than the two little new bi*tches that have done nothing significant other than be on some Disney channel shows and then ride along on the Jonas Brothers fame.

    Miley already peaked, if she wants to stick around she’s going to have to make better choices. Also getting rid of Mandy will help too, Mandy seems like a leech who doesn’t really care about her.

  • heather

    She doesn’t look miserable, ugly, snobby, and sad anymore.
    She looks pretty and happy! I’m glad for her!
    that straw picture is funny

  • swe3t23


    you know it is true..

    nice to have people be normal

  • swe3t23

    LETS BE real people………….MILEY SAVED DISNEY and the Disney Channel. She paved the way for all those wannabe stars…….

    Truth does hurt. Jonas Brothers wouldn’t have been as big as they are now without the Help of Miley having them on the top grossing Best of Both Worlds Tour.

    The tour got so much media attention!!!!!!!!!!!

    GLAD TO SEE miley and her family and just living like any normal family.

  • http://dsafdasfdad daniela

    mileii U ROCKSSSSSSSSSS!!♥

  • http://dsafdasfdad PMLA

    wow robi rai looks so hot jajaja andd mileii 2 i lovee mileii teamm eaeae♥

  • Jess

    I always feel Miley acts way beyond her years. She’s very mature, maybe too mature at times however whenever there are snaps of her with her family – especially with her dad – she seems alot more grounded. =)

  • surtees2

    I enjoy watching her pretend to be normal. Like throwing her party at Disneyland and saying she can’t wait to go on the rides. The only ride this girl wants to take is on the lap of a bassist. But she has to sell this illusion of Disney and family.

    Caption to the above picture: “Peons, they think I actually eat at City Wok, tonight I’m having my chef whip up an Austro-Hungarian venison recipe from the 18th century.”

  • Terumi

    Miley looks really pretty in these pictures…I love her outfit. And I think its great that she has such a close relationship with her dad. Everyday I wish that I could have been close to my dad and not always fight with him before her passed away, Now its too late. So its nice to see her bonding with her dad while she has the chance

    And although I love Miley and I think The Miley and Mandy show is really funny…Idk I have been getting this feeling that Mandy might not be the right person for Miley to be hanging out with…I could be wrong and Mandy could actually be a really sweet girl and not just be friends with Miley because of her fame…But idk…its just a feeling I cant seem to kick…But I do hope I am wrong about Mandy. I hope she really is a sweet girl and not just using Miley for her fame and/or money

    But anyways They all look really nice and happy in these pictures. Hope to see more of them out together..Its refreshing to see that in hollywood

  • parisgirl

    What’s up with the huge glasses? Then the US wonder why obesity is such a problem, smh.

    Anyway back to Miley, huh yeah whatevs lol

  • itsme!

    everyone add this fansite for miley!!!



  • victoria

    her bro is so gaay and fat

  • eddie jones

    that’s a position she’s surely very comfortable with and the media drools to portray, almost as good as the shot of her bending over, that was a classic for Jared, even miley fan sites didn’t publish the bent over teen.

  • miley cyrus lyrics

    miley rocks!!



  • tori

    miley .. quit being so pretty. it isn’t fair.
    i wuv her.

  • Dave

    I wonder if Miley’s boobs will get as big as her mom’s when she gets older :)

  • tori

    oh and about mandy .. i want to think she is using miley for the fame. i mean mandy now has her own “girl groupish singer type thing” going on. mandy comes off as somewhat of a whore, the way she dresses and acts. but i personally think that hanging around with miley and getting some publicity, won’t make her too famous. but it somewhat already has .. i mean we wouldn’t know who mandy was .. without miley.

    now i am not one to prejudge, well i just did, but i won’t hold anything against mandy. miley seems very happy when she is with her.

  • kiki

    She looks great, and i love her hair very pretty.

  • vicky

    o wow…more miley!!…:)….hmm gotta luv it…LMAO

  • SIV


  • roberta

    i love miley
    and i luv her outfit

  • f*** off miley

    ihate her stupid s*ut some kids can’t watch her anymore because of the pics shes takin i kno shes 15 but come on

  • Alisha

    hha cute :D x

    Anyone seen the “I want it All” music vid from HSM 3 :P?

  • a;lskdjf

    I think miley is very very pretty!!
    and im so happy that the pictures arn’t effecting her
    and i wish people would look at her like she is a normal teenager and not just one of the disney clones….

    she has major talent and an amazing career ahead of her and i really want her to realize that…. (if she hasnt)

    anyway…about mandy
    im really happy miley found a best friend
    its really unfortunate that she has to be 20 tho…
    every one is saying that because she is 20 shes shouldnt
    be bestfriends with a 15 year old
    because people think she is using miley
    for fame/money
    and i dont know if she is or not
    but if she is then miley doesnt deserve that
    if shes not then good for them

    i dont think she is

    I think they are both very pretty

    and braison is hott!!!!

  • ME

    I knew that floorplan looked familiar!!!! (in her moms hands) I just leased an apartment with my cousin at Magnolia Park Villas on Toluca Ave. I wonder if I’m gonna have a cyrus neighbor!? that’d be cool.. except Idk if mileys ready to live alone (at 16 soon) unless its with family members! But either way thats cool..the place is gorgeous!! I have to go back to sign some more paperwork–maybe I’ll find out more.

  • demi&MILEYYYYY!!!

    she’s super pretty!…. lovee her

  • vanessa .h. fan

    Awww I always liked her,shes cute.

  • typical

    Have you guys noticed that whenever her dad’s around she seems all angelic and NORMAL, but then when he leaves she acts like a sl*t?? Hmm…I find that weird. Obviously her mom can’t control her as much as her dad.

  • Zanessa-love4life

    Good to know she’s getting her act together, and spending time with the family!

  • newport beach, 92660

    I like her.. she’s got a cool voice and is a very talented young lady.. But i CANNOT stand Selena Gomez. So anyhoo…. Miley is actually a very pretty girl.

  • mileycyrusfan


  • Ashlee

    her face looks puffy

  • Anna

    she looks soooo pretty =]
    go miley!!

  • Anna

    she looks soooo pretty =]
    go miley!!

  • http://losmochis jenniifeR):

    I(L)U MILEY(: